Chapter 539: Bone Scythe Set

He Yi walked to the pile of loot, bent down and grabbed it all in one go just in case some sneaky assassin decided to commit some skulduggery.

But instead of revealing the stats one by one as we normally did, she shared it all in one go inside the party channel. Everyone’s eyes lit up in excitement—


Bone Scythe War Armor (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★): 700 Defense, 550 Magic Resist, Strength +125, Stamina +115, Tactics +31. Passive: Increases the user’s Defense by 25%. Outstanding Property: Increases user’s max HPby 10%. Level Requirement: 130.


Bone Scythe Legguards (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★): 650 Defense, 520 Magic Resist, Strength +120, Stamina +117, Tactics +24. Passive: 4% of the damage dealt to the user is reflected back on the attacker. Outstanding Property: Fierce Strike, increases user’s critical hit rate by 3%. Level Requirement: 130.


Bone Scythe Wristguards (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★): 620 Defense, 500 Magic Resist, Strength +118, Stamina +115, Tactics +19. Passive: Increases user’s max HP by 3500. Outstanding Property: Increases user’s Attack by 18%. Level Requirement: 130.


Bone Scythe War Boots (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★): 650 Defense, 500 Magic Resist, Strength +127, Stamina +110, Tactics +20. Passive: Increases user’s movement speed by 24%. Outstanding Property: Increases user’s Attack by 25%. Level Requirement: 130.


Burning Fan (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★★): 750~1020 Attack, Intelligence +150, Stamina +145, Tactics +50. Passive: Increases user’s stratagem’s effectiveness by 25%, increases user’s max HP by 30%. Outstanding Property: Strategy, the corresponding stratagem’s Attack boost is increased by additional 15%, Level Requirement: 130.


Our eyes turned as wide as saucers. None of us was expecting to get four different pieces of a set in one go, and they were all Spirit-grade 3-star Outstanding items as well. Although the set wasn’t complete, it was still incredibly powerful and comparable to my own.

He Yi stared at the Bone Scythe set and struggled to come to a decision for a time. She looked at me, Murong Mingyue and finally Li Chengfeng and the others before giving up. “What should I do? It’ll be a waste if we don’t give them all to one person…”

Li Chengfeng nodded. “You’re right. But you’re the one who must come to a decision, guild leader.”

He Yi looked at me, and I shrugged helplessly. “Don’t look at me, I don’t know what to do either…”

Left with no choice, He Yi looked at Lin Yixin and asked, “Beauty Lin, you’re not a member of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, so why don’t you give me an idea? An outsider’s opinion will certainly be fairer…”

Lin Yixin giggled. “Just give it to Lu Chen. He’ll gladly sell it to reduce his poverty if even a little…”

I almost puked blood when I heard this. I bumped her on the shoulder once before complaining, “Fuck, don’t be like that. Do you want to kill me that much…”

Lin Yixin giggled again before finally turning serious. She said, “Sister Eve, it’s really simple. First, you gather all the guild members who are willing to take these four items and make them roll for it. The winner will receive the Bone Scythe set as a matter of course, but in return they must compensate the others with four items of the matching body parts, and their guild contribution points will be deducted accordingly.”

“Oh! That is a good idea!” He Yi’s eyes lit up. “You’re so smart, Yiyi!”

Lin Yixin smiled lightly. “Nah, it’s because I’m an outsider here. As the saying goes, the spectator sees more of the game!”

And so He Yi faced toward her guild members again and said, “Alright, I’ve decided. The Top 10 fighters with the highest contribution points will get to roll for the Bone Scythe set. If you want it, please step out and so I can see you.”

I hurriedly stepped back into our ranks and shook my head. “Please count me out.”

In fact, my current equipment—Crimson Rock Dragon Armor, Soul of the Earth Bracers, Barbaric War Boots of the Heaven, Battle Soul Poleyn and so on—still fit my needs, and I believed that my guild members needed the set more than I did. It would be extremely unkind to claim it all to myself.

Gui Guzi also forfeited his right to roll and said, “My equipment is still fine, so count me out too.”

Good man. I shot him an approving look. He made the right choice as expected of a former member of Bloody Mercenaries.

He Yi also forfeited her right to roll like us. In the end, it came down to Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Xu Yang, and a couple more elite fighters. They brought up the loot roll system, prayed to Lady Luck and rolled the dice. At the end of the battle, Chaos Moon turned out to be the luckiest person of the group!

“Alright, the Bone Scythe set goes to Chaos Moon!” He Yi gave Chaos Moon all four items with a smile. She then deducted her guild contribution points and made her promise to give up four items of the matching body parts to everyone after she returned to the city and slotted the Bone Scythe set with Convenience Gems.

To be honest, Chaos Moon’s original armor pieces really weren’t all that attractive, so I doubted that there would be anyone interested in them. That being said, Chaos Moon was definitely one of the more suitable candidates to receive the Bone Scythe Set. Chaos Moon was an extremely hardworking girl, and her arena ranking was the proof of it. She was ranked 10th in all of China’s servers with a win rate of 84.9%, not the kind of competitive result anyone could achieve. Her equipment was subpar, but her skills were amazing. As a homegrown expert of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, her skills were below Li Chengfeng but better than High Fighting Spirits. I fully expected her to climb to a whole new height of power after equipping the Bone Scythe set. Also, she was one of the few fighters who had learned Barrier Break already, so if she wasn’t a core player of our guild before, she was now.

It was at this moment Li Chengfeng produced two Convenience Gems from his bag and passed them to Chaos Moon. “Here, take these. It’s the gems I got from the One-horned Golden Dragon earlier.”

High Fighting Spirits and Xu Yang also gave her a Convenience Gem each. This meant that she could now equip the Bone Scythe set immediately. Since the equipment set wasn’t Earth-grade or above, it didn’t have any restriction regarding usage of Convenience Gems.

After giving her thanks to everyone, Chaos Moon slotted the gemstones into the equipment and changed her equipment on the spot. Suddenly, every man within the vicinity gulped and opened their eyes as wide as humanly possible in hopes of catching a sight that would certainly visit their dreams tonight if they were lucky.

Unfortunately, Chaos Moon had covered up her body with her battle robes, and it took barely any time to change one’s equipment. A quick flash later, she had put on all four set pieces of craggy armor that accentuated her body shape very well. The red glow surrounding the equipment also gave her a healthy and seductive complexion.

“Hoho, my Attack is so amazing right now…” Chaos Moon trembled a little. It was as if the thought that she might one day become powerful never crossed her mind until now.

She asked around to see if there was anyone who wanted her equipment, but no one did. So, she put it up for equipment exchange so that the lower-level fighters in the guild could exchange for them.

Starting this moment, Chaos Moon of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had evolved into a super expert who was just as important as High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. The only thing she lacked now was a Famous General Skill.


Finally, He Yi lifted a red hot fan and gave it a little shake before saying, “This is the Burning Fan, a Level 130, Earth-grade, 5-star Outstanding tactician weapon. It is even better than Yiyi’s White Moon and the number one weapon on the Weapon Ranking. What do you guys think we should do with it? The problem is that it’s a tactician weapon, and we… ahem, don’t have any expert tactician at all…”

That’s right. There were several hundreds of us, and everyone here was led by a Famous General. Therefore, we had no need of a tactician at all. Unfortunately, that also meant that this Burning Fan was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The Burning Fan had incredible stats: 750~1020 Attack, Intelligence +150, Stamina +145, Tactics +50. It increased user’s stratagem’s effectiveness by 25%, increased user’s max HP and boosted Attack-based stratagems by an additional 15%. It was incredibly OP. Not only did it have slightly higher physical Attack than Yiyi’s White Moon, it improved its user’s max HP by 30% and increased the effectiveness of stratagems drastically. Even I could equip this fan to grind levels and kill players if I wanted to because its Attack was as good as the Heaven-stealing Sword, except without the splash damage or lifesteal.

Li Chengfeng sighed as he watched the Burning Fan. “Fuck, these stats are truly wasted on a fan, especially since there aren’t any worthy tacticians in all of China to this day…”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Tacticians would probably become relevant during the latter stages of the game, but right now, Famous General is the fad. The best stratagem skillbook to date is Encourage VII too, which is clearly inferior to the Famous General version of Encourage. This fan is amazing, but… there just doesn’t seem to be a place for it…”

He Yi asked, “What should we do with this fan is the question. Even if we put it up for exchange, I doubt there’s anyone who has the points to exchange for it…”

Lin Yixin blinked once before blurting out an unexpected request, “Can we make Lu Chen equip it? It might look good on him!”

Apparently, He Yi shared the same idea since the beginning because she passed me the Burning Fan immediately and said, “Here, Lu Chen. I want to see how you look with this fan.”

Dumbfounded but helpless, I accepted the fan and switched out the Heaven-stealing Sword for the fiery iron fan. It gave me an elegant appearance, and when I waved it I felt like a lecherous noble from the Tang or Han dynasty whose day job was to harass the good women on the streets every day. There was a problem though. I was currently clad in war armor, and the image was jarring to say the least. To give an example, it was like humming a poem while taking a shit at the toilet. “When did the bright moon first appear? One raises a cup and asks the blue sky.”



The girls couldn’t hold their laughter. Cheeks reddening and straining with laughter, Lin Yixin said, “Fine, I guess this fan really doesn’t fit well with metal armor. Why don’t you keep it until Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls finds a tactician—a cloth armor one, please—that’s worthy of it. Worse comes to worst, you can always sell it for money!”

I nodded. It was an amazing fan that could turn an average tactician into a Famous General. Assuming that a Level 120 tactician had 120 Tactics, the equipment would boost that number to a total of 250. Used with an Encourage VII that has a base effectiveness of 20%, the calculation would be: 20% x 3.5 = 70%. That wasn’t all though. The fan naturally boosted the effectiveness of stratagems by 25%, and another 15% for Attack-based stratagems, so in conclusion it boosted one’s Attack by a total of 102.5%, making it even better than the Tempest Shadow or Blue Sky Scar’s Famous General Skill. More importantly, no cap was placed on Encourage yet, so the Tactician class definitely had a bright future ahead of them.

Even now where they were supposed to be in the shadows, high-level tactician was still a very hot pick for party grind.

I waved the Burning Fan and said, “I guess I’ll keep it in my bag for now. When we get back, I’ll put it in our warehouse in Dark Moon City!”

“Mn!” He Yi and Gui Guzi nodded in unison.


I took out the B4 floor teleportation scroll and said, “Let’s go. Candle Dragon may be tackling the fourth boss right now, and we’re not falling behind them!”

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