Chapter 538: Equipment and Women

Now that Lin Yixin was around, we could carry out an all out attack on the boss every minute or so. Extreme Break was already an incredible ability, but against a boss with high Defense it was literally the best skill there was. The fact that her new dagger, White Moon, increased her DPS drastically and transformed her into a super attacker was just icing on the cake.

We kept attacking, and the Frost Dragon kept howling in pain. In less than ten minutes, the boss's HP had dropped to just 10%. Since 10% was usually where a boss would go ballistic, I immediately tensed up and shouted in warning, "Be careful, everyone! The boss could use its ultimate any moment now! Anyone not involved in the fight should back up a hundred yards from here!"

Since Lin Yixin was here, we joined her party and let her use Bombshell. All our stats were boosted by 70%, and even the warrior with the lowest health pool among us, Chaos Moon, had over 34k HP. We should be able to handle everything the boss throws at us now. Everyone except Lin Yixin’s hundred-man party withdrew to the edge of the canyon and waited for the battle to end.


"Roar roar!"

The Frost Dragon roared angrily and wreathed itself in a sheen of bloody light. Clearly enraged, it raised its head proudly and summoned a storm of ice around it. As expected, the boss was about to unleash its final skill!

"Watch out! It’s Thousand Mile Ice Ray!"

Countless icicles burst out of the ground in an instant. Seemingly smiling or staring at us tiny humans with disdain, the sinister dragon swung its giant tail lightly and sent both my Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf and Lin Yixin’s Ice Fox flying.

"Chirp chirp…"

A tiny black head popped out of Murong Mingyue’s embrace. It was none other than the young of the Ironwing Dragon. The cute little weakling was enjoying the amazing ripples of its master’s chest until the dastardly Frost Dragon abruptly interrupted its session. Shivering and chirping in fear, it buried its head into Murong Mingyue’s deep cleavage like an ostrich completely.

Xu Yang was running away from the boss when he caught sight of this. He immediately swallowed and said, "What a blessed little dragon it is…"

I nodded. "Yeah, it’s truly blessed…"

Also escaping from the boss, Lin Yixin shot us a glare from her Frostscythe Warhorse, "We’re about to die and you’re staring at a girl’s breasts?"

My feet kept hurting as I tried to run out of the ultimate’s range. As its name might suggest, Thousand Mile Ice Ray was an AoE skill that attacked everything within a hundred yards with beams of ice. The only way to survive it was to get out of range, but I was slowed and losing at least a thousand HP per second. It was a headache to say the least.


When I passed by Murong Mingyue, I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled. "Why are you still watching? Run! There’s no way you can tank this with your paper HP…"

It was at this moment He Yi and her Snow Domain Windchaser appeared from the flanks and extended a hand to me. "Pass me Mingyue, Lu Chen! I’ll take her to safety!"


I lifted Murong Mingyue into a princess carry before tossing her right into He Yi’s hands. The magic knight caught her perfectly before putting her on the mount’s back. In Heavenblessed, two players with enough Intimacy could ride a mount together. Of course, this applied to only players of the same sex...

He Yi and Murong Mingyue had reached the necessary amount of Intimacy a long time ago. After all, they spent almost every day grinding mobs, grinding players in the wild and grinding the competitive arena together. It would be stranger if they didn’t have enough Intimacy.

Mounted players were fast, especially those who had a movement speed skill like Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun’s Flying General. He, Gui Guzi, and the other riders had ridden from the canyon so quickly that it was like watching an F1 racing car vrooming past me. At that level of speed, it would probably be harder to brake than it was to go fast. Flying General boosted the movement speed of all rider-class by 100%, and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun had over 150 Tactics. That was 250% increased movement speed even without accounting for his mount!

High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Li Chengfeng, and I fared much worse than the mounted players. As tragic as it was, a foot soldier could only rely on their own two feet to escape while the boss beat the shit out of them from behind...



It was inevitable, but our fighters started dying one after another to the boss's ultimate. Even an elite warrior like Wolf Fang couldn’t withstand the ridiculously big and powerful ice magic, and this was despite Lin Yixin’s Bombshell boosting all of our stats by 70%. Otherwise, we would’ve lost at least 80% of our players. I supposed I should be thankful that our casualties were as few as thirty.

Thud thud thud! We eventually got out of range of Thousand Mile Ice Ray where our priests were waiting for us. Murong Mingyue, Moon Dew, and the others immediately started healing us and consuming Rank 9 or even Rank 10 Magic Consumables at the same time. It was the only way to keep up with the rate at which they were consuming their MP, and since this was a boss fight, no one felt like they were wasting resources.

The Thousand Mile Ice Ray continued for almost three minutes. This Frost Dragon really was incredibly powerful, though it was still going to die. Once the ultimate was done, we would annihilate its ass and rob it of its treasure!

But for now, there was nothing we could do except wait. We chatted about particularly nothing to pass time—

High Fighting Spirits looked at the nearby Lin Yixin and asked innocently, "Now that I think about it, isn’t Wind Fantasy the guild leader of Snowy Cathaya? Why is she here helping us instead of leading her guild?"

Li Chengfeng grinned. "What are you talking about? It’s perfectly natural for the bride-to-be to help out her husband’s family from time to time…"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun asked, "Who is Beauty Lin’s husband?"

Xu Yang answered, "Do you even need to ask? Of course it’s Lu Chen. You don’t actually think it’s you, do you?"

High Fighting Spirits commented, "But I heard that Eve, our guild leader, is the one Lu Chen likes. Do you think Wind Fantasy will try to snatch him away by force? The guild leader can’t beat Wind Fantasy, you know…"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun clenched his fists tightly. "I won’t let Wind Fantasy do as she likes! I’ll protect the vice leader and leader’s position as the first wife with my life!"

Li Chengfeng shivered immediately. "Lower your voices, you idiots! If Beauty Lin hears this she’ll slaughter all of you!"



It was at this moment Lin Yixin pulled out the Frozen Sword and faced toward them emotionlessly. "Too late. I’ve already heard everything!"

The boys shivered in fright. They were one push away from dropping to their knees and begging for their lives.

I hurriedly pulled out my own sword and grabbed the Frostscythe Warhorse’s reins. "Yiyi, the boss just finished using its ultimate, so come on! This can wait until later, right?"

"Okay." Lin Yixin nodded.

Li Chengfeng shook his head. "Who is this, an obedient kitty? Sigh. Times have changed, and the once domineering Fruit Knife Goddess is no longer…"

Lin Yixin: "..."

He Yi and Murong Mingyue had also finished their preparations, so He Yi ordered, "It’s time for the final assault. Let us charge the Frost Dragon without fear and claim the Frost Dragon Scale for ourselves! We will have two dragon scales when this is all over!"

Everyone—even me—shouted our battle cries and Charged the boss like suicidal maniacs. To my surprise, my Thunderous Charge actually landed and stunned the boss for several seconds. When the duration was almost over, and I followed up with a God Binding Art, it landed again! Trapped by the four divine weapons, the Frost Dragon could do nothing except be gangbanged by us.

It wouldn’t be long before the boss died, and once again Bombshell was the most valuable stratagem of the boss fight. It was too bad that it was hardcapped at 80%, or it would be the most powerful Famous General Skill in the entire game for sure!

On paper, He Yi’s Royal Road was just as powerful, but the stat reduction part of the Famous General Skill was largely reduced against bosses. For example, He Yi had almost 200 Tactics, so theoretically speaking, Royal Road should reduce the boss's stats by 30% or so. In reality though, it only reduced the boss's stats by 10%. It was a bit weak to put it bluntly. That was why Bombshell was absolutely the better Famous General Skill in a boss fight. That being said, Royal Road was perfect for PvP.


The Frost Dragon screamed in pain as its health kept dropping. The scales on its body—especially those that were ravaged by Barrier Break—looked tattered and torn. It was brutal to say the least.

"The boss is about to die! Wash over me, loot! Hahaha~~" Li Chengfeng laughed happily. "Ready to fight for the last hit on the boss, everyone? Three, two, one, go!"

But He Yi chided him, "Control yourself, you undisciplined rascal!"

Li Chengfeng curled his lips. "Is there something you want to say, leader?"

He Yi nodded. "It’s rare to run into a high-rank, low-level boss like this, so we should let the person with the highest Luck land the last hit. We’ll get better loot this way, am I right? Sure, the one who lands the last hit gets 50% of the kill experience, but it’s not like you can’t grind the experience points from mobs eventually. Remember, the loot is the main reward when we fight a boss, not the experience!"

Li Chengfeng nodded in agreement. "You’re right, I almost forgot about that. The leader is wise! Well, you heard the boss, Lu Chen. You have the highest Luck out of all of us, so go! We’re counting on you!"

I nodded. First, I kicked Gui Guzi in front of the boss. Then, I let Lin Yixin use Extreme Break before unleashing my super combo: Universe Break + Burning Blade Slash + basic attack + Universe Break + War Crush in 6 seconds’ time! A column of damage numbers floated above the boss's head, and a death scream later it collapsed to the ground like a small mountain. The next second, a ton of shiny loot popped out of the body...



I hit Level 132 immediately and took one big step toward the dream threshold that was Level 150. It just felt so good to level up!

I strode forward and picked up a cyan-colored dragon scale from the pile. It was of course the Frost Dragon Scale we needed to complete the quest. Now I was carrying two dragon scales on my person.

"Eve, please distribute the loot," I asked.

It was better to let Eve do this because one, it was way more fair, two, she was the guild leader, and three, she was totally biased toward me. To put it in Li Chengfeng’s words: "It’s so nice to be loved by a guild leader who’s both beautiful and powerful. You get both equipment and women…"


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