Chapter 535: The Faithful Chaos Moon

"Holy shit, this Frost Dragon is really fierce! It used some sort of horn attack against Lu Chen and dropped him to less than half health! What a warrior…" High Fighting Spirits exclaimed as he twirled Invincible idly in the air. He was giving live commentary as he watched from the sidelines.

Xu Yang nodded his head. "Yeah, it really is quite the warrior, huh…"

Chaos Moon shouted, "Go, Lu Chen, go!"



I raised my longsword and used God Binding Art. Four divine weapons instantly screamed down from the sky as they dug deep into the ice around the Frost Dragon. Lightning crackled in the air as the mysterious and primordial power of this skill spun in the air and tried to shackle the Frost Dragon’s gigantic body.

Unfortunately for me, the Frost Dragon let out a fierce roar as it shrugged free of the God Binding Art, the huge "MISS" sent everyone’s hearts crashing to the ground.

Gui Guzi used Barrier Break to pull its aggro over to him so he could help me tank the dragon’s attacks while Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew hurriedly healed me back to full health.

As I ran past the boss, I dropped an Icy Cyclone Domain on its head. However, my skill didn’t have any effect on this boss. The Frost Dragon belonged to the ice element in the first place and its affinity with ice far exceeded my own. Honestly, I would have been shocked if my Icy Cyclone Domain could actually do anything to this boss, but I had to at least try.

Several hundred of our players launched a barrage of attacks from a distance, Devil Piercing Arrows and Dragon’s Roars raining down from above. The sky was actually darkened by this volley of arrows, but it was immediately lit up by the fiery magics that chased them. Blades of wind, icicles, and falling rocks were also smashing into the Frost Dragon’s body incessantly.

It was too bad that most of us couldn’t do any true damage to the boss, and even dealing more than a hundred damage to this dragon was a praiseworthy feat. In fact, only Beiming Xue could deal more than a thousand damage with each attack. Of course, there were also a few good archers who had learned the Ambition Breaker skill, so they timed their cooldowns to ensure that they could cycle the skill on the boss. Every now and then, it would actually succeed and cut the Frost Dragon’s defenses by 50%. But this was the right way to fight this boss and it was the only realistic way we could take on a Level 155 Earth Rank boss in the first place.


A huge cobalt head fiercely swiped down toward Gui Guzi before it rammed straight into his shield. The attack hit Gui Guzi with such force that it still threw him backward in spite of his incredible Defense. It was a critical hit as well, so it dealt him a little over 24000 points of damage!


The Frost Dragon stretched open its bloodied mouth as its neck started to bulge. The scales on its neck bent in at a weird and unnatural angle as it prepared to use the skill unique to all dragons—Dragon Breath!

"Be careful!"

I hurriedly ran forward as bloody energy started swirling around my left fist. The air whistled around my fist as I launched a Magic Piercing Punch into the Frost Dragon’s neck, instantly interrupting its Dragon Breath skill.

Yup, this Magic Piercing Punch skill was useful, alright. As long as a boss wasn’t using its ultimate attack, it had nearly a 100% interrupt rate.

The Frost Dragon angrily swiped against He Yi’s shield with multiple thuds when she stepped in to fill the gap that Gui Guzi had left behind. The very first hit of the Frost Dragon’s claws sent He Yi reeling as those blade-like claws tore away a good chunk of her health. The dragon immediately swept its tail at me next. Its gigantic tail was studded with craggy spikes and when that tail crashed into my right arm, I immediately felt an intense pain shooting up to my brain! Wow, it felt as if my arm had been smashed into bits!


This boss was way too strong! It could take on Gui Guzi, He Yi, and I at the same time, and just its physical attacks alone were enough to beat the three of us back! If not for the strong squad of priests that were supporting us, there was no way we would be able to fend off this Frost Dragon’s attacks! However, the fact that we were constantly being healed from death’s door deeply touched our hearts.


After nearly twenty minutes of fighting, the Frost Dragon’s health had finally dropped to about 55%, but we had also run up a butcher’s bill of nearly two hundred players! The Frost Dragon kept launching its breath without enough warning, so I wasn’t able to use my Magic Piercing Punch to interrupt it all the time. Furthermore, this boss's AI was very advanced and it kept using its tail swipe to knock me backward before it used its Dragon Breath. As a result, it would buffet our forces with its dragonbreath every now and then, and when that happened, it was inevitable that casualties would occur.

"We’re in trouble!"

An assassin belonging to our guild suddenly ran into the gully. As he ran, he started shouting, "Guild leader, there are people coming! Players from Mad Dragon!"


A cold light flashed in the air and that assassin tumbled to the ground with a huge, bloody hole in his chest. That was what happened to a player’s body when they got one-shot by a Devil Piercing Arrow.

Snow fluttered in the air as a bunch of people appeared at the entrance of the gully. The first one in was an archer who was holding a blood-red longbow! It was Coldmoon Rose. She was the one who had one-shot our assassin with that Devil Piercing Arrow. It looked like the Mad Dragon guild had gotten some new equipment for this girl. If not, there was no way her attack power would be so high.

Roaming Dragon and Inconstant, who were both mounted on their horses, soon appeared behind Coldmoon Rose, and Iron Pardon was following swiftly after them with his sharp blade in hand. There were only about two hundred people from Mad Dragon who had appeared, so they really didn’t pose much of a threat to us.


I forcefully parried the Frost Dragon’s claw swipe before I turned around and yelled, "Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Xu Yang, I want you guys to lead several people over to guard the entrance to the gully. Eliminate Mad Dragon while you’re at it!"

"Got it!"

These guys had sat on the sidelines since the start of the fight, so they were bored out of their minds. All of them also happened to be the most vicious fighters in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and the fact that they could do nothing but watch as we took on this high-level boss was a huge kick to their ego. It wasn’t something their pride would allow them to tolerate, but now that these dumbasses from the Mad Dragon guild had presented themselves as live targets, how could we not oblige them?

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun activated his Flying General skill as he and a bunch of riders practically flew toward the entrance of the gully. They soon arrived at the right flank of Mad Dragon’s formation while Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, and High Fighting Spirits led a bunch of people straight down the middle. The Mad Dragon players went pale as they saw the main forces of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls charge straight at them.

"Boss, should we wait for Flower Room to back us up. Li Le just so happens to be killing Frost Wolves not too far away from us and he should be able to get here in twenty minutes!" Iron Pardon shouted.

Roaming Dragon raised his hand and yelled, "Hold them off! Those bastards from Flower Room are useless! Their skills are about the same as Li Le, and they’re only good for seducing women! Hmph, in fact, I think it’s a joke that a guild like Flower Room even gets to join the Royal Knights in the first place. Immediately send out messages to Pillar of a Nation and Dominating Heaven Blade and get them to come over here. But we need to hurry. If not, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will finish the boss before we make it through, and it will be too late to do anything!"

"Got it!"


Li Chengfeng had already reached their formation before they had even finished talking. The dragon warrior imperiously swept his Tempest Sword forward and struck a magic knight’s shield with a Barrier Break. He instantly dealt more than 17000 points of damage to the hapless magic knight, sending him flying together with his shield. He immediately followed that attack up with a Dragonbone Flurry, causing three beams of light to fall on the players of Mad Dragon. I wasn’t sure when it had happened, but Li Chengfeng’s Dragonbone Flurry had somehow evolved into an AoE skill and it was now very similar to my Burning Blade Slash. The only difference was that the attack radius of his skill was a bit smaller than mine.

The dragon warrior instantly tore through the enemy’s frontline while Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, and Xu Yang charged into them from the other side. Three simultaneous Barrier Breaks very nearly broke through Mad Dragon’s frontlines but something even worse was waiting for them. Moonlight Stone and her group of mages had just finished casting their Galaxy Storm spells, and they instantly reduced Mad Dragon’s frontline fighters to charred corpses.

High Fighting Spirits activated his Famous General Skill, Stamp, and his party members now ignored about 45% of their enemies’ defenses. This powerful armor break effect made Mad Dragon’s frontline as squishy as tofu and the Multi Arrows of the archers in the back started hitting a lot harder.

Roaming Dragon flew into a rage as he charged forward with his spear in hand. He hit Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun’s shield with a Flame Thrust as Eighteen Steeds swiftly switched his stratagem to a normal Encourage VI, which raised his party’s Attack by about 40%. While not that much, it was still better than nothing, and he was easily able to trade blows with Roaming Dragon.

Thud! Clang!

After their weapons clashed once, it was clear that Roaming Dragon was the inferior one. His expression turned even uglier as he spat out a gob of saliva and snarled, "I’m the leader of the Mad Dragon guild! There’s no way I’m gonna lose to some small fry like you!"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun flew into a rage when he heard those words. "I’m one of the commanders of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and I have a thousand men under my command! There’s no way I’m gonna lose to a leader of some garbage guild like you!"

The two of them instantly started cursing up a storm as their weapons clashed again and again. Li Chengfeng looked over to see what the commotion was and slapped a palm to his forehead. He simply shook his head and charged forward before he deleted half of Roaming Dragon’s HP with Cyan Dragon Horn. He instantly followed with a Barrier Break, and Roaming Dragon immediately started scrambling backward as the group heals of the priest behind him just barely preserved his pathetic life.

Li Chengfeng gave chase but he was suddenly greeted by eight whistling arrows that smacked against his chestplate with dull thuds. Those arrows actually blasted away 40% of the dragon warrior’s HP in an instant, giving Li Chengfeng a huge scare! He turned his head to look at his assailant only to discover Coldmoon Rose hiding on top of a mound of ice.

She raised her longbow in the air as she said, "You want to kill him? Have you asked your grandaunt yet?"

Li Chengfeng’s eyes went cold but he grinned and said, "Alright! I was rather bored anyway! Let’s dance!"

As he said that, he charged out of the crowd of players with his Tempest Sword in hand. As a subclass of Warrior, his class’s Agility wasn’t much worse than most archers’, so he was able to leap on top of the mound of ice in about three bounds. He pointed his sword at Coldmoon Rose and said in a teasing voice, "Hey, are you Roaming Dragon’s woman? Actually, what’s so good about this trust fund baby? Isn’t he just good for a sports car or two? Why don’t you join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? I just so happen to be looking for a mistress. There’ll be plenty of good food and alcohol and I’ll even buy a Chery QQ for you to drive. Doesn’t that sound grand?"

Coldmoon Rose froze in place and a stunned look appeared in her eyes. She had probably been scared by Li Chengfeng’s extraordinarily roguish aura.

Roaming Dragon was hopping mad. He pointed his sword up at Li Chengfeng as he yelled, "Legendary Brave, you shameless piece of shit! You actually dare to seduce my woman right in front of me?!"

Li Chengfeng spat at him and snarled, "Oh shut up, you trust fund baby! What else do you know how to do besides splashing cash and undressing women? If you have the balls, go three hundred rounds with your daddy right here, right now!"


High Fighting Spirits said, "Li’s in high spirits today. I always thought that he preferred guys… I never imagined that he would know how to tease a woman…"

Chaos Moon nodded her head as she replied, "If he keeps it up, he’s going to stir up the hearts of all the pretty young things in the guild. Legendary Brave is finally starting to look like a catch…"

A vulgar smile appeared on Du Thirteen’s face. "Oh? Has our pretty Chaos Moon also started to fall for Li Chengfeng?"

Chaos Moon glared at him with her pretty eyes. "Tsk, who the hell is Li Chengfeng to me? This big sister will always love Lu Chen the most…"

Du Thirteen said, "Oh! How loyal of you…"

"Of course!"


However, it was at this exact moment that an archer ran up to Roaming Dragon and yelled, "Guild leader, this is bad! Candlelight Shadow is charging in toward our rear with the elite forces of Candle Dragon! They’ve found out that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is killing the boss!"

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