Chapter 534: Frost Dragon


As my blade swept past the neck of a Frost Wolf, it tore open a long wound in its throat. The wolf tottered backward a few steps before it collapsed dead to the ground, a round leather helmet popping out of its body. That was a Frost Wolf Leather Helmet!

I picked it up and threw it into my inventory. After doing a quick count, I had already gathered four full sets of the Frost Wolf armor and I was just missing another helmet and a pair of wristguards to complete the fifth!

As I surveyed the area in front of me, I saw that the ground was littered with equipment. I walked over and sorted through it, quickly completing my fifth set. After that, I spoke to the girls behind me, "Okay, we’ve grinded enough. We’ve more or less killed all of the Frost Wolves around here. Let’s go back and join up with Eve and the rest."


Beiming Xue hefted her longbow as she grinned. "Big bro, I picked up two sets of Frost Wolf armor…"

"Not bad. I picked up five!"


Beiming Xue was at a loss for words and Chaos Moon felt even worse. She had only picked up one set for herself! As for Moon Dew, they had helped her find a set as well so she could sell it for some money. We couldn’t let her leave empty-handed, could we?


A bunch of people were gathered in the middle of this huge icy valley. He Yi, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, and their party were there while High Fighting Spirits was also bringing over a bunch of people. There were quite a few players who had entered the B3 floor by now and we had nearly fifteen hundred players on this floor as well.

Of course, there were a lot of players from other guilds as well. They were all gathering in this valley and it was as if everyone was treating this as one of the public squares in our main city.

Xu Yang came forward to greet my little party as he grinned and said, "Lu Chen, how did your grinding go? Did you manage to get a set of Frost Wolf armor?"

I replied, "Why? Did you guys get a few?"

Xu Yang muttered angrily, "If you combine the gear that Boss, Murong Mingyue, and I collected, we can just about assemble two sets. How about you guys? Spit it out."

I raised eight fingers in the air before saying, "Lil Beiming, Chaos Moon, Moon Dew and I managed to collect nine sets…"

"What?!" Xu Yang stumbled backward, his eyes widened dramatically. It was clear that I had shocked him out of his skull.

He Yi walked up to us and laughed. "These Frost Wolf sets are selling like hotcakes. There were more than a few people to the east of here who were fighting over them. There were even some who ganged up on players to steal it from them!"

Gui Guzi added, "That’s right! Someone hyped up the price of this Frost Wolf equipment set to one hundred and fifty thousand gold. Do you see those people who set up stalls over there? They’re collecting the Frost Wolf set pieces, and they’re buying each for ten thousand gold with cash upfront, so a lot of people went to hunt down these Frost Wolves. If they can find even one piece of the Frost Wolf set, that’ll be the equivalent of three months of a manager’s salary…"

I couldn’t help but grin. "Heh, not bad! It’s finally time to strike it rich!"

Du Thirteen walked over with his sword in hand. "Are we going to go find the boss next? Bloody Mercenaries lost at least five hundred comrades to kill all of these Frost Wolves…"

"Sounds good. Does anyone have any clue as to where the boss might be? I didn’t see anything in the areas that I was farming," I said.

Li Chengfeng replied, "There’s an auspicious array of clouds to the east, and there is a purple energy emanating from that direction, so luck is sure to follow us if we head there. Why don’t we take a look, we may just get lucky…"

The muscles on my face spasmed as I retorted, "If we don’t get lucky, I’ll beat you until you become lucky!"

Li Chengfeng roared with laughter when he heard that. He spread his hands out and said, "Okay, okay. Actually, this is something that an assassin friend from Vanished God City told me about. He said that he saw a huge pack of Frost Wolves milling about in a gully on the eastern side of the map. They seemed to be patrolling a certain area and the pack seemed to be made up of Frost Wolf Pack Leaders as well. Because of that, I suspect there’s something suspicious about that place!"

"I hear you!" I chuckled. "It looks like that’s the place! Brothers and sisters, it’s time to head off!"

I hefted my longsword as I led High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon and a few others forward. Right now, there were about one thousand Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players on the B3 floor and our emblems lit up the air as we slowly gathered into formation.

Damn, our formation looked grand! Now that we had become a super guild of this stature, most small guilds could not afford to provoke us.


After about fifteen minutes, our group reached the edge of a rather dim gully. There were indeed clouds flickering with purple lights in the skies above us. But this wasn’t anything like the auspicious omen Li Chengfeng had described it as. I could sense an overwhelming malice in the air and only one of the ancient giant dragons could exude this sort of aura.

"Be careful! The boss of the Ice Dragon Domain should be in this place!"


I stood at the head of our formation and I was the first to enter this gully. When I entered, I discovered that there was already a team made up of a few dozen people in the area. This was a party from Vanished God City, and all of them looked completely miserable.

The party leader raised his longbow in the air as he tried to carefully lure over a huge Frost Wolf to his party. That was a Level 160 shadow-rank monster—Frost Wolf Pack Leader!

These Frost Wolf Pack Leaders were very sensitive to any aggro and he ended up luring over three of them. This was the beginning of a tragedy. These three Frost Wolf Pack Leaders mercilessly swept through this thirty-man party and killed every last one of them. A huge pile of potions and equipment littered the ground.

Well, death and fortune often went hand in hand in games.

I quickly surveyed the area. There were only about one hundred Frost Wolf Pack Leaders in the vicinity.

Hmm, yeah, if we charge in, we shouldn’t have any problems clearing them out.

"Let’s go! Time’s a-wastin’!"

Gui Guzi, He Yi, and I activated our Charge skills, locking onto one Frost Wolf Pack Leader each. After that, the archers and mages assembled behind us immediately fired off a round of attacks, causing the three Frost Wolf Pack Leaders to collapse to the ground. We couldn’t even be bothered to check the equipment they had dropped right now as we continued our furious assault. We blew through the gully like a violent storm as we swept aside nearly a hundred Frost Wolf Pack Leaders within five minutes. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had once again displayed the explosive attacking power that had become the trademark of our guild.


When we killed the final Frost Wolf Pack Leader, the ground suddenly started to shake as we heard a dragon’s roar reverberate in the air.

Holy shit, it’s here! It’s finally here!


A huge noise rang out from beneath us as cracks swiftly formed in the ice-covered ground in front of us. Huge chunk of ice and earth rose up precipitously, forcing me to backpedal as if my life depended on it, and so did He Yi and Gui Guzi.

I yelled, "Retreat! The boss is about to make its appearance. Be careful everyone! Spread out and be careful of the boss's AoE attacks!"


The ice finally blew apart as a sinister-looking cobalt dragon head reared up from beneath it. Its dull blue eyes were filled with malice as it glared at us. We soon heard another cracking sound as its huge winged claws burst out of the ice.

Its gigantic body slowly rose up from beneath the ground as it helped itself up, the grand scene causing all of us to gasp in awe. This was a true giant dragon! One which possessed even more kingly might than the One-horned Golden Dragon we had faced on the previous floor!

"Uhhh… Uhhhh…"

Du Thirteen raised his head to look at the gigantic dragon as he struggled to form a coherent word. He was completely frozen in place and it was clear that he had no desire to face this dragon head-on.

I swiftly moved forward and carefully scanned the huge dragon’s stats before sending it to the party leaders, who then shared it with the rest of their parties. Everyone immediately gasped in shock once again.


Frost Dragon (Earth Rank Boss)

Level: 155

Attack: 2440~3120

Defense: 2900

HP: 11,000,000

Skills: Dragon Blade, Scale Defense, Thousand Mile Ice Ray

Introduction: A legendary Frost Dragon. This Frost Dragon is an ice dragon who hasn’t reached maturity and has yet to obtain the incredible power of an adult ice dragon, but it is already considered an excellent warrior among the ancient dragon tribe. Furthermore, this dragon is filled with tyrannical malice and cruelty, so it won’t hesitate to attack anyone who encroaches upon its territory.


Just as I had predicted, the Frost Dragon’s stats were 5% higher than the One-horned Golden Dragon even though they were both Level 155 Earth Rank bosses. This also meant that the bosses of the nine floors of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains would probably all be Level 155 Earth Rank bosses, but the fights would be getting progressively harder as we progressed through the levels.


I drew my Heaven-stealing Sword and gave a hearty laugh. The sound of my laughter instantly dispersed the clouds of fear that was forming in everyone’s minds. "My friends, it is time for us to feast! This Level 155 Frost Dragon will be the appetizer for us as we continue to conquer the Nine Lost Dragon Domains! All warriors with more than 6000 Defense are to follow me. Mages and archers, you are to open these festivities with your Dragon’s Roar and Devil Piercing Arrows. There’s no need to play nice with this Frost Dragon! After all, only one of us will leave this place alive!

Everyone drew their weapons as a fire burned in their eyes. My words had succeeded in raising their spirits before the battle.

"So we’re going to attack just like that…" Murong Mingyue let out a silvery laugh. "Our vice leader may be a bit hot-blooded and brainless at times, but when it comes to raising morale, he really isn’t bad at all…"

He Yi let out a soft laugh before she raised her sword and charged forward with her Snow Domain Windchaser. She was rushing forward with me as well. Gui Guzi soon arrived alongside us. And so, the three tiny specks of dirt charged the humongous giant dragon. It looked a little ridiculous, but the sight of three humans staring down a giant dragon stirred up admiration in the hearts of everyone. The ones who could still charge toward a giant dragon without any fear were truly warriors at heart.



Lightning crackled around me as my Thunderous Charge slammed me into the left claw of the Frost Dragon. In truth, the cobalt dragon’s body was at least ten meters tall, so I could only reach up to its ankle. This meant that we had to furiously attack this boss every time it stooped down!


My Charge missed but I was already expecting that. As my feet skidded across the ground, I swung to the left side of the Frost Dragon. An Eight Trigrams formation appeared beneath my feet when my Heaven-stealing Sword shone with a startlingly sharp light. A cone of blazing indigo sword energy erupted from its tip as I hit the giant dragon with Universe Break!


Not bad!

I followed that up with a Pardon + basic attack!



It was clear that the Frost Dragon had an extremely tough hide. Furthermore, its scales were covered with a thick layer of ice and the tip of my sword only managed to break off some pieces. This layer of ice was providing this dragon with extraordinarily sturdy protection. If not, my Universe Break wouldn’t have done such meager damage.

Gui Guzi and He Yi also arrived and hit the boss together with Barrier Break. Two damage numbers popped up in the air.



What the hell! He Yi’s Attack was a little higher, so she could deal over ten thousand damage, but Gui Guzi’s attack hadn’t managed to break the ten thousand mark! This was something that most of us simply couldn’t process! Gui Guzi was a symbol of strength among all the magic knight players in the game!

It was at this exact moment that a whistling arrow sank into the Frost Dragon’s chest with a thunk! Beiming Xue had cleverly used a much-needed ability at the very moment we needed it! Ambition Breaker, a skill that would lower its target’s defensive power by 50%. Its effect lasted for three seconds.

I swiftly took advantage of this precious opportunity to hit the boss with Burning Blade Slash, three fiery blades of sword energy smashing into the Frost Dragon’s leg.




That was some good damage there! Most of Burning Blade Slash’s penetrating power lay in the fact that each hit was stronger than the last, resulting in the third hit being far above my attack power. When it hit an enemy that was under the effects of Beiming Xue’s Ambition Breaker, its damage could completely easily match the damage that my Universe Break had dealt!



The Frost Dragon’s rage was boundless. It suddenly lowered its head and the ice-colored blade that was growing out from the top of its head shot out at me at a blistering speed! It was using its Dragon Blade ability!


I quickly retreated when I saw the Frost Dragon launch its attack, but that icy blade still smacked into me with huge force. My body shook like a leaf in the storm and I felt like all of my bones were going to break as my HP dropped like a rock!


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