Chapter 533: Candle Dragon Switches Things Up

"What do you mean we’re dead meat?! It’s finally time to rake in that sweet EXP!"

I held the Heaven-stealing Sword high in the air as I controlled both my character and the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf was way faster than the Frost Wolves, so it returned back to its assigned position before they were even halfway there.

"Moon Dew…"

I stared at the approaching wolves and gave my commands, "Don’t bother healing me. Focus your healing on Chaos Moon and my pet. These Frost Wolves have a move called Explosive Ice Sweep, and it should be an AoE skill. You need to make sure that Chaos Moon and my Greedy Wolf aren’t killed by it."

Moon Dew nodded and giggled. "Okay! Don’t worry Lu Chen, leave it to me!"



Of course I wasn’t worried. Moon Dew was one of the two best healers of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. This was the main reason I pulled her into my party in the first place.

The horde of Frost Wolves came howling at us in the blink of an eye, but I didn’t wait for them to draw near before engaging. I conjured an Icy Cyclone Domain as they rushed toward us, laying down another once its twenty-second cooldown was up. This way I’d have three Icy Cyclone Domains stacked on top of each other, which would provide constant damage, attack speed debuffs, and movement speed debuffs. This skill was exceedingly important to our survival while killing these mobs.


I sent a Thousand Ice Slash whistling out, instantly causing a big group of Frost Wolves that were packed together to freeze in their tracks. More than a few of them had even been frozen solid. I swept out my sword again, unleashing Burning Blade Slash at these wolves. Three huge crescents of burning sword energy exploded out of my sword and crashed into the crowd of enemies in front of me, bringing along a series of damage numbers above their heads, each number bigger than the last. I caught about twenty Frost Wolves in my attack, and I really had to say that Burning Blade Slash was a rare and exceptional AoE skill.

Four Frost Wolves pressed in toward our frontline and they pounced at us with their claws in the air. Two of them attacked me, while the other two attacked Chaos Moon and my Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. I was perfectly fine, because the basic attack of these monsters couldn’t even deal one thousand damage to me and my Heaven-stealing Sword’s lifesteal effect could easily restore that amount of health.

Universe Break!

Sword Boomerang!

I used these two killer moves to supplement my damage while my other skills were on cooldown. The Frost Wolves howled in misery and even these Level 155 shadow-rank monsters seemed exceptionally frail in front of my insane firepower.

The string of Beiming Xue’s Burning Shadow Bow hummed incessantly as arrows rained down on the mobs in front of us. They whistled in the air while she unleashed an endless storm of Multi Arrows, Spiraling Arrow Blades, and Evil Spirit Volleys at the pitiful Frost Wolves. The 140% attack power boost provided by my Martial God exceeded the boost provided by her Bow God so she was killing enemies with an even greater efficiency. The monsters in front of us could only wait to get bullied by Beiming Xue and they could do nothing but flee before her might.

After the Frost Wolves had been tossed about, they finally started a frantic counterassault. One of the wolves even reared up in the air and as they raised their sharp claws up, these claws started to glow with an icy light. It swiped down viciously toward us, that icy light blazing violently.

Shit, it really did end up using its Explosive Ice Sweep skill!

"Be careful!"

The Frost Wolf’s claws swept across us the moment I shouted that warning. The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf, Chaos Moon, and I were all hit by that attack. Three damage numbers instantly popped out above our heads.




The Crimson Rock Dragon Armor had really pushed my Defense to a whole new level! However, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf and Chaos Moon’s Defense still weren’t quite up to the mark. They lost a significant amount of health to this Explosive Ice Sweep. What made matters worse was that a second and third Explosive Ice Sweep was hot on the heels of the first one!

It was time for our party’s trial by fire! Moon Dew’s staff danced in the air, followed by brilliant lights flashing in the air. Heals rained down on Chaos Moon and my pet wolf as their health bars continued to fluctuate violently. They were precariously hovering at about 40% of their health, but they were still managing to ride out this wave of attacks.

Mn, the attacks of these Frost Wolves really were savage and it was no wonder that High Fighting Spirits had cried in pain after being attacked by their sharp claws.


I raised my left arm and cast God Binding Art. Four divine weapons flew down from the sky as they surrounded the rightmost Frost Wolf on the frontline. This instantly reduced the pressure we were facing.

The Explosive Ice Sweeps of these Frost Wolves were a line attack and its area of attack just so happened to encompass our entire frontline. I could withstand these blows with my excellent defenses, but since Chaos Moon was just barely making it, I looked out for her safety first. Since I was the one who brought these lovely girls here, I was also responsible for bringing them back in one piece!

A brilliant cluster of light suddenly burst out of a ring on my finger. My Silver Dragon Ring’s skill had finally activated!

Silver Dragon energy exploded out of my ring as it roared forward and exploded in the middle of the Frost Wolves in front of us. They howled in misery as the Silver Dragon Storm ripped more than a few of them to shreds.


A beam of golden light fell on Chaos Moon’s body! She had actually leveled up!

Her eyes widened into saucers as she muttered to herself, "This is insane. I was at 98% just a few seconds ago, but I leveled up just like that. Just killing these monsters… was actually enough to give me the remaining 2% I needed?"

I laughed and said, "Of course it was! Do you think that these Frost Wolves are giving you the normal amount of EXP?"

Once she heard that, Chaos Moon’s lips curved into a beatific smile as she continued to safely and happily farm experience points.


These Frost Wolves were dropping a fair number of items as they collapsed to the ground and we only had the opportunity to pick up the items that were closest to use for now. But my eyes suddenly widened when I picked up one of these items.

God damn, there is actually a chance to farm a decent armor set in this place?


Frost Wolf Wristguards (Dark Gold–grade, Outstanding★★)

Defense: 240

Magic Resist: 175

Agility: +102

Stamina: +85

Passive: Increases user’s Agility by 70

Outstanding Property: Increases user’s critical damage by 2%

Property: Frost Wolf Set

Level Requirement: 125


"Heh heh, not bad…" I happily tossed these Frost Wolf Bracers into my inventory. "A 2-star Outstanding Dark Gold–grade armor set. These will sell pretty damn well. If we can gather a full set, we can absolutely sell it for no less than one hundred thousand RMB. The archers and assassins around our level are all severely lacking in equipment, especially high-level equipment like this."

Beiming Xue nodded her head. "That’s right! The attack power of all the archers in our guild is really low, and I don’t even want to mention our assassins! Ugh, there really isn’t a single decent assassin in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls…"

Chaos Moon retorted, "But my pretty Beiming, aren’t you forgetting a certain Level 117 assassin by the name of ‘Pretty Young Lord’. He’s always kicking up a fuss in the guild and saying that he’s going to chase you! How can you say that there isn’t a single decent assassin in our guild! Even though his equipment and level are pretty lousy, the defense of his thick skin is extraordinary."

Beiming Xue pouted. "How could I ever fancy someone like that? Besides, I have my big bro over here. I don’t need something like a boyfriend!"

A scandalized look appeared on Chaos Moon’s face. She whirled toward me and exclaimed, "You punk! Don’t tell me you’ve already eaten up our pretty Beiming?!"

I glared at her. "As if! Do I look like that kind of person to you?!"

"Hell yes!"

"What the hell!"


In just a short twenty-five minutes, we slaughtered about 400 Frost Wolves. At least 70% of them had died on the edge of my Heaven-stealing Sword, around 25% of them had been killed by Beiming Xue, and the remaining 5% had been killed by Chaos Moon and the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf.

Chaos Moon was a very intelligent girl. She knew that she didn’t have any physical AoE skills right now, so she kept using Barrier Break to kill low-health Frost Wolves. I could only grin and bear it as I sighed at the shenanigans of this devious little minx.

When the last Frost Wolf finally toppled to the ground, a scroll popped out of it with a bang. This was a teleportation scroll to the B4 floor of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains.

As I picked up this teleportation scroll and tossed it into my inventory, I chuckled and said, "Let’s hurry up and sweep this battlefield clean. After that, we’ll clear one more wave of monsters and group up with the rest of the guild."


Chaos Moon chuckled, "The feeling of seeing your experience bar explosively rise is simply the best! We’ve barely even started and I’ve already filled 50% of my EXP bar! My leveling speed is so fast right now…"

I sighed helplessly. "Miss, we are in Nine Lost Dragon Domains. This is a high-level training map which has extremely strict requirements for entry. We’re even grinding these mobs by the hundreds! It would be complete and utter bullshit if your leveling speed wasn’t fast!!"

Chaos Moon giggled in response and then stuck out a tongue at me. "Oh, Lu Chen, you’re so fierce! Come here and let your big sis kiss you…"

I ignored and bent down to pick up equipment instead. If not, there’d be no end to this!

The girls began to spread out and sweep the battlefield clean. My ranged AoE skills like Thousand Ice Slash and Silver Dragon Storm had killed more than a few Frost Wolves and about three layers of equipment had piled up. This was also because monsters had a higher chance of dropping items when they were killed by me and I had my 33 Luck to thank for that. Just a simple glance across this battlefield would provide more than enough evidence of that!

My eyes were actively seeking out the items that were part of the Frost Wolf set. The Level 125 leather armor set sure was some good stuff! I had to pick up as many as I could to sell back in the city. These items were literally piles of money lying on the ground!

We had previously agreed that any items dropped from ordinary mobs would belong to the player who picked it up, so the girls were furiously picking up any good item they saw with delighted smiles on their faces.


A few minutes later, we returned to our previous "choke point" once again. I dispatched the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf to lure mobs while we quietly waited for the incoming storm. About three minutes later, my pet wolf had returned, its tongue lolling from its mouth as it swiftly sprinted up the icy rampart. We heard the impending horde before we even saw it as thunderous footsteps echoed in the area. What seemed like an endless amount of Frost Wolves charged at us.

There were even more of these monsters this time around and it looked like there were at least five hundred of them. Very good! Grinding EXP this way was so satisfying! In fact, wasn’t I about to hit Level 131 very soon?

Clang! Clang! Clang!

I greeted the Frost Wolves with my powerful Burning Blade Slash and immediately followed it up with War Crush. These three-hit skills instantly took out half of the health of any Frost Wolf unlucky enough to be caught inside the blast radius.

Chaos Moon’s mouth dropped open. "Fuck, how can someone’s Attack be so damn tyrannical?! There really isn’t any justice in this world…"

I gave a hearty laugh before I continued my furious assault. I already had two full sets of Frost Wolf armor in my inventory and if I continued my slaughter, I should be able to gather three more. That was five hundred thousand RMB once I went back to the city! Hahaha, this feeling was simply the best!

This killing went on for a long time until Xu Yang’s voice suddenly rang in the guild channel: "Uhh guys… I just received a new piece of information!"

He Yi: "What did you find out?"

Xu Yang replied in a solemn voice: "Candle Dragon seems to have changed their strategy! Candlelight Shadow is leading nearly a thousand people into the Ice Dragon Domain in search for the boss. Blue Sky Scar has already gone to this floor with five hundred of Candle Dragon’s elite players. Now they’re sending people to grind out the scrolls first before sending in assassins to scout out the boss's location. After that, Candlelight Shadow will lead his main forces to attack the boss. If we don’t do anything about this, we will cede the advantage to them."

My brows knit together. Things were going to get sticky now. Candlelight Shadow was a clever person, and he really knew how to scheme things to his advantage.

Li Chengfeng asked: "Lu Chen, what should we do?"

I thought about it for a while before replying: "Let’s just keep doing what we are doing for now. The moment we discover the boss, we’ll go and snatch it. It’s time for us to face Candle Dragon’s main forces head-on. Even if we wanted to scout out the next floor, our lack of excellent assassins severely limits our options, so we would only be sending them to their deaths. Farewell Song is no slouch."

Li Chengfeng laughed appreciatively: "Alright, we’re going to pluck the fangs from the tiger’s mouth! I like the sound of that!"

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