Chapter 531: Crimson Rock Dragon Armor

In order to heighten the suspense, He Yi put on a show as she stored the pet egg that the One-horned Golden Dragon had dropped inside her inventory. After that, she began to share the stats of each of the four items to everyone else.

First up was the longspear that was swirling with golden light. Our beautiful guild leader gave a gentle wave of her hand, causing a translucent screen to pop up midair.


Burning Sun Spear (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★)

Attack: 550~820

Strength: +104

Stamina: +100

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 19%

Property: Increases power of fire-based skills by 50%

Slots: 3

Outstanding Property: Increases user’s splash damage by 15%

Level Requirement: 130


Mn, a 1-star Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon. While it was a good item, it definitely couldn’t be ranked among the best.

He Yi asked all of us if we were interested first. However, Gui Guzi already had his Rainbow, and it was a 5-star Outstanding Rainbow at that, so it was much stronger than this Burning Sun Spear. As a result, He Yi put this spear up for guild contribution points and it was bought by a Level 123 magic knight for eighty thousand points.

It was time to showcase the second item, the pair of dark green leather legguards.


Windwalker’s Legguards (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Defense: 300

Magic Resist: 285

Agility: +130

Stamina: +125

Tactics: +27

Passive: Increases the user's Attack by 15%

Passive: Increases the user's max HP by 2500

Outstanding Property: Windwalk, increases user’s attack speed and movement speed by 15%

Slots: 3

Level Requirement: 130


“Daaaamn, is this even still a piece of leather armor?" Xu Yang’s mouth dropped open before he started laughing. "Its Defense is so high and it even gives 2500 HP. It’s broken…"

He Yi laughed as well. "Yeah, this is really a very nice pair of legguards. It’s a piece of Level 130 equipment though. How should we distribute this, Lu Chen?"

I pursed my lips. "Give it to Beiming Xue. She’s the nearest to Level 130. All of our other archers aren’t in the same class as her either, so it’d be a waste to give it to them. Even if we made them exchange it for guild contribution points, Beiming Xue would still be the first pick anyway…"

Chaos Moon squeezed in and whispered in an incredulous voice, "Damn it, Lu Chen! Aren’t you being too biased toward your little sister?"

"Yeah I am. What are you gonna do about it…"

"Ah, I’m burning with jealousy~~"

In the end, we ended up giving the Windwalker’s Legguards to Beiming Xue using guild contribution points. This was still a more proper and above board way of handling things. But truthfully, Beiming Xue was really an incredible player. She was already a peak expert who deserved her rank in the CGL Hall of Fame. All of the other archers in the guild were strictly second-rate and the gap between Beiming Xue and the next best archer in our guild was like the gap between heaven and earth. If we were to give these Windwalker’s Legguards to any other archer in our guild, it would be like casting pearls before swine.

Finally, He Yi took out that magnificent-looking shield that shimmered with a deep golden light. The moment He Yi made the shield’s stats appear in the air, the eyes of all the magic knights in the guild turned bloodshot.


Catastrophe • The Golden Rampart (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★)

Defense: 1050

Magic Resist: 870

Strength: +135

Stamina: +140

Tactics: +30

Passive: Increases the user's max HP by 4000 and defense by 1000

Passive: Increases the effect of user’s defensive skills by 40%

Outstanding Property: Perfect Defense. All damage is nullified for 10 seconds.

Slots: 5

Level Requirement: 130


Xu Yang’s mouth gaped open. "Fuck, what a powerful shield. It’s so OP…"

In truth, all of us knew that it would be an incredible item. I mean, it was an Earth-grade item after all, and a 2-star Outstanding one at that! It would be even more strange if it wasn’t powerful. This shield didn’t just greatly boosted its user’s max HP and Defense, it even gave them a 10-second invincibility skill. It was definitely one of the ultimate items for magic knights at this stage of the game. The magic knight who possessed this shield would become an invincible titan in combat. I was willing to bet that even I wouldn’t be able to put a dent in a magic knight with such thick defenses.

He Yi’s smile was very sweet as she looked at everyone and said, "According to what we agreed upon just now, magic knight and warrior equipment will go to our two main tanks first. This shield will be given to Gui Guzi. I hope that everyone will understand. The players who have obtained the power to be the main tanks for this guild will never lack for equipment, so work hard everyone!"

He Yi passed the golden tower shield to Gui Guzi. However, it was too bad that he could not immediately wear it. According to the rules of the game, we weren’t allowed to use Convenience Gems on equipment Earth-grade and higher. This also meant that we would have to actually match the level requirement from now on. We could no longer rely on our old tricks.

But Gui Guzi still put that shield in his inventory with a shit-eating grin on his face. This was the very first Earth-grade shield that had dropped in Heavenblessed. Even though it was only a 2-star Outstanding shield, it still immediately jumped to the top spot on the shield ranking. After all, this shield’s incredible Defense, which exceeded 1000, was already ridiculous in and of itself.

He Yi held up that dark red battle armor at this moment. Her lips curved up into a smile right before she shared its stats with us. All the melee fighters had to swallow their saliva when those stats flashed in front of us.


Crimson Rock Dragon Armor (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Defense: 1040

Magic Resist: 910

Strength: +150

Stamina: +145

Tactics: +42

Passive: Increases the user's Defense by 30%

Passive: Increases the user's max HP by 3500

Passive: Increases the user's resistance to ice and fire magic by 50%

Outstanding Property: Blood Fiend. Critical hits recover 10% of the user’s HP

Slots: 5

Level Requirement: 130


Everyone’s eyes widened into saucers. Our party’s luck was absolutely insane today. We’d actually obtained such a good chestplate! It really did live up to its expectations as a 4-star Outstanding Earth-grade item! It gave an incredible amount of stats and just as much overall protection as Gui Guzi’s new shield. Furthermore, it even raised the user’s resistance to ice and fire magic by 50%. This also meant that anyone who wore this armor would receive much less damage from these common types of magic, and it was a godly attribute to have when fighting bosses or PvPing. But this wasn’t all, this item also had an incredible Outstanding Property.

Blood Fiend. Critical hits recover 10% of the user’s HP.

This was an incredible and deadly passive that would be a total lifesaver in tough boss fights and PvP battles. My current critical rate was at around 20%, which meant that I would normally score a critical once every five attacks. This passive would trigger fairly often for me. My HP pool was quite ridiculous as well, so it would be yet another source of consistent healing for me. Last but not least, I also had an item skill that synergized incredibly well with Blood Fiend. God’s Rage raised my critical rate to 100% for sixty seconds. Also, having Blood Fiend would mean literal god mode during those sixty seconds!

As He Yi picked up the Crimson Rock Dragon Armor, her intentions were as clear as day. Gui Guzi also waved his hands and laughed. "I already got this Golden Rampart and I haven’t even reached the level to wear this armor yet. I say we give the armor to Boss Broken Halberd. He’s already Level 130, so he can wear it right away. We’ll just let him tank the next boss we’ll face…"

Sweat immediately broke out on my forehead as I retorted in an incredulous voice, "I can’t believe that you, of all people, would have the cheek to say that! A magic knight is actually thinking of letting a frail warrior tank a boss. Ah, what has this world come to…"

Sweat also broke out on Gui Guzi’s forehead when he heard those words. He stared back at me with incredulous eyes as he shot back, "Yes, a warrior who has more than twenty thousand health, about as much Defense as me, and deals about three to five times more damage than me. What has this world come! I agree wholeheartedly! I don’t even feel like talking about this anymore…"

Li Chengfeng and High Fighting Spirits immediately broke out into laughter, which soon infected the entire crowd of players. As everyone laughed heartily, He Yi passed this Crimson Rock Dragon Armor to me and didn’t even deduct any guild contribution points from me. She simply wanted to give it to me, because this boss had really been slowly worn to death by both Gui Guzi and I. The other warriors could only watch from the sidelines and even if they were asked to roll for it, the top warriors in our guild like Li Chengfeng and High Fighting Spirits would immediately refuse to participate. Their pride wouldn’t let them.

I took off my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor. Yup, this armor which had been with me forever was finally about to retire. I immediately passed it to Du Thirteen since the current armor he was wearing still wasn’t as good as this one.

When I put on the Crimson Rock Dragon Armor, I immediately felt a powerful and vigorous energy surge through my body. Then, it warped itself around me and I felt as if I was currently being protected by a metal wall. I immediately checked my stats and saw that I had jumped to yet another level.


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Platinum Swordsman)

Level: 130

HP: 26330

Attack: 1962~2545

Defense: 3665

Magic Resist: 3260

Reputation: 178480

Tactics: 254

Luck: 33


My HP had now reached 26330 and just like Gui Guzi said, my HP really wasn’t much inferior to his even though he wore a shield and rode a mount. In fact, when Pure Love used her buff to boost my HP by 40%, it already reached 36862 before I even received the effects of Famous General Skills like Royal Road and Bombshell. If I really did meet an Earth Rank Boss of the same level, I could really clash with it head to head.

My Tactics was also now 254. This meant that my Martial God’s 40% attack buff was further boosted by 2.54 times 40 for a grand total of 141.6%. It really looked like I would be able to boost my Martial God’s buff all the way to 200% by the time I hit Level 150.

Now that we had finished giving out all the items, He Yi finally took out the golden pet egg. No one knew whether this was a pet or if it was a mount but our expectations for it were sky-high! After all, this was something that had dropped from an Earth Rank giant dragon boss. If it was a dragon egg, that meant that one of us would either have a giant dragon pet or become a dragon knight!

A dragon knight! The class that captivated the hearts and souls of many players!

Xu Yang and High Fighting Spirits helped to wipe each other’s drool away as if they were lovers as they stared at the dragon egg.

He Yi stretched out a hand to touch the pet egg. A beam of light immediately shot into the sky as a hologram appeared.

Ironwing Dragon (Pet Egg): The Ironwing Dragons are a race of dragons known for their physical strength. The talons and iron wings of mature Ironwing Dragons are incredibly powerful and sharp and they use these natural weapons to rip their enemies to shreds. The Ironwing Dragons are extremely savage and violent. Even though they are second-class dragons, even the sacred giant dragons are unwilling to engage the Ironwing Dragons in close combat unless absolutely necessary. Hatching Level Requirement: 120. Cost: 100000 Reputation.


“It's a giant dragon-type pet…" I said as I grinned.

He Yi smiled back. "Yeah. Too bad it’s not a mount pet though. If it was, we would have a dragon knight of our own…"

“There’s no rush, we’ll take it one step at a time. So how are we gonna choose this egg’s next owner?" I asked.

He Yi thought about it for a while before replying, "Let’s do it this way. The ten players who have contributed the most in the boss fight just now will roll for it. No one should have any complaints about that…"

He Yi’s choice was absolutely the correct one, so everyone supported her suggestion. These were the ten people who racked up the most numbers in the boss fight just now: Gui Guzi, He Yi, Beiming Xue, Li Chengfeng, and a few others, myself included, represented the damage dealers. Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew were the two from the healers side, as they had done an incredible amount of HPS. As for the buffers, only Pure Love had racked up enough numbers to be included for this roll.

The ten of us surrounded the egg as we swallowed our saliva. We activated the loot roll system! It was time to pit our luck against each other!

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