Chapter 53: If We Die, We Die Together

Butterfly Forest was a vast and primitive forest.

I passed through the densely-packed trees, closely checking for any changes on the map. The surrounding landscape gradually beautified as butterflies danced in the air. I had finally arrived at Butterfly Forest.

Many Domination Clan players were inside the forest. Included among them were Dominating Knight God and Dominating Warrior God but I didn’t see Dominating Heaven Blade. There was also a slight mistake in the information provided. At least 20 Domination Clan players were present, and they had all undergone their second class promotion. This was definitely not something I could provoke. They had at least five of such archers, and their Volley would easily turn me into a hedgehog.

Forget it, I don’t have any kind of deep-seated grudge against them in the first place. I only came here to gather Fresh Ginger. Revenge PK was annoying, and it would only delay my leveling and money-making.

As a result, I avoided that part of the forest, entering Butterfly Forest from another side.

Flap flap flap...

I heard a soft sound and to my surprise, I discovered a gorgeous five-colored butterfly fluttering on a branch. It was as big as a washbowl and it wasn’t low-leveled either!

Five-colored Butterfly LV-40

It was actually a Level 40 monster. I wouldn’t fight it unless I absolutely had to, but in this case, I had no leeway. It was blocking my path.

I summoned my Dark Wasp and then lifted my sword before sweeping over. With neat and efficient strokes, two combos cleanly slashed down!



Not bad, the Five-colored Butterfly had 3500 HP and I sliced off half of that just now. Before I had time to react, my Dark Wasp had already flown over and stabbed the butterfly two times with its stinger, displaying its new skill, Flurry, for the first time!



What a powerful attack! My Dark Wasp didn’t let me down!

With a swing of a sword, in perfect sync of a pet and its owner, the Level 40 Five-colored Butterfly was battered to death so hard that it didn’t even have time to retaliate. It gave me a lot of experience.

I continued onward. After walking for around ten minutes and killing seven or eight Five-colored Butterflies, I finally arrived at a verdant woodland. A familiar plant was everywhere in sight, it was the Rank 4 ingredient, Fresh Ginger!

With my hands open wide, I silently used the Foraging skill. A “ding” quickly resounded—

System Notice: Congratulations, you have gathered Fresh Ginger x3, Foraging Proficiency +4!

Nice, so easy. I was going to be this generation’s Cooking God, and this Rank 4 ingredient was the first step toward my prosperity!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Me getting rich all depended on a pair of hardworking hands. I swept up all the Fresh Ginger in the vicinity like a whirlwind, leaving none in sight after an hour. My bag, however, was full of the ingredient. Each 50 made a stack and I had 48 stacks, enough to make a ton of Rank 4 White Cut Chicken.

At this time, a party of people approached. It consisted of two guys and two girls, and I knew some of them!

An absolute beauty clad in snow-colored skirt armor wielding a dagger walked in front. Who could it be other than Lin Yixin? In all of Floating Ice City, only the Fruit Knife Goddess would use a dagger while wearing metal armor.

The gentle and refined archer girl behind Lin Yixin was her roommate, Clear Perfume. The other players were two young men; Level 31 magic knight, Zi Chuanyu, and a Level 30 warrior, Lifetaking Sword. Both seemed to be high-end players.

“Yiyi, are you sure Level 1 Purple Butterflies spawn here?” Clear Perfume asked with a smile.

Lin Yixin stuck out her plump chest and said with confidence, “Very sure. We’ve checked all the beginner-level magic pets in Floating Ice City already and only this place is left. If you want a magic pet, you can only catch a Level 1 Purple Butterfly, Qingqing.”

Clear Perfume nodded. “Mn. I’m an archer so I deal enough physical damage. I need a magic pet to help me deal additional magic damage or else it’ll be hard for me to fight monsters with exceptionally high Defense.”

Lin Yixin swiped the Moon Blade in her hands, its intimidating edge creating a slight ripple in the air. She said with a slight smile, “There are no monsters absolutely immune to physical attacks. If you can’t break through a monster's Defense, it’s only because your Attack is lacking. The pinnacle I’m chasing is the one where I can cut through any Defense, hehe~”

Clear Perfume stuck out her tongue and smiled. “Yiyi, you’re still as violent as ever...”

Lin Yixin smiled with pursed lips.

Right at this time, a party of five suddenly came out from another side of the forest, each one with the “Dominating” prefix in their name. It was two warriors and two archers, a physical-damage team. The one leading them was none other than one of Dominating Heaven Blade’s generals, Dominating Warrior God!

The warrior raised his sword, blocking Lin Yixin’s party. He said with a smile, “Sorry everyone, Butterfly Forest has already been taken over by our Domination Clan. Please don’t enter this area to avoid being harmed.”

It was obvious that Dominating Warrior God had seen that it was a party of the top player, Wind Fantasy, so he didn’t dare  act too overbearing, his demeanor slightly polite. If he had come across a low-level solo player, he’d probably say something along the lines of: “The Domination Clan has taken over this area, idlers get the hell out or else I’ll give each one of you a taste of my sword. I’ll kill you all and not give you a proper burial!”

Clear Perfume was stunned. It was obvious that she never thought that the Domination Clan would be this overbearing.

Lin Yixin coldly glanced at Dominating Warrior God. She smiled while continuing to play with the dagger in her hand. “We shouldn’t have any feud with the Domination Clan, right?”

Dominating Warrior God nodded. “Please forgive me, Wind Beauty. This place has already been reserved by my clan!”

Lin Yixin did not acknowledge him. “My friend wants to catch a Level 1 Purple Butterfly. We’ll leave once we catch it and won’t disturb your lockdown.”

“You…” Dominating Warrior God was left without words.

An archer behind Dominating Warrior God smiled with an obscene expression while staring at the snowy peaks on Lin Yixin’s chest armor as he said, “It’s fine if you want to grab a Level 1 Purple Butterfly but… Hehe, how about letting our brothers take a few grabs first.”

Dominating Warrior God was gloomy. He couldn’t stop him and the other Domination Clan players also revealed vulgar smiles. Both Lin Yixin and Clear Perfume were, after all, top-quality girls. Especially Lin Yixin, this type of devastating beauty that could bring ruin to cities shook the hearts of those male players, making them unable to control their mouths.

A layer of frost instantly covered Lin Yixin’s soft snowy cheeks. She coldly said with purple eyes full of killing intent, “If I kill you, Dominating Heaven Blade shouldn’t blame me!”


Before that archer could react, Lin Yixin had already lunged over, her purple eyes shining with a silver radiance—Moon Gaze!

Like my Pardon, the moment Moon Gaze was used, the other party’s Defense sharply fell but it was on the condition that her next attack was from a dagger!


Lin Yixin’s dagger had already entered that archer’s chest in a flash, causing a huge damage number to appear above him—1289!

What power, as expected of the number one expert on the Heavenly Ranking!


The archer let out a wretched cry. He slowly fell to ground and died, just like that. Lin Yixin’s name turned blood-red, signifying her status changing to player killer.


Mixed with grief and fury, Dominating Warrior God never thought that Wind Fantasy would dare to attack a Domination Clan member right in front of him. The Domination Clan was like the sun in the sky of Floating Ice City, a power that stood by its words. No other organization had yet dared challenge the Domination Clan but the “Fruit Knife Goddess” just had to do so today, using her exquisite fruit knife skills to kill a second-promotion archer.

Dominating Warrior God glared at Lin Yixin with blood-red eyes. He angrily roared, “You’re deliberately going against our Domination Clan, aren’t you, Wind Fantasy?!”

The sound of Lin Yixin unsheathing her longsword rang as she said with a cold face, “So what?”

Hidden within the forest, I almost yelled out in approval. Lin Yixin’s personality of meeting clashes head-on was admirable.

A fight immediately broke out. Lin Yixin rushed over, her longsword slitting the necks of the other two archers like lightning. They too were instantly killed. Both the angle in which she drew her sword and the control of her strength were perfect. This beauty’s seriously strong!

Lin Yixin began her “unmatched” display as the companions behind her weren’t that strong. The leaves in the forest trembled before a dozen Domination Clan players leapt out. Dominating Warrior God waved his hand and shouted, “Volley! Kill these bastards for me!”

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Five second-promotion archers all unleashed their Level 30 skill—Volley!

A volley of arrows rained down, each person releasing 35 individual arrows that flew at different targets.

Clear Perfume took several steps back, nocked an arrow, and used Precision Shot!


The deadly shot took the life of an archer on the opposing side, but Clear Perfume was also hit by five arrows. Although Volley’s single-target damage was not that high, at around 100 per hit, Clear Perfume’s weak archer body couldn’t handle multiple overlapping shots. With a groan, she too fell and became a corpse.

Zi Chuanyu and Lifetaking Sword had also been shot into puddles of blood. In the early stage of the game, magic knights and warriors didn’t have high-level armor so they couldn’t withstand the piercing potential of archers’ arrows’ physical damage.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Lin Yixin turned around after killing seven Domination Clan players and was slightly bewildered. “Eh? Where is everyone?”

She obviously didn’t notice that “everyone” had died!

Dominating Warrior God showed no mercy before the number one expert on the Heavenly Ranking, Wind Fantasy. He pointed his sword at her and shouted, “Brothers, let’s kill her together! Hmph, what’s so special about being first place on the Heavenly Ranking? Won’t she still die under our might?”

Arrows flew across the night sky, leaving behind a long trail of cold light.

Shock appeared in Lin Yixin’s purple eyes when she immediately understood that she couldn’t block them all. She quickly jumped into the forest, casually killing off a few Level 30 bards before fleeing further away.

A surprised yell followed by a “thud” made Lin Yixin fall onto the grass. It turned out that she had tripped, the culprit being my leg.

Lin Yixin sat on the ground, her beautiful purple eyes flashing when she saw me. She suddenly erupted, waving her white fists at me. “Stupid Lu Chen, you didn’t even help us when we were getting bullied!”

I spread my hands out. “Qingqing and the others died too fast, I didn’t make it in time...”

“The Domination Clan people are detestable!” muttered the girl through gritted teeth.

Dominating Warrior God ran over with a group of archers at this time. Who knew how many high-level Domination Clan players were here in Butterfly Forest. Just these archers alone were scary enough.

“They’re here…” Lin Yixin calmly stated while looking at the surrounding starlight.

I stood up and raised my sword, its blood-red light glowing brilliantly.

“Heh, are you going to block them for me?”

As she spoke, a smile hung on Lin Yixin’s face.

I loudly shouted with a righteous face. “Watch this—Earth Escape!”

“Stupid… Lu Chen!”

Lin Yixin swiftly pounced over, interrupting my Earth Escape. She held my arm and dragged me out from underground, muttering, “You gutless bastard, if we die, we die together!”

Fuck, she’s so damn righteous...

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