Chapter 519: Joining Lenovo

Just as I had expected, it was much easier to climb the ranks in the team arena. Beiming Xue and I continued to rack up wins until it had passed 11 pm, and we had already reached rank 27 in these short three hours. We were more than content with that. As for the team that held the number one spot right now? It was actually the team made up of Li Chengfeng and High Fighting Spirits. These two berserkers had gone completely berserk and they had slaughtered all of their opponents. They had maintained a 100% win percentage all the way to the top!

Meanwhile in the guild channel—

Xu Yang: "Damn, Chengfeng and Fighting Spirits are fucking fierce. They conquered the top spot in the team arena!"

Li Chengfeng let out a hearty laugh: "It wasn’t that hard. In fact, it’s more stable than fighting in the champion arena. We’ve fought a lot of battles but we haven’t lost a single one yet! Honestly, the team arena is way more fun than the champion arena. The latter is way too brutal, there’s always an expert like Candlelight Shadow, Wind Fantasy, vice leader Lu Chen, Farewell Song, or Little Piglet lurking around the corner. You can end up stepping on a mine at any time…"

I laughed before replying: "Chengfeng, you’ve put on quite a show today, keep it going! Oh, that’s right. Did you and High Fighting Spirits not meet any powerful teams during your reign as the incumbent number one team?"

Li Chengfeng gave a heavy sigh before he replied: "We did! The strongest team we faced was Lin Bing Dou Zhe and Farewell Song! Those two guys are frigging beasts! Fighting Spirits died just fifteen seconds after combat had started. The good thing was that I had also taken care of Farewell Song during that time. After that, I just barely beat Lin Bing Dou Zhe. Shit, Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s Famous General Skill is way too powerful and his own skills are at the very least first-rate. He was really hard to kill. If we meet their team again, I honestly can’t say that we will win. It will all depend on our condition."

I continued: "Was there anyone else? Did you meet any other strong teams?"

Li Chengfeng chuckled: "Oh, we also met Little Piglet and Shangguan Wan’er, Stranger of Three Lifetimes and Eyes Like Water, and Ling Xueshang and Purple Wind Chime. But we managed to win them all. Even though it wasn’t easy to win those battles, both High Fighting Spirits and I have Barrier Break and excellent teamwork, so we would use two Barrier Breaks to one-shot one enemy first before we focused down the other person. This was how we managed to keep our number one rank in the team arena. We still haven’t met Candlelight Shadow and God’s Dance though. The moment we meet them, things are gonna get extremely dicey for us."

I couldn’t help but laugh: "Don’t lose heart! Keep on working hard. Of all the arena teams our guild has sent out, I have the most confidence in the two of you! There’s also Eve and Sis Mingyue’s team! The six of us should be able to beat everyone else under heaven! Even if you meet Candlelight Shadow’s team, you still have to give him your best shot. To be honest, this Martial God really isn’t anyone to be afraid of."

Li Chengfeng replied: "Yeah, I got it. You guys keep up the good work too!"



I turned off the guild channel and continued my conquest of the team arena together with Beiming Xue. We had finally charged our way into the Top 10 by the time the clock struck midnight. We were currently ranked fifth on the leaderboard. On our way to the top, we had beaten quite a few super strong teams. This included Gui Guzi and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties and One Meter Sunlight, Little Piglet and Shangguan Wan’er, Purple Dawn and Fighting On All Fronts, and Tempest Shadow and Transient Smoke and Clouds.

The battle against Tempest Shadow and Transient Smoke and Clouds was especially gratifying. After I deleted Tempest Shadow with my sublime skill, I didn’t turn around and go after Transient Smoke and Clouds. Instead, I chose to watch the duel between the number one archer in China and the Dark Archer Beiming Xue. In the end, Beiming Xue used her superior range and a Spiraling Arrow Blade to gain the advantage. She just barely managed to beat Transient Smoke and Clouds. I grinned in appreciation when I saw that. My beautiful little sister had finally taken a big step into the realm of super experts. She looked like she belonged there even when faced up against a renowned CGL Hall of Famer like Transient Smoke and Clouds.

It was getting late, and we weren’t in a hurry to grab the top spot in the team arena today either. Beiming Xue had also gotten tired and she said that she wanted to go and wash up, so I decided to call it a night as well.

Since there was still a little bit of time left, as someone who always managed his affairs methodically, I decided to open up the champion arena interface. I immediately started looking for a match and I was soon matched against an opponent. It was an unlucky archer who was currently ranked 77th on the leaderboard. I didn’t bother making any flashy moves. I just charged toward the archer and the moment my opponent dodged my charge, I used Thousand Ice Slash to intercept him. Thousand Ice Slash wouldn’t be able to completely intercept any player who had reached the Top 100, but my attacks had completely thrown off his attack and movement patterns. And when I finally raised my hand to cast my God Binding Art, this archer’s eyes turned scarlet with rage. He realized that both my attacks had merely been a ploy to set him up for my God Binding Art.

Once I successfully bound him, I stepped forward and finished him off in two blows. Easy points!

It was late at night and the peak experts of the champion arena had all gone to sleep or grind levels. As a result, I didn’t meet any experts as I killed my way through the champion arena. After I grinded the champion arena for more than an hour, I finally climbed to the 4th spot on the leaderboard. When I looked at the Heavenly Ranking, I realized that there wasn’t any need to rush to grab the top spot.

  1. Farewell Song

  1. Beiming Xue

  1. Candlelight Shadow

  1. Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand

  1. Legendary Brave

  1. Chaos Moon

  1. Wind Fantasy

  1. Luo River God of the Capital

  1. Lin Bing Dou Zhe

  1. Little Piglet


It looked like everyone had the same idea as me, because the top assassin in China, Farewell Song, had actually managed to grab first place even though assassins had significant disadvantages in this PvP format. Beiming Xue was now in second place and Candlelight Shadow was third. Lin Yixin had probably gone to manage her territory. Her rank kept dropping but she wasn’t frantically trying to push it back up again. Clearly, she wasn’t in any rush.

Mmm, I finally reached #4 on the leaderboard. That’s more like it. However, the people who spent all day fighting in the champion arena had no future, because it was ultimately only a place for you to polish your PvP skills. You didn’t earn any items or experience while grinding this part of the game. Furthermore, the only people who could really help me improve my PvP skills were super experts like Candlelight Shadow, Luo River God of the Capital, and Lin Yixin. If I didn’t meet an opponent like them in the arena, I was wasting my time.

Of course, for Gui Guzi, He Yi, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and Xu Yang, people who had the absolute advantage in both equipment and active skills, it was very beneficial for them to sharpen their mechanical skills in this champion arena. These were the people who truly benefited from the arena, the players who were right on the cusp of becoming true experts. After all, every expert with sublime mechanical skill had sharpened their skills through countless duels and battles against other players. This was something that was plain for all to see.

I checked the time and realized that it was about to turn in, but I saw that He Yi and Murong Mingyue were still online. I couldn’t help but chuckle and open up the team arena leaderboard. To my shock, I saw that He Yi and Murong Mingyue had already climbed to #17. I was pleasantly surprised. These two girls had really given it their best today.

I sent her a message: "Eve, are you not going to sleep tonight?"

He Yi replied with a smiling emoji before she sent another message: "I’m not going to turn in yet. Mingyue and I already decided that we wouldn’t sleep until we entered the Top 10. You and Beiming should go to sleep first."

I was rather bemused by that response and I quickly sent her a reply: "Mmm, then keep working hard and sleep as soon as you can! Don’t forget that we’re going to meet Lenovo’s representative tomorrow morning!"

"I knoooow!"

After that, I paid a visit to Dark Moon City and queued a new batch of Dark Insects before I went offline. Beiming Xue had already taken a bath and gone to sleep a long time ago. By the time I returned from the bathroom, I could barely even open my eyes and I fell completely unconscious the moment my head hit the pillow. I wouldn’t wake up even if the sky came crashing down.


I was woken up by the pitter-pattering of footsteps and the sound of the girls’ voices echoing from the living room.

"I heard that Lenovo’s head of planning is a real beauty. Ah, what should I wear today? I can’t let that person completely outshine me…" This was Murong Mingyue’s voice.

Beiming Xue replied, "Heehee. Then you shouldn’t wear anything at all, Sister Mingyue! She definitely won’t be able to beat you that way!"

"You cheeky little brat! Looks like you’re bold enough to tease me now. I see that your wings are getting harder and harder. Shoo, go wake up that big bro of yours! Tell him that if he doesn’t wake up, I’m gonna take pictures of him and post them online…"

I leapt off my bed the moment I heard those words. By the time Beiming Xue came to knock on my door, I had already thrown on some clothes and I opened it to greet her.

This was a big day for the Frost Cloud workshop, so all of the girls were dressed to the nines. I quickly went to wash my face and brush my teeth. We were running out of time.

The four of us rushed down to the carpark and we left in my X12. The reason why we chose the X12 was because we wanted to keep a low profile. He Yi’s car was way too flashy!

I gunned the engine as the X12 flew toward the agreed-upon cafe. After a few minutes of reckless driving, the car finally slowed to a stop in front of the shop. As we left the car, He Yi said, "She’s already arrived. She’s waiting for us on the second floor."


The girls ran up the staircase, their high heels clattering against the steps. I was following behind them, so I saw their skirts flutter in the air and caught dazzling glimpses of their snowy thighs. This really was a rare sight to enjoy. What was even rarer was that none of the girls had bothered to guard their modesty against me. In fact, Beiming Xue even turned around and giggled before she asked, "Big bro, are you enjoying the view?"

Even I had to blush at those words. "What are you saying, I’m not that kinda guy…"

Beiming Xue stuck out a small tongue and said, "As if I’d believe you!"

After we climbed up the stairs, we saw a charming and elegant woman sitting in the far corner of the cafe. She was dressed in clothes that resembled a uniform and she looked around thirty-five. She was quite pretty and she had the look of a successful career woman. In fact, she carried herself in a manner that was quite similar to He Yi, it was just that she lacked He Yi’s aura of youth.

When she saw us walk up the stairs, she immediately stood up and greeted us with a refreshing smile. "Oh, if I’m not mistaken, you are He Yi, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls guild leader ‘From Water’."

She turned to look at me and said, "And you must be Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. The adorable girl beside you is Beiming Xue, am I correct? So the beautiful lady here must be Murong Mingyue, right?"

She addressed each of us by name even though this was our first time meeting her. She really was an impressive woman. She had definitely done her research before coming to meet us. This much had been obvious since she had obtained He Yi’s number. Heh, she must have gotten it from China Mobile.

"Hi everyone, my name is Zhu Hong, and I am the director of Lenovo’s Planning Department. I’m truly honored to have the privilege of cooperating with some of the most influential players in Heavenblessed!"

Zhu Hong gamely shook our hands as she smiled and said, "Please, take a seat! Make yourselves at home!"

We did exactly that as we loosely seated ourselves around the table.


After He Yi ordered some drinks, she said in a frank manner, "Director Zhu, let’s get straight to the point. What is Lenovo’s vision for their new gaming club?"

Zhu Hong smiled as she nodded her head. "You truly do live up to your reputation as GGS Asia Region’s vice president. Your chutzpah is something that no ordinary person can have. Since Sister He Yi requested for it, I will speak plainly from now on."

After she said that, Zhu Hong opened up a folder and said, "Lenovo has many gaming clubs under its banner and I am in charge of all the activities for its gaming clubs in China, and the four of you are my first picks for this new club that we’re setting up! I’m sure that all of you have heard that the other electronics giants are marching into Heavenblessed, and Lenovo is no different. We want to develop a brand of exceeding excellence and establish a sovereign-level team in Heavenblessed too!"

I nodded and said, "About that… Let’s talk about salary first…"

Zhu Hong couldn’t help but laugh. "Haha, I see that the Little Heavenly King has grown impatient…"

"Of course. I mean, I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet…"

"Then should we eat as we talk?"

"Sounds good to me…"

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