Chapter 509: Galaxy Storm

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

There were flashes all around the territory hall for a moment. Hegemon Palace had wisely listened to Little Piglet’s advice and teleported back to Sky City before we could engage them. Even if they hadn’t, Little Piglet’s withdrawal from the battle meant that Hegemon Palace only had Shangguan Wan’er to hold the line since both Pillar of the Nation and Profound Puff were second-rate players at best. That wasn’t nearly enough power to hold back Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, let alone all three of our guilds combined.


In less than an hour, all members of Royal Knights—Gods of Destruction, Hegemon Palace, Mad Dragon, and Flower Room—were either routed or scared away from the battlefield. The reason they faltered this quickly was because they had crumbled like sand the very moment they tried to clash against us.

Warsky Alliance was the only guild still standing between us and our goal now. Tens of thousands of elite players had walked out of the elven sacred hall following October Rain, Warsky, Laughing At The Heavens and surrounded it. Warsky Alliance was led by five Famous Generals, so we couldn’t underestimate them.

Holding her longbow and standing at the entrance of the elven hall, October Rain commented, "Hmm, those idiots who called themselves ‘Royal Knights’ are all gone. This is what happens when you have all the numbers but none of the unity. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya are a different story though. If we manage to withstand their all-out assault, then there is a chance we might secure this territory. But if not, then we’ll have to admit defeat and wait for another opportunity."

Warsky grinned. "Hmph. When two people meet, only one will emerge victorious. Brace yourselves, everyone! It is time to form up and face our enemies!"


Our formation was directly in front of Warsky Alliance while Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends stood to our left and right respectively. Unfortunately, our position was a bit awkward, so there was no avoiding a direct clash against Warsky Alliance.


Laughing At The Heavens urged his mount forward before growling, "Shield brothers and sisters, come with me to the frontlines! Do not let them get past us no matter what! And… Brother Lin Bing, please come with me as well! The frontline needs you, and your Renown is stronger than my Famous General Skill!"


A proud smile was etched on Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s face as he spoke to the people behind him, "Everyone in my party, stay close to me! Let’s show Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls the strength of Warsky Alliance!"

Even Warsky himself had moved to the frontline. Clearly, Warsky Alliance was going all out on this one, and whoever won this battle would most likely win this territory war as well.


I planted a foot on the wet grass in front of me before looking to the back. "C’mon, it’d be impolite not to engage our enemies after they went through the trouble of setting up their formation. Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, Eve, and my party will go first. They’ll think we’re cowards if we avoid direct engagement here!"

Xu Yang immediately raised his sword and shouted, "Attack! Slaughter these bastards to the last!"

We all charged upon hearing his call, although none of us was as fast as the Gui Guzi and his Fireblade Cavalry. Activating their Charge as soon as they were close enough, they crashed into the enemy’s frontline in a blur like a shadow. There was at least a 70% chance they could stun whoever they were targeting here. The battle had officially begun!

Bang bang bang!

Sparks appeared across the entire battle line of Warsky Alliance as the Fireblade Cavalry crashed into them. The blazing riders immediately swung their weapons and hit their enemies with various skills such as Blaze, Ice Ray, Flurry and so on, leaving frightening marks on the enemy’s giant shields. The entire battle line of players was engaged in combat in no time.

Warsky Alliance’s players gritted their teeth and guarded with all their might as their shields rattled like fans. At the back, the priests cast healing spells continuously to keep their frontliners above 50% HP. The Fireblade Cavalry’s charge was deadly, but they were able to endure it without losing anyone. Tsk tsk, these people were nothing like the small fries from Royal Knights alright. This one clash was all it took to show who was a real pro and who wasn’t.

Gui Guzi stabbed a magic knight twice with his Rainbow, but he wasn’t able to kill him. Furious, he used Barrier Break, manifested fiery, cone-shaped energy at the tip of his spear and dealt 15873 damage. This time, the low-health magic knight dropped to the ground and died.

"How dare you!"

Furious at the loss of a comrade, Laughing At The Heavens attacked Gui Guzi repeatedly and successfully deleted over 7000 HP in one combo. Laughing At The Heavens’ Hundred Battles was a stratagem that increased his Attack by 60% and attack speed by 20%, and his priests were healing him from behind. All in all, he just barely had enough power to fight a Knight God-empowered Gui Guzi head-on.

The two super magic knights hit each other again and again, and it didn’t look like a winner could be decided anytime soon. Meanwhile, Li Chengfeng was running toward an enemy warrior and swinging his Tempest Sword. But both fighters were surprised when sword met sword, and Li Chengfeng actually lost the Strength battle and stumbled a step backward. When he looked up and narrowed his eyes, he realized that his opponent was none other than Lin Bing Dou Zhe himself!

Li Chengfeng reacted immediately and rushed Lin Bing Dou Zhe instead of retreating like most players would. Slamming his shoulder into Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s chest, he raised his sword and slashed the man’s neck three times in a row! Both his angle and his strength were absolutely impeccable!




Unfortunately, Li Chengfeng’s Blitz enhanced his attack speed but not his Attack, while Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s Renown enhanced both his Attack and his Defense. Therefore, Li Chengfeng couldn’t just crush Lin Bing Dou Zhe with stat advantage. The latter immediately retaliated with a devastating Barrier Break that dealt over 12k damage to Li Chengfeng and put him in danger.



But Li Chengfeng was as brave as his ID, and after drinking a health potion he pressed his sword against Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s chest and executed a Dragonbone Flurry, dealing over over 10k damage. It wasn’t over yet though. Before the priests could heal Lin Bing Dou Zhe back to full, Li Chengfeng immediately followed up with a devastating Barrier Break that most certainly would kill his opponent if they didn’t do something. The enemy warrior’s complexion turned deathly pale as he swore, "Fuck, he knows Barrier Break too?"

Lin Bing Dou Zhe hurriedly rolled on the ground and just barely avoided the killer move. However, his retreat also left a hole in the defense line. Seeing that his opponent had retreated out of his attack range, Li Chengfeng immediately changed the direction of his Barrier Break and hit a nearby magic knight instead. A couple extra swings of the Tempest Sword later, the poor bastard was deleted from existence. Just like that, he had widened the hole left behind by Lin Bing Dou Zhe even further.

Bang bang bang!

Unfortunately, that was all he could do before a couple of Spiraling Arrow Blades hit him and forced him to retreat for healing. Still, he managed to give Warsky Alliance quite the fright. Warsky sucked in a deep breath and exchanged a glance with October Rain before saying, "The Dragon Warrior Legendary Brave truly is a top-tier expert. Such a shame that he serves our enemy instead of us…"

October Rain smiled a little before replying, "This is a battlefield, so talk less and kill more before our frontline crumbles! Also, add a couple of top-tier mages into your group so that they can crit with their Galaxy Storms!"

"Got it!"

Very soon, a couple of high-level mages who were all Level 120 and above joined Warsky’s party and cast Galaxy Storm at once. The spells exploded brutally against our frontliners, and He Yi and I were one of those unfortunate players who were caught in the blast. A chill overcame our body as our HP dropped drastically—





Holy shit, that bombardment had deleted more than half of my HP in an instant! Galaxy Storm was mages’ fifth-promotion skill, and it was god damn OP when buffed by Warsky’s Hegemon. Two crits was all it took to put me in the danger zone!

Even He Yi, a magic knight, looked strained after the attack. Her Magic Resist was worse than mine, so of course she would suffer more damage even though her HP was higher.


The party members next to us fared even worse, screaming in pain before collapsing to the ground. They were even less equipped than us to withstand such a bombardment.

He Yi’s eyes sharpened as she barked out an order immediately, "All fighters below 20k HP, retreat immediately! This Galaxy Storm is too powerful! Lil Beiming, bring your archers and snipe those mages now! Hmph, how dare they…"

He Yi was clearly angered by our loss. Warsky Alliance had also exposed our weakness. Our guild had a severe lack of mages, and the number of players who learned Galaxy Storms could be counted on one hand. However, Warsky Alliance had ten fifth-promotion mages in their ranks! This was one area Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had to admit defeat to!

Our fighters withdrew slightly, and soon only I, He Yi, Gui Guzi, and several others were still standing at the frontline. We all used our skills such as Barrier Break, Thousand Ice Slash, Universe Break, and more to intimidate our opponents while Beiming Xue and her archers moved behind us. Beiming Xue said behind me, "Cover me, big bro…"

"I know!"

I kicked a Warsky Alliance fighter in the shield and stabbed him to death while he was off-balance. At the same time, Beiming Xue drew her Burning Shadow Bow and fired Evil Spirit Volley. Her skill with the bow was growing every day, and she was almost at the point where she could hit anything as long as her bow was facing toward it. A dozen or so arrows hit the ten mages at once. One hit was all it took to reduce the durability of their shields drastically!


The Burning Shadow Bow lit up again, and this time Beiming Xue launched Spiraling Arrow Blade!


The Spiraling Arrow Blade landed amid the crowd of players, and the two mages directly in the line of fire turned pale with fright. However, there was nothing they could do except die as the explosion engulfed them. Not only that, Beiming Xue also killed the archers who happened to be inside the blast radius. Bow God empowered her Attack a lot, so it was only natural that she did this much damage.

The dark archer turned out to be far stronger than most people expected her to be. In fact, she had singlehandedly suppressed an entire group of fifth-promotion mages on her own. Staying close behind me, Beiming Xue continued to terrorize the enemy while Murong Mingyue, Moon Dew, and the others kept me healthy. The two of us made an amazing pair as we were capable of fighting in both close and long range. After I laid down two Ice Cyclone Domains to control the enemy’s ranged players, no one could move us from our spot anymore!

Warsky was pissed to find that his Hegemon + Galaxy Storm tactic failed to bring the desired effect. He barked out an order, "Lin Bing, keep Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand busy while I move our mages elsewhere!"

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