Chapter 508: Mob

A player clad in dark metal armor quickly appeared, and it was none other than Little Piglet himself. It had been a long time since I had seen this guy, and his Vajra was active as expected. According to the system, his total Tactics was 165, so he could buff the Defense of 100 party members by 106%. This was also why all the players he brought with him were magic knights with giant shields. It wouldn’t be easy to break their defense for sure.


"Hey, Lu Chen. Long time no see."

The wooden fence was less than a meter wide, and Little Piglet greeted me with a smile from the opposite side. I was surprised to hear it, to be honest.

I grinned back. "When is your contract with Wang Dongliang going to be over? Or are you actually planning to renew it? This would mean we would still be enemies though."

Little Piglet laughed. "Renew my contract? That’s not a bad idea. My guild leader treats me well, he pays me exactly the sum we agreed on, and he even introduced me to a couple of beautiful, sexy ladies from time to time. Every day, I get to enjoy a couple of drinks with the babes at the bar after I finish my day’s grinding. Pray tell, why would I give up such a wonderful life and move to a different guild?"

"Is that so?"

"Oh yes…" Little Piglet’s eyes suddenly brightened a little. "Plus, staying in Hegemon Palace means I’ll get to fight powerful opponents like you. It’d be an incredibly lonely experience otherwise, hehe. You understand what I mean, don’t you?"

Instead of answering him, I abruptly thrust the Heaven-stealing Sword across the wooden fence. As a universe formation appeared beneath my feet, an azure energy appeared at the tip of my blade and stabbed Little Piglet in the chest. I then followed up with a Burning Blade Slash and hit Little Piglet three times in a row. 4 damage numbers appeared above his head in quick succession—





The first strike and Universe Break successfully deleted over 50% of Little Piglet’s HP because it was a skill that ignored most of the target’s Defense. However, the Burning Blade Slash didn’t perform nearly as well as I hoped it would. The first hit of the skill landed normally, but the second hit was dodged, and the third hit was knocked away by Little Piglet’s sword!

I should’ve known that this would happen. There was a short delay between each hit of the Burning Blade Slash, and while the skill was good enough to one-shot any first-rate player or below, Little Piglet didn’t fall under this category of players. There was also the fact that we were separated by a wooden fence, so I couldn’t move around and strike him from a difficult angle. Otherwise, there was still a good chance for me to one-shot Little Piglet. This was currently my strongest killer combo after all.

Little Piglet turned pale with fright when he checked his HP and realized that he had dropped below 30%. He never imagined that he was still within one-shot range of me even after he activated Vajra until now. He pointed a finger at me and cursed angrily, "WTF, what a treacherous person you are, Little Heavenly King. I can’t believe you attacked me while we’re in the middle of a conversation…"

Little Piglet abruptly trailed off and thrust his own sword at me. It was an Ice Ray Flurry, and just like my skills the three icicles went right through the wooden fence!

I swung my sword swiftly to parry the skill. My body shuddered a little as three damage numbers rose above my head—




Little Piglet looked like he wanted to burst into tears when he saw the amount of damage he did to me. His Vajra boosted his Defense but not his Attack, so forget one-shotting a skilled, tanky player like me, he might not be able to kill me even if I gave him 10 seconds to attack me as he wished.

I smiled at Little Piglet and said, "Let’s go for another round!"

Little Piglet looked a bit unhappy as he ordered, "Men, seal off this part of the wall!"

The magic knights he commanded instantly moved to the walls. They were all riding mounts, and they held their shields up high. As a result, our frontliners’ vision and attack range were greatly reduced. Even the archers’ Far Shots were slightly affected by the maneuver.

I waited a couple of seconds before launching an attack again. This time, I aimed at the magic knight directly in front of me. First, I used Universe Break. Then, I used the Burning Blade Slash!





The series of attacks dropped the magic knight to low health instantly. In fact, he would’ve died already if he wasn’t healed by his priests. He stumbled backward in panic and tried to retreat, but I eliminated the last bit of his health with one last Dragon Slaying Slash.


The poor guy’s shield popped out of his body and slid a long, long way across the floor.

Little Piglet caught the shield with his foot before shooting me a puzzled and dumbfounded look. "For fuck’s sake, not even a fifth-promotion magic knight with Vajra is tanky enough to withstand a combo from him? Are CGL Hall of Famers really that powerful? I’m… I’m definitely making it into the CGL Hall of Fame as well, dammit…"

Suddenly, a loud guffaw came from the right. "Hahaha, we breached the walls, everyone! Keep it up!"

The speaker was none other than High Fighting Spirits himself. He and his task force had already taken down the 3-meter wide wall, but before he could charge into the city, He Yi stopped him and sent him away to take down another section of the wall. The plan was to break down about one hundred meters worth of walls so that we could march our entire army right in without needing to change our formation to a more fragile one. After all, there were hundreds of thousands of enemy guilds inside the elven city and countless more opportunistic guilds waiting to catch us from the back. It was better to be safe than sorry in this situation.

Crack! Crack!

The walls kept crumbling one after another, and the credit mostly went to High Fighting Spirits and his hundred-man party. It was because Stamp didn’t actually reduce a target’s Defense and Magic Resist, it just gave everyone who was buffed by it the ability to ignore a percentage of them.

Very soon, all the wooden fences we needed to break to fit our army were broken. He Yi then raised her Whirlwind and ordered, "Begin the push!"

Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, and the others immediately moved back to the front of the formation and formed an impenetrable defense line. Enduring the endless hail of arrows and magic spells flying our way, we marched quickly into the elven city as one!


Li Chengfeng fired a Reverse Scale Slash that shook the ground like an earthquake and stunned the Gods of Destruction players closest to him. That one skill actually killed seven or eight people in one go. He then rushed into the opening he created and swung his sword around wildly. With my attack speed I could launch a basic attack every 2.5 seconds or so, but Li Chengfeng could do so every 1.2 seconds because he had Blitz. He cut down several magic knights directly in front of him before their priests could heal them.

Dominating Heaven Blade raised his sword and growled, "Hold the line, people! Archers, use Far Shot and flush them out of our territory! This place belongs to us Royal Knights, and no one is allowed to touch it except us! Little Piglet, come help us quickly! You have the Famous General Skill to stop Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

But Little Piglet gave Dominating Heaven Blade a grin and said, "Sorry dude, but I’m a member of Hegemon Palace, and it’s my duty to carry out my guild leader’s orders. Just ten seconds ago, the guild leader asked me to reinforce the west side, so I gotta leave like right now. Please don’t falter no matter what, okay? Don’t forget you’re fighting for the honor of Gods of Destruction and the oath of the Royal Knights!"

"You fucker…"

Dominating Heaven Blade’s eyes widened in fury, but he didn’t say anything else. Little Piglet was a smart man, and he obviously didn’t want to die here. He knew that Vajra was powerful, but it was one stratagem versus four other super offensive stratagems such as Martial God, Knight God, Royal Road, and Bow God. There was an idiom called "Two fists cannot beat four hands", and he recognized that there was a high chance he would die here if he chose to stay.

Gods of Destruction was stuck between a rock and a hard place again after Little Piglet was gone. Although Gods of Destruction was still the second best guild on China’s Guild Ranking, the times had changed, and the era where they dominated the world was ancient history for a long time now. Despite their massive size, they didn’t have a single Famous General. As a result, their frontline was drastically inferior to ours. We had Martial God, Royal Road, Knight God, Blitz, and Stamp, while Gods of Destruction had nothing at all. Of course they weren’t going to be able to stop us.

Both sides clashed against one another, and the wet sound of weapons entering flesh and bones rang across the battlefield for a time. Then, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls broke through Gods of Destruction’s defense line with less than 10% casualties. There was nothing Dominating Heaven Blade could do. Despite possessing several times the troops and sub-guilds of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, they were absolutely powerless before our might. Clearly, Famous Generals had become an indispensable force in all upcoming wars, and their value would only increase as their levels went up higher, and their party limit was increased.

A Level 120, fifth-promotion player could party up to 50 players, and a Famous General could party twice that amount. At Level 150 and after sixth promotion, it was 200 players for normal players and 400 for Famous Generals. At Level 180 and after seventh promotion, it was 500 players for normal players and 1000 for Famous Generals. When we reached that level, we would’ve finally entered the era of large scale, epic warfare.

It was why there was a famous quote on the forums recently. It went something like this: "If you played Heavenblessed for two years and you haven’t become a Famous General, then you might as well not have played…"

So far, the upper count limit of Famous Generals was unknown. But according to a leak, the first 100 players to become a Famous General would gain impactful Famous General Skills, and everything after that was shoddy at best. Of course, the patch after the World Famous Generals patch could shake things up for all we knew.


Bang bang bang!

Beiming Xue’s Spiraling Arrow Blade kept detonating amidst the enemy’s formation and tearing them into bits. Xu Yang, Chaos Moon and the rest of our fighters had also destroyed most of Gods of Destruction’s frontline. The fight was going to turn into a massacre very, very soon if Dominating Heaven Blade didn’t do something. The guild leader was furious, but he had no choice but to accept the fact that he had lost. To our surprise, he actually raised his sword and ordered, "Everyone, let’s teleport back to Sky City! If those fuckers from Hegemon Palace won’t reinforce us, then we might as well give up this territory!"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

A ton of players crushed their return scrolls and vanished into thin air just like that. Those who didn’t manage to do so in time died to our fighters and dropped a lot of equipment.

Some distance away, Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends finally appeared as well and met up with us at the center of the square. We all looked at the elven hall where Hegemon Palace’s players were stationed at. Their original quest was to take out Warsky Alliance and occupy the territory hall, but they didn’t expect all three of their allied guilds to fall to us this quickly. For a time, they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.


"Where’s our ally? Where’s everyone?"

Pillar of the Nation walked out with an ugly expression on his face. "Where is Dominating Heaven Blade, Roaming Dragon, and Young Master Le?"

Shangguan Wan’er said, "Dominating Heaven Blade was forced to teleport back to Sky City after they lost. Roaming Dragon was killed in action. Young Master Le was one-shot by Wind Fantasy…"

Hugging his sword and leaning lazily against the wall of the territory hall, Little Piglet advised his guild leader. "Boss, the fight is already lost, so let us escape while we still can. Wind Fantasy’s the one who spawned this territory, so Snowy Cathaya will fight with everything they got to secure it. Let’s just run and let them duke it out with each other, or we’re going to lose both levels and equipment. It just isn’t worth it."

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