Chapter 507: Breaking the Walls

The enemy fighters picked up the dark-colored legguards and retreated immediately, unwilling to clash against me at all. I suppose no one’s going to take revenge for Inconstant then. Worse, there was a chance he might not get back his equipment because Mad Dragon was a guild that was supported not by beliefs, but by money. Poor bastard.

Pu pu pu...

Not far away, the elite fighters of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were having a field trip using Barrier Break on cooldown, almost every cast reaping a life. Both Mad Dragon and Flower Room were panicking at this point. They had absolutely no idea how to block an attack that greatly increased its user’s attack power and ignored part of its opponents’ Defense.

Moreover, we were able to maintain a tight formation throughout this fight. The magic knights, warriors and wanderers kept the enemies away, the archers and mages launched their arrows and spells into the enemy, and the priests were waiting to heal their targets at first notice. Everyone here was more or less a veteran already because they had gone through multiple battles at this point.

Galaxy Storm was the fifth-promotion skill of the Mage class. It was an extremely powerful AoE skill with a radius of three yards, but the power of Ice Dragon Howl. The Mage class was slowly but surely showing its true power, and the fear Moonlight Stone inflicted upon her enemies every time she pointed her staff at their direction was the proof of it.



Thousand Ice Slash crashed heavily into a crowd. Since the start of the battle, I had been standing at the forefront and absorbing much of Mad Dragon’s firepower to minimize the amount of damage done to my allies. My Icy Cyclone Domain was also a terror to my enemies because it had a duration of 60 seconds and a cooldown of 20 seconds, meaning that I could put one right beneath my feet to protect myself and throw another one at the enemy mages and archers at the backline to limit their damage output, and then still had a spare to cover my flank. Icy Cyclone Domain’s icicles weren’t powerful enough to kill the frontliners, but they were powerful enough to take out the mages and archers. No one dared to stay within an Icy Cyclone Domain for more than 6 seconds.

High Fighting Spirits looked like he was lost in bloodlust, sending metal armor player after metal armor player packing or killing them outright with his Invincible. He was the general to rely on when your goal was to charge the enemy and tear down their defenses. After executing a Barrier Break, he ran to the front and unleashed Xiezhi Howl, deleting the enemies around him instantly. For a time, no one dared to get close to him. It was amazing!

The real killers were Gui Guzi and the one hundred riders he commanded, however. The cavalry troops kept charging in and out of the enemy formation like they didn’t exist, and the damage they inflicted was so terrible that the Mad Dragon players straight up ran away the second they saw the riders coming their way. There was practically no one who could stop them!

It took only a moment for Mad Dragon and Flower Room to crumble completely. Even Roaming Dragon and Coldmoon Rose had escaped into the city. Had they chosen to stay outside, it was only a matter of time before they died.

Mad Dragon and Flower Room had sent at least thirty thousand players to engage us, but we easily crushed them almost as if they didn’t exist. Not only did they fail to delay us for long, we didn’t even take too much damage in the process. We had lost several hundred players at most.

To beat Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Mad Dragon and Flower Room would have to first find a way to beat our fighters. If they couldn’t tear down our defense line, they could never deal any significant damage. However, everyone in China knew how powerful our fighters were, and Flower Room and Mad Dragon didn’t even have a Famous General of their own. It was simply impossible for them to break our defenses no matter what they tried.


"It’s over, we can’t stop them! What do we do?" a Flower Room assassin asked in panic.

"Withdraw! We withdraw into the territory and repel the enemies together with Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, and Gods of Destruction! There is no reason for us to stay outside and play the cannon fodder for them, is there? Come on!" a Mad Dragon captain shouted before attempting to run into the territory.


A person suddenly blitzed across the battlefield like a lightning bolt and stunned the captain. It was me stunning him with Thunderous Charge and killing him with a sword through the back!

As if reading my mind, He Yi also activated Charge and arrived next to me. Then, she swung her Whirlwind and killed countless players with a Green Wave Slash.

I quickly strode up to the gate before turning around to face the remnants of Mad Dragon and Flower Room. I let out an evil chuckle before declaring, "Don’t even think about escaping inside! Kill them all, brothers and sisters! Leave no one alive!"

He Yi quickly ran up to me and lifted her Ice Soul Barrier above our heads. A second later, a hail of arrows and magic attacks hit her shield from above. Despite her tankiness, half of her HP was deleted in just half a minute. No one was tanky enough to withstand constant bombardment without healing.

It was at this moment Gui Guzi and the others launched a ferocious offense. This time, they penetrated Mad Dragon and Flower Room’s formation completely and tore it into pieces in no time. Our assassins also seized the opening to slip among the mages, archers and priests and claimed their lives.

"Motherfucker! You’re not going to kill me this easily…" a Level 119 Flower Room mage shouted angrily and launched an Ice Dragon Howl at Chaos Moon in an attempt to freeze her. 

However, his action only pissed the woman off, encouraging her to charge toward him. When her strike only managed to leave a ripple on his Magic Shield, the mage laughed arrogantly and said, "My Magic Shield’s durability is boosted by over 70%! You’ll never be able to break it, little girl!"

Chaos Moon smiled and lifted her sword horizontally in front of her. The next moment, a bloody cone of energy appeared at the tip of her sword!


The Barrier Break pierced the mage’s defenses and left a bloody hole at the center of his chest. Eyes widening, the mage couldn’t seem to believe that his Magic Shield had failed him at his time of need. It was only during his final moments did he recall that Barrier Break largely ignored Magic Shields.

The mage’s death shattered Flower Room’s morale. What else could the rest of them do if even an elite mage with an unusually strong Magic Shield was one-shot by the enemy’s fighters? That was even ignoring the fact that their frontline had crumbled some time ago. The fight had turned into a one-sided slaughter, and they were the prey.

Not far away, Li Chengfeng was zigzagging between three players and catching one of them with a Barrier Break. The archer he killed was one of Flower Room’s best experts, Night Sorrow. The next moment, he used a Dragonbone Flurry and killed Spring Mud as well. Finally, he ran rings around Moon Shadow to block their escape and killed him with another Barrier Break and Cyan Dragon Horn after the 6-second cooldown was finished. Forget winning, Ego workshop couldn’t even put up a respectable fight against the dragon warrior.

If Flower Room’s morale wasn’t destroyed before, it was now. They stared at the three dead bodies of Ego workshop in despair and shouted madly, "It’s all over, Spring Mud, Night Sorrow and Moon Shadow are all dead! We’re going to lose…"


In less than ten minutes, every Flower Room and Mad Dragon player outside the city was routed. While Murong Mingyue was ordering people around and sweeping the battlefield for loot, He Yi, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, and me were attacking the city gate.

Gui Guzi asked, "Boss, this iron gate has high Defense and durability. I don’t think we’re breaching it anytime soon. What should we do?"

I replied, "Ignore it. Even if we manage to breach it, we’ll still be surrounded and attacked from every direction. Listen, everyone! The walls of this elven castle are extremely fragile, so break down the walls instead! Once we push down the walls, we’ll be able to trample this city beneath our feet!"

On an archer tower, Dominating Archer God was stunned by my command. A second later, he hastily shouted to Dominating Heaven Blade inside the city, "Boss, they’ve decided to attack our walls instead of the gates! What do we do!"

Standing in the middle of a group of players, Dominating Heaven Blade shouted angrily, "The arrogance! Forget the gates and guard the walls instead! This is a Rank 1 territory, and the walls are too weak to withstand a siege. I want everyone to dish out every bit of firepower they have! Remember, we are inside the city, so we are the ones who have the vision and range advantage! Let’s blast the bastards from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to hell and back!"

Nighttime arrived, and the environment quickly became shrouded in darkness. Then, countless fireballs, wind blades, icicles, and arrows flew out of the city and rained down on us. Although the territory was small, our enemies had found a way to squeeze hundreds of thousands of players inside it. Moreover, they were the elites of Warsky Alliance, Gods of Destruction, and Hegemon Palace, so their firepower couldn’t be underestimated one bit.

"Chengfeng, Xu Yang, come break the walls with me! High Fighting Spirits, you’re coming with me as well! I want you to use your Stamp and lower the wall’s Defense! This is your main task for now, understand?"


High Fighting Spirits happily charged the city walls with a bunch of fighters and used Xiezhi Howl, the skill instantly vaporizing a huge chunk of durability from the wooden fences. Stamp lowers the target’s Defense and Magic Resist by 20%, and with his current Tactics he could lower the wooden fences’ Defense by 50%. In fact, the higher the Defense of a city wall, the better the effects of his skill were. Long story short, High Fighting Spirits would be responsible for breaking down the gates and walls in all future siege battles. He would be our head demolisher, so to speak.

Beiming Xue activated Range and shouted, "Use Far Shot to shoot into the city!"

Twang twang twang…

Our archer party loosed a volley of arrows into the city. Although the hit rate and attack power of the attack was greatly reduced, the point was to suppress the enemy’s firepower and enabled the rest of us to carry out our tasks.

I stood as close to the walls as possible before tossing two Icy Cyclone Domains into the city. Then, I tossed out my Heaven-stealing Sword and enjoyed the sight of Sword Boomerang annihilating an entire row of archers. They had no idea how the sword magically appeared among them.


I caught the hilt of the Heaven-stealing Sword firmly before breaking into a grin. Next, I raised my hand and launched a Dragon Slaying Slash at a mage who forgot to activate his Magic Shield.

An infuriated Dominating Heaven Blade shouted to the back, "Our defense is too weak, and Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is right here! Pillar of the Nation, send Little Piglet to stop him now! He’s the only one who can counter Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

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Nabuch from 100 chapters later: So yeah guys, Icy Cyclone Domain seems to have a cooldown of 20 seconds now, not 30.  I guess even the author felt it was too weak to put JUST 2 of these DoT AoEs down.