Chapter 506: Barrier Break Show Its Power

The magic knight was panicking. He clearly wasn’t expecting to run into someone who had already picked up the fighter’s fifth-promotion skill. That being said, he had a pretty good reaction time. He pulled his mount back a little, raised his shield and used…


The corners of Gui Guzi’s lips curled upward. "Idiot!"

The blood, cone-shaped energy that was Barrier Break pierced the magic knight’s shield, his chest and his back. At the same time, a huge damage number popped up above his head—


What a tragedy for that magic knight. He must be one of those people who didn’t go over online guides frequently and so he had no idea what the properties of Barrier Break actually were. In fact, it was stated right in the official database that one of Barrier Break’s unique effects was its ability to ignore Defense. If the enemy entered a defensive stance, then Barrier Break would penetrate their shield and armor and deal even more damage than normal!

The magic knight lost over 80% of its HP in one go, and his shield was knocked above his head. His defensive stance was broken, and his weak points such as his chest, stomach, neck and so on were all exposed to Gui Guzi. The Undying Knight’s skill was first-rate, and he had no problems exploiting this level of opening to deal a critical blow to his opponent.

As expected, Gui Guzi penetrated his opponent’s neck with a basic attack and caused blood to bleed out of the wound like a burst pipe. He pulled out his Rainbow Spear, and the Level 121 magic knight collapsed to the ground and died just like that. The poor guy probably didn’t expect the power gap between himself and Gui Guzi to be this big. It didn’t take Gui Guzi even a full combo to take him out of the fight!


Xu Yang raised his sword and barked out the order. By now, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had spread out their formation and formed a battle line about several hundred meters long or so. They quickly engaged Flower Room’s troops in a melee battle.


Darting toward the frontline, Chaos Moon swung her sword straight at an incoming magic knight. At first, the magic knight was planning to ignore her attack and retaliate with his own swing, but he was quickly overcome by shock when a bloody cone appeared in front of her sword. It was the visual effect of Barrier Break of course!

The magic knight groaned. "Fuck me, another fighter with Barrier Break? What is wrong with my luck today?"

He tried to parry the attack because he knew guarding would only make it worse, but he was nowhere manly enough to deal with the violent woman at all. Moreover, Chaos Moon was currently in my party, so her attack power was further boosted by 130% thanks to Martial God. The skill dealt over 18k damage to the magic knight and deleted most of his HP in one go. Before he could do anything else, he took a punch to the face and died just like that. The poor bastard, he didn’t even get the chance to withdraw his sword. Never provoke a woman like Chaos Moon if at all possible.

Xu Yang, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and He Yi had also engaged the enemy. Four cones of bloody energy dazzled the battlefield at nearly the same time, and the four Mad Dragon players who were unfortunate enough to be standing right in front of them let out pitiful groans and died just like that.


"Motherfucker, stop them! There are eighty thousand of us and only fifteen thousand of them!"

Roaming Dragon roared angrily while gripping his spear tightly. He clearly wasn’t expecting to see so many players with Barrier Break in our ranks. Every time the skill was used, it almost always meant that a player was deleted from the battlefield. Worse, its cooldown was only 6 seconds. That was enough to make both Mad Dragon and Flower Room’s players cry like bitches.

Roaming Dragon rushed toward Chaos Moon and used Magic Piercing Slash. However, Chaos Moon easily blocked it with her wristguard—taking 4000 damage or so—before the priests quickly healed her back to full health. It was a completely negligible amount of damage.

Chaos Moon smiled brightly and swung her sword again. This time, her Barrier Break was directed at Roaming Dragon!



Roaming Dragon’s equipment was amazing because it was bought with boundless wealth. Even then, Chaos Moon still dealt an insane amount of damage to the man. The Mad Dragon guild leader was so terrified that he withdrew immediately with a pale complexion. Clearly, a Martial God–empowered Barrier Break was beyond Roaming Dragon’s ability to withstand.

Chaos Moon didn’t pursue him. She continued fighting where she was and protected her backliners from danger.

Beiming Xue and her 100 archers were like walking artillery. She had over 170 Tactics right now, so her Bow God boosted her party members’ long range attack power by 135% and attack speed by 54%. It was hell for the Mad Dragon players who had to withstand the seemingly endless rain of arrows.


A vortex exploded in the middle of a group of enemy players, and it was none other than Beiming Xue’s Spiraling Arrow Blade. The skill was so powerful that not even those who were clad in metal armor could endure it. It was because Beiming Xue had a base Attack of almost 2000, and after adding her equipment stats and Bow God her total Attack was over 6000!

Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had 12 fifth-promotion archers, and their skills didn’t have a strict requirement. More accurately, they could be learned just by paying a sum of gold. What this meant was that we had 12 archers who could use Spiraling Arrow Blade, and they were all buffed by Bow God. It was like having 12 walking cannons firing laser-guided missiles into the enemy lines, slaughtering them en masse. Roaming Dragon was hurt by the casualties to say the least.


Suddenly, Beiming Xue stumbled backward a bit. It was because an arrow had pierced her chest and dealt 4789 damage. The shooter was none other than Coldmoon Rose herself.


Beiming Xue gritted her teeth and snapped the arrow in her chest in half. She then changed her stratagem to Range, drew her bow and launched a Spiraling Arrow Blade and Evil Spirit Volley at Coldmoon Rose. Roaming Dragon’s woman wasn’t nearly as quick as Beiming Xue was, so all she could do was stand there and watch as the arrows of death sailed toward her.

Bang bang bang...

Roaming Dragon appeared just in time to block the arrows with his giant shield and save his woman from danger, but he also took massive damage as a result of it. He had almost 25k HP, and two skills from Beiming Xue was all it took to delete over half of it. He grabbed Coldmoon Rose and withdrew to the back. He knew full well that engaging the dark archer in a direct battle would only result in certain death for both of them.


The battle was intense, but only if you looked at it from an action perspective. It was a complete one-sided slaughter in favor of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, and The Monarch Descends. Mad Dragon and Flower Room simply weren’t strong enough to withstand us at all.

"Motherfucker! Fight to your last breath, everyone! Don’t you take even a step away from the enemy!"

At the distance, one of the Gemini Stars of Mad Dragon, Inconstant, shouted atop a black warhorse, "Since the beginning of Heavenblessed, Mad Dragon has been terrorized by Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya, and we’ve all had enough of it, haven’t you!? Today we joined forces with Hegemon Palace, Gods of Destruction, and Flower Room to fight against Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and we cannot lose again, you hear me!? Mad Dragon’s honor lies in all our hands! We’d rather die than surrender the precious ground beneath our feet!"

Roaming Dragon had retreated, so Inconstant became the commander of Mad Dragon. The Level 123 magic knight was clad in head to toe in high-grade equipment, and some were even of Outstanding quality. Even his shield looked like a Spirit-grade item, so his HP couldn’t be too far behind Gui Guzi’s.


Inconstant swung his spear in front of him and sent some of our fighters stumbling toward the back. As I thought, both his Attack and Defense were incredible, and he blocked in front of his teammates like he was a steel fortress. He refused to budge an inch no matter how many times our archers shot him because his priests were keeping him healthy. He had single-handedly stopped our formation from progressing further.

"That arrogant motherfucker, I’ll show him…"

Xu Yang pounced toward the magic knight and started off right away with a ferocious Barrier Break.



Inconstant withstood the full brunt of the skill before swinging his spear three times in a row, knocking Xu Yang away from him. At the same time, several columns of holy light descended from the sky and healed him back to full health. There was nothing Xu Yang could do to him at all.

He Yi’s eyes sharpened when she saw this. She ordered without hesitation, "Come back, Xu Yang! Lu Chen can deal with him! With this many priests on the battlefield it’s impossible to kill him unless you can one-shot him!"

Xu Yang nodded and withdrew as ordered. He shot me a glance and asked, "Can you do it, Lu Chen?"

I gripped the Heaven-stealing Sword and declared, "Just watch!"


I didn’t try to rush Inconstant. Instead, I raised my hand and launched a Dragon Slaying Slash at his head, dealing 9804 damage!

It was both a greeting and a prelude to my attack. Frankly, I found it beneath me to ambush an opponent at Inconstant’s level. Turning to face me and curving his finger provocatively at me, the magic knight laughed arrogantly but cautiously. "Come at me if you’re a man, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

I gave him a smile before running toward him. The moment I got into range, I immediately unleashed my Icy Cyclone Domain!


Snow fell from the sky, and the ground turned white. It took only an instant for the hot forest to turn into an icy hell. At the same time, countless icicles burst out of the ground and pierced all enemy players within the domain indiscriminately. It wasn’t a powerful skill, but it put great strain onto the enemy’s priests.

"Here I come!"

The second I stepped in front of Inconstant, a universe formation appeared beneath my feet, and an azure energy appeared at the tip of my blade. I could see his astonishment growing as I thrust the Heaven-stealing Sword straight toward his shield!

"What the fuck is this? Is this… Barrier Break?" Inconstant exclaimed in surprise.



Universe Break was already a Rank 10 skill when I learned it, so no grinding was necessary. Grayish despair overwhelmed Inconstant’s features when he saw how much damage the single skill did to him. The next moment, I executed Burning Blade Slash and slashed his shield three times in a row!


Inconstant and his warhorse staggered backward a couple of steps as my skills drilled holes into his body. The next moment, he collapsed to the ground, dropped a pair of dark-colored legguards and died just like that.

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