Chapter 505: Royal Knights

We patiently waited for a while. Half an hour later, I checked the time and said, “It’s almost time. According to the latest report, Warsky Alliance, Gods of Destruction, and many others have crossed the territory borders.”

He Yi nodded and pulled out Whirlwind. She ordered, “The location is (47893, 90483). Everyone, march!”

Gui Guzi immediately formed a 100-man party. Gui Guzi was now a fifth-promotion player who could party a maximum of 50 players, but since he was also a Famous General, that number was doubled to 100. This meant that Gui Guzi could share his Knight God with 100 mounted players including Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. The grinding of Fireblade Cavalry had never stopped since the day I founded it, so we just barely captured enough Fireblade Horses to make 100 Fireblade Cavalrymen. The 100 riders would be our trump card in any battle that took place on an open plain.

Beiming Xue, He Yi, Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, and I also made our own hundred-man parties. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had 6 Famous Generals right now, meaning that 600 of our players got to share our buffs. They were powerful and numerous enough to make any opponent wish they were dead.

Of course, I was aware that our biggest enemy was Warsky Alliance, and they had a lot of Famous Generals too, five to be exact. Warsky, October Rain, Laughing At The Heavens, Farewell Song, and Lin Bing Dou Zhe. Quantity and quality wise, their Famous General Skills were almost at the same level as ours.


Snowy Cathaya, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and The Monarch Descends stayed separate as we marched across the forest and toward the unclaimed territory. Everyone’s morale was sky high because we just returned from the Coldblade War as the ultimate winners, and we just came back from a 24-hour long rest. Eager and in high spirits, we couldn’t wait to fight our very first battle after the server came back online. Moreover, there were over 100 fifth-promotion players in Sky City right now, so this territory war also counted as a face-off between all the fifth-promotion players in Sky City.

I looked at everyone and said, "Their fighters are going to be at the frontline of course, so everyone who learned Barrier Break should be at the frontline as well. Use Barrier Break and your combos to one-shot their magic knights, okay?"

Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, Li Chengfeng, and the others nodded. "Got it!"

He Yi put her sword back in the sheath hidden inside her battle garment behind her back while riding around the frontline on the Snow Domain Windchaser. She looked to the distance with a small but hopeful smile on her face and said, "Mn, we definitely need to take this territory for Snowy Cathaya. If we succeed, we can reinforce each other and form an ironclad defense around both our territories. We would always have a secure base to fall back to no matter what happens in the future!"

I nodded. "That’s right! Once we’ve secured this guild territory, we will have established a solid foothold in Sky City. Not even Candle Dragon will be able to threaten us after that!"

He Yi chuckled. "Yes. We all have to do our best!"


Suddenly, our frontliners came to a halt. Staring at a side of the forest with a hint of caution in her eyes, Beiming Xue declared, "About a hundred players are hiding down that direction! It’s an ambush!"

She wasn’t even finished speaking when a hail of arrows pierced the air and hit our frontliners.


That wasn’t all. A spiraling arrow was hidden amidst the arrow rain, and it landed next to Gui Guzi before bursting into an explosion. The magic knight and the riders around him all shuddered from the impact. It was incredibly rare to find an archer who could deal over 2000 damage to Gui Guzi these days.

Beiming Xue’s eyes sharpened as she exclaimed in anger. "It’s the Archer’s fifth-promotion skill, the Spiraling Arrow Blade!"

Spiraling Arrow Blade was an offensive skill that dealt damage to an area of 3x3 yards. As an AoE skill, it was far more powerful than a Multi Arrow or Volley Arrow, and it possessed amazing Defense penetration. This was one of the reasons a fifth-promotion archer was drastically more powerful than a fourth-promotion archer, and none of us was expecting to be intercepted by one while we were still marching through the forest.


Gui Guzi pulled out Rainbow from behind his back and yelled angrily, "Fireblade Cavalry, ride with me and slaughter them all!"

I also ran to the front and looked as far away as I could, relying on my level advantage to give me information. There were a hundred or so green dots on the mini map, but that wasn’t enough people to take out Gui Guzi’s Fireblade Cavalry. Even before Gui Guzi activated Knight God, they already didn’t belong in the same weight class as our riders. The gap was only bigger after our riders’ Attack and Defense were doubled.

At the same time, Beiming Xue and her hundred-man-strong archer party attempted to flank the enemy from the right wing. The girl had jumped to the edge of the forest and hid herself behind a bush, revealing only a pair of eyes above the grass. Slowly drawing the Blazing Shadow Bow and aiming at a certain location, she abruptly loosed a Spiraling Arrow Blade and caused a spiral explosion!


Four enemy archers were sent flying out of their hiding spot. They were dead before they even hit the ground. I had to admit that the fifth-promotion skill was incredibly powerful, and that it was the perfect tool to one-shot an enemy.

At the same time, Gui Guzi reached a different archer and pierced his chest with a spear beam, dealing 8904 damage. Although he wasn’t a 5-Strength magic knight, his attack power was still very deadly and terrifying.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun and the others also charged into the enemies and inflicted various injuries and painful screams upon the enemy. I had no doubt that we could take out our opponents without suffering any losses, but the problem was that these ambushers belonged to Hegemon Palace.

"What on earth is Pillar of the Nation planning?" He Yi sounded a bit confused. "Did he seriously believe that he could defeat our thirteen-thousand-strong army with these small fries?"

I smiled. "It’s simple. He’s just trying to delay us while he comes up with a plan to steal the territory from beneath Warsky Alliance’s nose. If I’m not mistaken, Hegemon Palace, Gods of Destruction, Flower Room, and Mad Dragon are plotting something as well. Warsky Alliance’s momentum is too great, and they cannot possibly hope to stop them."

"You’re right!" He Yi nodded. "In that case, let us ignore these distractions and continue our march!"

We continued forward at the same speed as before while Gui Guzi and Beiming Xue’s parties hunted down the stragglers. If we didn’t reach the guild territory as soon as possible, there was a high chance Warsky Alliance or Hegemon Palace would finish preparing an unpleasant surprise for us.


Half an hour later, we marched out of the forest and into a wide plain. At the center of the plain was a newly-established elven city, and at the center of the elven city was a hall. It was surrounded by various simple-looking Rank 1 buildings such as Elf Tree, Owl Nests, and so on. The walls were really wooden fences, and they didn’t look very sturdy at all. It might be faster and more convenient to just flatten them when we breach the city.

"Looks like a lot of people have arrived…" Gui Guzi pointed his spear at the city with a smile. "And it looks like the waters are equally murky…"

It was as he said when we marched closer and could see inside the city properly. Warsky Alliance had taken out all the NPC mobs already, and his generals—Lin Bing Dou Zhe, October Rain and so on—were commanding the defenses and stopping all enemy forces from getting inside. I didn’t see Warsky anywhere, which probably meant that he was guarding the hall. He had entrusted the outer defense to his three CGL Hall of Famers and the new recruit, Lin Bing Dou Zhe. That "Renown" of his was incredibly powerful, and it didn’t have a class restriction, just like my Martial God. It was no wonder Warsky Alliance gave off an aura of invincibility right now.

A sea of players encircled the city from every direction, but every last one of them had red name tags, meaning that they were all our enemies. Just as I had predicted earlier, Flower Room and Mad Dragon had gathered around eighty thousand players and surrounded the territory completely. They were forbidding all unfriendly guilds from getting close to the territory. Meanwhile, Gods of Destruction and Hegemon Palace were attacking the territory with everything they got. Clearly, the four guilds had come to a temporary alliance.

Looking at Mad Dragon, I saw Roaming Dragon sitting atop his mount, gripping his spear with one hand and hugging Coldmoon Rose’s waist with the other. Ever once in a while, the girl would shoot a flirtatious look at some player from Mad Dragon. It looked like the girl had caught the legendary illness called "I’ll die if I don’t flirt”.

It was at this moment Roaming Dragon raised his spear and shouted, "Do not let even a fly move past you, brothers and sisters of Mad Dragon! Remember, everyone in ‘Royal Knights’ gets to enjoy the same benefits once we took over this territory!"

Ah, I see. The four of them joined forces and formed an alliance called "Royal Knights", is that it?

I couldn’t help but smile a little. Stepping out of the battle line and pointing the Heaven-stealing Sword at Roaming Dragon, I said, "So overbearing. Do you fools really think you can keep this territory to yourself?"

A bit of hatred peeked out of Coldmoon Rose’s eyes as she said, "Try us then, Lu Chen. We’ve brought all our main guilds and sub-guilds together, and there are almost 200 thousand of us. You don’t have nearly enough people to beat us!"

I laughed. "Bold words for a useless mob. You could gather twenty billion people, and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would still annihilate you all!"

I then raised my sword and shouted, "Brothers and sisters, it is time to let these so-called ‘Royal Knights’ have a taste of your skill and blade, and show them what an unbeatable army really is! I want every last member of Mad Dragon and Flower Room wiped from the surface of the earth, and I want everyone with a red name tag dead before the day is over! Red is dead! Charge!"

The battle broke out immediately. To our sides, Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends also launched their assault. First, we would take out the Royal Knights. Then, we would chase Warsky Alliance out of the elven hall!



Gui Guzi broke into a gallop at first notice, and a Level 121 magic knight rushed forward to face him. Considering the amount of Purple Gold–grade equipment on his person, he was probably a core player of Flower Room. Unfortunately for this guy, his opponent was the Undying Knight Gui Guzi.

There was a shower of sparks as the magic knight swung mightily at Gui Guzi’s shield. However, it failed to do much damage to Gui Guzi.

Gui Guzi retaliated with a thrust of his own spear. A blazing cone of energy appeared at the tip of Rainbow, and the roars of an animal could be heard vaguely.

The magic knight’s eyes immediately turned as wide as saucers. "Fuck! I-it’s Barrier Break!"

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