Chapter 497: God Binding Art

A look of shock appeared on my face but it was soon overtaken by excitement. I grinned and replied, "What signature moves are you going to teach me? The legendary forbidden spell of the undead? The one that lets me summon an army from hell that’s a hundred thousand strong? Trainer, if you really do have such an awesome skill, please don’t keep it from me…"

Rinser’s blood-red eyes widened as his beard bristled in the air. He growled, "As if I’d have something so good, you punk! After the Dragon Speaker severed the connection between this plane and the Purgatory, most spatial magics became very restricted. As a result, even those of us who can communicate with the undead in Purgatory are unable to summon large numbers of them to this world. You should wipe away that drool from the corner of your mouth and give up on this foolish notion of yours. I am going to impart another kind of magic to you."

"Oh? Magic?"

I received yet another pleasant surprise. I couldn’t hold back my smile. "I can learn magic without having to combine it with one of my skills now?"

"Yes!" Rinser nodded his head.

He continued, "That’s right. In fact, it can’t be merged with a skill. Because this is a magic art that is on the level of a forbidden spell! But you’ve grown strong enough to learn it!"

Wild joy danced in my heart. As expected, I was really going to learn spells that went beyond the usual bounds of my class once I had completed my fifth promotion! This is great! Was I going to become a grand mage?


Light flashed in front of me as Rinser waved his hand. The Learn Skill interface appeared in front of me and to my surprise, I saw a reddish-orange skill button on it. I quickly read the skill description and it nearly caused my eyes to pop out of my head.

Icy Cyclone Domain: By unleashing the power of ice and snow, creates an ice cyclone in a 20x20 yard area. The movement speed and attack speed of every enemy target within the domain will fall greatly. Furthermore, icicles may appear at random and attack a target inside the domain. MP cost: 200 MP. Duration: 60 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Cost: 50000 Reputation and 100000 gold.


Hot damn! This really did live up to its name as a forbidden spell. I even had to pay one hundred thousand RMB and fifty thousand Reputation to learn it. Most players probably didn’t even have the resources to learn this super-OP skill.

Thankfully enough, I had done enough quests and killed enough bosses, and I had two hundred and twenty thousand Reputation to show for it. So these fifty thousand Reputation points were no skin off my nose. As for that one hundred thousand RMB, my heart really started to hurt when I thought about how expensive this skill was! But the attack and effect of this Icy Cyclone Domain were simply far too absurd to pass up. Furthermore, it even lasted for an entire minute and it had a cooldown of twenty seconds. This meant that I could keep three Icy Cyclone Domains running at the same time. Which also meant that I could cover entire swathes of land with my Icy Cyclone Domains, creating an impregnable "world" that only belonged to me!

Thus, spending one hundred thousand RMB on a skill like this was actually really worth it. It would help me clear entire areas of mobs at a time. In fact, it was even ridiculously overpowered when it came to killing bosses!

I stretched out a hand and tapped the air, causing the Icy Cyclone Domain skill to appear in my skill window. This also caused me to lose 50000 Reputation and 100000 gold. Ah, that hurts!

I immediately locked onto a faraway target and activated my new skill. I raised my hand in the air and the energy of the domain immediately surged up from it. In the next instant, the area I had selected was turned into an azure land of snow and ice. The Snow Rabbits that were hopping in the area started hopping a lot more slowly. Then, icicles shot out of the swirling snow in the air and struck a Snow Rabbit.

Thud! Thud! Thud! A string of damage numbers proceeded to fly above its head.





This was great! I didn’t even need to lift a finger to deal damage anymore!

It seemed like those icicles would attack an enemy once every three seconds and this Level 132 shadow-rank mob could barely withstand the assault of my Icy Cyclone Domain. From now on, this Icy Cyclone Domain would absolutely be my trump card when it came to clearing mobs! Its effects were far too absurd.

It was at this precise moment that Rinser gave me a nod and said, "I actually don’t have anything else left to teach you for now. However, Lady Wind Singer actually paid me a visit this morning…"

"Oh? Xinran came as well?" I gasped in shock.

It was Rinser’s turn to gasp in shock. "How impudent! That is Lady Wind Singer! How dare you address her by her name…"

My lips twisted before I replied, "But she’s my little sister!"

Rinser: "..."

An awkward silence lasted until Rinser finally strode forward and said, “Lady Wind Singer paid me a visit and spoke about you. She thinks that you will become an extremely great warrior in the future, someone who will be able to create a whole new world for us undead to live in. So, she left this combat art for me and asked me to pass it to you."

"A combat art?"

"Yes!" Rinser nodded his head.

He spread out his hands, causing a skill book glowing with a golden radiance to appear out of thin air and float above them. It was sparkling with a brilliant light and anyone would be able to tell that this was no ordinary skill book.

I took the skill book and read its description. Shock rippled across my face.

God Binding Art: Summon four peerless divine weapons to bind your selected target. This target will not be able to move or attack for fifteen seconds. 30-second cooldown. Please note that the God Binding Art’s effect will vanish if your target enters a state of invincibility. The skill’s effects are doubled against divine and purgatory bosses. MP cost: 100. Cost: 20000 Reputation.


My eyes widened into saucers. I had to read the skill description again before I could finally process what I was seeing. This really was a skill that could bind gods! It was a godly skill that could restrict an opponent’s actions and even though it only lasted 15 seconds, that was more than enough time for me to finish them off! This was especially true in PvP, and this God Binding Art had become my absolute trump card in any future fights against players. Unless the other player had an invincibility skill, killing them would be like shooting ducks in a barrel.


The skill book disappeared from my hands and God Binding Art appeared in my skill window. Just looking at the skill icon sent shivers down my spine. Even though this skill didn’t cause any damage, this binding effect was extremely valuable. Now that I had these two powerful fifth promotion skills, it was easier than ever for me to solo a boss!

I spied a Snow Rabbit happily hopping around in the distance! It was time to test my new skill out!

I locked onto the Snow Rabbit and quickly activated God Binding Art. A bloody light immediately erupted from my body with a loud and resonant humming sound. The halo of the War God flickered beneath my feet and four magnificent and imposing divine weapons shot down from the sky. They landed around the Snow Rabbit with loud thumps before a binding formation appeared between them. This binding formation rendered the Snow Rabbit completely immobile.

I brandished my Heaven-stealing Sword and shot several Dragon Slaying Slashes at the poor rabbit. The Level 132 Snow Rabbit immediately died, its body slumping to the ground. It was obvious that this Snow Rabbit was far too weak to face a Level 129 fifth-promotion player like me. They weren’t a good gauge of how strong my new skills were.


I spoke to Rinser once more and opened the Learn Skill interface. To my delight, I discovered that there was one more skill I could learn.

Perceive Weakness: Perceives target's weakness, causing the next attack to ignore 50% of the target's Defense and Magic Shield. Level Requirement: 120. Cost: 2000 Reputation.

Mn, a magic spell that seemed to be more general and useful. However, wasting a skill cooldown to use Perceive Weakness seemed to be quite a waste. After all, Pardon was more powerful than this skill. Simply learning this skill alone seemed to be quite a waste, so I decided to merge it with another skill!

I examined the attack skills that I had. Hmmm, since Desperate Gambit was the most powerful of my single-target skills, I’d choose to merge Perceive Weakness with this. Let’s hope that I get a good single-target attack skill out of this!

Choose and confirm!


System Notice: Congratulations, your skill "Desperate Gambit" has successfully fused with "Perceive Weakness”. You have gained a new skill—Universe Break!

Universe Break X: Increases attack power by 110%, ignores 90% of target’s Defense and 80% of target’s Magic Shield’s durability. Wounds the target with the power of the universe and inflicts them with a curse, lowering their attack power by 10%.


Shit! I actually got a Rank 10 skill right off the bat. This Universe Break was utterly ridiculous! It not only dealt 110% of my attack in damage, it also ignored 90% of the target’s Defense and 80% of the target’s Magic Shield durability. This skill basically wrecked the defenses of any target. After taking into account my attack power and the boost given to me by Martial God, it was unlikely that there were many Heavenblessed players in the world who could survive a Pardon + Universe Break combo from me!

My heart was screaming with joy! I tried to talk to my trainer again, but Rinser didn’t give me anything this time.

However, even learning Icy Cyclone Domain would have been awesome for most fifth-promotion players! Normal players might not even have the chance to learn such skills, and even if they could learn it, the extreme requirements to learn it would instagib 99.9% of the players in the game!

I was in an extremely good mood. A marvelous opportunity like this had fallen into my lap.

Now that I had finished my fifth class promotion, I gained three skills which could be called trump cards! Icy Cyclone Domain, God Binding Art, and Universe Break. From now on, my main AoE skills would be Thousand Ice Slash, War Crush, and Icy Cyclone Domain. I also had an incredible single-target damage skill in Universe Break and a CC skill in God Binding Art. I could even say that I now had a perfect array of skills for every occasion.

Now I really wanted to find a place to grind levels! My grinding speed would simply be ridiculous now! Unfortunately for me, my spirit was willing but my flesh was weak. My disappointed stomach squealed for food and it might actually be dangerous if I didn’t go offline soon!


It was at this exact moment that I heard a beep!

Lin Yixin had sent me a message: "Hi, my beloved Little Cheat…"

I smiled before replying: "Hi, my beloved beauty, what’s up?"

"Freaking hell…"

Lin Yixin sent me an angry emoticon before replying: "The server is going to close in ten minutes. I need you to quickly come to where the Wanderer class trainer is in Sky City. I need your help!"

"Oh! I’ll be there in a jiffy!"

I returned to the city and ran toward where the trainers were. In the distance, I could see the NPC class trainers banter with each other as they stood around the yard. I soon spied Lin Yixin, who was quietly standing next to her Wanderer class trainer like an obedient little girl.

“What’s up, Yiyi?" I smiled at her as I quickly closed the distance.

Lin Yixin asked, "Lu Chen, how much Strength do you have?"

I quickly checked my stats before replying, "1557. Why?"


Lin Yixin let out a long sigh before she pointed at her class trainer and said, "He has a Level 120 trump card skill to teach me, but I need 1400 Strength to learn it. I only have 1389 Strength right now, so I just need a little bit more to hit the stat requirement! Can I borrow one of your items? I’ll return it to you after I learn it…"

"Oh, what skill is this?"

I was intrigued by Lin Yixin’s words. This was the first time I had ever heard a skill requiring a minimum amount of Strength to learn. This will really trouble many of the low-Strength players in the game.

This was especially true at this current stage of the game. I mean 1400 points of Strength! If even Lin Yixin couldn’t meet those requirements, then the rest of the player base would only be able to weep when they tried to learn this skill.

Lin Yixin interacted with the Wanderer trainer once more and very soon, she sent me a message which contained the skill’s description.

Barrier Break X: Increases attack power by 80%, ignores 70% of target’s Defense and 60% of target’s Magic Shield’s durability. Requires Level 120 and completed fifth class promotion quest. Stat Requirement: 1400 Strength. Class Requirement: Wanderer, Magic Knight, Warrior.


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