Chapter 495: Inheriting the Throne

"Damn you!"

Coldblade struggled mightily and most of his body had already entered the spatial rift. However, Xinran was holding onto one of his legs and she didn’t look like she had any intentions of letting go.

As he roared in helpless rage, Coldblade shook the leg that she had caught vigorously. He actually managed to struggle his way out of his leg armor as he attempted to shake free of Xinran’s grasp! He was willing to do anything to break free and make his escape!

However, he didn’t expect Xinran would be fast enough to react to this! She raised up the Dragonbone Spear high in the air and then savagely thrust it down toward his leg.


The Dragonbone Spear buried itself in Coldblade’s thigh and violently skewered it. The spear had been thrust with such force that its blade sank deep into the stone floor below.

My jaw dropped to the floor. I’d never expected to see one of Purgatory Sovereigns nailed to the ground like a helpless insect.

Coldblade let out a howl of pain but his HP still hadn’t dropped below the halfway mark. It was clear that it would take far more than this injury to kill him.

"You goddamned Wind Singer, you will receive the judgement of Purgatory! Just wait for it!"

Coldblade’s sharp sword whistled through the air and he cut off his own left leg with a sharp "crack"! Black blood geysered out of his wound but that leg fell outside the spatial crack that Coldblade had entered!



As a soft ringing sound filled the air, Coldblade managed to enter the spatial rift. He had returned to the plane of purgatory.

Xinran stared mutely at Coldblade’s severed leg before letting out a helpless sigh. "The power of the Purgatory is growing stronger and stronger, and the power of its minions is rising as well… It seems… the other eight Sovereigns are also growing stronger and stronger. Ah, what do we do now…"

I stopped right behind Xinran before I asked, "Xinran, do you know this Coldblade?"

Xinran turned around and giggled. "Big brother, Coldblade does appear within the fragments of my memory. It seemed like I was very familiar with him in the past. But I can’t seem to remember who I used to be…"

"So that’s the case, huh…"

At this moment, Karinshan, Sophia, Xue Wei, Stark, and the other NPCs had caught up with us. Karinshan gave Xinran a respectful bow as she said, "On behalf of every living creature on this continent, I sincerely thank Lady Wind Singer for her timely help. If you hadn’t intervened when you had, I’m afraid that Sky City was doomed to fall into Coldblade’s hands. It would have become an iron bastion of the Night Creatures, a launching point for their future invasion of the continent. Once that happened, the entire Silver Moon Alliance would have been in mortal peril!"

Xinran nodded with a light smile. "Please dispense with the formalities, Princess Karinshan. Coldblade was sorely wounded during his foray into the mortal realm this time, so he won’t be able to return for another few years. You need to destroy the Purgatory Dragon Scepter as soon as you can, so that you can break the chains that hold the spatial bridge together. This is the only way you can completely sever the connection between the mortal realm and the plane of purgatory."


Xinran wrested the Dragonbone Spear free from the ground before she looked at me. After that, she suddenly walked up to me and grabbed my hand. She smiled and said, "Big brother! Rinser, the teacher that I found for you. He isn’t bad, is he?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, he passes."

"Then… then I’ll be leaving first? I still need to continue cultivating…"

My lips puckered up into a playful pout before I said, "Xinran still isn’t willing to stay with me? Ah, to think that you used to always stick to me back in the day…"

Xinran’s sweet laughter tinkled in the air like a silvery bell. "Ah, that… big brother, the moment I am strong enough, I will stick to you like glue. It’s just that Xinran still isn’t powerful enough to protect big brother. I need to find strong divine power within these cursed divine weapons I found in the God Domain. Once I find this divine power, I can use it to draw the power that has been sealed within these weapons. It… shouldn’t take too long…"

"Alright, then you should go and do what needs to be done. I’m going to go destroy the Purgatory Dragon Scepter with everyone else."


After that, Xinran suddenly leaped into the air, her dainty figure disappearing into the sky in the blink of an eye. Now that we had defeated Coldblade, her job here was done. She was going to leave the rest of the clean-up to Karinshan.


The curtain of light that hung in the sky was slowly disappearing. Now that Coldblade had left, the Purgatory Dragon Scepter no longer had anything powering it. However, Undead Skeletal Dragons still continued to pour out from the spatial bridge.

Sophia gripped the handle of her sword as she spoke to Karinshan, "Your Majesty, I’ll leave the rest to you. I hope that Sky City will be steadfast friends with the Violet Empire for all the years to come. Let’s push back the legions of Purgatory together!"

Karinshan gave a heavy nod of her head before she smiled and said, "Believe me, we will!"


Sophia left together with Xue Wei and the Violet Empire’s undead cavalry followed after them. The army of Floating Ice City merged together with the remaining regiments of Sky City as they took over the reins of this super city.



Karinshan drew her sharp blade and pointed it toward the city that was floating in the sky. She roared, "Brave warriors of humanity, it is time to take back our country and exterminate the devils from Purgatory! For the Silver Moon Alliance! Charge!"

Hooves thundered up a storm of dust as the Black Cavalry, which stretched as far as the eye could see, charged straight toward Sky City.

The players wouldn’t allow themselves to lag behind either! This was a great chance to earn more points!

I hefted the Heaven-stealing Sword before I turned around and grinned at my comrades. "Let’s go! We should try our best to become the heroes who take down the wicked monarch of Sky City, there’ll definitely be a generous point reward for killing him!"

"Okay, charge!"

Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, and High Fighting Spirits let out roars of laughter as our entire party charged up the floating steps that led to Sky City. Lin Yixin was also rushing toward the city with a band of Snowy Cathaya players at her back.

There weren’t more than ten thousand players left in this event, but all of us were charging toward Sky City with no hesitation. As the last survivors, there were still a lot of things that we could do.

When we reached the stone bridge that connected the floating stairway to Sky City’s eastern gate, we saw that the names of the NPCs who guarded the bridge had turned red. These were troops loyal to that wicked king, so they were our enemies now.

"Kill them!"

Thousand Ice Slash exploded out of the Heaven-stealing Sword and crashed into the group of NPCs. I followed that up with a Burning Blade Slash which decimated most of them. These elite NPCs were far weaker than the shadow-rank monsters that we normally fought in the wild, so it was much easier to kill them.

As a result, we barely felt any resistance as we plowed through the enemy NPCs. As I stepped over their bodies, the players from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, and The Monarch Descends followed after me. There weren’t more than a thousand of us, but every single player present here was the creme de la creme. They were skilled and savvy veterans who had survived hundreds of battles.

The five Dragon Knights of Floating Ice City soared into the air. They had taken control of the skies and they used this absolute advantage to rain down blades of sword energy and dragon breath on the soldiers of Sky City. Blasts of flame and iceflame fell on top of the enemy legions’ heads, either burning them to a crisp or turning them into ice statues which would shatter at the slightest touch.

Karinshan galloped into the city, her sword pointed straight at the palace. She yelled, "Tia! I want you to take the rest of the Dragon Knights and destroy that Purgatory Dragon Scepter! It’s time to dismantle that spatial bridge!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The five Dragon Knights sped off. I took the chance to yell toward the players behind me, "Let’s rush straight toward the palace as well! The Dragon Knights will open a path for us, so let’s seize this opportunity to kill that wicked king!"

Lin Yixin’s laughter pealed like silvery bells behind me as she added me and a few other stalwarts of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls into her party. Gui Guzi charged to the forefront on the back of his Armored Swordback Dragon as he sprinted forward.

We arrived at the gates of the palace like a raging storm and we saw the five Dragon Knights rampaging across the altar in the distance. The Purgatory Dragon Scepter instantly shattered and the spatial bridge that was hovering above our heads instantly disappeared. We had finally severed the connection between the mortal realm and the plane of Purgatory. Now that the Purgatory Dragon Scepter had been destroyed, not even Coldblade, were he still around, would be able to summon his legions of hell.


A group of players noisily charged into the palace and killed nearly a thousand imperial guardsmen. The wicked king, who remained seated on his throne, finally came into view as we approached the grand palace hall.

When I recalled the corrupt, ignorant and self-serving behavior of this king and his rotten council of elders, my heart burned with rage. Their blatant unconcern for the survival of the human race was simply unforgivable!

I rushed up the staircase leading to the throne as I yelled, "Everyone, follow me!"

The wicked king recognized me and he could not help but yell, "So, it was you, you rebellious adventurer! Damn you! Harken to my command, my servants! Kill this rebel! I want to see his head separated from his shoulders! Adventurer, I will use your heart to make good wine!"

"You can use your sister for that instead!"

I grinned as I locked onto the wicked king and activated Thunderous Charge!


I smashed into the wicked king, and I also managed to successfully stun him. This was my second encounter with him, but I was Level 125 this time and I had just obtained the 6-star Outstanding Earth-grade item, the Soul Suppressing Cloak. My power had grown by leaps and bounds since the last time we clashed!

I followed up my charge with Burning Blade Slash. The three crescent blades of fiery sword energy slammed into the king’s body with successive thuds, causing him to lose a large amount of health!

The traitorous generals around us instantly surrounded me as they charged forward with their blades bared.

I chuckled as I started to circle around Sky City’s king. I continued to lash out at him with my sword while I activated War Crush. This instantly shoved the generals backward and a few of them had even lost 20% of their HP.

In the end, every single one of the generals who had been willing to follow this fatuous king and betray humanity were craven scum. The true heroes amongst Sky City’s armies had decisively left the king’s commands, just like Jacelyn had done. All of these "traitors" were fierce warriors who were more than willing to spill their blood on the sand.


A beam of sword energy wreathed in both cold energy and flames engulfed me, the boss, and all of the NPCs around us. Lin Yixin had finally taken action!

After that, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, and the rest of our party joined the battle. Even Beiming Xue, who was still quite far away from us, started to wildly shoot at the enemies around me as she used Multi Arrow. We only had one objective in this place! We would kill this fatuous king and all of his rotten elders! Justice would be delivered today!


Whoosh! Wooosh!

Holy light continued to blossom around me and my HP and all of my defenses had skyrocketed thanks to the effects of Bombshell. It might not even be out of the question for me to duel this wicked king by myself!

It was only natural for his HP to fall rapidly as he was assaulted by players like Lin Yixin and Li Chengfeng as well. A group of us just wailed on him relentlessly as we completely surrounded him, and he wasn’t long for this world.

As for the elders? They were in an even more miserable situation. Players had already started hacking away at them, and all of them soon lay in pools of their own blood as they wailed, "Our king is about to fall…"

As the king’s HP rapidly dwindled to nothing, Gui Guzi thrust Rainbow forward, carving out two more holes in his body. I immediately followed up with Burning Blade Slash which deleted the last bit of his HP!


Golden light erupted around me as I reached Level 126. Alright, we’ve finally brought this event to a close!

However, this rotten king didn’t drop any reward even after we killed him. In fact, he didn’t even drop any of his equipment. He merely dropped a few rather valuable stones. It looks like he was the sort of fellow who collected jewels over divine weapons. He really was rotten to the core!


"Mmmn, we’ve finally reached the final part of the quest, so it should be about time for the system to reward the Top 100 players on the leaderboard, right?" Lin Yixin said with an ecstatic smile on her face.

I nodded my head. "It’ll be soon."

It was at this precise moment that Karinshan entered the grand hall at the head of all of her generals. She shot a smile at me as she said, "Courageous adventurers, all of you are truly the pride and glory of Sky City!"

I stepped aside and cleared the path to the throne as I said, "Princess Karinshan, it is time for you to inherit the throne…"

Karinshan: "..."

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