Chapter 494: Defeat of Coldblade

Coldblade’s body suddenly twitched once. Then, the nailed devil slowly rose to his feet and pulled out the Dragonbone Spear. Blood poured out of his wound non-stop, but Coldblade simply glared at Xinran with an extraordinarily murderous and brutal expression before shouting, “Wind Singer, you will pay the price of your betrayal! The rest of the Purgatory Sovereigns will never let you claim the entire plane of the living to yourself!”

Coldblade then barked out a sinister laugh before swinging his Coldblade Sword. He shouted, “Spirits of Purgatory, destroy all those who stand in our way!”


Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Gigantic monsters suddenly teleported in from the spatial bridge. Worse, they were flying-type monsters. A closer look revealed to me that they were two-headed skeletal dragons with some sort of dark energy enveloping their bodies. Although they were much smaller than a giant dragon, their flight speed was amazing, and they shot dragon breath at their targets at short range.

They were Level 155 shadow-rank mobs just like the Coldblade Death Knights, except their attack power was way stronger. These creatures might be one of the lousiest types of dragons there were, but that didn’t change the fact that they were still dragons. The swarm of black creatures absolutely had the power to delete us players from the battlefield, especially since no one was expecting Coldblade the Infinite Storm to summon another monster wave.

"Withdraw the formation and prepare to defend!"

I shouted, "The mobs spit dragon’s breath, so be careful! Stay close to your mates and let the NPCs bear the brunt of the damage! Our focus is on survival and survival only!"

The wisdom behind my order was proven almost immediately. We squeezed into one tight formation and let the armies of Floating Ice City move past us to attack the two-headed skeletal dragons, and thanks to that all of us were able to survive unscathed. After all, the NPCs could just respawn again after they died, but we had to spend hours and days to retrain our levels if we died.


Princess Karinshan’s subordinates carried her back to her banner before she climbed up her mount again. She then pulled out her sword and ordered loudly, "Light cavalry, shoot those monsters! Griffin Legion, send those flying skeletons back to hell! And shamans, do everything you can to heal our Dragon Knights so they may rejoin the battle as soon as possible!"

"Yes, Your Highness!"

A few minutes later, a series of confusing noises came from Sky Forest. Then, an entire legion of Griffin Knights started flying out of the forest to meet the two-headed skeletal dragons. These majestic creatures had a lion’s body but an eagle’s head. They had sharp claws that gave them an incredible amount of attack power, and they were usually found in ancient plains or forest areas. Humanity had to spend a ton of effort to tame these animals, and because there was only so much weight a griffin could carry while still being able to fly in the sky, only someone with a small frame could become a griffin rider. That was why the mountain dwarfs of the human alliance became the first choice to ride a griffin. These dwarven warriors went through intensive training so that they might wield their battle hammers or battle axes atop their griffin. They were an ace unit that were second only to the Dragon Knights.

The Griffin Legion and the Undead Skeletal Dragons clashed against one another in no time, filling the air with the sounds of battering weapons and tearing flesh for a time. It was a fierce battle to say the least!

Beiming Xue darted across the battlefield nimbly while activating Range to increase her attack range by 50% or so. Then, she fired a Multi Arrow at the swarm of Undead Skeletal Dragons in the sky. Amazingly, she was able to hit dozens of Undead Skeletal Dragons before the griffin riders reached them, and after they were killed they turned into a pile of equipment and Magic Stones and fell from the sky. It was a pleasing sight to say the least.

When Gui Guzi ran over to pick up the equipment, his features brightened up immediately. "Holy shit, this is a 1-star Outstanding Purple Gold–grade item! These Undead Skeletal Dragons may as well be bosses…"

I sucked in a deep breath before exchanging a smile with Lin Yixin. Finally, the system had decided to reward us for surviving until the end. More specifically, they were rewarding us with shadow-rank mobs that could drop Purple Gold–grade equipment or even Outstanding Purple Gold–grade equipment, something that couldn’t have happened anywhere else!

Lin Yixin immediately formed a party made of super experts including Ling Xueshang. Gui Guzi himself remade his party into an all-knight group because the original Fireblade Cavalry was all dead. Even a "fake" knight like Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun was added to the party because he could benefit from Gui Guzi’s Famous General Skill, Knight God.

I shotcalled the final stand. "Beiming Xue, Ling Xueshang, I want the two of you to draw the Undead Skeletal Dragons to the ground so that the rest of us can gang up on it. Let’s try to maximize our DPS while still keeping everyone safe. We’ll split the loot 4-4-2, meaning 40% to Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and 20% to The Monarch Descends. Is that okay with you?"

Ling Xueshang looked a bit embarrassed. "That’s too much. There’s only less than 100 of us left…"

"It’s fine. That’s settled then!"

"Yeah!" Lin Yixin nodded with a smile.

The two archers began carrying out the plan after everything was sorted out. First, they drew the Undead Skeletal Dragons to the ground by shooting them. Then I, Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, Lin Yixin and the others ran up to the mob and pummeled it to a thousand pieces. We might be no match for Coldblade, but Level 155 shadow-rank mobs were a completely different story.


The first Undead Skeletal Dragon was killed by me, and it actually dropped three Phantasmal Magic Stones and two items. The first was a Level 125 2-star Outstanding Dark Gold–grade metal armor wristguards, and the second was a pair of Level 125 Purple Gold–grade leather armor boots. Everyone trusted me, so they let me keep the loot until we could distribute them. Since I had already cleared out my bag twice throughout this war, I had 400 empty inventory slots in total next to my potions. There was plenty of profit to be gained.


He Yi died earlier, and she sent me a message from real life saying that she was heading out to buy supper for all of us. The war had lasted an entire day, so everyone must be starving out of their minds right now. The reason they couldn’t feel fatigue or hunger yet was because the battle was too intense. Once we successfully defended Sky City and everything was over, I’m sure everyone would feel hungry enough to eat their gaming helmets.

We baited and killed one Undead Skeletal Dragon every 10 seconds or so, which was pretty good speed all things considered. This was especially true since several Famous Generals were working together to give the mobs a hell of a time. I was still staying in Lin Yixin’s party because the 66% boost to all stats was just too good for me to give up on. I had 22000 HP, and with Bombshell, this number skyrocketed to 36520. To put it into perspective, I had almost as much HP as a mounted Gui Guzi. It was why some riders couldn’t stop themselves from shooting me strange looks. Considering my equipment right now, the balance of the world would literally crumble if I could ride a mount as well.

Speaking of which, the amazing drop rate wasn’t the only thing the Undead Skeletal Dragon had. They also gave an astounding amount of experience. Everyone—even Warsky Alliance’s remnants—were leveling like crazy. Right now, Laughing At The Heavens, Warsky and Farewell Song were leading their remaining parties and fighting with everything they got!


Bang bang bang…

A couple of explosions resounded throughout the sky as Coldblade launched another attack against Xinran. It was a very close fight. Although Xinran managed to catch him by surprise and injure him greatly, the fact was she couldn’t gain the upper hand over Coldblade in a fair fight. It was because much of Xinran’s power was still sealed away. Still, this only meant that the original Xinran was ridiculously powerful; so powerful that she was able to go in and out of the God Domain safely even though most of her powers were still sealed away.

It was chaos above and below Sky City. The war had reached its climax. The intense battle lasted at least an hour until finally, only a small number of Undead Skeletal Dragons were still alive. Most of Floating Ice City’s griffin riders were dead as well.

It was absolutely worth it, however. I was now sitting at Level 125 87%, and my bag was completely jam-packed with equipment. Out of the 400 newly-obtained items, even the lousiest of them was a Level 125 Dark Gold–grade item. There were 87 Purple Gold–grade equipment in total, and 19 of them were of the Outstanding quality. After the loot was distributed, practically every top-tier player in the three guilds was going to climb to new heights of power. No one was expecting these Undead Skeletal Dragons to be this generous with their loot drops. They outdid a large majority of the bosses we had fought until now.


Suddenly, a red figure crashed to the ground and drew everyone’s attention. It was Xinran unable to withstand a strike from Coldblade. The girl was standing amidst a freshly made rubble and looking nowhere as fresh as she was when she first appeared.


Coldblade also descended to the ground. Then, he slowly stepped toward Xinran with his sword at the ready.


Xinran was clearly about to lose. Coldblade would kill her if we didn’t help her!

I immediately shouted to my comrades. "Those who aren’t afraid to die, follow me! Let’s help Xinran take out that fucker!"

Lin Yixin, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Purple Marquis, and Beiming Xue immediately stepped out after me. Everyone else though simply exchanged helpless looks and stared at our backs. They wanted to help too, but Coldblade was just too strong. Those who lacked the attack power couldn’t even damage the Immortal Rank boss, so there was no point in joining the battle.


I locked onto Coldblade and activated Thunderous Charge. To my surprise, I actually managed to stun him this time!

Lin Yixin ran past me and hit Coldblade with Extreme Break. For the next 15 seconds, his Defense would be drastically reduced!

I checked my cooldown and noted that God’s Rage had finally refreshed. The War God possessing me and granting me 100% crit chance, I hit the boss with a Burning Blade Slash and a War Crush in succession—








The continuous attack rocked Coldblade like a leaf. It was to the point where he gave up on pursuing Xinran and turned to me in fury, shouting, "You are courting death, you brat!"


The Coldblade Sword shone with a terrifying red color. Shit! It’s a single target skill!

I never had a chance to dodge the attack. Coldblade slashed me twice, and both attacks were critical hits!



Obviously, there was no player in the entire world who could withstand 70k damage right now. The world spinning before my eyes, I collapsed to my knees and waited for death to claim me. Before I died, I saw Xinran staring at me in shock and muttering, "Big brother…"

Xinran went absolutely ballistic. She rushed Coldblade and stabbed him in the chest again and again like a madwoman, and because he was still under the effects of Extreme Break she dealt a terrible amount of damage and elicited many howls of pain. Coldblade’s chest looked like a hornet’s nest by the time she was finally spent!

But I didn’t die. I slowly rose to my feet again as a column of bloody light pierced through the clouds and enveloped me. It was Immortality activating again and reviving me back to full health!

Well, Immortality was Rank 10, so it had a 10% chance of reviving me upon death. Luck boosted the success chance of everything, so it was likely that the success chance to trigger Immortality was really around 30% or so. Hence, it wasn’t surprising that I had triggered Immortality again.


Coldblade backed away while forcing Gui Guzi and Lin Yixin back with a sword swing. Both of them had less than 40% left, so they didn’t dare to chase after him.


Suddenly, Coldblade raised his sword and cut the storm with an angry swing of his sword. He actually tore a black spatial rift midair and was about to leap back into the purgatory plane.

But Xinran bolted toward him and grabbed one of his boots before he could escape. She shouted, "Don’t even think about escaping, bastard!"

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