Chapter 493: The Bones of the Gods

Alexander and the last of the Fireblade Cavalry had all perished under Coldblade’s sword at this point. Our attacks only riled him up even further than he already was, and he kept tossing out Ice Blasts and storm attacks while ignoring our attacks.

“Can’t hold on any longer! Retreat!”

Everyone started backing away from the boss after I barked out the retreat order.

“Haha, you ants…”

Coldblade continued to laugh madly and sinisterly as he charged toward us. Pushing Lin Yixin behind me in a hurry, I raised the Heaven-stealing Sword and prepared to make the last stand. It was because I had higher Defense compared to Lin Yixin thanks to the 6-star Outstanding Earth-grade cloak. I wasn’t lacking in the HP department either.



A column of red light suddenly poured down from the sky just as Coldblade was about to swing his hurricane-sheathed sword at me. The next moment, a strange sword covered in a red glow stabbed itself into a rock and let out a clear, melodious ring.

"What? The… the Sword of the Forest King?"

Coldblade exclaimed in shock. His eyes were shaking with a hint of urgency and even a bit of fear.


This time, the world flashed purple as a purple war hammer hit the ground hard. Its handle was crawling with dazzling lightning.

"The Hammer of the Thunder God?"

Coldblade’s shock grew as he looked at the sky. Another two weapons hit the ground even before he was finished speaking. One was a sword, and the other a scepter. Both had a bloody luster to them.

At this point, Coldblade’s shock had reached its maximum point. He yelled, "The Glorious War Sword? The Rolling Thunder Scepter? Im… impossible! Why are these ancient divine weapons here?"

Coldblade abruptly looked at the sky again, and this time it was a gorgeous girl clad in craggy red armor who descended from the sky. The sleek, elegant armor had scales that were pointed downward, and it wrapped around the girl’s breasts perfectly. Her legs looked long and white beneath her red battle garment, and her hair danced in the air following the flow of the wind. The girl with red eyes was staring daggers at Coldblade without a shred of human emotion.

"It… it’s you, Wind Singer Xinran..."

Coldblade uttered through clenched teeth, "You traitor! I will tear you to pieces today!"


The corner of Xinran’s lips suddenly curled upward, and she pulled a blood-red spear into existence out of nowhere. It was none other than the Dragonbone Spear. However, the weapon had clearly gone through refinement because its light was a lot brighter than before.

"I wasn’t planning to kill you, Coldblade, but since you showed up in this plane I don’t mind killing you and extracting your undead soul spark."

"Dream on! Do you think I’m still the same person I was before? My strength has reached its peak, and you are no match for me anymore!"

Coldblade made the fearless declaration and licked his lips with a sinister expression. "Legend says that you are the prettiest woman in the Purgatory, Wind Singer! Let us test that truth today!"


Xinran suddenly broke into a smile and moved her legs a little, unconsciously showing off the curves of her perfect body. She raised the Dragonspear and declared, "For that statement alone, you deserve to die ten thousand times, Coldblade. Come! Let me show you how much I’ve learned to survive on this plane!"

Suddenly, Xinran waved her hand and caused four objects to fall from the sky. We were frightened out of our wits when we saw clearly what the objects that crashed next to the four divine weapons were: They were bones! Dry skeletons that looked like they were dead a long time ago! Why on earth had Xinran brought them here?

Coldblade was shocked too, but the reason behind his shock was different from ours. He stared at the skeletons with round eyes before shouting angrily, "You were in the God Domain, Wind Singer? These bodies, they clearly belong to the Forest King, the Thunder God, the War God Silva, and the Goddess Arni…"

Xinran smiled. "Correct. I was searching for the bones of the gods, but I discovered that the divine energy in their remains was long gone, and their divine weapons had all been cursed, useless weapons that cannot be wielded by beings with divine energy. However, I also discovered that great power is generated when the cursed weapons and their former masters are put together!"

"What?!" Coldblade’s eyes widened even further.

Xinran smiled and raised her spear into the air abruptly. She chanted, "Gods who slumber in death and silence, heed my summon and return to this world in shame and fury! Slay all evil and protect the order you once loved—Revitalize!"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Four columns of light descended from the sky and landed atop the skeletons. As the power of life poured into their bodies, they actually started moving and rising to their feet once more. Their movement was a bit slow, but their bodies were surrounded by a cyclone of bloody aura. They were clearly very powerful.


The Thunder God’s skeleton gripped the Hammer of the Thunder God and turned toward Coldblade. His pitch black sockets flashed with killing intent and hatred as he let out a guttural roar.

Xinran clenched her fingers into a fist and ordered sternly. "Go! Kill the Infinite Storm!"


All four skeletons immediately charged toward the boss with their weapons. Coldblade tried to block a mighty hammer swing from the Thunder God with his sword, but he was still sent stumbling backward. Before he could steady his footing, the War God Silva slashed his back with the Glorious War Sword!


Black blood poured all over the place as a deep wound appeared on Coldblade’s back. Again, the stumbling boss wasn’t able to regain his footing before the Goddess Arni launched a thunder dragon spell that engulfed him completely. There was no way Coldblade didn’t feel the lightning ravaging his entire body.


Finally, the Forest King stabbed Coldblade right through the chest with his sword, deleting another chunk from the Purgatory Sovereign’s HP.

"You damned gods… you are just trash that has turned into dust…"

Furious, Coldblade slowly rose to his feet and sent a powerful wind straight toward the Forest King. As a hole exploded at the center of the skeleton’s chest, Coldblade rushed forward and punched him so many times that the skeleton shattered into a thousand pieces!

Slowly pulling out the Sword of the Forest King out of his chest, an infuriated Coldblade tossed the sword at Goddess Arni’s chest and nailed her to the stone wall behind her. The Sword of the Forest King unleashed its cursed power, and the skeleton immediately turned into dust bit by bit.

The rest of us were completely stunned. We didn’t expect Coldblade to be so powerful that he straight up ignored the damage he took and killed both skeletons of the gods in one hit.


"Hahaha, Wind Singer, did you forget how powerful I was? Or did you underestimate me too much? There’s no way mere skeletons without their divine power could defeat me!"

Coldblade laughed arrogantly before charging toward the last two skeletons. He cleaved the Thunder God’s skull in half and snatched the Hammer of the Thunder God from its hand. He then shattered War God Silva’s rib cage with a kick before smashing him to pieces with the hammer.

However, the wind suddenly howled loudly above his head, and Xinran and her Dragonbone Spear dropped from the sky like a bolt of lightning. Smiling a little, she said, "You are the one who doesn’t get it, Coldblade! I’m the one you should watch out for!"


The Dragonbone Spear smashed into the Coldblade Sword with the weight of a mountain behind it and caused the latter to shake with strain. However, the mighty strike still wasn’t enough to deal a fatal blow to him. It showed just how powerful the Purgatory Sovereign was.


Xinran abruptly vanished from thin air before reappearing next to his waist. She then crouched downward before elbowing him in the stomach. The strike was empowered by cyan energy and wind blades, so it left many cracks in the armor around Coldblade’s abdomen.

Thud thud thud…

Blood draining away from his face, Coldblade tried to back away and regain himself. However, Xinran was faster than he was. Blood-red cloak flapping behind her back, she pounced toward him and kneed him right beneath the chin, launching his entire person into the air. Before the boss could fall back to the ground, she jumped into the air before stabbing him right in the stomach!


Black blood spilled out of the wound as the Dragonbone Spear penetrated Coldblade’s body. The incredible force nailed him to a giant rock on the ground as the spear shook and let out occasional draconic roars.

Coldblade cut a sorry figure in that moment. Despite still holding onto his Coldblade Sword, the boss lay on the ground motionlessly as if he was dead.


It was at this time a new army suddenly emerged from the horizon. They were all undead cavalry, and beneath a violet banner was none other than the princess of the newly founded empire, Princess Sophia herself. Riding a skeletal warhorse, the princess slowly made her way forward while accompanied by a battle ready Xue Wei. The Shadow Dancer carried a bloody longbow behind her back and kept one hand on the sword around her waist.

Sophia jumped down her horse before running to the edge of the crater Princess Karinshan created. She pulled the heavily injured human princess to her feet before smiling at her. "Are you alright, Your Highness?"

Karinshan shook her head. "I’m fine, and thank you for the empire’s timely assistance. If Lord Wind Singer hadn’t shown up in time, I would’ve been killed by Coldblade already."

She said that, but she couldn’t help but shoot a worried look at the army behind Sophia.

Sophia knew what she was thinking, so she smiled and said, "Don’t worry, Your Highness. The reason I brought several hundred thousand troops is to ensure Lord Wind Singer’s safety. Since the Violet Empire has already been rebuilt, I have no reason to attack any human city. All I wanted was to build a refuge for the undead."

"Mn. Thank you…"

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