Chapter 492: Knight’s Duty

The silver dragon let out a roar as Tenor, the Silver Dragon Knight, launched an attack. He swung his giant silver sword and hit Coldblade’s back with a cross attack!


Coldblade shuddered as his HP dropped a little. However, not only did he regenerate back to full health with a frightening speed, he spun around angrily and shot a dazzling icicle at the silver knight through his sword. The fact that we could see the air current surrounding the icicle showed just how powerful the attack was!

"Roar roar roar…"

The silver dragon let out a painful cry as a deep wound appeared at its neck area. Behind its back, Tenor also let out a muffled groan because he was struck by the shattered bits of the icicle. Both him and his silver dragon quickly fell toward the ground.

Eyes reddening with distress, the Dragon Knight Pias also launched an attack, drawing black blood from beneath Coldblade’s metal armguard. As expected, Coldblade wasn’t a human anymore. If he was, he wouldn’t have this much power.


Coldblade screeched like a madman before spinning around and grabbing Pias’s dragonspear. Then, he swung out his sword and slashed the Iron Armor Dragon Knight’s arm in half. The slash was so terrible that even his dragon nearly lost half its wing as both rider and dragon fell toward the ground while screaming.

Still grippin his sword, Coldblade spread his arms and enveloped himself in an infinite storm. Staring at Princess Karinshan, he laughed evilly, "What’s wrong, Karinshan? Weren’t you called the strongest commander of the Silver Moon Alliance? Have you declined so much that you can only order these pitiful worms to their deaths? Well, playtime’s over. From this day onward, Sky City belongs to the Purgatory Legion, and I, Coldblade the Infinite Storm, am the one true ruler of this land!"

Coldblade abruptly gathered his strength once more and used the power of the domains. An infinite storm ravaged the sky and defeated the Fire Dragon Knight, the Green Dragon Knight and Ice Dragon Knight all at the same time. They and their dragons hit the ground with a loud thump, and they looked to be in no condition to continue the battle.


"Hmph! Don’t underestimate us!"

Karinshan angrily pulled out her sword and rose to her feet. Pushing herself off her mount and straight into the air, she zigzagged across the sky like a lightning bolt using her wind energy and charged at Coldblade. Snowflakes gathered around her sword as she swung mightily at the boss.


Coldblade swung his own sword at Karinshan, and as the two swords clashed a huge shockwave erupted from the point of contact. Karinshan was immediately thrown unceremoniously into the distance; both her hair and her battle garment flapping wildly in the wind. She was barely able to steady herself using the wind blade she wielded. If it wasn’t clear before, it was clear now that Princess Karinshan was much, much weaker than Coldblade.

"Is this all you got, Karinshan? Hahaha!"

Coldblade laughed like a madman while pointing at the human princess. "I guess today’s the day I chop off your head and surrender it to the Purgatory for a bounty reward. I am sure that the other eight Sovereigns will be glad to see your head, hahahaha…"

Karinshan let out a snort, gathered her strength and charged Coldblade once more. This time, her sword suddenly burst into an intimidating light and sailed toward the boss like it would annihilate him down to the atoms.


Coldblade exclaimed in surprise as he summoned a shield in a hurry. He also noticed that this strike possessed far greater power than the one before. The beautiful princess was going all out on this one.

The shield successfully dispelled Karinshan’s power, and Coldblade hit her strongly at the center of her chest. The power behind the palm strike was absolutely equal to the storm around him.


Karinshan hit the ground like a meteor and caused a shockingly huge crater. The impact was so great that there were dust clouds everywhere, and Heavenblessed Continent shook as if in fear.

A long time later, the dust cloud settled to reveal Karinshan on one knee. Her forehead was bloody, and she had to push herself slowly to her feet with her sword. She glared at Coldblade with stubborn determination, but there was a trace of helplessness in her eyes as well. The power gap between the two was just too huge, and there was nothing Karinshan could do to Coldblade at all.


Coldblade slowly descended to the ravaged ground and walked step by step toward Princess Karinshan.

My eyes turned chilly as I asked, "This is our chance to protect a princess of humanity. Who will follow me to kill Coldblade?"

"Who won’t?"

Gui Guzi, High Fighting Spirits, Li Chengfeng, and everyone else raised their blades and shouted their answer.

I let out a chuckle before breaking into a run. Coldblade was about 300 yards away from me—not too far but not too close—and right behind me were Gui Guzi, He Yi and the heroes of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Not willing to fall behind, the players of Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends ran right next to us as well. The quest had reached a critical point, and no one was willing to miss this epic moment!

I used Thunderous Charge as soon as I got within range of Coldblade!


I blitzed toward the legendary Sovereign of the Night Creatures despite knowing full well that the Immortal Rank boss was way beyond our reach!


The Charge missed as I expected it would, but I immediately followed up with a Burning Blade Slash. The triple-hit skill hit the boss's back and dealt some damage—




Fuck, my last hit just barely broke 4 digits. Just how high were Coldblade’s stats? No wonder Princess Karinshan was no match for him!

"Hmph! You damned brat!"

Coldblade abruptly turned around and slashed me across the chest. The pain was so terrible that I could feel it in my bones, and a terrifying damage number popped above my head—


Fuck! If I hadn’t equipped the Soul Suppressing Cloak, that attack would’ve one-shot me one hundred percent!

Li Chengfeng knocked me over to safety and took over my spot. Then, he stabbed the boss's chest four times in a row using Dragonbone Flurry and Cyan Dragon Horn—





High Fighting Spirits immediately exclaimed in shock. "What the fuck! Even Li Chengfeng can only hit him for triple digits…"

Coldblade bent his elbow and began summoning a thick column of storm around his blade. It looked like he was going to attack us at any moment!

"It’s an AoE skill! Dodge it!"

I shouted, grabbed High Fighting Spirits’ chain armor and pulled him to the side in one swift motion. At almost the same time, Coldblade unleashed waves of storm energy at where we were a moment ago and annihilated everything within a straight line. The terrible power gorged the earth and killed a dozen or so players instantly, including Chaos Moon and Moonlight Stone. In the end, the girls weren’t able to survive until the end of the tenth monster wave.

Coldblade roared again and raised his arm. This time, a beam pierced the sky and brought a fucking hurricane that looked like it would engulf everything. This attack was most definitely going to be worse than the last one!

Lin Yixin’s face was deathly pale. "Stop him!"

She hit Coldblade with Extreme Break, but it wasn’t enough to interrupt the Immortal Rank boss. I appeared right behind her and gathered a circle of red energy around my fist. Leaping into the air and bending my waist a little, I threw everything I had straight at the boss's chest!

"Magic Piercing Punch!"


My skill successfully interrupted Coldblade’s skill, but the boss only grew even angrier. He tried to rush me with his sword.

It was at this moment High Fighting Spirits stepped forward bravely to face the boss. Swinging Invincible and looking like he was about to explode, he slammed into the boss's waist and shouted the Xiezhi Howl. His energy took the savage form of the Xiezhi Beast and tore into the boss's torso! At that moment, he looked like nothing could stop him!

The threat changed to High Fighting Spirits immediately. Coldblade threw me aside and attempted to kill the brave barbarian warrior!


A gigantic shield slammed into the boss's face as Gui Guzi arrived on his Armored Steelback Dragon! Not only did he save High Fighting Spirits, he tanked all three slashes from Coldblade!

Clang clang clang!

Coldblade’s sword caused huge sparks on his shield and nearly mangled the equipment. The three deep gashes on the steel were a testament to the boss's attack power. Even against him, this triple-hit combo would have taken his entire HP bar if he wasn’t Guarding, and if Lin Yixin hadn’t added him into her party in time to buff him with Bombshell.

Gui Guzi withdrew as two beautiful women covered his retreat. It was He Yi and Lin Yixin standing shoulder-to-shoulder and getting ready to counter the boss's next devastating strike.

Clang clang clang…

It only took Coldblade a couple of hits to send Lin Yixin stumbling backward with barely a sliver of health. He Yi fared slightly better because she had a shield.

Seeing that the situation was critical, He Yi elbowed Lin Yixin in the side and knocked her away to safety. The next moment, Coldblade’s stormy energy engulfed He Yi and her Snow Domain Windchaser completely!


My heart shivered. It was a critical hit! Who would’ve thought that our guild leader would come this far only to be one-shot by the boss...

Lin Yixin just stood there and stared at the place He Yi died. She looked completely lost for a moment.

I ran forward and picked up the wristguard He Yi dropped after she died. Then, I wrapped an arm around Lin Yixin’s waist—her Mount Tenacity had been emptied during the duel with Coldblade—and pulled her to the back. At this point, it was clear that this battle was completely beyond our ability. We failed to do any real damage to Coldblade, but Coldblade absolutely had the power to kill all of us!

"Sister He Yi, she…"

Lin Yixin looked at He Yi’s bloody, lifeless body again with a complicated expression. "Lu Chen, I…"

I gave her a reassuring smile and said, "It’s fine, Yiyi. we’re allies, aren’t we? You’ll save Eve too if she’s in danger. It is a knight’s natural duty to protect their comrades, and Eve is slowly but surely getting there."

"Mn, sorry. It’s all my fault…"

"It’s nothing, so please don’t feel guilty. Seriously, every time you feel guilty I feel like I owe you a lot of money."


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