Chapter 491: Coldblade Descends

"Lin Bing Dou Zhe?"

Li Chengfeng hummed for a second. "I don’t recall ever hearing about this person, but the fact that he rose to Level 120 and learned a Famous General Skill that adds 30% Attack and 20% Defense… sounds like an all-round commander type of player to me…"

"Mn." I completely agreed with him. "Stranger of Three Lifetimes must be on the move already. Considering her reputation in Vanished God City, there’s no way she wouldn’t try to recruit Lin Bing Dou Zhe."

He Yi asked, "Should we try and recruit him as well?"

"Sure. Add him as a friend and send him a message yourself."



A few minutes later, He Yi said in disappointment, "We were too late…"

"What happened?"

"Lin Bing Dou Zhe said that someone had contacted him and invited him to an offline meeting half a minute ago. He refused to tell me who it was, and he deleted me from his friend list right after we finished chatting…"


I hid my annoyance and asked, "Looks like he was recruited by an enemy of ours. Do you have any idea who it might be? Candle Dragon, Warsky Alliance, Mad Dragon, or Gods of Destruction?"

"I don’t know…" He Yi shook her head blankly. "It could be any of them."

It was at this moment Li Chengfeng spoke up. "Alright, I just did a quick investigation on Lin Bing Dou Zhe. Do you want to hear about it?"

"Sure. Tell us!"

"Lin Bing Dou Zhe is Lin Bin, a man from Hangzhou. He played a game called ‘Overlord’ during Spirit of Grief and was known as the strongest player of that game. After Heavenblessed came online, he changed his ID and kept a low profile until recently. I don’t know what kind of person he is, but I do know that he has great skill, great judgement, and great senses. He’s a control-type player."

He Yi and I exchanged a glance with each other. "Such a shame…"

But Gui Guzi laughed and reassured us, "It’s fine, we couldn’t possibly recruit every talent in the world, right?"

"True." I nodded and let go of my disappointment quickly. "It doesn’t matter which guild Lin Bing Dou Zhe joins. If he becomes our enemy, then we’ll just show him who’s boss!"

"Hehe, that’s right!"

Gui Guzi chuckled. However, he was hit three to four times by the Coldblade Death Knights because he wasn’t paying attention. Sigh, the guy still had a long way to go. Unlike him, Li Chengfeng and I could chat and still grind the mobs like normal without losing performance.


Suddenly, a column of golden light warmed my body. I had finally risen to Level 125!

"Lu Chen has risen to Level 125, haha! Congrats, congrats!" High Fighting Spirits and the others congratulated me with laughter.

I smiled and flipped open my bag excitedly. I then replaced the Skydusk Cloak with the Soul Suppressing Cloak. When the blood-red cloak appeared behind my back, my image immediately became even more frightening than before. The frayed ends of the cloak especially made me look like a fierce general who had stepped across countless battlefields.

A surge of powerful energy entered my body the moment I equipped the Soul Suppressing Cloak. It made me feel stronger than ever before!

When I opened my stat screen, the numbers I saw immediately surprised me. In hindsight, I shouldn’t be, since this was a 6-star Outstanding Earth-grade item, currently the strongest defense equipment in the game—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Dark Gold Swordsman)

Level: 125

HP: 21980

Attack: 1902~2455

Defense: 2965

Magic Resist: 2665

Reputation: 228480

Tactics: 226(+164)

Luck: 28


It was amazing. My upper attack limit was 2455, my base Defense was almost 3000, and my max HP was almost 22k thanks to the Soul Suppressing Cloak! One might say that 99% of the magic knights out there didn’t have my HP even if they had dropped all their stats into Stamina!

My total Defense was 2965, the total percentage boost from my equipment was—30% from the God Suppressing Necklace, 20% from the God Suppressing Helmet, 14% from the Obsidian Dragon Scale Armor, 25% from the Soul Suppressing Cloak, 8% from the Soul of the Earth Bracers and 20% from the Silver Dragon Ring—117%, and the total percentage boost from my skill—Ghost Deity Armor X—was 40%. Therefore, the total percentage boost from both equipment and skill was 157%. Therefore, my effective Defense was 7620. How scary was that? I must be almost as tanky as Gui Guzi right now!

To test out exactly how powerful my Defense was, I rushed into a group and stomped the ground with War Crush. All the Coldblade Death Knights around me let out a painful groan before they pointed their blade toward me at the same time. The next moment, a column of damage numbers rose above my head—





Since I had almost 22k HP, this amount of damage wasn’t nearly as threatening as before. Let’s also not forget that my Heaven-stealing Sword had 14% lifesteal. Assuming that I had a dedicated priest, I could absolutely swim through the sea of Level 155 shadow-rank mobs with ease.

"Holy shit, Lu Chen is a monster. I can’t believe he’s tanky enough to ignore the Coldblade Death Knights’ attacks…" Chaos Moon exclaimed in surprise.

"No he’s not. 10, 9, 8…" Li Chengfeng counted down from ten, and just as he expected I had to run back to the battle line to get some heals before 10 seconds was even up. As I mentioned earlier, I could only withstand the mobs’ attacks if I had a dedicated priest with me. The Coldblade Death Knights had great attack speed, so even one of them could hit me for four or five thousand damage in just a few seconds. Not even a god could survive this in my place.

I continued fighting as normal after I returned to the defense line and regained full health thanks to our priests. Speaking of which, I didn’t forget to absorb the Coldblade Death Knights’ soul spark. These mobs were all Asura-rank monsters, and in the words of Undead Swordsman Suren, they were like gods to the lowly undead. This was the perfect opportunity to grind these Night Creatures from Hell and increase my undead rank and become an Asura King as soon as possible. I could tell from the title alone that an Asura King was way stronger than an Asura.


A short while later, the Coldblade Death Knights swarming us were more or less dead. Everyone who survived had gotten a ton of levels, and I fully expected the Heavenly Ranking of Sky City to change drastically by the end of this war. Anyone who died early was absolutely not entering the Top 10 for sure.

I ran all over the place and absorbed any undead soul spark I could find. Every time I absorbed a soul spark, I could feel the energy inside me grow a little stronger. Eventually, I discovered that I was close to ascending!

At the distance, hordes of Coldblade Death Knights were still charging into Floating Ice City’s army. The NPCs had to face most of the ninth and tenth wave mobs by themselves because most of the player faction was dead by that point. That was why they suffered massive casualties, and why there were bodies all over the ground. Whatever the outcome of this war might be, it was going to take a long time for Floating Ice City to recover their strength!

Suddenly, lightning rocked the sky once more, and an seemingly boundless storm enveloped the spatial bridge completely. The earth shook violently, and dark clouds covered the sky completely. It was as if the apocalypse was about to descend to the earth!

"It’s here, the final boss is here…" I said solemnly as I looked up.

The remaining players raised their heads, and as expected an undead general clad in azure metal armor appeared under everyone’s gaze. Its tattered cloak looked a bit similar to my Soul Suppressing Cloak, and it wielded a sword with glowing runes on it. It stared at the ground beneath its feet like it was the world’s ruler.


On the ground, Princess Karinshan whispered and stared at Coldblade with a complicated expression beneath the banner of Floating Ice City. She then asked in a quiet voice, "You were a hero of humanity. Why did you become the slave of the undead?"

The commander of the Black Cavalry, Stark, raised his arm and shouted, "Light cavalry, charge! Coldblade must die so that the Purgatory Legion cannot shatter the peace of the world!"

The sound of horse hooves thundering against the earth entered our ears as ten thousand cavalry troops took off and approached Coldblade at high speed. The moment the NPCs got within range, they immediately pulled out their bows, nocked their arrows and shot the boss! The final battle between the NPCs had finally begun!

Still standing in midair, Coldblade paid the arrow rain absolutely no heed. His body was enveloped by a layer of thin, windy light, and it knocked away all the arrows flying his direction. The attacks couldn’t even reach his body, much less tickle his skin!

"Hahaha, you human warriors are like ants to me!"

Coldblade the Infinite Storm let out a sinister laugh before raising an arm abruptly. The power of the wind gathering around his hand, he abruptly punched toward the ground and created an instantaneous storm!


The skill seemed to have a radius of 200 yards. Screams filled the air as all the brave knights and warhorses caught within the storm were turned into bits of flesh and blood. A moment later, the storm subsided, and there was an empty space where the cavalry unit used to be. That one attack had killed almost all of the ten thousand troops.


The NPCs weren’t the only one who were shocked. We players were panicking as well. Clutching the Frostscythe Warhorse’s head tightly, Lin Yixin commented with a disbelieving expression, "OMG, let’s forget this boss and leave already. We absolutely don’t belong in the same weight class. He could literally kill all of us in one hit…"

I nodded but said, "Let’s wait and see…"


A draconic roar suddenly cut through the air. It looked like Princess Karinshan had finally decided to use her secret weapon, the Dragon Knights. Five Dragon Knights took to the air at the same time, and one of them was none other than the Green Dragon Knight I had saved before, Tia.

"Oh? Dragon Knights?"

The corners of Coldblade’s lips curled into a disdainful smile. "You pitiful worms chose to serve the human nobles after the Dragon Domain had turned into rubble? How pathetic. Where did the legendary pride of the Dragon Knights go?"

Harell, the Dragon Knight riding a fire dragon, raised his dragonspear and growled. "We won’t allow you to blaspheme our honor, you damned monster! The Dragon Domain may be gone, but we are still the protectors of the Dragon Domain and the protectors of this land! Lady Binglan may not be around anymore, but that is no reason not to obey our principles and bleed to the last drop of our blood for the sake of all those who live on this continent!"

"Hmph. Ridiculous!"

Coldblade let out a shout and pounced toward Harell. He swung his sword like he would cleave the Fire Dragon Knight in half!


Both the dragonspear and Coldblade’s sword shone brightly. A moment later, Coldblade was still standing proudly in the sky, but Harell and his Fire Dragon were sent spiraling across the air. Both creatures screamed in pain as blood trailed down the corner of their lips!

It was clear who was the strong and who was the weak. Coldblade was so powerful that not even a Dragon Knight was a match for him!

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