Chapter 488: Soul Suppressing Cloak

Lin Yixin’s gaze swept the surroundings before she said, “Good, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun just finished using his Rock Smash. Get ready, Lu Chen! The boss is yours!”

The Frostscythe Warhorse neighed loudly as Lin Yixin ran in an arc and dodged a Flame Blast. After she arrived at God Dancer’s side, she stabbed the boss in the chest with her dagger, released it and brought the Frozen Sword down for an overhead strike!



The boss’s Defense and max HP were drastically lowered after Extreme Break and the two consecutive hits. This was my chance!

I swung the Heaven-stealing Sword three times in a row and launched three flaming auras at the boss’s chest. The attack crushed her armor completely, and God Dancer let out a low, sorrowful wail!





The second hit was a critical hit, so my final damage output exceeded 60k. It was enough to delete the final sliver of health from the boss’s health bar!


A column of golden light surrounded me as I rose to Level 124. The experience alone was worth all the fighting, but the boss also dropped a pile of equipment. To protect the loot, I rushed forward and threw all of them into my bag in just the blink of an eye. I was so fast that Lin Yixin’s mouth fell open. “What amazing looting speed…”

The boss of the ninth monster wave was officially dead, and a melodious ding entered my ears—


System Announcement: Player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” has killed the God Dancer. 15000 points and 2 Luck are awarded to the player!


Awesome! I wasn’t expecting the Luck reward to increase to 2 for the ninth boss! With this, I now had a total of 28 Luck!

Beiming Xue walked up to me and urged me excitedly, “Show us, big bro! I want to know if the boss dropped Earth-grade equipment!”


I nodded and looked inside my bag. There were four new items in total. The first item was a longbow with what seemed like lightning coursing through its surface. The second weapon was an impressive-looking long axe shining with red light. The third drop was a pair of cyan cloth-armor boots, and the last item was a blood-red cloak. The cloak didn’t look particularly impressive. In fact, it had wrinkles and holes at several places, and the ends of the fabric looked a bit frayed. However, the tattered appearance gave the cloak a bleak and murderous aura, and the gloss on the equipment strongly suggested that it was nothing short of extraordinary.

I turned around to face He Yi as I asked, “Should we distribute these via guild contribution points again?”

He Yi nodded. “We should. It’s fairer since a lot of people died to kill this boss!”


I picked up the lightning bow first and brought up its stats screen—


Thunder (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★)

Attack: 570~775

Strength: +105

Stamina: +100

Tactics: +20

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 25%

Passive: Increases user’s critical rate by 10%

Slots: 3

Outstanding Property: When attacking a target, 10% chance to trigger “Thunderous Strike”, a critical hit that ignores target’s Defense

Level Requirement: 120


Holy shit, it was the Level 120 signature equipment of Archer, Thunder! Unfortunately it was only 2-star Outstanding, so its stats—especially its Attack—was much poorer than the Burning Shadow Bow’s. Therefore, there was no need for Beiming Xue to compete for this bow.

I inquired about everyone's opinion—the girls, Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi and so on—before bringing the bow to Lin Yixin. I said, “This is the Level 120 signature weapon of Archer, and we’ve decided to gift this to you as thanks for your help, and repayment for the spear from last time. I suggest you give this to Clear Perfume; Thunder is a pretty good weapon.”

Lin Yixin didn’t play coy. She accepted Thunder immediately and smiled. “In that case, I thank you on behalf of Qingqing!”

“You’re welcome!”

I smiled back. Lin Yixin’s Bombshell had been absolutely critical in the boss fight. Purple Marquis and the members of Snowy Cathaya had also done everything in their power to delay Warsky Alliance when the latter tried to steal the boss. The gift was a poor measure of the relationship our two guild shared to say the least. The game was still a long way from reaching the end. All equipment was destined to be replaced eventually, but a good ally could walk with us until the end of our journey.

The archers in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls also understood this logic, so they didn’t make a fuss about it. In fact, Beiming Xue was the only standout archer during the battle against God Dancer, and everyone else was more or less carried by her. Plus, they were a ways away from having enough contribution points to compete for the bow even if we had decided to keep Thunder for ourselves.

I moved onto the second item dropped by the Earth Rank boss, the battle axe that was shrouded in a bloody light. When I waved a hand across the imposing and murderous-looking weapon, everyone was shocked by what they saw. Even Lin Yixin looked somewhat astonished—


Invincible (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★★)

Attack: 720~945

Strength: +120

Stamina: +115

Tactics: +28

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 44%

Passive: 15% of the damage will be dealt as splash damage

Property: Invisible Pressure. Damage dealt to target is increased by 25%

Slots: 3

Outstanding Property: When attacking a target, chance to trigger “Battle Axe Whirlwind”, area of effect skills that can damage multiple targets

Level Requirement: 120


My eyes turned as wide as saucers. Motherfucker, it was a 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon, the signature weapon of the Warrior class no less! Axe-type weapons generally had higher Attack than sword-type weapons, and this Invincible definitely had higher Attack than mine. However, it didn’t have my weapon’s OP lifesteal, so it was ultimately inferior to my Heaven-stealing Sword. Even so, it had skyrocketed all the way to the second place of the Weapon Ranking!

Obviously, I wasn’t going to gift this to Snowy Cathaya. Only someone who had been kicked in the head by a donkey would do something that stupid, and even if I was that person, I was sure that Lin Yixin would be too embarrassed to accept it. So I turned around, swept a glance at our top-tier fighters and raised Invincible into the air, smiling. “This is a Level 120 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon, a super weapon that can change a person’s fate. I’m sure there’s someone who wants this, am I right?”

Li Chengfeng spread his arms. “I don’t particularly care for this weapon. I’m used to swords, and axes are too clumsy and slow for me.”

Gui Guzi raised his spear. “I have Rainbow already.”

He Yi smiled. “I have Whirlwind…”

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun replied, “I have the Ardent Thunder Blade already…”

High Fighting Spirits lifted his own battle axe and said, “And I have a useless piece of trash…”

We all laughed. I brought up the point conversion UI and said, “All fighters in the guild may bid for this axe. The price is 100k contribution points, and whoever has the highest points gets the first dibs. For those who haven’t gotten any equipment so far, worry not. As long as you work hard and keep accumulating contribution points, one day you’ll get the chance to exchange them for an item you want.”

The truth was I had set the price after checking High Fighting Spirits’ contribution points. It so happened that his contribution points was slightly over 100k, so the axe was his as a matter of course. In fact, he was the most-fitting player in the entire guild to wield this Invincible. Technically, I could take this axe for myself since I was the highest contributor in the guild, but just like Li Chengfeng I preferred sword-type weapons over every other melee weapon. Swords had great attack speed, great defense penetration and a really high skill ceiling. If someone was good enough to reach that threshold, then a sword-type weapon was without a doubt the deadliest weapon in the entire game. That was why I didn’t lay claim to Invincible. The Heaven-stealing Sword was still a godlike weapon anyway, and it should last me until Level 150 or even further down the road.


It was time to check the third drop, the cyan cloth-armor boots. I waved my hand and shared its stats screen in the guild channel, and this time the priests were the ones who expressed their astonishment—


God Dancer Boots (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Defense: 285

Magic Resist: 220

Intelligence: +110

Stamina: +112

Tactics: +25

Passive: Healing effectiveness increased by 40%

Outstanding Property: When healing a target, heal another 4 targets consecutively. Healing power decreases with every consecutive heal

Level Requirement: 120


It was a pair of Level 120 elite priest boosts that boosted healing effectiveness drastically, while also changing any single-target healing spell into a multi-target one. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these boots could transform a priest’s healing ability completely, and the strongest priest in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was undoubtedly Murong Mingyue.

I opened the point conversion UI again and said, “The price of this item will be 50k points…”

It wasn’t long before the boots were transferred to Murong Mingyue’s hands. She wanted the boots obviously, and she had no competition because she was both the strongest Priest and the highest contributing Priest in the guild.

With that done, it was time to check the final drop. The cloak was cold, murderous, and exactly the kind of color I liked. Every low-key king should have a dark red battle cloak. It was murderous enough to look intimidating, but not so exaggerated that it entered the realm of flamboyance.

The moment I held the cloak in my palms, I felt a massive surge of energy coursing through my body. Well, this cloak ain’t your normal cloak for sure. When I brought up its stats screen, everyone’s jaws hit the floor in astonishment. No one had thought that it was possible for an item to be this powerful—


Soul Suppressing Cloak (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★★★)

Defense: 720

Magic Resist: 600

Strength: +145

Stamina: +140

Tactics: +37

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 25%

Passive: Increases user’s max HP by 5000

Outstanding Property: Grants the active skill “Shield of Evening”. Concentrate a great amount of true qi and shield oneself from all damage. Lasts 12 seconds. Cooldown: 120 minutes.

Level Requirement: 125


Everyone was speechless for a time. Earth-grade equipment was powerful enough, but the Soul Suppressing Cloak was also a 6-star Outstanding Earth-grade equipment! Thank goodness that I was the one who landed the last hit on the boss, or there was no way something this epic would drop. The cloak had greater Defense and Magic Resist than even Spirit-grade metal armor, and it gave a total of 285 stat points and a shocking 37 Tactics. However, its massive stat boosts were still outclassed by its two passives, +25% Defense and +5000 max HP, because they were exactly the kind of stats all fighters wished to get!

Of course, the most attractive part of this equipment was its Outstanding Property. It was an active skill that protected its user from all danger for 12 seconds. To put it simply, an invincibility skill. It had been a while since Heavenblessed first began, and finally, the first invincibility item—a cool-as-hell cloak no less—was finally discovered in the world!

Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, Gui Guzi, and all other fighters were drooling from their mouths. Even Lin Yixin had gotten off her horse to stare at the equipment at close range. She said excitedly, “Well, what are you waiting for? I want to know who’s the dogshit lucky fellow who’s going to get this item…”

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