Chapter 487: October Rain’s Mistake

God Dancer’s HP dropped lower and lower. Although there were a couple of dangerous moments here and there, we were able to just barely overcome them. Our frontliners were tanky enough, and our backline was dishing an insane amount of damage. As long as our priests didn’t get one-shot again, we could finish this battle in three minutes at most!

Unfortunately, there was a saying: “the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks”. And what happened at this moment was one such setback. A row of high-level elite players suddenly appeared at the horizon, they all wore the emblems of Warsky Alliance on their shoulders. Did the fuckers finally catch onto the fragrant scent of the boss?

Warsky took point as his CGL Hall of Famers—October Rain, Laughing At The Heavens and Farewell Song—followed closely behind. Even further behind was a group of 3000 or so super high level players. It looked like all surviving members of Warsky Alliance had moved to the east side, and considering the timing they couldn’t be here for anything but the boss!


“OMG, Warsky is here. What should we do?” Lin Yixin shot me an inquiring look. “Do we send someone to intercept them? Or…”

I looked away from Warsky Alliance and asked her, “Can we even intercept them in time?”

“No, we can’t…”

The main bulk of Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ forces were currently being held back by the Giant Iceflame Beasts, so they couldn’t spare the manpower to intercept Warsky Alliance. Clearly, Warsky had decided to give up on the ninth monster wave to the Mad Lion Legion NPCs and focus all their efforts on the boss. It was a straightforward but risky plan. If they failed, they would lose both the experience and loot of the ninth monster wave and the boss.

Li Chengfeng uttered through gritted teeth, “Fuck, we can’t let Warsky Alliance reach us! We need to come up with something!”

I nodded and ordered, “Gui Guzi, go with the Fireblade Cavalry and intercept Warsky Alliance. Stall them for as long as you can. Show them the might of our cavalry troop and your Knight God!”

Gui Guzi raised his rainbow spear and answered with a loud laugh, “No worries, boss! See you later!”

Gui Guzi and thirty-two Fireblade Cavalrymen left to intercept Warsky Alliance just like that. Unfortunately, the Fireblade Cavalry had taken some losses during the earlier fight. With only 32 people and Gui Guzi, it was doubtful that they could form an organized charge, much less stop Warsky Alliance’s 3000-man army. To put it bluntly, I just sent Gui Guzi and the Fireblade Cavalry to their deaths. However, it was an order I had to make: I was the commander of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and it was my responsibility to make tough decisions to benefit the greater good of our guild.

Even if I had more people to choose from, Gui Guzi and the Fireblade Cavalry were still the best candidates to intercept Warsky Alliance. Everyone who was a Fireblade Cavalryman had pretty good equipment, and Knight God gave them great attack speed, great Attack and great Defense. If they really couldn’t hold back the enemy, they could also run faster than anyone else.

Gui Guzi attacked Warsky Alliance head-on, and the enemy experts rushed out to meet him. October Rain stunned him with a long-range Shock Arrow, and Laughing At The Heavens activated his own Charge to shorten the distance between Gui Guzi and himself in an instant. He swung his spear and used Icicle Thrust!


The skill hit his chest armor, but Gui Guzi only shuddered a little before a disdainful smile crossed his lips. Icicle Thrust had only dealt 1894 damage to Gui Guzi because his Defense was increased by at least a 100% thanks to Knight God. There was no way Laughing At The Heavens had the power to deal a severe blow to him.

The moment the stun duration was over, Gui Guzi immediately retaliated with a mighty charge and a thrust that sent Laughing At The Heavens stumbling. His rainbow spear not only penetrated the CGL Hall of Famer’s chest, but also the two assassins directly behind him!


The two assassins screamed and died instantly. There was no way a leather-armor class could withstand the Outstanding Property of a four-star Outstanding weapon.

Warsky roared and swung his sword mightily at Gui Guzi’s torso. He actually scored a devastating hit with his Explosion Slash!


Not even the toughest player could take a critical hit to the face without some damage. Gui Guzi’s HP instantly dropped to half or so, but that didn’t stop him from pushing through the hail of arrows and magic flying his way and trampling his enemies. The Fireblade Cavalry also galloped through their enemies and killed the closest line of archers to them in droves.

The battle was fierce and bloody. Although Warsky Alliance had the number advantage, Gui Guzi and the Fireblade Cavalry had the absolute quality advantage on their side. For a time, they actually managed to hold off Warsky Alliance’s three-thousand strong army at bay!

It was at this moment Warsky looked to the distance and shouted, “Brothers and sisters, do not be distracted by Gui Guzi! Circle around his cavalry troops and charge the boss now! Victory is ours as long as we kill the boss! Also, I want several hundred people to delay their cavalry troops as much as possible!””

As ordered, October Rain and a group of Archers and Warriors circled around our cavalry troops and went straight for the Level 151 Earth Rank boss God Dancer! They weren’t even trying to hide their objective! October Rain had great movement speed, and she was able to reach us in just the blink of an eye. He Yi got stunned by Shock Arrow from afar, but lucky for us it didn’t result in a death.


It was an impossible battle to begin with. Warsky Alliance easily overwhelmed the defense line Gui Guzi and the Fireblade Cavalry tried to construct, and October Rain and her people were rushing the 5% HP God Dancer almost suicidally. They really were going all out on this gamble.

Suddenly, God Dancer raised her jade flute deferentially again. A thought flashed across my mind like lightning as I shouted, “Everyone, move 50 yards to the back now! Warsky Alliance can have the boss if they like her that much!”

“What?? We’re withdrawing??” Li Chengfeng exclaimed in shock.

“Don’t question my orders! Retreat now!”

“Got it!”

This was one of those moments where individual prestige was extremely important, and thankfully, everyone listened to my order and backed away from God Dancer without hesitation. Even Lin Yixin was steering her Frostscythe Warhorse around and covering our retreat. I looked up and saw that dark clouds had covered the sky again. It wouldn’t be long before the boss cast Soul Arrow Rain again!

“Lu Chen, are we really giving up on the boss?” He Yi looked a bit puzzled.

I shook my head and smiled. “Just wait. A good show will happen very soon. God Dancer is in her Purgatory Transformation state right now, so her skills are stronger than before. Some may even have its duration increased. Heh! Warsky Alliance wants the boss this much? They can have it if they can endure what’s about to come!”

As I thought, Warsky Alliance hadn’t seen God Dancer’s ultimate skill before. I doubted that they even knew it had an ultimate skill. They surrounded God Dancer and pierced her with blades, magic and arrows that were empowered by various Famous General Skills, but God Dancer simply ignored them all. She didn’t even lose too much HP in the process. Eventually, the clouds seemed to reach its maximum density, and gigantic soul rain started falling down from the sky. Unlike before, every arrow was shrouded by a red cyclone of energy. Clearly, this Soul Arrow Rain was even more powerful than the one we endured before.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

It was a complete disaster for Warsky Alliance. Every man and woman within a 100x100 yard square of the boss was hit by the arrow rain. Each arrow dealt at least 20k damage to their target, and whether it be archers, shielded mages, or the shield-bearing magic knights, all of them were one-shot without question.

October Rain stared at the arrows raining above her head as she tried to escape. She was currently wearing a dumbfounded expression on her beautiful face. “Fuck me, I can’t believe I fell for that bastard’s trick. Cunning Lu Chen…”




October Rain died just like that. Not even a CGL Hall of Famer as good as her could withstand the Soul Arrow Rain. Once again, God Dancer showed everyone just how powerful she really was. It was no wonder she was able to beat the crap out of us even after we were buffed by Bombshell.

A few seconds later, the space around God Dancer was cleared out of all life. The bodies of Warsky Alliance’s players were strewn everywhere. Even better, a lot of them had dropped their equipment. It was an absolutely devastating blow to Warsky Alliance as over a thousand elite players had died just like that.

The Soul Arrow Rain continued to fall for some time. Almost a hundred or so Warsky Alliance players who tried to sneak closer and attack the boss, but they were one-shot again because the arrow rain was too dense. Finally, they wised up and waited far, far away for the skill to be done.

Back at Gui Guzi’s side, he and the Fireblade Cavalry were still giving it their all to hold back Warsky Alliance. However, over half of them were dead because Warsky Alliance was too numerous, and they were aided by the deadly assassin, Farewell Song. Every time Farewell Song took action, he always managed to one-shot a Fireblade Cavalryman with the help of his people. Although the Fireblade Cavalry’s Defense was boosted by 100% by Knight God, almost all of Farewell Song’s killer moves ignored Defense to a certain degree. Therefore, he was a huge threat to say the least.

Thankfully, the pressure on Snowy Cathaya lessened slightly at the perfect moment, and Purple Marquis and several hundred elites immediately attacked Warsky Alliance’s flanks. The warrior laughed loudly. “Charge! Take out these bastards and save our allies!”


Snowy Cathaya’s charge put huge pressure on Warsky Alliance, giving Gui Guzi the opening to extricate himself from the battle. He was panting heavily when he reached us. “Holy shit I nearly died there…”

What could we even say to that? Li Chengfeng raised his hand and offered, “Guild leader, I’m going to help Purple Marquis. I entrust the boss to you all!”


Li Chengfeng had a Famous General Skill, so he didn’t mind missing out on the boss. He really was a selfless spirit. To be honest, I wanted to join him and attack Warsky Alliance as well, but my Attack and Defense was necessary to secure the boss!

Another while later, God Dancer finally finished unleashing her Soul Arrow Rain. The blasted skill had lasted almost 5 minutes! Thank goodness our “friend” showed up at the right time to eat the skill for us, or we would be the ones suffering all those casualties.

“Come on, she doesn’t have much HP left now…”

He Yi, Gui Guzi, Lin Yixin, and I activated our Charges at the same time. God Dancer had recovered about 3% health or so, but we should be able to kill her quickly!

I sent a message to Li Chengfeng: “Keep Farewell Song busy so he can’t steal the boss from us!”

“Got it. I’ll try to kill him if I can!”

“Do your best!”


A while later, God Dancer’s health dropped to 1%. I urged repeatedly, “Yiyi, what are you waiting for? Use Extreme Break already…”

Lin Yixin let out a cute whine before staring at me with a begrudged look. “You bastard, I knew you wanted to last-hit the boss with Burning Blade Slash…”

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