Chapter 485: Soul Arrow Rain

“Here she comes! It’s showtime!” Li Chengfeng rushed forward with his Tempest Sword in hand. Gui Guzi brandished Rainbow as he urged his mount forward. The Armored Swordback Dragon gave a hoarse roar before thundering toward God Dancer.

None of the melee fighters in this party were noobs, and we had all seen just how powerful God Dancer’s Flame Blast was, so none of them was going to swarm toward her in a group. Instead, everyone had scattered and were approaching her from different angles as they let the high HP and Defense players like He Yi, Gui Guzi, and Lin Yixin to form the first line against her. The players who weren’t the main tanks were slowly closing in on God Dancer from all directions as they prepared to pull aggro at any moment. In fact, the entire formation resembled an Eight Trigrams formation.


"Let me try to lure her over!" Gui Guzi shouted as he valiantly charged toward the boss. As he shot forward, Rainbow transformed into three blood-colored streaks of light which exploded on God Dancer’s back. Fragments of blood-colored energy exploded in the air as three respectable damage numbers popped up above God Dancer’s head.




Gui Guzi’s attack power wasn’t bad. At the very least, it was high enough to draw God Dancer’s attention. Her beautiful face darkened as she spun around, her figure as exquisite as her face was. Her jade flute whistled through the air as she gently flicked her arm forward.


It flashed with a bloody light as it made contact with armor protecting Gui Guzi’s neck. She had broken through his defenses in a single hit! Not even Gui Guzi’s high Defense could hold up against God Dancer’s insane attack power.


Everyone in the party grew somber when we saw how much damage she had dealt to Gui Guzi. I hurriedly spoke up, "Everyone, pay attention to how much aggro you’re drawing! Let’s try our best to let Gui Guzi soak the hits. Priests, I want you to focus most of your healing on him…"

It was at this precise moment that God Dancer raised her jade flute in the air again. She had suddenly conjured up a lightning-quick Flame Blast. As the ball of fire engulfed Gui Guzi, an extremely high damage number flew up into the air!


She had performed a physical and magic attack combo, instantly dropping Gui Guzi’s health by more than half. Her DPS was out of this world! It also targeted Gui Guzi’s Achilles Heel. As a magic knight whose primary role was to break through enemy lines, his Magic Resist was very low. At the very least, it was far lower than mine. It was a weakness that was very hard to avoid since his character wasn’t built to tank many magic attacks.


Lin Yixin flew forward, her beautiful eyes flashing with brilliant moonlight. A dagger seemed to magically appear in God Dancer’s throat as she used Extreme Break! In that instant, God Dancer’s Defense had dropped to its lowest point.

I activated Thunderous Charge and rushed forward with a "whooshing" sound. Bolts of lightning collided with God Dancer as I charged straight into her, but I didn’t manage to stun her. I immediately followed up my charge with a Burning Blade Slash. Three fiery crescent blades of sword energy smashed straight into God Dancer’s chest. The attack shook her so violently that her chestplate rattled as three eye-popping damage numbers flew above her head!




Everyone practically stopped breathing when they saw how much damage I had just dealt. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun’s eyes widened into saucers as he exclaimed, "Damn, Lu Chen! Are you still even human!? How the hell did you boost your attack power so high!? Bloody hell…"

I grinned as I smoothly moved to the side of God Dancer and used War Crush.

Hmph! It was inevitable for my attack power to be high. I mean, the combination of stats and passives given by my God Suppressing Necklace, God Suppressing Helmet, and Silver Dragon Ring was completely ridiculous! They were three 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade items after all. Furthermore, I had also taken advantage of the effect of Lin Yixin’s Extreme Break. My damage was bound to be an absolute nightmare for any boss to deal with!

However, the damage I dealt had also undoubtedly attracted the God Dancer’s aggro. After I attacked her, she immediately ignored all the other foes around her and shot me a glare with her hate-filled eyes. She suddenly sprang into the air, the desire to kill me burning in her heart. Her snowy white feet kicked against Gui Guzi’s face as she used him as a springboard to get to me. The jade flute in her hand turned into a green blur as it shot toward me!

Damn! This was pretty much a bloody nuke!

I hurriedly raised up the Heaven-stealing Sword in front of me. Surely I could Guard against one attack, right?

However, God Dancer’s attack power far exceeded even my expectations. As that jade flute heavily smashed into the blade of my Heaven-Stealing Sword, a small, contemptuous smile appeared on her face. All of the sudden, the jade flute smacked aside the Heaven-stealing Sword before it crashed into my chest. I immediately felt an intense pain that shook my entire body!


What the fuck, her attack power was seriously ridiculous! However, my physical Defense was a fair bit lousier than Gui Guzi’s, so this was the expected outcome.

God Dancer did not let up. She sketched a pattern before thrusting that jade flute into the air once more. A ball of fierce flames gathered in front of her. This was the opening sequence to her Flame Blast skill, and it only took 0.5 seconds to cast, so there wasn’t a lot of time to react.

However, half a second was still more than enough for me. A cluster of blood-colored energy suddenly erupted from my left hand and swirled around it violently. I dashed forward as quick as a serpent and sent a heavy punch crashing into God Dancer’s abdomen. This was my sure-fire interruption skill—Magic Piercing Punch!



The heavy blow not only sent God Dancer staggering backward, it also forcibly canceled the Flame Blast that was just about to shoot toward me. This gave me a chance to recover some health. If God Dancer smacked me again before that, I’d be in some real danger!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...




Murong Mingyue’s healing skills fired off three consecutive times! Her heals were extremely powerful and brought me back up to full health in an instant. Li Chengfeng then used a combo of Dragonbone Flurry and Cyan Dragon Horn to pull God Dancer’s aggro away from me. He Yi also launched a flurry of attacks at God Dancer with Whirlwind, triggering its "Hurricane" effect. God Dancer was immediately engulfed by a hurricane, her health rapidly dropping. Now her aggro was being pulled in several directions, she smacked He Yi with her jade flute while she greeted Li Chengfeng with a Flame Blast. However, because her attention was divided, she didn’t one-shot anybody.

"Everyone, be careful…"

Lin Yixin urged the Frostscythe Warhorse forward as she drew a brilliant arc around the boss as she lashed out at God Dancer with her Frozen Sword. So she soon ended up being the person who did the most damage to her. Furthermore, she was mounted and under the effect of Bombshell, so her total health had already exceeded 30000. She was also a super tank in her own right. She continuously used her positioning to protect other frontline combatants like High Fighting Spirits and Li Chengfeng. Her movement in combat was brilliant and intelligent. She knew exactly how and when to interrupt God Dancer’s attack patterns and this was precisely what Gui Guzi and He Yi lacked at the moment.


Another Flame Blast erupted out from God Dancer’s jade flute. This time, it was aimed at a few of the secondary frontline fighters belonging to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. As the gigantic fireball hurtled through the air and exploded, a damage number that exceeded 18000 instantly appeared over the health bars of three warriors. They had all been instantly killed by that attack. But this wasn’t even the worst thing that had happened. A few archers who were standing behind those three warriors had also gotten caught in the blast radius of that attack.

Chaos Moon barely escaped with her life, all the color draining from her pretty face. "OMG! Thank the heavens that I got this new piece of equipment! If not, I’d have been one-shot by that boss…"

God Dancer shot off another Flame Blast in the other direction before she even finished speaking. Another three archers were instantly burned into cinders. If Beiming Xue didn’t have lightning-quick reflexes and extremely good battle sense, she would have also been burned to death by that Flame Blast!

Xu Yang brandished his sharp sword as he rushed forward to plug the gap. He used a combo of Blaze + Double Slash to attack God Dancer, his attacks sending a shudder through her body. However, before he could recover his poise, she immediately responded with an attack of her own. Her jade flute swept into the side of Xu Yang’s body with a resounding crack before she shot a point-blank Flame Blast at him! A player of Xu Yang’s caliber simply couldn’t keep up with her swift attacks! He was a sitting duck!



Two damage numbers popped out above Xu Yang’s head as he knelt to the ground. His breastplate was ablaze and a huge hole had burned through his chest. As he slowly tumbled to the ground, the violent flames swiftly burned his body into ashes.



High Fighting Spirits swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying, "So is this what is commonly known as ‘being reduced to a slag’?"

Li Chengfeng nodded his head, his face cool and composed. "Poor Brother Yang…"

Gui Guzi brandished Rainbow as he said, "My god! Let’s hurry up and kill this bitch! Her HP has finally dropped below 50%..."

I had to admit that even though God Dancer’s attack power was incredible, the attack power of my party was even more ridiculous. She may have had an absurd five million HP, but our high DPS meant that we could definitely finish her off within twenty minutes. I was dealing at least 150k damage every minute and that was just me alone! If God Dancer didn’t also have incredible health regeneration, she would have given up the ghost a long time ago.

Lin Yixin drew circles around God Dancer while mounted on her Frostscythe Warhorse and I always made sure that I was right behind her. Eventually, she turned around and looked at me, a puzzled expression on that beautiful face. She asked, "Hey dummy, what are you following me around for?"

I grinned and replied, "I’m just waiting for you to use Extreme Break so that I can take advantage of it with my Burning Blade Slash…"


Li Chengfeng’s sword surged with energy as he hacked away at God Dancer. He yelled, "Hey, you two! Quit talking and focus on killing the boss! Wait, what’s that!? Could the boss be getting ready to use her special move?"

"What special move?"

"See for yourself…"

I turned to see God Dancer raise her jade flute high in the air. It suddenly soared into the sky as countless magic circles started to appear around her. A huge pentagram magic formation appeared above the ground as she started chanting in a loud voice. Her eyes turned sinister as she finished her incantation, "O’ great king of the forbidden lands, I summon thy power as an apostle of the dark! Come forth—Soul Arrow Rain!"


"Dammit!" I cursed.

She really had used her trump card! I didn’t waste any more time talking! I wasn’t going to let her use that special move! Blood-colored energy was already swirling around my left hand as I rushed forward and smashed God Dancer right in the middle of her chest. I smacked her so hard that her breasts had started trembling violently...


Combat Log: The effect of your skill "Magic Piercing Punch" successfully activated. However, because your level is too low, it can only weaken the enemy’s skill by 50%. Soul Arrow Rain will only last for 60 seconds due to Magic Piercing Punch’s effect.


He Yi looked at the combat log, her beautiful eyes widening in shock. She immediately yelled, "Retreat immediately! Now!"

Beiming Xue, Murong Mingyue, Moonlight Stone, and the other long-range players got out of the 50-yard radius of the magic formation, but the fighters who were all too far from the edge of the circle weren’t able to escape it in time. The sky suddenly turned a bloody red as bloody arrows began to pour from the sky. Every single arrow had a hit rate of 100%, they were undodgeable!



When the first arrow landed on my shoulder plate, I winced but the damage was still acceptable to me. After all, my Defense wasn’t exactly low. However, High Fighting Spirits and a few of the other fighters of his level couldn’t endure the rain of arrows. Every single arrow that struck them dealt over 7000 points of damage! Furthermore, there seemed to be a billion arrows pouring down from the sky and we would get struck by one arrow every second. We would be dead meat if we didn’t get out of the radius of God Dancer’s Soul Arrow Rain soon.


Two elite fighters of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls collapsed to the ground as they cried out in misery. There were also a few priests and archers who hadn’t gotten out of range in time, so they were instantly slaughtered as well.

I calmly looked at my remaining companions as I weathered this storm of arrows. Gui Guzi and He Yi’s HP and Defense were high enough, so they could endure this attack for another ten seconds or so. However, Chaos Moon and High Fighting Spirits were under a lot more pressure. This was especially true for that lass Chaos Moon. She was running forward as fast as she could but every single arrow that struck her caused her to stumble and stagger, critically slowing down her progress when she could least afford it!

"Oh no, your big sis is gonna die…" Chaos Moon yelped in a voice filled with despair.

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