Chapter 483: God Dancer

Our formation was slowly solidifying. The fighters who stood at the front held the line, even at the cost of their lives, as they fiercely hacked at the Giant Iceflame Beasts. The damage dealers in the back rained death down on their foes and they were practically taking out one Giant Iceflame Beast every fifteen seconds. This drastically reduced the pressure on our frontline fighters as they didn’t have to endure the endless attacks of these monsters. This also meant that they were in no danger of dying.

Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ battle line had shrunk dramatically, and this was done deliberately to reduce unnecessary casualties. We already lost half of our troops during the last wave, so we had to play this more carefully. If we lost half of our troops again, there was no way we’d be able to beat the tenth wave of monsters.

Moreover, none of the remaining players wanted to die at this stage in the game. The less players that died, the better. These surviving players would increase the overall strength of the guild. The ones who managed to survive such a large-scale and difficult event like the Coldblade War would no doubt become seasoned elite players, a rare commodity in the game.


Clang, clang, clang...

Three blades of fiery energy shot out of the Heaven-stealing Sword. They buried themselves into the skull of the monster that was farthest in front. After that, I used Sword Boomerang and flung my sword out. It spun in the air as it shot across a line three yards wide, sweeping through an entire row of Giant Iceflame Beasts. But I wasn’t finished yet. The moment I caught the handle of my sword, I immediately unleashed Thousand Ice Slash. I performed every single attack with a smooth but rapid fluidity.

Xu Yang’s lip pursed up as he saw me string together attack after attack. “Damn, Lu Chen. Your DPS is insane. Are you even human anymore?”

Gui Guzi let out a roar of laughter. “Brother Xu Yang, don’t be discouraged. If Boss Broken Halberd’s Attack wasn’t high, he wouldn’t deserve to be placed seventh in the CGL Hall of Fame!”

Du Thirteen laughed as well. “That’s right! If our brother didn’t have incredible skill, there’s no way he would have raised such a large organization like the Bloody Mercenaries!”

Chaos Moon suddenly said, “Hey guys, look! There are a bunch of people coming over here. What’s their deal?”

Everyone looked in the direction that Chaos Moon had pointed at. To our shock, we discovered that a large amount of players had appeared on our eastern flank. There were about a thousand of them. What was even more surprising is that these players belonged to Flower Room. Li Le was leading these troops, and Spring Mud, Night Sorrow, and Moon Shadow were right behind him.

But we had another surprise guest. A bunch of riders and players had also appeared not too far from where Flower Room was. These newcomers were from the Mad Dragon guild and they were about eight hundred strong!

Roaming Dragon was riding a black warhorse, sword in hand. As he galloped forward, he sheathed the sword before reaching out a hand to scoop an archer, Coldmoon Rose, into his bosom. After that, he raised his spear in the air and shouted, “Brothers, most of the NPC troops are concentrated on the eastern front. We will stick close to them and use them as shields so we can survive all ten waves!

It was clear that Mad Dragon and Flower Room could no longer survive on the northern front of the battlefield by themselves. If not, they would never come to the eastern front, where Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya were.


“What should we do?” Li Chengfeng asked as he looked at me. “Should I lead some players out of our formation to destroy them?”

I shook my head. “Forget it, the Giant Iceflame Beasts will destroy them for us.”

I had just finished speaking when several hundred Giant Iceflame Beasts smashed straight into the frontlines of both Flower Room and Mad Dragon. Li Le and Roaming Dragon’s faces instantly went a sickly green when they saw that. After that, Li Le raised his sharp sword high in the air and yelled, “Halt! Get into battle formation! Don’t panic! Melee fighters, go and greet the enemy. Err… We will link up with Mad Dragon and push these monsters back together!”

Even though Roaming Dragon looked extremely reluctant to cooperate with Flower Room, the situation compelled him. He could only helplessly wave his spear and yell, “Form up next to Flower Room and get into battle formation! We need to stop these charging Giant Iceflame Beasts! Hurry!”

Clang, clang, clang...

A group of mountless magic knights rushed to the very front of their respective formations as they fiercely slammed their heavy shields into the ground in front of them. After that, they leaned their entire body into their shields as they braced themselves for impact!


As an earth-shaking roar filled the air, the first group of Giant Iceflame Beasts slammed into Mad Dragon and Flower Room’s combined front. Flames erupted on their arms as they viciously smashed the shields of the fighters in the frontline with their Iceflame Strike.


Sparks flew everywhere and a Level 114 magic knight got hit so hard that his entire body was shaking wildly after the impact. He’d lost 13478 points of health, and before he could even react, the arm of the Giant Iceflame Beast was already descending toward him once more. This time it was a sweeping attack, so it not only sent the magic knight flying to heaven, it also blasted two other fighters into the distance.

The battle was terribly fierce. Arrows and magic were wildly raining down on the Giant Iceflame Beasts’ heads, as the frontline fighters of Mad Dragon and Flower Room were dying in droves. It seemed as if all of the HP bars of all of their fighters had evaporated the moment the Giant Iceflame Beasts charged into their lines. The priests in the back were casting healing spells as fast as they could to rescue their comrades from the brink of destruction.

The two guilds were about five hundred yards away from us. They were struggling bitterly, but if their situation didn’t change soon, they would be wiped out in under twenty minutes!


“Eh, Flower Room and Mad Dragon are doing pretty well. They’ve even managed to last until now…” Du Thirteen said with a chuckle.

Gui Guzi replied, “Hmph. They’re just a bunch of losers. Just wait, these Giant Iceflame Beasts will definitely get rid of all of our obstacles for us…”

Xu Yang swept his longsword forward to strike the monster in front of him as he grinned. “That’s right. Roaming Dragon is an overbearing bully, while Li Le is fickle and heartless. Any guild led by such people is destined to never amount to anything. In fact, I’d be utterly shocked if either guild lived to see the tenth wave!”

In the next instant, as if to prove Xu Yang’s words, the situation dramatically changed for Flower Room and Mad Dragon.


All of the sudden, the melodious sound of a flute drifted through the air. After that, all of us saw a young girl clad in red robes casually step through the air like she was walking on solid ground. Her sleeves fluttered in the air and her fingers danced as she gently blew into a jade-green flute. Her tender and beautiful cherry red lips looked plump and moist as a gentle and relaxing melody danced from her flute. However, her blood-red eyes were filled with malice and hatred and her long hair was weaving in the air like snakes. It was clear that this was a boss-level existence. The boss of the ninth wave had finally made an appearance—God Dancer!

“Damn! So this is one of those legendary Earth Rank bosses huh…” Du Thirteen said as his jaw dropped open. But after that, he quietly whistled and said, “How beautiful… Her skin is really white, her breasts are really big, and her butt is really perky…”

I grimaced. “Heh, be careful, she might kill you with a single strike of that jade flute. To think that you’d still be so cavalier after the boss appeared. Ah, Thirteen, you really have a death wish, don’t you…”

He Yi couldn’t help but laugh as she stared at the approaching God Dancer. “The boss is about six hundred yards await from us. What should we do? Do we pull her over toward us?”

“Let’s observe the situation first. We still have quite a few Giant Iceflame Beasts to deal with, so we won’t be able to spare any of our troops to deal with the boss. Let’s kill these Giant Iceflame Beasts first!”


God Dancer descended to the ground the moment our conversation ended. She started to advance in a most graceful and beautiful fashion once her delicate feet hit the ground. She lowered her jade flute from her mouth as she suddenly raised her left hand high in the air. Her right hand started violently shaking after that as the chain bracelet on her wrist started to let out an ear-piercing ringing sound. The Giant Iceflame Beasts surrounding her immediately started to shake violently, as if something was agitating them. Bloody light erupted from their bodies as their attack speed and attack power received a ridiculous boost!

Bang, bang, bang...

The Giant Iceflame Beasts slammed heavily into the players of Mad Dragon and Flower Room like a row of heavy iron walls. It had only taken that one single instant for the battle lines of both guilds to completely collapse. The fighters standing at the head of the formation were slaughtered in droves and there was nothing they could do to defend against this ferocious assault!

“Fuck, this isn’t good. That boss is coming straight for us. It can use an Encourage-like ability to boost the attack power of these Giant Iceflame Beasts. We’re dead, it’s over…” Li Le’s face had gone ashen-grey. He had realized that there was no way out for either Mad Dragon or Flower Room.

Roaming Dragon wasn’t so ready to concede defeat. He roared in a harsh voice, “Charge! Block those Giant Iceflame Beasts. That boss looks really squishy, so she definitely isn’t the type that can take us head-on. If we can block those Giant Iceflame Beasts, the battle is ours. We can even take the head of this boss that walked right up to us. She’ll most likely drop a Spirit-grade item, but if it’s an Earth-grade item, we’ll become the kings of Sky City!”

It was too bad for Roaming Dragon and his grandiose dreams, because reality was one cruel motherfucker.

Iron Pardon and Inconstant rushed forward to attack the Giant Iceflame Beasts, but they also kept looking for an opportunity to attack God Dancer. They had already realized that defeating God Dancer was the key to solving this wave. You had to capture the king instead of his troops and once God Dancer had been killed, she wouldn’t be able to use that Encourage-like skill anymore. Once she was dead, killing this wave of Giant Iceflame Beasts would be an easy task.

As God Dancer saw the two human players rush toward her, a wolfish grin suddenly appeared on her beautiful face. It was as if she was mocking these foolish insects. She immediately raised her jade flute high in the air and let out a short yell. Flame Blast erupted from her flute and smacked right into Inconstant and Iron Pardon before it exploded and swallowed them up in flames!

As the smoke cleared, the Gemini Stars of the Mad Dragon slowly collapsed to the ground. They had been one-shot!

Roaming Dragon ground his teeth together in despair as he said, “How… how can this be possible? Inconstant is a magic knight with more than 17000 HP. But he was actually one-shot by her…”


The players of both guilds fell into despair. They now realized just how hopeless their situation was as these powerful Giant Iceflame Beasts advanced toward them under the command of the even more powerful God Dancer.

The girl raised her snowy white arm into the air once more as she shook the bells on her chain bracelet. The surrounding Giant Iceflame Beasts seemed to become even more powerful and ferocious as they flailed their arms in the air and reduced the players in front of them into meat paste!

Bang, bang, bang...

They even created a small whirlwind of energy with every strike, hitting the players around their targets with splash damage. This made the formations of these two big guilds to collapse even faster. In the short span of five minutes, hundreds of Giant Iceflame Beasts had trampled over both guilds under God Dancer’s command!

“I’ll kill you…”

Li Le didn’t have any more subordinates around him and he charged toward God Dancer all by himself. As she watched another insect approach her, God Dancer’s lips quirked up into a contemptuous smile. The jade flute in her hand suddenly shot forward as it pierced Li Le’s throat with a soft “pcchht”. A huge damage number flew out above Li Le’s head! 18940!

Everyone’s eyes widened into saucers when they saw God Dancer’s attack. She had magic and physical attacks and both attacks were insanely powerful. She had used her magic attack to blow up a magic knight and her jade flute had instantly sent a warrior off to the afterlife. This attack power sent chills down all of our spines!

The players of Mad Dragon started to fall to the ground in bunches. Soon, even Roaming Dragon had to join the fray. He weaved in and out of the battle but he was being brutally battered by the fists of those Giant Iceflame Beasts. In the end, he was hit so hard that his body flew and landed in front of two of those monsters. The two Giant Iceflame Beasts proceeded to mercilessly stomp on him and that was the ignominious end of Roaming Dragon.

“What the…”

Coldmoon Rose was on the verge of breaking out in tears but there was nothing that she could do. Her arrows simply couldn’t penetrate the defense of these Giant Iceflame Beasts. Without the aid of any stratagems, even a top-tier archer like Coldmoon Rose couldn’t do anything but die when faced with these gigantic monsters.

Bang! Bang!

After two heavy blows, Coldmoon Rose collapsed to the ground. Two big guilds had been annihilated just like that!

However, it was at this precise moment that a beautiful figure suddenly dashed forward. With a “pachak” sound, a dagger glinting with cold light shot into God Dancer’s chest. Then, a sword gleamed in the air as a blast of icy flame engulfed God Dancer’s body.

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