Chapter 482: Iceflame Strike

"Hot damn, it’s Rainbow…" Gui Guzi said as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. His eyes were fixed on the Rainbow in Lin Yixin's hands.

This was a 4-star Outstanding Rainbow at that, an absolute gem of a weapon! To any magic knight players who had hit Level 120, obtaining this weapon meant that they would undoubtedly ascend to the very peak of all magic knights in this server. The attack of this Rainbow didn’t seem to be the least bit inferior to my Heaven-stealing Sword. Its overall attack and splash damage was slightly lousier than mine, but that was more than enough for magic knights, a class which made their reputation on defense. This weapon would be incredible regardless of whether it was used in PvP or PvE.


"Why, you don’t want it?" A playful smile curved up on Lin Yixin’s face as she tilted her head and looked at me.

My body unconsciously shuddered before I gasped, "I want it... but I don’t have the final say. Besides, won’t the players of Snowy Cathaya say something if you give this Rainbow to me?"

In the distance, Zi Chuanyu muttered to Purple Marquis, "Our guild leader treats Lu Chen so well. Do you think that he’ll be so moved that he’ll devote his entire heart to her after this?"

Purple Marquis replied, "That goes without saying. Heck, even I want to devote my whole heart to her, and she doesn’t even need to do anything…"


Lin Yixin leapt onto the back of her Frostscythe Warhorse as she shot me a dazzling smile, "Hmmmph, Snowy Cathaya isn’t a democracy! I call the shots there! So this spear is yours, whether you want it or not!"

As she said that, the Fruit Knife Goddess tossed the spear to us with no hesitation!


Rainbow sank into the ground tip-first. It landed precisely in between my feet and as it wobbled violently, I was keenly aware of just how sharp its blade was.

However, that sudden move had caused my entire body to break out in cold sweat. When I stared down at the spear wobbling in between my legs, I realized just how close I came to the "ultimate punishment"...

I looked up to glare at Lin Yixin as I yelled, "Fuck, are you trying to turn me into an eunuch!?"

Lin Yixin’s beautiful eyes widened into saucers before she grinned and stuck out her tongue at me. "Sorry, sorry! I guess I got the angle and amount of force wrong! You know I’m not good with long-handled weapons anyway! Besides, you know that I definitely wouldn’t want to hurt you there…"

Lin Yixin suddenly realized that her words could be wildly misconstrued at this point. Her beautiful face immediately went cherry-red before she whirled around on her horse and giggled. "I’m off. This Rainbow is yours. Just consider it a prize for killing the boss!"

I reached out to grab Rainbow and turned around, only to be greeted by the suspicious looks of the rest of my party. Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, and Du Thirteen were even giving me strange grins.

"Goddamit, if you let me see those grins again, I’m gonna send all of you straight to the slaughterhouse!" I hollered.

My words caused everyone to break out in laughter and even He Yi started to smile. After that, she sent me a message: "Oh come on, it’s not like Beauty Lin’s affection for you was a secret in the first place. There’s no need to get angry. Just hurry up and decide which home this Rainbow is going to. That’s our priority right now, because the ninth wave of monsters is about to spawn…"

"Got it."

I nodded my head and held Rainbow high in the air as I walked toward my party. I said, "This is the Level 120 signature weapon for the Magic Knight class. So only the magic knights in our guild will be given the opportunity to bid for it. This weapon will cost one hundred thousand contribution points. Who wants it?"

Gui Guzi calmly strode toward me before speaking in a low and heavy voice, "Boss Broken Halberd, if you don’t give me this spear, I’ll hate you for the rest of my life…"

"Your sister…" I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. The people who wanted equipment nowadays were all so overpowered...


I deducted Gui Guzi’s guild contributions points and handed Rainbow over to him. He only needed one and a half levels before he could equip it. But with his damage, he should be able to hit Level 120 after the next wave of monsters. Of course, that also meant that we had to grab all of the monsters in the next wave as well.

We sprinted back to the eastern part of the battlefield, leaving the cleanup everywhere else to the rest of the guilds.

We stood outside the city walls as we stared up at the sky. None of us knew just how many more powerful monsters would cross this spatial bridge to kill players and give EXP. This event was truly an exceedingly difficult one, a brutal event that had practically ground nearly all of Sky City’s player population down to nothing.

Xu Yang walked toward He Yi and I before he nodded his head and said, "I’ve done a full headcount. There aren’t many of us left either. The main guild still has 3124 players while the Bloody Mercenaries have 1987. So, we have 5111 players altogether. I expect that most of us will be dead by the time the ninth wave is over…"

He Yi nodded her head before she looked toward me.

I sucked in a deep breath before saying, "Don’t worry, Xu Yang. Truth be told, we had managed to preserve 70% of our strength after the seventh wave but the monsters of the eighth wave were flying creatures, so they killed half of our people in the very first engagement. This was our single greatest loss of troops and unsurprisingly, the monsters of the ninth wave aren’t flying creatures, so we should be able to preserve most of our forces if we maintain a tight formation."

"Mhmmm." Xu Yang chuckled. "Sounds reasonable enough. However, I’m still very worried about one thing. If all of us die here, what’s gonna happen to the equipment that we drop…"

He Yi couldn’t help but laugh before she said, "Xu Yang, keep a record of any equipment that our players have lost and record them down in our guild records. Once we have finished this event, we can compensate them with items of equivalent value from our guild vault. This will also serve to strengthen our cohesiveness."

Xu Yang couldn't help but laugh as well. "Mmmm! Our boss truly is wise!"


At this moment, the sky rippled with a brilliant and glaring light. This signalled the arrival of the ninth wave! A ringing sound reverberated in the skies above Sky City.


System Announcement: All players, the ninth monster wave led by a Level 151 Earth Rank boss, God Dancer, has crossed the spatial bridge created using the Purgatory Dragon Scepter!


"Bloody hell, an Earth Rank boss?" I couldn’t help but be stunned by the system announcement. I turned to look at He Yi. Her tiny mouth was hanging open in shock as she stared back at me with astonishment in her eyes. No one had imagined that an Earth Rank boss would make an appearance. This being was even more powerful than a Spirit Rank boss[1]. Was the very first piece of Earth-grade equipment about to make its appearance in this server?

Xu Yang grinned, "This is great! To think that an Earth Rank boss actually appeared. It looks like things are getting interesting…"

Karinshan had already made an appearance near the city and all of the crack troops of Floating Ice City had also joined the battle in earnest. It was clear that Karinshan had gambled everything on recovering Sky City. She had brought out all of her trump cards for this momentous clash and she would win this battle or die trying.

Besides, it was all too clear that Floating Ice City would be Coldblade the Infinite Storm’s very first target if he succeeded in establishing Sky City as his foothold in the mortal realm. After all, Karinshan’s fame exceeded all the other emperors of the human race.


Xu Yang and Li Chengfeng started organizing the players. Our formation tightened as 5000 players huddled together in an area that was only about eighty yards wide. We intended to narrow our formation as much as possible and allow the NPC troops to bear the brunt of the damage. After that, we would rain down hell on our enemies and try to get as much as we could.

After a few seconds, the sky gleamed with a bright light! The monsters of the ninth wave had finally arrived!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few huge creatures rushed out of the sky. Shockingly enough, they were gigantic beasts whose bodies were completely clad in thick, frost-covered armor. Their limbs were thick and bristling with muscles and they stood about five meters tall, so players could only reach their thighs. Their heads looked extremely bizarre. They were fiery red and they resembled jack-o-lanterns which had candles lit inside of them. However, the flames that raged within their skull were like a voracious hellfire instead!

Boom, boom, boom...

More and more of these odd beasts started to appear, and they soon covered the land in front of us. The earth started to quake as the players stationed at the front exchanged glances. These giant beasts were extremely fast!

I quickly took a screenshot of this giant beast’s stats and shared them in the guild channel.


Giant Iceflame Beast (Shadow)

Level: 151

Attack: 1850~2240

Defense: 2200

HP: 17000

Skills: Shatter, Crush, Iceflame Strike

Introduction: Gigantic beasts which come from hell. These frenzied and rabid titans possess extreme strength. They are covered in frost armor that is as hard as steel, and they can attack enemies with violent flames. These Giant Iceflame Beasts have always played a decisive role in past conflicts with humanity. The very sight of them fills the hearts of the warriors of the Silver Moon Alliance with undying hatred…


"They can even use magic-based attacks?" I felt a chill run through my body as I yelled, "All comrades who are standing at the front, please be careful! These monsters can use magic attacks, so don’t use your potions at the wrong time and get one-shot because of that! Priests at the back, be ready to cast your instant heals at any moment, don’t let your comrades standing at the front die in vain…"

The very first Giant Iceflame Beast was already charging toward us by the time I had finished speaking. It had locked onto our guild leader He Yi, who was standing at the very front of the line. It suddenly raised a gigantic arm high into the air before it sent it hurtling down toward her!

He Yi’s reaction was quick and smooth. She raised up her shield to block the strike. There was a sharp "clanging" sound as the arm struck her shield, causing He Yi and her Snow Domain Windchaser to tremble a little under the attack. She had lost more than 3000 HP in a single blow. But the Giant Iceflame Beast’s attack had merely just begun. It raised its arm high in the air once more and this time, it’s frost-covered arm was suddenly wrapped in swirling red flames. This was its Iceflame Strike attack!



How powerful! Even a player as strong as He Yi had lost so much health! If the Giant Iceflame Beast had struck a regular warrior, they would have lost at least 10k HP!

I turned around to discover a Giant Iceflame Beast charging straight for me. I hurriedly raised the Heaven-stealing Sword in the air to greet it!


It opened up its assault with Iceflame Strike too! How terrifying!


A gigantic frost-covered fist smashed heavily into my chest. Fiery energy shot out of it and exploded all over my body, causing intense pain to race through it. A huge chunk of my health disappeared. The attack had done 6907 damage!

Bloody hell, its attack power is frigging terrifying!

I didn’t wait for the priests in the back to heal me. The Heaven-stealing Sword danced in the air as I opened up with a Burning Blade Slash. Three fiery blades of sword energy smashed into the Giant Iceflame Beast’s leg, shaking it so badly that the loincloth it wore flapped wildly in the air.








Tsk tsk, now that I had obtained a multi-hit physical attack skill, my attacks had grown even more lethal. Strong physical attacks also triggered the Heaven-stealing sword’s "Heaven Stealing" effect, so I instantly recovered more than 4000 HP. My lifesteal was so strong that it was comparable to a high-level priest.

Mhm, just based on the Heaven-stealing Sword’s attack power alone, I would be able to heal myself completely without the aid of a priest.

Moreover, as an undead Asura, my regeneration was extremely strong. The Regeneration of the Undead skill restored a good amount of my health every second, so I would have no problem dealing with two or three Giant Iceflame Beasts.

However, this did not mean that other people wouldn’t have a problem facing them. Du Thirteen and Xu Yang were being knocked around by a few Giant Iceflame Beasts not too far away from me. They were being bashed so hard that they could barely tell left from right anymore.

In the distance, The Monarch Descends’ formation was violently trembling. Thankfully, their damage remained as incredible as usual.

That Ling Xueshang was holding on for her dear life, but I didn’t know if she could last past this wave.

1. (Spirit - Earth - Heaven - Immortal)

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