Chapter 480: Resentful Harpies

Li Chengfeng and the others shot me grateful looks before looking back at the equipment. High Fighting Spirits said, “In that case, the next highest contributors are Li Chengfeng, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Brother Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, and me…”

Gui Guzi shook his head. “My metal armor is more or less the same, so I’m forfeiting as well!”

Li Chengfeng smiled enigmatically. “I don’t want this metal armor either. High Fighting Spirits, your Defense is terrible, so you should go for it…”

High Fighting Spirits looked confused. “But Chengfeng, your metal armor isn’t great either. Why don’t you want it?”

Li Chengfeng smiled. “Because contribution points are valuable, and I don’t want to waste them here. My true aim is that Tempest Sword…”

“Fuck, no wonder!”

The results soon came out, and the Howling Wind Chest Armor ultimately went to High Fighting Spirits. With this, he shouldn’t lose health as quickly as he used to anymore.

The Obsidian Ring was also a fighter equipment, but it added max HP and Magic Resist, both of which were the signature stats of the Magic Knight class. Therefore, I forfeited again and gave Gui Guzi the right to claim the equipment for himself. At this point, the Undying Knight’s HP was almost broken; breaking the 30k ceiling being buffed by He Yi’s Royal Road. Even without it he still had almost 28k HP, and this was without factoring his Defense stat. His survivability was absolutely off the charts right now.

The last item was the 2-star Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon, the Tempest Sword. It was your classic offensive-type weapon. He Yi, Gui Guzi and I consciously forfeited our right to claim the weapon, and as expected, the weapon ultimately went to Li Chengfeng. His strength was much greater now that he had a great weapon to match it!

We left the rest of the boss’s loot drops such as the Magic Stones and so on for everyone else to compete. Our guild members would complain to hell and back if we took even these for ourselves.


Hegemon Palace left empty-handed after failing to find a way to snatch the boss from us or steal the loot. We didn’t bother chasing them because one, we lost quite a lot of players throughout the seventh monster wave, and two, neither Little Piglet nor Shangguan Wan’er were ordinary people. It was nearly impossible to kill them without suffering any casualty of our own.

Xu Yang looked at the light screen surrounding Sky City before licking his lips. “The eighth monster wave is about to begin, but Warsky Alliance, Hegemon Palace, and Mad Dragon haven’t cleared out the Barbaric Battle Souls on their side yet, hehe. Even I’m getting worried on their behalf. How are they going to fight two monster waves at once, I wonder?”

He Yi smiled. “Let’s just ignore them and focus on ourselves!”

As predicted, the eighth monster wave soon arrived—


System Announcement: All players, the eighth monster wave led by a Level 149 Spirit Rank boss, Bloodwing the Sky Fury, has crossed the spatial bridge created using the Purgatory Dragon Scepter!


“Bloodwing the Sky Fury?” I shivered before looking at the others. “Oh no, this wave just might consist of flying monsters…”

“What? Really?” Li Chengfeng looked astonished as well.

Flying mobs were really bad news because they could just fly over the frontline. It would be impossible to stop them from pouring their firepower onto our backline. This was going to be a nightmare for everyone in the party!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

The light screen started shuddering as countless blood red figures emerged from it. It was a kind of feathery undead female creature that had blood red eyes and an extremely unfriendly look. They screeched in a high pitch filled with killing intent and hatred as soon as they appeared in our world.

“Fuck! It is a flying mob…” I groaned on the inside before pulling out my sword again. “Tighten the formation! Ranged players, try forcing them to the ground with your attacks!”

The black swathe of flying creatures flew toward us at high speed. It wasn’t long before we could read their stats—


Resentful Harpy (Shadow)

Level: 149

Attack: 1700~1940

Defense: 1700

HP: 90000

Skills: Fly, Fury, Poisonous Feather

Introduction: The harpies of hell. Before they were harpies, they were excellent human female mages. After their souls were stolen away from them, their bodies were transformed into slaves of Coldblade the Infinite Storm. The Resentful Harpies were used as slaves in the previous wars, and they are overflowing with murder and hatred. They are deeply hated by the warriors of the Silver Moon Alliance.


Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Chaos Moon and the rest of us frontliners could only watch on helplessly as the harpies flew right over our heads. They were only 20 yards above the ground, but that was enough distance that we couldn’t hit them. So annoying!

”Li Chengfeng gritted his teeth and assumed a stance. His sword suddenly burst into light as he shouted, “Get over here!”


He fired a Reverse Scale Slash into the sky and hit a group of Resentful Harpies. They immediately flew down to meet him, but stopped just 10 yards above the ground. Then, they started firing red, poisonous feathers at his chest armor.

“Motherfucking sonuvabitch! I still can’t reach them…” Li Chengfeng’s eyes widened in disbelief.

However, He Yi and Gui Guzi were able to fire multiple sword auras into the mobs and hit them. All riders had extra attack range, so they had the absolute advantage in this battle. Gui Guzi even led the Fireblade Cavalry into a mounted charge as they fired sword auras again and again into the mobs.

The battle at the backline was even fiercer. The archers and mages traded fierce attacks with the harpies, but the frontliners could barely do anything to help them. In fact, most of the priests had to abandon their assigned fighters and focus on healing the mages and archers with everything they got. Speaking of which, Beiming Xue was the shiniest star of this fight because she had powerful AoE skills such as Evil Spirit Volley and Multi Arrow. She was murdering the harpies in droves.

However, we were still suffering massive amounts of damage. The harpies had almost 2000 Attack, a level of attack no mage or archer were truly equipped to deal with. This was especially true for our archers because they didn’t have a Magic Shield to block damage. Our priests had to focus all their healing on them because they could die at any moment.

Beiming Xue was fine because her equipment was ridiculously powerful. With over 10k HP and two super priests, Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew, healing her, she was in no danger of dying. The same couldn’t be said for the rest of our archers, however. They kept being killed in droves by the harpies’ Poisonous Feather skill...

Our frontliners were really starting to panic. Chaos Moon gripped her sword tightly as she swore, “Fuck! Can’t we do anything at all?”

I gritted my teeth and tossed the Heaven-stealing Sword into the air!


The Sword Boomerang hit at least 20 Resentful Harpies in a row and caused them to chase me. After raising my arm to block the first round of counterattack, I hastily ran to the back to buy myself some time. While I was running away, I suddenly realized that the harpies were flying lower and lower the longer they chased me. Very soon, they were flying only 3 yards above the ground. Only a dwarf wouldn’t be able to hit the harpies at this height...


Chaos Moon charged a harpy that was chasing me and laughed. “Wow! You’re a goddamn genius, Lu Chen! I can’t believe you actually found its weakness…”

Gui Guzi and the others immediately spread the word, “Run if you’re attacked by the harpy! The longer they chase you, the lower they’ll get to the ground! They have high Attack, but their Defense and HP are pathetic, so it won’t take much to kill them!”

This meant that the Fireblade Cavalry’s role had changed from dealing damage to baiting the Resentful Harpies to the ground. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ greatest strength was without a doubt its melee frontline, and this was something even powerful guilds like Snowy Cathaya, Warsky Alliance, and Candle Dragon had to admit. Therefore, we should let our fighters be the damage dealer in this case!


After informing Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends about this method, our two allies also found their footing eventually. There was a problem, however. The Resentful Harpies’ numbers were way too great, and at this rate we would be annihilated in two hours at most!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Seven or eight of our Archers collapsed to the ground at the same time when a flurry of Poisonous Feathers fell from the sky. The mob’s DPS was so high that it became a race to see who could kill the other party faster!

Not far away, a couple of middle-rank guilds were still fighting for their lives, but the battle was a one-sided slaughter. The harpies circled the sky and hunted down the melee fighters who didn’t have any way to fight against them one by one, their blood creating rivers flowing across the battlefield. However, no one withdrew despite fighting a hopeless battle. They would rather die than abandon their main city.

Bang bang bang…

Three fiery sword auras erupted between a dozen or so harpies and dealt an extraordinary amount of damage. The harpies were flying creatures with ridiculous Attack, but the trade off was that their Defense and HP was, as Chaos Moon put it, “pathetically weak”. That was why I felt like a boss as I murdered them in droves. One Burning Blade Slash dealt almost 40k damage to the harpies, and with splash damage it was almost a one-shot. That being said, the harpies’ Attack was absolutely torturous to endure!

Poisonous Feathers rained from the sky and impaled themselves onto my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor. My Ghost Deity Armor kept shaking because the attacks wouldn’t stop. If it wasn’t for this skill, I might’ve been one-shot already.


After healing myself for almost 4000 HP using Tenacity of the Dead, I hurriedly turned to the back and cried, “Can anyone feed me please? Ahhh, I’m dying…”

A couple of beautiful priests giggled and threw a couple of instaheals on me. One of them stayed behind to heal me and me only because I was one of the greatest damage dealers of this battle. Well, I definitely needed the dedicated healing because the assault was so fierce that one misstep basically meant death.

Suddenly, I heard a terrible wail. I soon learned it was because the players guarding the south side of Sky City including Gods of Destruction and Soul Battle Robes had been routed completely. From what I heard, Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Knight God, Dominating Warrior God and the rest of his generals had all fought to their last breath on that barren land. This meant that the south side of Sky City was officially occupied by the Resentful Harpies.


It was at this moment a loud battle cry cut through the air. Finally, Commander Jacelyn and his Mad Lion Legion had entered the south side of Sky City and attacked the harpies. At the same time, countless human soldiers also emerged from the edges of the eastern forest. Beneath a sumptuous war banner, a beautiful female warrior on a warhorse gazed toward the distance and ordered, “Stark, tell the Black Cavalry to prepare for a charge!”

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