Chapter 479: Blazing Shadow Bow

“Little Gui, go take a look!” I ordered.

Gui Guzi nodded and steered his Armored Swordback Dragon away from the boss. Stopping in front of Hegemon Palace’s party in no time, he raised his spear and shouted, “Stop where you are! Why are you here at our guild’s area of operation instead of the north side?”

Hegemon Palace’s players were surprised by his arrival. Little Piglet was the one who stepped out and replied, “There’s no rule restricting us to one specific location, is there? If Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls can come here, why can’t we come here as well?”

Gui Guzi spurred his mount a dozen or so steps closer toward Hegemon Palace before coming to a stop again. Then, he tossed his spear into the ground in front of him and pointed at the weapon. “Cross this line if you dare! I promise you I’ll kill anyone who takes even half a step past it!”

“You! Who do you think you are!?” Wang Dongliang said angrily.

Before he could do anything else, Ling Xueshang appeared with Mo Xiaoxiao and Purple Wind Chime at the perfect moment and waved her bow once. “The Monarch Descends, reform the battle formation! Prepare to intercept Hegemon Palace!”

Her archers, mages and warriors immediately rushed to her side. At least thousands of weapons were pointed at Hegemon Palace’s party in just a moment.

A muscle in Wang Dongliang’s face twitched visibly before he looked at Little Piglet. “What should we do?”

Little Piglet replied coldly, “We wait here and watch from the sidelines. That’s what we came to do, right?”

“Hmph. Dammit!”

Hegemon Palace was clearly plotting an intervention after both Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and the boss were damaged, but they were destined to be disappointed by the results. Gods of Destruction, Mad Dragon, and other guilds’ total casualties had exceeded 70% after seven monster waves, but Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had only lost less than 20% of their players. Moreover, our allies, Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends, also suffered smaller losses compared to most other guilds. It would take a considerably brave and powerful opponent to take anything off our hands.


Crack crack crack!

Li Chengfeng’s sword cut through the boss’s shoulders and dealt respectable damage. Everyone was trying to kill the boss as quickly as possible because no one liked being watched while they were doing something. It was like having won a girl’s heart, but knowing that countless people were eyeing her lustfully and plotting a move. It was far less stressful to have lost your belongings to a thief than it was to be watched by one, not knowing when they would act!

Suddenly, the grass at the distance shook unnaturally and made some rustling sound!

I scrunched my eyebrows as an involuntary smile broke across my lips. I immediately turned around and injected indigo energy into my sword before tossing it toward the distance. The weapon instantly sped toward the space above the grass before curving back toward me like a boomerang!

Pu pu pu…

Showers of blood and screams of pain filled the air for a moment. The attack had cut through five invisible assassins! The spinning blade dealt at least 8000 damage to each person, a damage no normal Assassin class player could endure!


I grabbed the hilt of the Heaven-stealing Sword firmly as it returned to my hand. The Sword Boomerang had proven itself with just one usage. The skill dealt AoE damage in a single line, and the way it spun back like a boomerang was cool to say the least. Since it had a 100% hit chance, it was the perfect skill to use against assassins, mages and priests.

As the assassins collapsed to the ground, it became clear that they belonged to Hegemon Palace. At the same time, a beautiful woman suddenly appeared out of thin air and leaped to the back. It was none other than Shangguan Wan’er. The assassin wiped away the beads of sweat on her forehead and muttered, “When did Lu Chen learn a skill like this? That was too close…”

He Yi smiled and complimented me. “Well done, Lu Chen… Mages, please sweep the area with Arctic Rain! Don’t let any assassin get a drop on us!”

Our players quickly carried out her command and surrounded the entire area in Arctic Rain. He Yi’s Firelight Mouse also created a wall of fire to block off a part of the area and guarantee that the boss wouldn’t be stolen by anyone.


A while late, the Stonebreaker was almost done. Its last sliver of HP kept shaking and looking like it would vanish at any moment.

I smiled. “It’s time! Everyone, hit the boss with everything you got! May the luckiest person score the last hit on the boss and claim 50% of the boss’s experience, hahaha!”

Gui Guzi immediately ran back and unleashed a Death Combo with his spear. Li Chengfeng calmly executed a Dragonbone Flurry + Cyan Dragon Horn combo. High Fighting Spirits even let out an angry shout and used his Xiezhi Howl right next to the boss!

My most powerful skill was Burning Blade Slash, of course. I let out a soft cry and shrouded the Heaven-stealing Sword in flames. After launching three blazing energies at the boss’s chest in a row, I followed up with Pardon + basic attack combo. Four damage numbers and one MISS appeared in a column—







Nice! The five-hit combo was powerful enough, but I actually critted on my two strongest hits! Not bad at all!

“Roar roar roar…”

Oka the Stonebreaker let out his death throes as he collapsed to his knees, its head disconnecting from his body and rolling next to his dead body. We had finally taken out the seventh wave boss!


A golden column of light surrounded me as a stream of experience entered my body. As expected, the 50% experience I got from dealing the last hit was enough to push me to Level 122. It was amazing!


System Announcement: Player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” has killed Oka the Stonebreaker. 7000 points and 1 Luck are awarded to the player!

That was another Luck to the tally! Standing at 26, my Luck stat was literally unrivaled in the entire world!

The boss dropped a lot of equipment, but everyone showed great self-discipline and didn’t make a move to grab them. Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi and the others exchanged a knowing smile with each other before retreating from the boss and giving way to me and Eve. Li Chengfeng then said, “Please take the loot, guild leader, vice leader!”

I nodded and said, “Eve, you go!”

He Yi didn’t turn down the request. She got off her mount, stood next to the boss’ body and carried an entire pile of equipment in her arms. They all looked shiny as hell. Well, I was the one who dealt the last hit, and with 25 Luck, it was only natural that the loot would be great.

He Yi shared the equipment stats inside the guild channel. This time, we would compete for these items in a fair and transparent manner—


Blazing Shadow Bow (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★): Level 120 bow. 600~825 Attack, Agility +105, Stamina +100. Passive: Attack increased by 37%. Outstanding Property: Critical damage increased by 20%. 

Howling Wind Chest Armor (Purple Gold-grade, Outstanding★): Level 120 metal armor, 400 Defense, 320 Magic Resist, Stamina +100, Strength +95, Outstanding Property: 7% of damage taken is absorbed as health.

Obsidian Ring (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★) Level 120 ring, Strength +110, Stamina +114. Passive: Max HP increased by 20%. Outstanding Property: Magic Resist increased by 30%.

Tempest Sword (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★): Level 120 sword. 585~810 Attack, Strength +100, Stamina +94. Passive: Attack increased by 27%. Outstanding Property: Chance to trigger a skill “Tempest” when attacking.


Everyone—even inside the guild channel—swallowed their salivas when they saw the gorgeous items. Even Little Piglet of Hegemon Palace was complaining, “WTF, why is their equipment all glowing with prismatic light? How is it that every item they got is Outstanding? When Warsky Alliance killed their boss, they only got a 2-star Outstanding item, and it was only of the Purple Gold grade…”

Hmph hmph, it was because my Luck and my karma were amazing, of course!

Still carrying the four equipment, He Yi declared, “Let’s distribute this immediately based on guild contribution points. It’ll be 70k points for the Blazing Shadow Bow, 20k points for the Howling Wind Chest Armor, 50k points for the Obsidian Ring and 60k points for the Tempest Sword. Alright, you may start competing for them now!”

According to the guild’s loot distribution rules, equipment would automatically appear under the applicable classes after the guild leader or vice guild leader had confirmed it in the system. Then, the player with the right class and the highest guild contribution could pay the set amount of guild points in exchange for the item. For example, the Blazing Shadow Bow was an excellent weapon for archers, and all of them, including Beiming Xue, could take it. However, since Beiming Xue’s had the highest guild contribution score of any archer, she got the choice to spend 70k points and get the bow before anyone else.

It was a fair loot distribution system. Whoever contributed the most to the guild gets the first pick. If they decided to do so, they would use the appropriate number of contribution points. Unless they had a significant lead, they would fall behind and the second player on the list would have the first dibs the next time. Long story short, everyone who worked hard to contribute to the guild would always get the chance to compete for the right to possess super equipment.


I brought up the guild member list. It probably didn’t need to be said, but I had the highest guild contribution points out of everyone in the guild, as a matter of course. The points were calculated during guild or territory wars. Solo-killing a boss also gave guild contribution points because it was considered an honorable achievement. Therefore, contribution points had much to do with a player’s power and skill.

The first equipment on the list, the Blazing Shadow Bow was an amazing bow with an upper Attack limit of 825, a trait particularly impressive considering bows often had lower Attack compared to bladed weapons. Even better, it had a passive that amplified Attack by another 37%. However, the bow’s best quality was without a doubt its Outstanding Property, a 20% boost to critical damage. For example, assuming that Beiming Xue did 500 normal damage to a target, and twice that number if it was a critical hit, then the Outstanding Property would boost the critical damage number to 1200. For archers, critical damage was a godlike stat all future archers would want to have!

“Beiming, go for it!” I patted my younger sister on the shoulder and smiled encouragingly. “It’s just 70k points. You’ll get it back in no time in just a couple of boss battles and PKs!”


Beiming Xue smiled and clicked “Confirm”. She originally had 114k guild contribution points, and one tap later, most of them were gone in a flash. Still, the Blazing Shadow Bow was absolutely worth it!

The next equipment in line was the Howling Wind Chest Armor, and plenty of male players put in a bid for it as expected. It was only 20k points, and it was much better than my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor. There was absolutely no reason to give it up without at least trying to compete for it.

I looked down at my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor before grinning at the fighters behind me. “You know what, I’m not going to bid for this armor. Go for it, guys!”

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