Chapter 477: Collapse of the Defense Line

Not long after I sent off Lin Yixin, the seventh monster wave finally arrived—


System Announcement: All players, the seventh monster wave led by a Level 147 Spirit Rank boss "Oka the Stonebreaker" have crossed the spatial bridge created using the Purgatory Dragon Scepter!


Light shone brightly as countless portals appeared across the light screen. Very soon, huge monsters were teleported into Sky City through the portals. They were two-human tall half-beastman warriors covered in rusted armor and wrapped in iron chains. Half of their head was completely rotted, and a single line of flesh was all that was connecting their eyeballs to the sockets. The half-beastmen roared on top of their lungs before charging us with their giant stone hammers!

"Roar roar roar…"

The roars from the half-beastmen were literally earthshaking. This alone was enough to worry many players.

Li Chengfeng bared his teeth for a moment before asking, "Why are these half-beastmen wrapped in heavy iron chains? Just why?"

I replied with a smile, "There are only two types of people who would be wrapped up in chains: one, a masochist. Two, a person who was so dangerous that locking them in chains was the only way to stop them from causing havoc. Which type do you think these undead half-beastmen are?"

The corner of Li Chengfeng’s lips turned upward. "Probably the latter…"

By now, the monster army had come close enough for me to read their stats—


Half-beastman Warrior (Shadow)

Level: 147

Attack: 1680~1900

Defense: 2180

HP: 150000

Skills: Shatter, Crush, Sweep

Introduction: A half-beastman from Hell. These berserk and mindless people possess enormous strength. Their tough, steely armor earned them the nickname "Steel Fortress", and their role couldn’t be understated, be it in major or minor wars. These half-beastmen have given up their honor completely, and they are deeply hated by the warriors of the Silver Moon Alliance.


As I had predicted earlier, our next opponents were Level 147. The Half-beastman Warrior was a high-level shadow-rank mob with a max Attack of 1900. Its level was way higher than the players’, so it wouldn’t be inaccurate to double its hidden attack stat and assume that its effective Attack was around 4000 or so. There was literally no one present in the war who could claim that they could survive this mass assault with absolute certainty.

Thud thud thud…

Beiming Xue’s archers attacked first and pierced the brawny half-beastmen’s chest, arms, and other body parts with their iron arrows. However, the Half-beastman Warriors’ bodies were already half-rotted, so the rain of arrows did nothing to slow their charge at all. They couldn’t seem to feel the attack either because they continued charging us as if the arrows didn’t even exist!

"Roar roar!"

The first Half-beastman Warrior to approach the frontline came face to face with Gui Guzi. It swung its battle hammer and hit Gui Guzi and all the magic knights beside him!

Clang clang clang…

Sparks flew everywhere as the magic knights shuddered violently. Damage numbers appeared above their heads—





Gui Guzi’s Defense was impeccable, so he was still fine. However, everyone else who got hit could hardly claim the same thing. Their Defense was greatly reduced because the mob was at least 30 levels above them, and it possessed the passive skill "Shatter”. It was a skill that gave the mob a percentage-based chance to ignore Defense, and that was very troublesome.


Gui Guzi moved his shield to the side and stabbed the half-beastman’s stomach ruthlessly with Death Combo. When the spearhead came out, it actually pulled out the half-beastman’s innards as well. The unexpected, terrible stench caused nearly everyone to frown at the same time.

"Fuck me, Little Gui is so hardcore…" High Fighting Spirits barked out a laugh before bringing his axe forward and spinning into a Xiezhi Howl. A wave of cyclic energy instantly swept over a bunch of mobs and reduced their HP drastically. The barbarian warrior himself wasn’t doing very well, however. It was because four to five Half-beastman Warriors had repaid the favor by swinging their stone hammers toward his shoulder!

Bang bang bang!

A column of damage numbers rose above High Fighting Spirits’ head, and his health dropped drastically to 25% or so. As expected, a 5-Strength barbarian warrior had excess in attack power but the same couldn’t be said for his survivability. After all, he couldn’t equip a shield, and his armor wasn’t as good as mine.


I rushed forward and swung my sword in an arc. Then, I fired three blazing sword auras into the mobs and deleted huge chunks of their HP. My damage was no longer enough to one-shot the enemies. Burning Blade Slash was epic, but the Half-beastman Warriors simply had too much health. 150k HP was something no one could delete in an instant.

"Fighting Spirits, get back to the defense line! Don’t rush ahead yourself!"

After I successfully escorted High Fighting Spirits back to the ranks, I chided him. "If you do this again and the mobs crit you’ll be dead, you know that right?"

High Fighting Spirits laughed. "I got it, I got it. Thanks for saving my life, vice leader!"

A couple of white flashes later, our priests healed High Fighting Spirits back to full health. The barbarian warrior’s Defense wasn’t really impressive, but with our priests’ help he should have no problems tanking the Level 147 shadow-rank mobs unless he aggroed too many at once.

In contrast to High Fighting Spirits, He Yi and Gui Guzi were standing at the forefront and firing energy attack after energy attack into the mobs with no troubles whatsoever. The Snow Domain Windchaser neighed as a Half-beastman Warrior roared. The latter raised its stone hammer high into the air before bringing it down heavily on our beautiful guild leader!

Clang clang clang...

The Ice Soul Barrier appeared on He Yi’s left arm, and she used it to block the half-beastmen’s attacks. The way the hammers slammed into the shield rhythmically almost sounded like music. The mobs dealt only 1000 damage or so to He Yi per hit, but she dealt over 8000 damage per retaliation. Her mount and Royal Road was a ridiculously powerful combination.

He Yi was absorbing a large majority of attacks all by herself. She was undoubtedly a symbolic figure in everyone’s eyes right now.

A ring was moving wherever the Snow Domain Windchaser went, and it was none other than the indicator of He Yi’s Royal Road. Our guild was having an easier time than most because her Famous General Skill reduced the stats of all enemies within several hundred yards. Speaking of which, I was an Asura, and my passive skill Deterrence also reduced the stats of the enemies around me, although it wasn’t nearly as good as He Yi’s Royal Road of course.

Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Du Thirteen, and everyone else on the frontlines were doing everything in their power to cut down the monsters in front of them and protect their teammates from danger. After our defense line had found their footing, our damage dealers went all out and bombarded the mobs with arrows and magic to hell and back.

Some distance away, Snowy Cathaya was also engaged in a bloody battle. Lin Yixin was riding at the forefront and cutting down the Half-beastman Warriors left and right with her Frozen Sword. Her white, normally taintless armor was covered in dried blood, but she was long past caring at this point. This wave was too powerful, and if she fell, Snowy Cathaya most likely would fall as well. A guild without their spiritual leader didn’t have a future to speak of.

Purple Marquis was also a standout on the battlefield, fighting about eight Half-beastman Warriors all by himself. He launched Vacuum Slash into a group before piercing the chest of the closest half-beastman with Chaos Universe. He then raised his hand and froze all the Half-beastman Warriors around him for 3 seconds using Absolute Zero, buying himself some time to recover.

The sky above Snowy Cathaya’s formation burned bright as Shadow Chanel launched Fire Rain into a horde of mobs. The indiscriminate attack caused countless Half-beastman Warriors to scream in pain. Before they could do anything else, countless icy spikes burst out of the ground and murdered them in cold blood. It was none other than the work of Lin Yixin’s pet, the Ice Fox. The little fox had become a powerhouse after it grew enough levels to learn an AoE skill!


Our other allied guild, The Monarch Descends was showing signs of crumbling, however.

Hundreds of fighters stood at the frontlines, stopping the Half-beastman Warriors from reaching their backline, but the mobs were making short work of them with their battle hammers. Damage numbers over 5000 kept rising above their heads, and anyone who took a crit was almost certainly dead. The Half-beastman Warriors’ levels were simply too high. With such a divide, it was easy for the mob to score a critical hit on the players.

"We’re falling apart..."

A party leader screamed in pain. He was the only one still alive as his teammates had all been crushed by the Half-beastman Warriors’ hammers!

Their stats weren’t good enough, and they were losing HP so quickly that even their priests couldn’t heal them in time. This tragedy was but the natural result.

Moreover, The Monarch Descends didn’t have a single Famous General despite being a big guild, so it was even more difficult for them to stop the high-level mobs’ charge. The reason Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players were able to find their footing was thanks to He Yi and Gui Guzi buffing the frontliners with their Famous General Skills, and Beiming Xue doing a shitload of DPS with her Bow God. Once the mobs faltered, the upper hand was all ours.


"Not good, The Monarch Descends is about to fall apart! Their first and second defense line are gone already…"

I cried. If The Monarch Descends crumbled, there was no way we could hold the east side of Sky City. It was because the mobs would be able to swarm us from the sides as well. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were strong, but not even we could withstand an attack from all directions.

Li Chengfeng raged. "Fuck! We need to save them! If they are gone, then we’re most likely the next to go…"

He Yi nodded and gave me an order. "Lu Chen, take a hundred warriors with you and aid our ally!"


I raised the Heaven-stealing Sword and let out a cry. "Everyone in my party, follow me! We’re going to save our ally!"

I and almost a hundred people including the 40 fighters in my party started running toward The Monarch Descends.

Even from afar, I could see countless Half-beastman Warriors roaring and tearing apart whatever was left of The Monarch Descends’ defense line. The moment I got into range, I immediately launched Thousand Ice Slash. Not breaking a step, I continued running alone on the frontline while using War Crush to aggro even more Half-beastman Warriors to me. Behind me, Xu Yang, Chaos Moon and the other fighters started forming a defense line of their own without needing me to tell them. A hundred-man defense line with me as the point was formed in no time. The Silver Dragon Ring suddenly shone brightly, and I immediately tossed Silver Dragon Storm into a group of mobs!


Before we arrived, Ling Xueshang looked like she wanted to change her class to a Warrior somehow and plug the gaps in her guild’s defense line herself. When we arrived to her aid with our first-rate experts, she exclaimed gratefully, "Lu Chen, thank goodness you came!"

"No problem. Keep us healed!"


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