Chapter 474: Hundred Battles

Xu Yang reported the information he got immediately. "The Level 139 Purple Gold Rank boss Void Dancer has spawned on the west side of Sky City. October Rain and Laughing At The Heavens are tangoing with it. What should we do?"

"Fuck! I can’t believe Warsky got the boss…" Gui Guzi said while clenching his teeth in frustration.

I considered snatching the boss for a moment but decided against it. "Forget it. We’re in the east, and Warsky Alliance is in the west. It’d take us almost 20 minutes just to get to the other side, and by then the boss would have been killed already. Some things can’t be forced, and this is one of them."



We continued murdering the mobs in silence, and it wasn’t long before their numbers started dwindling rapidly. There was a growing worry in my mind, however. The third monster wave was Level 139, and assuming that the mobs grew 2 levels per wave, the final monster wave would be Level 153 at the very least. The system sure thought highly of us. If this war quest were to end in failure, every player in Sky City would have to hang their heads in shame!

This was an SSS Rank, or divine tier, quest. The path to completion must be paved with countless lives.

Li Chengfeng also noticed this. "It looks like the last few waves will be incredibly difficult to deal with. Once the mobs reach Level 150, they can basically one-shot anyone just by swarming them…"

I nodded. "It’s fine. As long as we do our best and fight until the end, no one can say that we’ve let down Sky City!"


Li Chengfeng smiled at me. "The thought to retreat never even crossed my mind. If we die, we die rich at the very least!"



Not long after, two system announcements hit us and caused a wave of surprise. The first announcement was the usual boss kill notice, but the second announcement was a Famous General announcement. It looked like Lady Luck was favoring Warsky today—


System Announcement: Player "Laughing At The Heavens (Sky City)" has successfully defeated the Purple Gold Rank Boss, Void Dancer, and reached Level 116. They have also met the criteria to become a Famous General and become the fifteenth Famous General of China! They have gained Luck +1, Tactics +1, and an exclusive Famous General Skill, "Hundred Battles"!

Hundred Battles: Beseech the power of the battle soul and increase the Attack by 25% and attack speed of all party members by 10%! Skill effectiveness depends on the user’s Tactics. Skill exclusive to player “Laughing At The Heavens”.


Tsk tsk, Hundred Battles was a pretty good Tactics Skill. 25% Attack and 10% attack speed was pretty powerful considering that even the highest-ranked Encourage boosted allies’ Attack only by 20% at Rank 7, not to mention that a Famous General could party twice the number of players. All in all, Laughing At The Heavens’ timely promotion was a huge morale boost to all Warsky Alliance players.

This meant that Warsky Alliance now had three Famous Generals and three Famous General Skills. They were Warsky’s Hegemon, October Rain’s Heartpiercer, and Laughing At The Heavens’ Hundred Battles. It was a near-perfect offensive combination.

Our Famous General Skills—Martial God, Royal Road, Bow God, Knight God and Blitz—were still far stronger than our enemies but this meant that Warsky Alliance would still be our greatest competitor in the fight for supremacy over Sky City!

It wasn’t long before the mobs were annihilated, and the battlefield was swept clean of all loot. The fourth monster wave went more or less the same way except that this time, the boss went to The Monarch Descends. Since we were allies, we didn’t snatch the boss from them. We even acted as their guards so that they could secure the boss for sure. It was their fortune to take, and we didn’t begrudge them for it.

The fifth monster wave arrived, and they were all Level 143 elite mobs. It was going to be a challenging battle to say the least!


System Announcement: All players, the fifth monster wave led by a Level 143 Purple Gold Rank boss, Fire Axe Hogg, has crossed the spatial bridge created using the Purgatory Dragon Scepter!


Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Hordes of barbarian warriors started rushing out of the light screen. They were undead creatures that looked and smelled rotten, but the battle axes in their hands and their huge muscles made it clear that they were no small fry!

I quickly scanned one of the barbarian warriors to read their stats—


Barbaric Battle Soul (Elite)

Level: 143

Attack: 1400~1650

Defense: 1500

HP: 40000

Skills: Foe Breaker, Crush, Opportunistic Slash

Introduction: Warriors from hell that possess terrifying destructive power.


Alright, the good news was that these Level 143 mobs were still just elites. Had they been Level 143 shadow-rank mobs, their HP would probably be close to 100k. This, we could handle.

I lifted the Heaven-stealing Sword to the air and shouted, "Frontliners, protect the space beneath your feet and die rather than give an inch to our enemies! Do not let them get to the comrades behind your back! Prepare for battle!"

At the same time, Beiming Xue was drawing her bow and shouting before the undead barbarian warriors got close, "Archers, give me a Far Shot before stunning them with Shock Arrows! mages, prepare to use Arctic Rain to AoE down our enemies! Don’t skimp on your Magic Consumables!"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

Countless arrows took to the sky before falling atop the charging mobs like the rain. Beiming Xue’s party was obviously powerful, and the mobs at the center were almost one-shot during the first round of arrows. The barbarian warriors from hell looked more like remote-controlled zombies than human because they were completely mindless, and they only knew how to roar on top of their lungs and charge at us.

Gui Guzi and the others didn’t even bother to bring up their shields. They met the monster wave head-on and started hacking away like mad. I myself unleashed Thousand Ice Slash and Burning Blade Slash to annihilate an entire horde of Barbaric Battle Souls in an instant.

Pop pop pop...

Their loot table was very motivating. As pitch black metal-armor equipment dropped where the dead Barbaric Battle Souls lay, I noticed that they looked identical to the armor the mobs were wearing. It looked like set equipment. This was good except for the fact that it couldn’t be anything better than Gold grade. Any expert over Level 115 would only be devaluing themselves if they chose to wear Gold-grade equipment, even if it was a complete set.

The scene of monsters pouring out of the light screen like floodwater and pounding against the meat grinder that was the players’ faction painted a beautiful picture of war. Countless fireballs, wind blades and icicles rampaged across the air, and arrows fell from the sky like the rain and penetrated the Barbaric Battle Soul’s armor. The bright flashes of melee skills filled the area for a time!

High Fighting Spirits was fighting at the frontline. Letting out an angry shout and surrounding himself in cyclic energy, he unleashed Xiezhi Howl and cleared out a whole ring of space around him. Nearly all the mobs around him had been ravaged by the domineering skill. Xiezhi Howl was definitely a powerful skill especially in the hands of a full-Strength barbarian warrior like High Fighting Spirits.

Li Chengfeng’s fighting style was calm and highly efficient, and he displayed that fully in this battle. After bringing a great number of mobs to low health with Reverse Scale Slash, he used Dragonbone Flurry and took out three low-health mobs cleanly, wasting not even a single point of damage. A player who could execute every attack logically like him truly deserved to be called a top-tier expert.

The other top-tier expert in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun the Earth Wanderer, was also causing havoc among the mobs. He was holding off an entire wave on his Earth Lizard, and both his offense and defense could be described as orderly. Every once in a while, he would swing his sword and fire a devastating Rock Smash in the middle of a group of mobs, sending rock splinters everywhere. Although he was nowhere close to catching up to the almighty Fruit Knife Goddess Lin Yixin, he was still a Top 3 wanderer in the China server!

Suddenly, a berserk general emerged from the edge of the light screen. It was a barbarian boss wearing a set of excellent armor and wielding a fiery red battle axe. Howling like a beast who just escaped its cage, it scanned its surroundings with its heartless, bloody eyes. It was none other than the fifth wave boss—Fire Axe Hogg!

The boss spawned very close to us, but the same could be said for a couple of smaller guilds. I hurriedly shouted, "Someone with high Agility, please draw the boss to us now!"

Behind me, Beiming Xue’s sweet voice entered my ears. "Leave this to me, big bro!"

Beiming was already rushing past me even before she was done speaking. Her ears fully erected in attention, the undead succubus darted past the obstacles in her path so quickly that even the mobs couldn’t aggro onto her. Only a full-Agility archer or assassin could perform such a feat.

A few seconds later, Beiming Xue had traveled a hundred yards away from the battle line and raised her bow into the air. She then let out a cry and loosed a Devil Piercing Arrow at Hogg’s head!


The arrow hit the boss's iron helmet, but blunt force trauma caused by the arrow's kinetic energy still hurt the boss's head and dealt 6982 damage. Devil Piercing Arrow was a skill that ignored metal-armor units’ Defense to a certain degree, and it was a clear counter to a metal-armor boss like Fire Axe Hogg. The one shot was enough to enrage the boss and make it chase after Beiming Xue like mad.


Beiming Xue giggled and began running away, darting past several groups of mobs with ease. Her movement was unpredictable and swift. A while later, she turned around and fired another arrow at the boss while she was still midair, further solidifying its aggro on her.

Alright, this boss is ours for sure!


I abruptly grabbed Beiming Xue’s shoulder and positioned myself in front of her. Then, I shouted, "Everyone, let’s take out this boss together!"


Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, and all first-rate experts rallied to my call and charged the boss. I kicked off the assault with a Burning Blade Slash!

Thud thud thud!

The three burning sword auras hit the boss's stomach area and exploded into huge sparks against its chest armor. At the same time, it lost a small chunk of HP—




I then followed up with a Desperate Gambit and dealt another 9304 damage. My attack power had reached a point where even Li Chengfeng and Gui Guzi had to shoot me a look of shock before returning to their business. Although their Attack was also pretty high, their overall DPS might not reach even half of mine.

It was the natural result though. I was wearing three 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade items—Silver Dragon Ring, God Suppressing Helmet and God Suppressing Necklace—and two 4-star Outstanding Spirit-grade items—Heaven-stealing Sword and Battle Soul Poleyn. Nearly all of my items gave me a huge boost to Attack, and my total Attack was further boosted by a whopping 115% thanks to Martial God. It would be strange if I failed to do any meaningful damage to the boss!

The boss's aggro transferred to me after the shocking damage it took. It wasn’t a problem though. With Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew healing me from the back, it would be harder to kill myself than tank this boss!

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