Chapter 473: Hurricane

I raised my sword and attacked the Dark Beetles. Unlike the girls, I didn’t fear these bugs.

I kicked off the battle immediately with Burning Blade Slash, the cool-looking fire sword energy hitting a group of mobs and one-shotting them instantly. They might be Level 137 elite mobs, but they still weren’t strong enough to withstand my triple-hit combo. In fact, I bet that there were only a handful of players who could withstand my combo perfectly. For example, a Vajra-empowered Little Piglet could probably tank it without dying. Moreover, Burning Blade Slash wasn’t a particularly swift skill, so super-tier experts like Lin Yixin, Candlelight Shadow, Purple Marquis, and Li Chengfeng all had a high chance of parrying the skill.

Gaming was a deep well of knowledge. If my opponent was at the same level as me, I wouldn’t use Burning Blade Slash carelessly as a matter of course. I would move, attack, exploit the terrain and so on to crack a hole in my opponent’s defenses. Only then I would use Burning Blade Slash because then, the chances of one-shotting them was much higher. If they survived, I would continue forcing them into making mistakes with quick but orderly attacks before killing them.

PvP was without a doubt an art form.


"OMG, I wasn’t expecting the second wave to show up this quickly. We didn’t even have time to pick up the equipment…" Xu Yang looked a little dumbfounded.

I smiled. "It’s fine. Take a group of players with you and pick them up after this wave is over. Let’s store them in Dark Moon City’s warehouse first and distribute them to our players based on their guild contribution later."

"Mn, let’s do that!"

Xu Yang nodded smilingly. This was the reason He Yi valued Xu Yang greatly. Although his PvP skills were average at best, he was one of the best when it came to guild management. Moreover, he was passionate, unafraid to give his life for his brothers and sisters, and absolutely loyal to He Yi. People like him were so rare that even Pillar of the Nation, the guild leader of Hegemon Palace, had once sent a message to Xu Yang in hopes of buying him to his side. Of course, Xu Yang had turned him down immediately with much swearing.


Silver Dragon Storm triggered again and killed a large group of mobs, increasing my experience by a lot. An unhappy Chaos Moon immediately pushed her way to my side and said, "Lu Chen, please add me to your party, please take me…"

I nearly puked blood from the innuendo. Later, Chaos Moon actually managed to switch parties with a warrior via the carrot and stick approach. The reason she insisted on joining my party was because my Silver Dragon Storm was absolutely broken, and she wanted to join in on the experience train. Although 50% of the experience went to me, the mob’s killer, the remaining 50% experience was still enough to wet her appetite. Moreover, her base Attack was pretty good, and Martial God boosted the Attack of everyone in the party by 115%. It was even more insane than Gui Guzi’s Knight God. It was only natural that everyone in my party was leveling like mad.

At the distance, Pure Love raised her magic scepter and applied all sorts of buffs on me, causing my stats to rise even further than it already was.

Li Chengfeng immediately cried like a bitch. "OMG, Pure Love, you are my party member, so why are you putting all your buffs on Lu Chen? You… you can’t do this after everything I’ve invested in you…"

Pure Love replied calmly, "I’ll buff you when you’re as handsome as Lu Chen."

Li Chengfeng looked to the heavens and wailed.

His features could be described as proud, firm, or unyielding, but he really wasn’t that much of a handsome guy. In fact, both Flower Room’s Li Le and Hegemon Palace’s Wang Dongliang were much more good-looking than Li Chengfeng or I. The problem with them was that they also looked like the gigolos in a night club, and they lacked the vigor a man should have.

Speaking of which, Li Le had a new woman companion by his side. I had to admit that he was living the good life. That being said, I didn’t envy him in the slightest because his women would always be trash, and either one of the women by my side was a million times better than all of his put together.


"The boss just spawned!"

Gui Guzi’s eyes reported with bright eyes. "It’s only about three minutes away from us. Should we head over and snatch it?"

I nodded. "Little Gui, I leave this to you and the Fireblade Cavalry. Considering your current Attack and Defense, you guys should be able to kill that Level 137 Purple Gold Rank boss without any losses, right?"

Gui Guzi raised his spear and declared with a smile, "Don’t worry boss, just leave it to me! Oh right, what should we do if someone attacks us?"

I grinned. "When two people meet, only one will emerge victorious. You have nothing to be scared of, do you?"

"Got it. See you later!"

After that, Gui Guzi and the Fireblade Cavalry left the frontline, skirted the edges and charged toward the boss's location. Along the way, they swung their swords left and right and took down all the Dark Beetles standing in their way, seemingly unstoppable. Mounted players definitely held a great advantage in this battle!


He Yi didn’t join them because she was the supreme commander of our battle line. Riding atop the Snow Domain Windchaser and wielding Whirlwind, she launched blades of condensed sword energy into the mobs, dealing devastating amounts of damage. I made sure to stay as close to her as possible because all the mobs around her had their stats reduced by 30% thanks to Royal Road. Both of us had an easier time mowing down the mobs because of it.

Suddenly, a violent gust of wind suddenly surrounded He Yi’s sword. The next moment, a great hurricane crashed onto the Dark Beetles and killed most of them! It was none other than the Outstanding Property of the weapon, Hurricane. The passive skill had an even lower proc rate than my Silver Dragon Storm, but the effects were in no way inferior. For a while, everyone in the guild exchanged astonished looks with each other before looking at their guild leader again in a new light. Everyone knew that the guild leader of Snowy Cathaya possessed both astounding looks and skills, but it looked like their guild leader wasn’t too far behind. It was a realization that pleased everyone.

"Guild leader, your weapon…" Li Chengfeng had a pair of keen eyes, it seemed. He actually realized what the weapon was. "Holy shit, is that the legendary Level 120 signature weapon of Wanderer, Whirlwind? One of the strongest Level 120 sword-type weapons in the game?"

He Yi nodded with a smile. "Yep, it’s a 4-star Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon. You’ve witnessed its might just now…"

"No wonder your DPS is so high… when did you get it?"

"Lu Chen gave it to me…"

Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and many more players immediately stared at me. "Why didn’t you give it to us, Lu Chen…"

I replied indifferently, "Why should I?"



Chaos Moon also complained, "Can you consider me if you find one as good as Whirlwind next time?"

I replied, "Hmm, we’ll see. This is the first Whirlwind, so of course I’m giving it to my boss. Also, you bastards always fight bosses as a party, so you get to grind equipment much easier and faster than me. I’m a solo grinder, and I took a shitload of beating to get this Whirlwind. Only a heartless person would try to take this from me…"

Chaos Moon giggled. "Well, I suppose you need to better your relationship with the guild leader. Had you given this to someone else, they might have promised to marry you or something…"

I shot her a glance. "Are you sure?"

Chaos Moon turned embarrassed. "Well… I guess it isn’t completely out of the question…"



A while later, a system announcement entered our ears—


System Announcement: Player "Gui Guzi" has killed the Dark Lord. 2000 points and 1 Luck are awarded to the player!

Nice, Gui Guzi had taken out the boss and taken the Luck reward for himself! He hadn’t let me down!

Almost an hour later, the Dark Beetles decreased in number until there were barely any of them left. Then, a group of riders appeared at the distance and rode toward us. It was none other than Gui Guzi and the Fireblade Cavalry!

When they arrived, Gui Guzi swung his spear and laughed. "It was awesome, no one could stop us at all! Mad Dragon’s Roaming Dragon tried to send an assassin squad after us, but we slaughtered them all without breaking a sweat. You should’ve seen the despair on their faces when they realized that they couldn’t even break our Defense…"

I was dumbfounded. "Little Gui, that is a bit too much."

"Hahaha, what could I do, they were the ones who insisted on killing themselves…"

Well, the Fireblade Cavalry was practically invincible in Sky City right now. Unless they ran into an elite party led by Famous Generals such as Little Piglet or Lin Yixin, there was literally no one they couldn’t beat. Their numbers were still a bit lacking, but it was only a matter of time.


Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had taken out all the mobs attacking them, but the rest of the guilds were still fighting hard. The front at the southeast corner actually crumbled and allowed a bunch of Dark Beetles to wreak havoc in the back, causing many mages, archers and priests to lose their lives. Thankfully, Lin Yixin dispatched a squad and plugged the gap in time.

Xu Yang and a group of players started sweeping the battlefield for loot. Although the chances of a Level 137 elite dropping Silver-grade equipment and Gold-grade equipment was a bit low, I wasn’t worried that we would leave with no valuable loot to speak of. The next couple of waves were almost certainly going to be made of shadow-rank mobs, and everyone would have a field day, provided they survived the battle of course.


A while later, the ring that signaled the start of the third monster wave reached us—


System Announcement: All players, the third monster wave led by a Level 139 Purple Gold Rank boss,Void Dancer, has crossed the spatial bridge created using the Purgatory Dragon Scepter!


This was just the third wave, and the enemy boss was Level 139 already. Since our frontliners were between Level 110 to 115, the level gap was really starting to put pressure on them. The good news was that this battle was still very much doable as long as those at the frontline didn’t die. Plus, the mobs were still of the elite rank, so it was hardly a big problem to us.

I got lucky and triggered the Silver Dragon Storm at my first swing. The silver dragon crashed into a group of mobs and dealt over 14k damage per hit. If I were to add the 30% splash damage of the Heaven-stealing Sword into the damage total, that was over 40k damage per mob. It was definitely enough to kill these Level 139 elites!

The death of the leather-armored Undead Thieves raised everyone’s morale greatly. Our players let out a battle cry and clashed against the new monster wave earnestly.

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