Chapter 472: Deep Fried Cockroach

Level 135 elites weren’t difficult opponents. In fact, even average Level 110 players could deal with them as long as they had one or two items of the Dark Gold grade. We had entered the era of Famous Generals. This was even truer for the top players who grinded shadow-rank mobs because elite-rank mobs could no longer satisfy their needs.

Forty Fireblade Cavalrymen behind him, a Knight God–empowered Gui Guzi led the charge and swung his spear at a group of devils in front of him!


A powerful cyclonic attack emerged from the blade of his spear, penetrated the devils and dealt a shocking amount of damage—





Du Thirteen couldn’t help but sigh. “Little Gui has finally realized his potential…”

Yamete gave Du Thirteen’s shoulder a rub. “Give it up. Little Gui is now a true powerhouse, but the two of us are still idling at the back with no foreseeable future to speak of. I don’t think we’ll even enter the Top 100 when our experts are officially crowned as gods…”

Du Thirteen gritted his teeth. “That just means we have to work harder. Attack!”

Gui Guzi and our high-level riders were occupying a space at the forefront and cutting through the mobs like hot knives through butter. Beiming Xue and her forty-archer group were also drawing their bows and launching Multi Arrows and Volleys into the mobs non-stop. The amount of AoE damage they did was even crazier than our cavalry troop’s.

Not far away, Li Chengfeng had added High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon and more into his party and activated his Famous General Skill, “Blitz”. Standing at the frontline, his party withstood the enemy’s assault while retaliating with attacks so blindingly fast they rivaled Flurry skills’ animations. In fact, their DPS also exceeded Gui Guzi and his Fireblade Cavalry!

He Yi and I led separate parties so that we wouldn’t waste our Famous General Skills. In this case, my Famous General Skill was more flexible because I could buff the attack power of any class—Mage, Warrior, Archer and so on. This also meant that I could build a scientific, meta party that could mow down the mobs easier and safer than the others. Right now the archers in my party were stunning the mobs with Shock Arrows so that my warriors could kill them safely. This move was definitely going to be a killer move during the guild wars and Nation Wars for sure.


Great energy surged through my Heaven-stealing Sword as I attacked the devils and dealt massive damage.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

Burning Blade Slash hit a group of mobs three times in a row, deleting all the mobs within its range in an instant. Level 135 elite mobs simply weren’t equipped with the stats to withstand my triple-hit skill, especially because every consecutive hit dealt more damage than the last. It was basically guaranteed that the third attack would deal at least 10k damage. How scary was that?

My experience rose quickly, but the Skeletal Devils’ onpour seemed like it would never end. The five-yard vacuum I just cleared out with Burning Blade Slash was swarming with mobs again in no time, gladdening and worrying me at the same time. I was glad because the mobs represented a huge amount of experience. However, I was also worried that we would run out of supplies. Our equipment most certainly would run out of durability if the battle took too long.


As my sword swept across a skeleton’s neck and dealt 8942 damage, The Silver Dragon Ring suddenly glowed brightly before turning into a ray of silver light and slipping into the blade of my sword. The next moment, a gigantic silver dragon manifested into existence and hit the mob directly ahead of me. A draconic roar resounded across the battlefield as the enemy took massive amounts of damage—





All the mobs in front of me were annihilated as countless Magic Stones and equipment hit the ground. Tsk tsk, the Silver Dragon Ring definitely deserved its rank and stars; it was as powerful as my Purple Dragon Howl! If my karma was good, and I managed to trigger its passive skill multiple times in a row, I didn’t think that there was any human in the world that could stop me!

Beside me, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, He Yi and everyone else all watched me in astonishment—

Li Chengfeng: “Fuck me, your triple-hit AoE skill is pretty OP already, but you also have an item that has an offensive AoE skill with such ridiculous attack power? What else can we say? Please accept a bow from us, master…”

Gui Guzi grinned. “Boss Broken Halberd has always been reliable, tsk tsk. Both skills are new right? This is great! I’m sure even Candlelight Shadow would feel a chill up his spine if he saw your DPS now…”

He Yi smiled gladly. “Mn, mn. Do your best to catch up to Lu Chen, everyone. Lu Chen may be strong, but he can’t shoulder Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ future alone. We need everyone to work hard and carry our guild to the top!”

Xu Yang cut down a low-health Skeletal Devil in front of him and echoed, “Of course! We’ll definitely grow stronger!”

Murong Mingyue chuckled. “That may be true for the others, but you? Young man, you have an arduous road ahead of you!”

Xu Yang: “...”


I didn’t break away from the frontline and run forward even though I had dealt with the mobs in front of me. For one, it would look like I was trying to grab all the experience for myself. This was a rare opportunity for my guild members to level up, and I could always grind shadow-rank mobs near the peak of Dragonbone Mountain Range. There was no reason for me to rob my own guild members of experience.

Meanwhile, Skeletal Devils were still teleporting out of the sky as if their numbers were endless. The first wave alone showed us just how powerful Coldblade, one of the Nine Sovereigns of the Night Creatures, really was. He didn’t fear any challenge, and his underlings numbered in the billions. Commanders who employed human sea attacks like him were the worst.

“Pop… pop…”

The Skeletal Devils kept dropping items and equipment as they died, but we had no time to pick them up at all. The mobs were just too numerous, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that they were swarming us like tidewater. Our guild was doing okay because our frontliners were all named experts in Sky City, but everyone else couldn’t claim the same thing. There were many players who hadn’t even formed parties, meaning that some of those who were fighting at the front didn’t have any support to back them up. There were many players who perished under the Skeletal Devils’ blade arms already.

Xu Yang pouted slightly in puzzlement as he stared at the equipment and Magic Stones in front of him. “Why is my equipment heap so small, and Lu Chen’s big enough to stack on top of each other and form two layers on the ground…”

“He killed more mobs than you…” He Yi replied.

Murong Mingyue also added, “There’s also the matter of drop rate. Lu Chen has 25 Luck, so his item drop rate is much higher than most people. If you don’t mind this humble woman asking, what is your Luck stat?”

Xu Yang replied tearfully, “It is a big fat zero!”

Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, and the others sweatdropped. “Fuck, Brother Xu’s life is so sad…”


The battle lasted for almost an hour, and my experience had risen by almost 10%. Considering that I was Level 120, this leveling speed was almost magical. I was very happy because I knew that I would only get even more experience during the latter waves!

Obviously, I sat firmly at the first place on the contribution ranking, exceeding even strong contenders like our mage Moonlight Stone or Snowy Cathaya’s Shadow Chanel. Thousand Ice Slash and Burning Blade Slash were both low-cooldown skills. Not only could I use them every dozen seconds or so, they were more powerful than mages’ AoE magic spells. Moreover, I had triggered Silver Dragon Storm at least a dozen of times and killed countless Skeletal Devils as a result. The base proc chance of the skill might be incredibly low, but I had enough Luck stat to boost it to almost 1%, and that was good enough. As long as I didn’t stop swinging my sword, it was only a matter of time before I triggered another Silver Dragon Storm.

Finally, the Skeletal Devils’ numbers started dwindling in numbers and signaled the end of the first monster wave.

I looked up and stared at Sky City. The lofty city was currently shrouded by a bloody fog that gave it a bloody exterior. Now that Coldblade had officially occupied the city, the traitorous king and the cowardly elders were probably waiting for the devil to sweep through the continent so that they could continue playing the puppet monarch and ministers, weren’t they?

“The boss of first wave spawned at the north side, and Hegemon Palace’s Little Piglet is killing it right now…” Li Chengfeng pondered for a moment before inquiring He Yi’s opinion, “Do you want us to head over and snatch the boss, guild leader?”

He Yi and I exchanged a smile with each other. We had understood the other person’s thoughts instantly, so He Yi replied, “No, it’s fine. It’s just a Level 135 Purple Gold Rank boss, and it’s too troublesome to run back and forth between places, not to mention there’s no guarantee that we’ll get the boss even if we tried. Let’s avoid provoking Hegemon Palace for now.”

“Mn, our guild leader is beautiful and wise!”

He Yi: “...”


A short while later, there was a system announcement—


System Announcement: Player “Little Piglet” has killed the Sharp Blade Devil. 1000 points and 1 Luck are awarded to the player!


System Announcement: All players, the second monster wave led by a Level 137 Purple Gold Rank boss “Dark Lord” has crossed the spatial bridge created using the Purgatory Dragon Scepter!


Dark Lord? That sounds dangerous. I wonder what kind of boss it is...

Speaking of which, I wasn’t expecting Little Piglet to get 1 Luck out of the first boss, dammit. If possible, I would like to kill this Dark Lord. A true gentleman wouldn’t pass over their responsibility to another person, right?

Standing next to me and looking at the sky, Beiming Xue asked with a smile, “I wonder what kind of mobs this Dark Lord leads? I look forward to it…”

But I said, “It’s an undead creature. I guarantee you won’t want to know it…”

It was at this moment the spatial bridge on the sky shone brightly. The next moment, countless black bugs poured out of the entrance! They were about half a human tall, and their movement speed was insanely quick!

The official name of the mob was Dark Beetle. It was a Level 137 elite mob with great Attack. However, unlike its name it had a shiny, oily shell, six short legs that gave it amazing mobility and a pair of translucent wings that vibrated intensely behind its back. Is it just me, or do they look almost identical to the legendary cockroach?

Beiming Xue and He Yi turned as pale as death. They were the type of people who would faint from fear when they encountered a cockroach in daily life, and now we had to kill god knows how many super-sized cockroaches. This was going to be one hell of a fear management training...

I said, “You girls can close your eyes and attack blindly if you want to…”

Beiming Xue: “...”

He Yi: “...”


It was at this moment Chaos Moon dropped a hardcore comment. “I heard that deep fried cockroach is actually very tasty and full of protein. I have a classmate at Guangdong who likes it a lot, and I even heard that it can enhance your beauty…”

And so, we all fainted.

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