Chapter 463: Silver Dragon Ring

Very good, I was definitely going to hit Level 119 after I turned in the quest. No wonder this was an SS Rank main quest. In fact, why not just increase my level to 120 right away? I’m happy, you’re happy, everyone’s happy...

I took out the empty bottle Tia had given me earlier and filled it with the Earth Lizard Dragon’s blood while I was daydreaming.

After that, I moved the boss's head aside and revealed the item drops below. First, there was the legendary Purple Crystal. A high-quality Purple Crystal could sell for a maximum of 1000 gold, or 1000 RMB, or 3 packs of rice worth 10 RMB with pork ribs and chicken drumstick in it every day for a whole month.


Next was equipment. The Earth Lizard Dragon had dropped four items in total, and some of them shone with prismatic light, immediately betraying their Outstanding status at the very least. It didn’t come as a surprise though. With 22 Luck, it would be stranger not to get an Outstanding equipment.

The first equipment drop was black metal-armor legguards. They were cool, dignified, craggy and shaped like a dragon’s blade. The second item was a bright sword with a translucent blade surrounded by tiny rings of wind. There were also runes floating above its surface. I knew at first glance that it was no ordinary weapon at all. The third drop were leather-armor wristguards glowing with dark light, and the fourth and last item was the rarest equipment drop to get in the entire game, a ring!

My heart thumped wildly with excitement. I was certain that some of these items were Spirit-grade or above. In fact, I was certain that most of them had reached the Spirit grade!

First, I picked up the black metal armor legguards and waved my hand over them, revealing their incredible stats—


Battle Soul Poleyn (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Defense: 495

Magic Resist: 420

Strength: +125

Stamina: +120

Tactics: +24

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 15%

Passive: Increases user’s max HP by 1500

Outstanding Property: Iron Wall, increases user’s Defense by 18%

Slots: 3

Level Requirement: 120


Holy shit, 4-star Outstanding Spirit-grade legguards! I’m rich!

I almost couldn’t look away from the shiny equipment. I never thought that legguards could be this powerful. Not only did they boost a ton of stats, they also had a passive that increased Attack by 15%, max HP by 1500 and an Outstanding Property that increased Defense by 18%! That was all three major stats taken care of! These Battle Soul Poleyn should really be called the King Poleyn instead...

I put the Level 120 legguards in my bag. No way I was going to give away something this good to anyone, especially since I was just a tiny bit away from hitting Level 120.

Next, I checked the pure and translucent sword. At first glance it looked like a pretty high-grade weapon, but it couldn’t possibly be better than my Heaven-stealing Sword, could it? I waved my hand over its surface and brought up its stats screen—


Whirlwind (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Attack: 600~845

Strength: +110

Stamina: +124

Tactics: +19

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 35%

Passive: 20% splash damage

Property: Attack power of wind-type skills increased by 50%

Slots: 3

Outstanding Property: When attacking a target, 10% chance to trigger "Hurricane" effect, cutting down all enemies in a 10x10 yard square

Level Requirement: 120


Whirlwind! Is this the fabled Whirlwind Sword?

My eyes lit up. I read about this on the forums before, but I thought that it was just false rumors at the time. To my surprise, not only was it real, I got the best version of the Whirlwind Sword I could hope for, a 4-star Outstanding one!

Not long ago, it was said on the forums that an Eternal Moon Corporation employee who worked at the England server leaked the Level 120 signature weapons of all classes to the public.

The Whirlwind Sword was none other than the signature weapon of a Level 120 wanderer. The base damage and stat boosts all matched the leaked info, but there were some differences. After all, my drop was the 4-star Outstanding version. The lousiest, non-Outstanding Whirlwind only had damage and stat boosts, nothing else, so I was very lucky to get the absolute unit in my hands.

Currently, Whirlwind was a god-tier weapon for all wanderers. In fact, any fighter who got their hands on such a weapon would become a godlike fighter!

Apparently, there was also a Level 120 signature weapon for warriors called "Invincible", but its stats were currently unknown. The magic knight’s weapon was a spear-type weapon called "Rainbow", the assassin’s weapon was a dagger called "Heartless", the archer’s weapon was a longbow called "Thunder", the mage’s weapon was a scepter called "Bone of God", the tactician’s weapon was called a fan called "Decide", and a bard’s weapon was a flute called "Water Bamboo”.

All these items had their own hidden stat boosts. Whirlwind, Invincible and Rainbow added Attack and Defense, Heartless added armor break, Thunder increased ranged attack damage, Bone of God increased magic damage, Decide added a ton of Tactics and boosted the effectiveness of stratagems, and finally Water Bamboo boosted the effectiveness of a bard’s buffs by 50%.

With the emergence of Whirlwind, there was no doubt that the world was entering the era of signature weapons. Plenty of high-level players were definitely going for the classes’ Level 120 signature weapons to achieve their maximum potential.


I stared at Whirlwind for a moment. Technically speaking, it was the Wanderer’s signature weapon, but since it didn’t have a class requirement it could be used by other melee classes as well. Unfortunately, it was much weaker than my Heaven-stealing Sword, so I had no choice but to gift it to someone else. Lin Yixin was a choice, but not an appropriate one. The girls in Frost Cloud workshop would riot if they learned about this. In the end, I decided that I would give this sword to He Yi because her Soul Stealing Spear was starting to fall behind the curve. Moreover, she had a mount now, and she could do more damage wielding a sword instead of a spear. Just imagine swinging a double-edged sword left and right and cutting down a swath of enemies! It was the kind of DPS a spear could only dream to have.

My mind made up, I tossed Whirlwind into my bag and moved onto the third item. This one was leather-armor wristguards with a dark glow—


Cold Silver Wristguards (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★★)

Defense: 270

Magic Resist: 245

Agility: +104

Stamina: +100

Passive: Increases user’s hit rate by 25%

Outstanding Property: Increases user’s Agility by 120

Level Requirement: 120


Mn, decent leather-armor wristguards, especially the passive that increases hit rate by 25%, the lifeline of all archers. I’ll give this to Beiming Xue later.

The last equipment to check was a glowing ring. It looked like it was made of black metal, and the head of a dark red dragon sat above it. I could vaguely hear a draconic roar coming from it from time to time. When I held it in my palm, an indescribably coldness seeped into my flesh. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that its stats were going to be good—


Silver Dragon Ring (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★★)

Strength: +125

Stamina: +130

Tactics: +25

Passive: Increases user’s Attack and Defense by 20%

Passive: Increases user’s resistance against ice and fire magic by 40%

Outstanding Property: Low chance to trigger Silver Dragon Storm when attacking a target

Level Requirement: 120

Reputation Requirement: 70000



My mind turned blank for a moment. It took me a long while to recover myself.

Holy shit! What an amazing 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade ring! Not only did it boost both Strength and Stamina over 120 points each, it boosted Attack and Defense by 20% and had a chance to trigger a skill called Silver Dragon Storm! I had no doubt that the passive skill would be incredibly powerful, although of course I would have to test out its effects and range later since there wasn’t a precise description of the skill.

At this point, I was rolling in happiness. All the trouble I went through to kill the Earth Lizard Dragon was worth it because it gave me two items that I could use very soon. One was the 4-star Outstanding Battle Soul Poleyn, and the other, the 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade Silver Dragon Ring. Once I hit the level necessary to equip both items, I was sure that my strength would climb to a whole new height!

I looked at the rest of the loot until I spotted a skill book glowing with a devilish purple light in the middle of a pile of high-level gems. When I took a closer look, I realized that it was a stratagem. Tsk tsk, I’m rich again!

Encourage VII: Beseech the power of the general and increase the attack power of all party members by 20%. Tactics Requirement: 100. Class Requirement: Any. Cost: 2000 Reputation.


It was an extremely good stratagem. To my knowledge, the highest rank Encourage could get was Rank 7, and a 20% increase to Attack wasn’t bad at all. Even Tempest Shadow’s Resolute only increased Attack by 25%, so this skill book was incredibly valuable to say the least!

Mn, this skill book was suitable for players whose Famous General Skill didn’t boost Attack. For example, Purple Marquis’s Famous General Skill was Insight, and it was completely useless against a mob. On the other hand, if he could learn an Encourage VII, then he could increase his allies’ Attack by 40% or more. It was better than nothing, right?

That being said, of course I wasn’t going to give it to Purple Marquis, even if he was the general of our ally. I was going to hold on to the skill book and wait until someone in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls got a Famous General Skill that didn’t boost Attack.

I then checked the assortment of gems scattered across the ground. There were two Convenience Gems I, Cyanfire Gems, Dragonstone Gems and more. It didn’t matter because I was taking everything. I checked the time and noted that it was almost 9 pm. Beiming Xue was probably feeling a bit urgent right now, and so was I. I hurriedly cut off the Earth Lizard Dragon’s head so I could trade it for a bounty reward at Sky City later!

As for the Earth Lizard Dragon’s body, now that was a disappointment. Death Plunder only gave me a couple of high-level dragon skins and nothing else. Dragon blood, dragon fat, whatever; it all disappeared in one sad poof.

I hurried out of the dragon cave and returned to Dragon Knight Tia with the bottle filled with dragon blood. I saw Tia groaning a little because the wound at her chest area was being invaded by the deadly poison. The green dragon was licking the wound with its long tongue and trying to comfort its master.

"Thud, thud…."

I walked up to them and took out the bottle of dragon blood. I asked, "Tia, I’ve brought back the Earth Lizard Dragon’s blood. Can you see if it’ll cure your poison?"

"Ah?" Tia’s eyes opened in pleasant surprise. She smiled brightly. "Thank goodness! You’ve actually completed your mission! You actually killed that ferocious Earth Lizard Dragon!"

Tia accepted the bottle and started pouring its contents on her wound. The black gash immediately started taking on a much healthier red color. The dragon’s blood really was effective against the poison.


Clinging to her dragon spear and pulling herself to her feet, Tia smiled at me with eyes full of gratitude. "Young and courageous warrior, it is thanks to you that I am able to regain my strength. Come and receive your reward. May the light of the Silver Moon Alliance forever be with you…"


System Notice: Congratulations, you have completed the main quest [Kill the Earth Lizard Dragon]. You have gained 4100000 EXP, 80000 gold, 24000 Reputation, 3 Luck and the quest reward, "Burning Blade Slash"!

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