Chapter 447: You’re Famous

"Yiyi, are we boyfriend and girlfriend now? We did that, didn’t we?" I asked awkwardly.

Lin Yixin turned beet red in an instant. She glared at me and retorted, "Did what, exactly? Hmph! You want me to be your girlfriend? Who… who do you think you are?"

"Fuck! You can’t just pretend it never happened!"

"I do what I want!"


Lin Yixin took a sip before glaring at me again. "By the way, if you tell anyone about that I’ll kill you!"

I shivered. "Got… got it…"

Fuck, I thought our relationship would progress to the next step naturally after the kiss, but she just pretended it never happened! For a moment, I felt incredibly sorry for myself.

When we finished our noodles and stepped out of the restaurant, it was already 10 pm at night. It had also stopped raining. When I walked past Chuanxiangge, I abruptly saw Zi Chuanyu standing at the hall and talking with the manager frantically about something. Did he really not have the money to foot the bill? Poor kid...

I pulled out a couple of red bills from my pocket and walked inside, saying, "I’ll pay for him."

Zi Chuanyu looked at me like I was his savior. "You finally came back, Lu Chen! Thank goodness, I would’ve had to wash half a year of dishes if you didn’t show up… Eh? Guild leader, why is your face so red? Are you warm? But it’s late autumn already…"

Lin Yixin curled her lips and shook her head in a helpless manner. She complained in a small voice, "Is this really wretched-looking man really an irreplaceable general of my Snowy Cathaya? Sigh…"

"Yes. Just accept your fate already," I replied after paying.


Back in the car, I drove Lin Yixin back to the university. I shot her a glance and asked, "Yiyi, why haven’t you gotten yourself a mount yet? It’s been a while since the mount system has been introduced, isn’t it?"

Lin Yixin shot me a glance before replying reluctantly, "You think I don’t want to? I found a Rare Forest Wolf the other day, but I failed to tame it despite using up all ten chances. Since then, I’ve never found a Rare mount again…"


"What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing. Just adding a modal particle to the end of your sentence…"

"Oh right, you territory is now undergoing maintenance, right?" Lin Yixin said in an envious tone. "It’s the very first undead city in Sky City, and you’re the perfect candidate to manage it."

"Mn. As you said, I am the best candidate to manage an undead city, so I’ve already asked your sister He Yi to transfer ownership to me. I can’t wait to see how it’ll develop in the future…"

Lin Yixin whimpered. "Ooh, I wonder when the second territory will spawn…"

I patted my chest confidently. "Don’t worry, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls promises to do everything in their power to seize the territory and surrender it to Snowy Cathaya!"

Lin Yixin looked at me suspiciously. "Are you sure you’re not giving it to your sub-guild, Bloody Mercenaries?"

"Of course not, that would be too shameless even for me…"

"Hmph! Who knows. Your shamelessness knows no bounds…"


I took a moment to stare at the guard when I drove through the university gate. "WTF. Forget stopping me, he didn’t even inquire about my identity. Does he think that all BMW drivers are good people or something?"

Zi Chuanyu replied from the back seat, "Eh, it’s just common sense, you know? Who would dare stop a BMW X series driver and risk offending a young master or something? This may very well be their only source of income, so it makes sense that they would do everything in their power to keep it!"

I frowned. "But it’s his responsibility to perform his duty properly. He should stop all strangers who enter the university and question them properly even if they are driving an F-22. It’s terrible for a person to lack principles, be it in social or work situations."

Lin Yixin shot me an approving smile. "That’s right. This is the Lu Chen I know."

Zi Chuanyu: "Guild leader, your lovesickness is taking over again…"

"Do you want to die?"

"Oh look, we’re at my dorms byeeee!!!"

Zi Chuanyu escaped the car on all fours as if he was afraid that Lin Yixin would annihilate him out of annoyance.

Watching Zi Chuanyu running to the male dorms like his life depended on it, I couldn’t help but comment, "Yiyi, you should treat your subordinates better to ensure their loyalty…"

"I can’t…" Lin Yixin replied in a quiet voice.

"But why?"

"Why do you think?" She countered before turning beet red again. "If I treat them well, they might misunderstand my good intentions as affection. I can’t let that kind of misunderstanding happen can I?"

I understood her immediately. "In that case, can you at least treat me gentler…?"

"I’ll try my best." Lin Yixin nodded her head and answered me very seriously.

We arrived at the female dorms, and I turned off the air conditioner. I glanced at Lin Yixin’s rather thin clothing and said, "You were drenched just now, so get a warm bath as soon as you can and wear something dry and warm, okay?"

"Got it. You should rest soon too. I’ll come visit the territory after it opens~"

"Okay. Good night!"

"Don’t say that!"

"Huh? Why?"

Lin Yixin turned red for the n-th time of the day and said, "That phrasing sounds like we’re going to see each other again in a moment, and right now it’s… you sure you want to bid me goodbye like this?"

She looked so cute in that moment I couldn’t help but smile. "Good night Yiyi, see you everyday Yiyi~~"


Huffing, Lin Yixin got out of the car and walked up the stairs without looking back. She waved a hand and said, "Off you go. And I’m not saying ‘good night’ to you!"

Despite my best attempts to control my beating heart, I couldn’t help but swing left and right as I drove back to Frost Cloud workshop.


When I returned to the workshop, it was already 11 pm. The girls hadn’t fallen asleep yet though.


When I opened the door, I heard Murong Mingyue saying, "He’s finally back…"

"Is something wrong?" I asked cautiously.

Murong Mingyue smiled at me and said, "Is something wrong? My boy, you and your 17 megapixels scandal photo are internet famous now…"

"What do you mean…"

"Come look at this…"

Murong Mingyue turned the notebook on the table around toward me, and I saw the photo of a young couple kissing each other under the rain. Hmm? Wait, something’s wrong. This background looks like Suzhou, and the couple on the screen looks eerily familiar for some reason… Wait a second, isn’t that Lin Yixin and I??

A chill shot up my spine in that instant. "WTF!?"

Beiming Xue giggled. "Did you finally conquer sister Lin Yixin’s heart, big bro? To be honest, we were surprised that you came back tonight. We thought you would be staying out with her…"

Murong Mingyue said, "Eve isn’t going to kill you, so don’t worry. She said that if you’re good enough to make the guild leader of Snowy Cathaya fall for you, then that’s that. But know that your troubles have just begun, boy…"

I looked at He Yi. She put down the Ray Li magazine she was reading and said, "Murong Mingyue isn’t joking, you know. Flower Room, Mad Dragon, Hegemon Palace, and many more guild experts have declared war on you because you’ve blasphemed the goddess in their hearts, Lu Chen."

I sat down on the sofa and asked, "Who took that photo anyway? People these days don’t know how to respect privacy at all…"

Murong Mingyue replied, "Maybe it’s a student from Suzhou University? Does it matter though? The two of you were so into it that they could be standing right next to you, and you wouldn’t notice. So, how does it feel to kiss Beauty Lin, Lu Chen? Hehe, who does it feel better to kiss, her or Eve?"

He Yi turned red immediately. She glared at Murong Mingyue and chided her. "Cease your nonsense, Mingyue…"

Beiming Xue kept quiet and watched the show from the sidelines like a cute bystander.

Murong Mingyue started counting. "One time at the workshop, and one time at the CGL competition at Shanghai. You’re not going to say it never happened, are you? What are you doing? Are you planning to silence me?"

"Yes I am!" A beet red He Yi continued to glare at Murong Mingyue. "You’re such a gossip. You can’t just reveal another person’s privacy like this!"

Murong Mingyue begged for mercy smilingly. "Fine, fine, we promise not to reveal this to anyone. This will remain a legend in our tiny little workshop, okay?"

After that, Murong Mingyue grabbed my arm and said, "Anyway, Lu Chen, you’ve kissed both super beauties, Eve and Beauty Lin. So who do you want to make your girlfriend? You’re not going to leave them hanging after taking something so precious from them, are you?"

I was embarrassed as hell. No way I was going to answer that.

A red-faced He Yi curled her lips and said, "We’re adults already, and just because we kissed doesn’t mean we’re automatically in a relationship, right?"

Murong Mingyue, the prime gossiper, attacked relentlessly. "Looks like Eve doesn’t want to be your girlfriend. What about Beauty Lin, Lu Chen? What did she say?"

I still didn’t say anything.

"Fuck, don’t tell me Beauty Lin rejected you too? Dude, you’re such a failure. How can you kiss two super beauties and not arrive at a resolution with either of them?"

I turned around sadly. "Can we not talk about this anymore, sis? I feel like chaos is starting to overtake me…"

"Well, this relationship is chaotic for sure."

He Yi clapped her hands together and said, "Alright alright, stop bullying Lu Chen already. Those who haven’t taken a bath, do it now and rest early. The territory will finish its maintenance tomorrow, and I’ve already given Lu Chen the administration power. Since he’ll be busy tomorrow, the rest of us should find a leveling map and grind to secure our future as well. I’ll be the party leader this time. Is that fine with everyone?"


Beiming Xue smiled. "I want to hit Level 120 and get my fifth promotion as soon as possible! I heard that the rewards are even greater after the fifth promotion!"

Murong Mingyue said, "Yeah, I guess it’s about time I really grind my levels. Say, do you think a priest can learn a Famous General Skill? Or is that a no? I don’t want to be a burden forever…"

I consoled her. "Of course not. Don’t worry, as long as your level remains among the top, you will learn a Famous General Skill eventually."

"Mn." He Yi also nodded. "If we exclude all the players who’ve already become Famous Generals, then you’re definitely among the three highest-leveled non-generals in Sky City, Mingyue. There’s definitely a high chance for you to learn a Famous General Skill!"

"Oh right, is there a limit to how many Famous Generals there can be?" I asked.

Beiming Xue shook her head. "A few days ago someone said there can only be 100 Famous Generals in the entire world, but the officials quickly refuted that rumor and clarified that there is no limit at all. However, those who become Famous Generals sooner clearly get much better skills than those who do so later. Some might be even worse than Encourage V."

"Well, that’s normal. Anyway, leave the construction of the territory to me and focus on your grinding. Let’s try and increase our number of Famous Generals as much as possible!"



After the small meeting was over, I took a bath and slipped under my blankets, falling asleep in no time.

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