Chapter 443: Battles Between Allies

A war was inevitable. I gripped my sword and marched toward Lin Yixin because the simplest way to beat Snowy Cathaya was to defeat her. At the same time, I ordered, "Beiming Xue, Li Chengfeng, work with me. If we beat Beauty Lin, then half of this territory war already might as well be won already! Gui Guzi, guard the entrance and make sure that no one else enters this guild hall!"

"Got it!"


The system dinged after the last Warsky Alliance player in the guild hall died—


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that Territory No.001 China is currently ownerless!


Very good, Warsky Alliance had officially been knocked out of the fight. Once we took out Snowy Cathaya as well, the territory would finally belong to us.

A fiery burst of flame suddenly caught my attention. Lin Yixin’s Frozen Sword was wreathed in ice and fire, and she was swinging at both me and Li Chengfeng!


I shivered and lost 1764 HP. Lin Yixin’s Attack was so high that it was impossible to Guard against her skill completely!

"Watch out for Purple Marquis’s Absolute Zero!"

I shouted a warning to the others before pouncing toward Lin Yixin. I successfully slashed her stomach with Pardon, but she was so fast that she moved out of the way before I could swing a second time. Moreover, she counterattacked immediately with an overhead swing that forced me to raise my arms into a block!


The blade hit my wrist painfully. At the same time, the damage number 2134 appeared above my head. Lin Yixin’s Attack was just too high right now!

Clearly, Lin Yixin had activated her Famous General Skill, Bombshell, and boosted her and her allies’ stats by 50%. It was terrifying to say the least. Thankfully, He Yi’s Royal Road was a counter that reduced the effects of Bombshell to only 105%.

Bad news quickly hit us, however—

Running at the edges, Purple Marquis abruptly swung his sword and summoned a bunch of magical runes. A bit of metal ringing entered everyone’s ears. The next moment, he shouted, "Insight!"


Combat Log: Player "Purple Marquis" used "Insight" on player "From Water”. The skill is successful. The target’s stratagem is sealed for 600 seconds!


Shit, Royal Road was sealed by Purple Marquis’s Insight!

I immediately added He Yi into my party and activated Martial God. There was no way we could fight a fully-boosted Lin Yixin otherwise!

Lin Yixin withdrew temporarily. Purple Marquis was also glaring at us with his sword raised before his chest.


Bow God entered the limelight again as the archers loosed their arrows at the players of Snowy Cathaya. Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis and the other members of Snowy Cathaya activated Guard immediately and reduced the damage they took to 300 or so per hit. It wasn’t much, but with enough damage accumulated there was nothing they couldn’t kill!

However, they somehow survived even a second volley from our archers. The 50% boost to HP and Defense made them so tanky that even Bow God couldn’t get the job done!

I exchanged a look with Li Chengfeng before ordering, "Purple Marquis is Beauty Lin’s arms and legs, so let’s try and one-shot him immediately. I’ll go first, and you secure the kill. Don’t forget to watch out for Purple Marquis’s Absolute Zero. High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, I want you to use your range attacks as well!"


I was already charging toward Purple Marquis when they responded affirmatively to my order. I didn’t slow down even though Purple Marquis and Lin Yixin were rushing me at the same time. My trajectory suddenly changed, and I slipped past the Snowy Cathaya warrior who attempted to block me with a double-S path. It was the helix maneuver!

The next moment, I knocked away Purple Marquis’s sword with my own and rammed Lin Yixin’s shoulder with my right shoulder!



Lin Yixin let out a cute whimper. It looked like she hadn’t expected me to attack from this angle at all. Purple Marquis came at me again, so I kicked him beneath the armpit even before I could regain my balance!

Purple Marquis stumbled from the unexpected attack, but he wisely slashed at my waist and dealt 3187 damage.

Suddenly, I leaped toward him with the Heaven-stealing Sword wreathed in bloody light!


Purple Marquis knew what was coming, but he couldn’t dodge out of the way. It was because my general, Li Chengfeng, had appeared behind him at the perfect moment and executed Dragonbone Flurry. Purple Marquis had no choice to Guard, meaning that he had to endure both my War Crush and Li Chengfeng’s Dragonbone Flurry at once!

A column of damage numbers floated above his head. Despite his priests’ efforts, Purple Marquis’s HP still dropped all the way to the red. Just when he was going to die, the warrior swung his sword and used Absolute Zero!

Swhoosh swhoosh!

Both Li Chengfeng and I were frozen by the skill before we could escape, but Purple Marquis wasn’t doing so hot either. High Fighting Spirits arrived just in time to launch a swirl of deadly energy at the enemy warrior. "Xiezhi Howl!"



The skill should’ve been fatal, but the seven or eight enemy priests standing behind Li Chengfeng still managed to drag Purple Marquis back from the land of the dead.

But that wasn’t the end of our combined assault. The dog rider Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun appeared and hit Purple Marquis with a Rock Smash and Do or Die! His Attack was increased drastically in that moment!



Hell yeah! The last strike was a critical hit!

My Martial God already boosted Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun’s Attack by 87%, and the last strike was a critical hit. Despite having his HP and Defense boosted by 50%, Purple Marquis ultimately collapsed to the ground and died. He dropped a ton of potions and pitch-black metal armor legguards!

Meanwhile, Lin Yixin finally arrived and pulled out her dagger from her sheath. After she used Extreme Break on the dragon warrior, she brought out her Frozen Sword and hit him three times in a row, deleting most of his HP in one go. That wasn’t the deadliest blow he would take, however. At the distance, the Dark Tongue Mage Shadow Chanel finished channeling her spell at the perfect timing and launched a Dragon’s Roar at him! He couldn’t dodge it at all since he was still frozen at this time!


Fuck! I wasn’t expecting his Magic Resist to be this low! Li Chengfeng must’ve put too much focus on his Attack and neglected his own protection!

Although Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew did their best to heal him, they were unable to pull him away from death’s door. One final Explosion Arrow from Clear Perfume later, Li Chengfeng let out a groan and died. He even dropped his helmet!

High Fighting Spirits picked up Li Chengfeng’s helmet from the ground, but he didn’t touch Purple Marquis’s equipment. Then, he raised his battle axe and charged Lin Yixin.

Lin Yixin watched him calmly. She had Bombshell and all the buffs from their holy bard, Beauty At First Sight, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call her a battle goddess in that moment. Dodging High Fighting Spirits’ Blaze with a beautiful zigzag, she slashed him twice in the back, turned around and zipped past him one last time to kill him where he stood. One of our strongest players was one-shot just like that!


Enraged by the death of his brother, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun charged toward Lin Yixin while gripping his Ardent Thunder Blade. Even the Chinese dog he was riding wore eyes that brimmed with killing intent.

"Hmph, stupid…"

Lin Yixin chuckled. She easily dodged the wanderer’s Charge by moving a couple of steps to the back. Casually taking over 3000 HP from his health bar with a single slash, she ran a beautiful S-shaped path to his back and hit him again. Every time Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun slowly turned around to face her, she simply moved to his back and slashed him again. There were two reasons the wanderer was played like a fiddle. One, Lin Yixin’s Agility was boosted by 50%. Two, his mount reduced his turn rate a lot, so he couldn’t turn faster than Lin Yixin could move to his back. In the end, the poor guy was killed before he could score a single hit on the Fruit Knife Goddess!


Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun groaned and collapsed to the ground. However, I myself was pulling the Heaven-stealing Sword out of Zi Chuanyu’s chest. I rushed toward her while saying quietly, "Let’s end this quick, Yiyi!"

Lin Yixin looked startled for some reason. A bit of hesitation flashed across her beautiful eyes.


My Heaven-stealing Sword cut through her armor and left a bloody mark on her snow white skin.



At the same time, He Yi appeared and dealt another 3000 damage with a spear swing.

At the distance, Clear Perfume gritted her teeth and fired a Shock Arrow at me. However, I let it stun me without attempting to dodge out of the way. It was because I was confused by Lin Yixin’s reaction, or rather lack of. Why didn’t she dodge my Pardon-empowered attack now? I know she could do it. She wouldn’t have taken this much damage if she...


While I was stunned, He Yi and Lin Yixin clashed weapons with one another. This was the first time the guild leaders of the two strongest guilds in Sky City fought each other directly!

Rustle rustle...

Lin Yixin downed a health potion to recover herself before launching an attack. She blitzed past like a lightning bolt and dealt 6012 damage to the magic knight. It was of course her signature Moon Gaze + Extreme Break combo.

He Yi arced her neck fearless and activated War God Recovery. The magic knight exclusive skill healed the user for 100% HP over 60 seconds. At the same time, she urged the Snow Domain Windchaser into a rapid spin before launching a powerful Green Wave Slash!

Lin Yixin couldn’t dodge it, so she crossed her sword in front of herself and used Guard!


The powerful impact sent her petite body sliding across the ground. Judging from her tiny groan, it must’ve been quite the painful attack as well. He Yi was empowered by Martial God and the Purple Gold Rank Snow Domain Windchaser, so it made sense that her Attack was on par or even higher than mine right now.

Before Lin Yixin could steady herself, Beiming Xue flicked her bow and fired Evil Spirit Volley at her!

Chiang chiang chiang!

The Fruit Knife Goddess managed to parry three arrows, but that was her limit. She gritted her teeth and used Guard again to minimize the damage she took as much as she could.

Xu Yang and Chaos Moon appeared next and knocked Lin Yixin back again with their Blazes. Then, Moonlight Stone also hit with Ice Dragon Howl from a distance. Her HP was high, but even she could only take so many attacks.

But a red-HP Lin Yixin didn’t try to mount a counter-attack. She simply crossed her Frozen Sword in front of herself again and stared at me. For a second, I was lost in the hurt look in her eyes.


Gui Guzi’s Aurora Thrust abruptly penetrated her body, and finally, the Fruit Knife Goddess dropped to one knee. Still staring at me, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she collapsed to the ground first and dropped a shiny ice sword. She… she dropped the Frozen Sword!


"Wind Fantasy is dead! She even dropped her Frozen Sword! That’s an Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon, right??"

For a time, our players exchanged glances with each other. Some of them even strode toward the weapon while laughing, "She dropped the Frozen Sword? That’s wonderful, so wonderful…"


I stomped my boot on the Frozen Sword so that the assholes couldn’t pick up the weapon. Then, I pointed my sword at them and declared icily, "Get lost, you fuckers!"

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