Chapter 442: Come and Fight Me

"Beauty Lin is about to storm the guild hall…"

He Yi turned around to look at me, but I was already charging toward the guild hall with Li Chengfeng. "Charge! Don’t let Snowy Cathaya get ahead of us! This territory belongs to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

He Yi: "Fuck, these two doesn’t understand the concept of sharing at all…"


There was only one entrance into the guild hall, and Warsky’s core forces had already withdrawn into it. They must be waiting for us to step inside and trigger their traps.

There were still about twenty thousand Warsky Alliance players guarding outside the guild hall, so we had to clear them out first before we could even think of going in. It wasn’t a difficult task though. Warsky, October Rain and Laughing At The Heavens had already withdrawn into the guild hall, so who else was left to stop us?

“Front row, Guard. Back row, attack! We’ll push forward slowly!"

After I gave the order, He Yi, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, and the rest of the frontliners automatically formed a battle line and charged the enemy together. At the back, Murong Mingyue, Yamete, Moon Dew, and the rest of our priests focused on keeping them alive. In Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, our mages weren’t our strongest backliners. It was Beiming Xue and her archer squad. With Bow God active, she and her 40-man party was practically unstoppable!

"Far Shot!"

A rain of arrows flew over our heads and pierced the flesh of the enemies in front of us. Anyone who wasn't a metal armor class was more or less one-shot and disappeared in a flash of light. Even the enemy frontliners were having trouble dealing with our ridiculous firepower!

"Shit, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ archers are too powerful…" a Level 108 sword-wielding warrior shouted. "Brothers, the territory will be ours in just an hour, so hold on! Pay their attacks no heed and gather at the center! Let’s push them out in one go!"

He barely finished his sentence when Li Chengfeng killed him with a combo. The dragon warrior laughed. "The squad leaders of Warsky Alliance are so weak..."

Both melee and ranged classes worked together to annihilate the enemy. Magic knights like Gui Guzi and He Yi were holding their shields with one hand and thrusting their spear at the enemies with the other. Warriors like Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, and I were swinging our weapons wildly at the enemy’s shields. Even if they Guarded and took reduced damage, they were still inevitably pushed back until their shields were sent flying into the air.

He Yi’s Firelight Mouse played a key role in this battle. It had set the space in front of the guild hall on fire and gave the Warsky Alliance players guarding that area one helluva bad time. Even Murong Mingyue had decided to drop her healing and just bombard the enemy with the super powerful Hellish Rockfalls.

I looked to the distance and saw Snowy Cathaya successfully breaking through Gods of Destruction, Mad Dragon, Flower Room, and other guilds as well. They were cutting through the enemy forces like a hot knife through butter, pincering the enemy forces with us.

Countless small guilds had participated in the assault and chasing Warsky Alliance players all over the place as well. The moment Warsky Alliance failed to defend a fairly small territory despite rallying over a hundred thousand players to its defense, it was over for them.


The players outside the guild hall had dropped to less than 5000, but Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls still had over 10000 players. Our losses were incredibly minor compared to what Warsky Alliance had suffered so far. As long as we maintained a tight formation and kept ourselves from being split up and routed that way, there wasn’t much our enemies could do to us.

"It’s time to tackle the entrance!"

I ordered, "Little Gui, you’ll be our point. Li Chengfeng and I will cover your charge. The first person to enter the guild hall will be the focus of all of the enemy’s firepower, but don’t worry, Murong Mingyue will go with you and keep you as healthy as possible. Go wreak some havoc and create some space for us after you get inside. After, High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun will move in with their men and assist in clearing out the enemy forces. We need to finish this as quickly as we can!"

"Got it!" All the experts nodded in unison.

He Yi asked, "What about me, what about me?”

I looked at her and smiled. "You will follow me. If Little Gui dies, you will replace him as our point."



We, as the elites of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, marched at the forefront. Gui Guzi took point with his land dragon while Li Chengfeng and I cleared out the enemies to his left and right side. Gui Guzi had OP Defense and HP, but his DPS was much weaker than mine or Li Chengfeng’s. He Yi also stayed close to me. Speaking of which, her Snow Domain Windchaser was relatively small compared to Gui Guzi’s Armored Swordback Dragon.

On the other side, a group of Snowy Cathaya players was also charging the guild hall entrance. It was none other than the elites of Snowy Cathaya; Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis, Shadow Chanel, Clear Perfume, Lifetaking Sword, Zi Chuanyu, and so on. Zi Chuanyu was a heavily-armored knight riding on a black warhorse. He wielded a sword and a shield, looking majestic and impressive next to Lin Yixin. Clearly, Lin Yixin was planning to use Zi Chuanyu as the main tank and the point.


I groaned on the inside. Lin Yixin and I were close, but a territory was just too valuable to give up for either of us. I supposed that there was no avoiding this battle!

He Yi glanced at Snowy Cathaya’s squad for a moment before asking, "Lu Chen, if I remember the promise correctly, whoever enters the guild hall first claims ownership over the territory, right?"


"I feel so conflicted…"

"I know right!?"

I gave her a smile before facing back to the front. "Little Gui, you absolutely must be the first person to make it into the guild hall! If Snowy Cathaya gets in before you, your punishment will be three days of fasting!"

"What? Three days??"

Gui Guzi shuddered. The land dragon beneath him also shuddered for some reason. The magic knight replied immediately, "Don’t worry, Boss Broken Halberd! I swear I’ll be the first guy to charge into the guild hall! No one can stop me!"

"Then go!"

Everyone erupted into action as Gui Guzi urged his land dragon into full speed. He swung his spear again and again and killed all the Warsky Alliance players who were trying to stop him. Li Chengfeng was just barely able to keep up with him as we carved open a path for him with Thousand Ice Slashes and Reverse Scale Slashes!

On the other side, the Snowy Cathaya players started giving it their all as well. A gigantic ice sword wreathed in flames slammed into the enemy players and made them scatter like ants. Zi Chuanyu seized the opening and charged straight toward the guild hall entrance. Unfortunately for us, the entrance was wide enough to admit three to five people at the same time. Fuck, it doesn’t look like we’re winning this competition easily!

Gui Guzi and Zi Chuanyu made it to the front of the entrance at almost the same time. Maddened by battle lust, Gui Guzi sneered. "Zi Chuanyu, you should keep the watch outside!”

The Undying Knight turned barbaric as his land dragon roared and rammed toward Zi Chuanyu!


Zi Chuanyu’s mount was no match for the Armored Swordback Dragon. It and its rider was sent stumbling after it got rammed in the stomach.

"The right to enter the guild hall first is ours!"

Gui Guzi turned away and charged toward the hall. However, a shadow suddenly Charged him at the perfect timing and stunned him in mid-stride! It was Purple Marquis!

This wasn’t good. That bastard thinks he can overtake us?!

I hurriedly locked onto the space three meters in front of Purple Marquis and activated Thunderous Charge!


Purple Marquis was stunned when I passed him, and I managed to make it into the hall safely. However, I quickly discovered that a silver figure was right next to me. It was Lin Yixin targeting a Warsky Alliance player inside the guild hall and activating her own Charge. Somehow, we had made it inside at the exact same time!

"OMG! Seriously?"

I stared blankly at Lin Yixin, and she stared blankly at me as well. Suddenly, she broke into a sweet smile and said, "Let’s take out Warsky Alliance first and decide the ownership of the territory later!"


Both of us looked up just in time to find innumerable balls of fire, ice blades and arrows flying our way. After we beat a hasty retreat out of the guild hall entrance, we seized our main tanks respectively—Gui Guzi and Zi Chuanyu—and ordered, "You go ahead and tank the attack! We’ll cover for you!"

After throwing the pitiful magic knights into the maw of hell, Lin Yixin and I cautiously followed behind them. He Yi, Purple Marquis, Li Chengfeng, Murong Mingyue, High Fighting Spirits, and everyone else charged inside as well!

At the front, Gui Guzi was blocking the enemy’s attacks and losing health rapidly for his efforts. On the other side, Zi Chuanyu fared even worse and was dying in less than 10 seconds despite having assumed a defensive stance from the start!


All dozen or us elite fighters threw our AoE skills to the front. A second later, the enemy’s foremost defense line abruptly vanished from view!

Warsky stared at the one hundred or so dead bodies on the ground blankly before turning to October Rain. "Am I dreaming?"

October Rain shook her head and murmured, "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya simply have too many top-tier players. In that department, they completely outnumber us. It’s all over…"

We charged with our health pots sticking from our mouths. He Yi and Gui Guzi especially were practically invincible after the bards buffed them with Death March and Divine Valor. Every time they charged toward the enemy, they left a swathe of bodies in their paths. And if that wasn’t enough to kill Warsky Alliance’s spirit, Beiming Xue and the two hundred archers behind her sealed the deal!


"Fuck. We lost."

Warsky glared at us from a distance before growling, "Hmph, we wouldn’t have lost if you hadn't ganged up on us! Just you wait, Lu Chen! We will take our revenge one day!"

Warsky crushed his return scroll and gave up of his own accord. He didn’t want to lose even the elite forces who were still alive and surrender their levels and the equipment to us.


Purple Marquis smiled. "Very good, this territory belongs to us!"

Li Chengfeng looked at him immediately. "Someone’s a dreamer, I see!"


The next second, Purple Marquis rushed Li Chengfeng and slashed his chest with Desperate Gambit!

At the same time, Gui Guzi thrust his spear at Zi Chuanyu, and High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun had taken out Lifetaking Sword together. Even Beiming Xue had raised her long bow and aimed at Snowy Cathaya’s army, yelling, "I’m sorry Sister Lin Yixin, but this is for the territory and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! Far Shot!"

Lin Yixin raised her Frozen Sword and smiled sweetly at me. "Come and fight me, Little Cheat!"

In the end, there was no avoiding the battle between the two super guilds, Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!

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