Chapter 441: A Fierce Battle

“Gui Guzi, take some men and secure the potion shop! Xu Yang, your job is to secure the weapon shop! Lu Chen, you are to secure the smithy! Cut down all the players stationed there,” He Yi said.


I raised my sword in the air and spoke to the people behind me, “Follow me, we’re going to seize control of the smithy!”

Beiming Xue, Chaos Moon, Moon Dew, and a few others fell in behind me. There were quite a few Warsky Alliance archers and mages who were hiding in the three buildings which made up the smithy, and they had made use of their terrain advantage to boldly spray fire at the players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. It was functionally no different from a stronghold for the enemy, and it wasn’t something we could just ignore.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

More than a dozen Warsky Alliance knights slammed their gigantic shield into the ground in front of them with an explosive boom. They were determined to block our path. The Level 107 magic knight that stood at the head of his forces snarled at me, “You can forget about getting past us! Warsky Alliance will never surrender!”

I laughed as I rushed straight at the enemy combatants. I held the Heaven-stealing Sword in front of me as I crashed straight into their line. My sword flashed out twice with lightning quickness, as I used Pardon + basic attack. My target was precisely that Level 107 magic knight since his level and equipment was the best among the enemy knights present.



After that I fiercely stamped down on the ground with my war boots. A bloody light erupted from my body. To their utter surprise, I used War Crush right off the bat, catching the enemy knights completely off-guard!





A string of damage numbers popped up over their heads. My relentless attacks caused the seven enemy knights closest to me to collapse in a heap. Just the damage from my three-hit War Crush alone had dealt more than 18000 points of damage. Right now, most fourth-promotion knights only had around 12000 HP, and knights like Gui Guzi and He Yi could actually be counted on one hand.

It was precisely at this moment that the bunch of archers that had been hiding in the smithy started firing at me.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Arrows clattered against my Ghost Deity Armor as the screeching sound of metal against metal rang in the air. Even though these attacks weren’t fatal, my HP bar was still dropping swiftly.

Beiming Xue’s laugh tinkled behind me as she said, “Volley! We need to save big bro!”

Around seven Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls archers used Volley under the effect of Beiming Xue’s Bow God. In the next instant, arrows started to stab deep into the bodies of the distant Warsky Alliance archers. Beiming Xue’s own Attack was the most terrifying of them all, a single Volley from her was, more often than not, able to oneshot an archer on the same level as her. Her Bow God Famous General Skill truly lived up to its name.

I took this opportunity to rush into the thick of battle with my Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. My sword flailed wildly in the air as I tore into the Warsky Alliance players like a wolf among sheep. The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf let out a maddened howl as it tore into the smithy. Its sharp claws wreaked utter havoc amongst the mages and archers hiding inside. They tried to bombard it with consecutive Ice Dragon Howls, but they simply couldn’t take that terrifying wolf down!

The Level 115 Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf had 23000 HP, so it was as difficult to one-shot as Gui Guzi was. Furthermore, its attack speed was ridiculously high, so it was even scarier than Gui Guzi in close combat!


In the blink of an eye, we swept the smithy clean of enemies!

Xu Yang and Gui Guzi’s squads were also making headway as they slowly advanced toward their objectives. One by one, buildings like the potion shop, weapon shop, clothing shop fell into our hands. The Warsky Alliance grand army that numbered in the tens of thousands was slowly being pushed back. Their players simply couldn’t compete with ours in a straight fight.

To be honest, the levels between the players on both sides really weren't that different. However, the thing that drove Warsky and October Rain to despair were the elite melee fighters and archers of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls like Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, High Fighting Spirits. Every single one of them had AoE skills which they could use every 10–25 seconds. With either my Martial God and He Yi’s Royal Road bolstering their attack, their offensive power became ridiculous and the existence of these “heavy cannons” was precisely why Warsky Alliance’s defensive formation kept collapsing.

Furthermore, the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls archers were all being bolstered by Bow God, so their attack speed rose by 40% and their attack power rose by 100%. The damage they dealt was enough to make Warsky pound the ground with his fists in frustration.

“Be careful!” Xu Yang suddenly yelled. “Archers in the back, be on high alert! Their assassins are drawing near!”

A large number of assassins appeared to our rear just as he shouted those words. There were at least a hundred of them. Farewell Song had led these assassins along the edges of the territory as they looped around to attack us from the rear. Once they had reached their objective, they instantly launched a wave of sneak attacks against us. Daggers flashed in the air as they punched through the Magic Shields of our mages and the leather armor of our archers.

Cries of shock and anger filled the air as nearly a hundred of our long-range class players were assassinated. My eyes turned scarlet with rage. Our guild wasn’t that big in the first place, so how could we afford these sort of setbacks?

“Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steed of You and Yun, follow me! Let’s go and kill those assassins!” I snapped.

“Alright!” they cried cheerfully as they ran after me, their weapons in their hands.

We swiftly arrived at the rear of the enemy assassins’ formation. I immediately barrelled towards them as I swept my sword out in front of me. Three assassins instantly collapsed to the ground in my wake, but the remaining assassins immediately responded by using their fluorescent powder to enter stealth!

“Mages, blanket this area with Arctic Rain!

As I shouted out those orders, the emblem that denoted me as the vice leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls blazed conspicuously above my shoulder. It wouldn’t matter if those players recognized me or not, because as long as they were members of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, they would have to follow my orders.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A storm of ice continuously bombarded the area as our panicked mages swiftly regained their composure. They raised their staves high in the air as they continued their relentless barrage. Even though Arctic Rain was an AoE skill, its offensive power was very low. However, its greatest use wasn’t to kill off an opponent, it was to reveal stealthed enemies! Moreover, its 3-second cooldown meant that it was extremely good at its job!

Cries of alarm filled the air as many assassins were knocked out of their stealth. My party immediately flew into their midst. They pounced on these hapless assassins like hungry wolves, their weapons causing fountains of blood to spray in the air with every slice. How could these assassins even hope to fight back against these gods of slaughter? Many of them were too stunned to react in time, and the rest didn’t even manage to put up a fight.

Thousand Ice Slash!

Boom! My attack killed seven fleeing assassins. Meanwhile, Beiming Xue arrived with a squad of archers and began bombarding the enemy with Multi Arrows, causing even more assassins to tumble to the ground!



A ray of bloody light flashed in the air and High Fighting Spirits froze mid-action. He had been stunned! The attack had also taken out a huge chunk of his health. Without a doubt, the only enemy assassin who could have pulled off such a powerful attack was the man, the myth, the legend, Farewell Song!

We could not allow High Fighting Spirits to be killed!

I rushed over to High Fighting Spirits with lightning speed, and I immediately used War Crush when I reached his side. This forced Farewell Song back and prevented him from finishing off High Fighting Spirits.

Li Chengfeng arrived a few moments after me. He swept his sword out in a horizontal arc as he started duelling with Farewell Song.

Farewell Song looked cool and composed as he took Li Chengfeng on. His dagger flicked out, clashing with Li Chengfeng’s sword, but he was shoved backward by the force of his opponent's attack. His foot left a deep groove in the ground as he caught himself before he fell.

He sprang forward, his fancy footwork dazzling as he closed in on Li Chengfeng. His dagger gleamed with a bloody light and he suddenly changed both speed and direction the moment he drew near to the dragon warrior. Astonishingly enough, he managed to zigzag past Li Chengfeng, his movements so blindingly quick that he was impossible to catch!

Li Chengfeng whistled as he twirled around. The edge of his blade knocked Farewell Song’s dagger away as metal rang against metal. He took this opportunity to launch a fierce attack at Farewell Song’s back, his sword drawing a long arc in the air as it whistled down toward the assassin.

However, Farewell Song did not attempt to dodge or block Li Chengfeng’s sword. He tilted his body instead, as his right shoulder heavily smashed into the dragon warrior’s chest. His left hand swung up as he stabbed a dagger into Li Chengfeng’s back.

After that, he immediately swung his body up into what looked like a bicycle kick from football, and his right foot crashed into the back of Li Chengfeng’s pauldrons. The momentum of Farewell Song’s kick had placed him behind his target, preventing the dragon warrior from making any attacks of opportunity. The assassin had executed this string of attacks so beautifully that it looked like he had planned it right from the very start!

The flurry of fierce attacks had dropped the strong dragon warrior to half his HP.

As Li Chengfeng turned towards the assassin, he suddenly lashed out with his leg as he roared, “Get outta here!”


The sharp point of his greaves stabbed into Farewell Song’s abdomen, causing 1984 points of damage and staggering him slightly. The dragon warrior took advantage of his opponent’s broken stance to rush forward and deliver a heavy strike with his elbow.


Farewell Song suffered another heavy blow, but he ducked and spun under the blow, using the momentum of the attack to spin to Li Chengfeng’s right. A green light gleamed on his dagger as he prepared to use Poisoned Weapon Kill!

Li Chengfeng gasped in shock as he spun and used Guard!



Luckily for Li Chengfeng, he had only suffered damage from the attack. If he had been stunned as well, his life would have been in serious danger.

Even though Li Chengfeng’s mechanical skill was sublime, there was no doubt that Farewell Song still had the upper hand when it came to 1v1. The assassin had an excellent grasp of the rhythm of battle and knew exactly when to time his strikes. His combat style was simply too creative and unique. Li Chengfeng had also clashed with Farewell Song during the battle in the Fire Desert. But at that time, the assassin had already lost the will to fight, so Li Chengfeng easily took the victory.

However, Farewell Song had been pushed into a corner this time. Warsky Alliance definitely had to win this battle for guild territory, so he was fighting at peak condition. His combat prowess was so overwhelming that he was practically ignoring the limitations of his class and going toe to toe with a dragon warrior!

Unfortunately for Farewell Song, he was suddenly struck by an unexpected arrow as he was retreating!



Shock Arrow had appeared out of nowhere to stun Farewell Song!

The player who had launched the sneak attack was Beiming Xue and there probably wasn’t any other archer in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls who could stun Farewell Song with a Shock Arrow.

High Fighting Spirits rushed forward, his battle axe raised high in the air. He gave a hearty laugh as he said, “Ah, Farewell Song, you punk, you really got unlucky this time. So what if you’re ranked 11th in the CGL Hall of Fame? I’m about to send you on your way…”


A fiery axe smashed down on Farewell Song, dealing him 7903 points of damage. High Fighting Spirits was in my party and Martial God boosted his attack by 87%, so a single Blaze from him was enough to one-shot Farewell Song.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Several potions dropped from Farewell Song’s body as he died, but he didn’t lose any equipment.

Li Chengfeng gripped the handle of his sword tightly as he stared at Farewell Song’s body. He rubbed his nose and snarled, “Fucking hell, Farewell Song’s movements are unreasonably quick. Just why would someone as skilled as him be willing to join Warsky Alliance?”

I chuckled. “There’s nothing for it. It’s just Warsky’s personal charisma. Even October Rain obeys his commands meekly, right?”

“Eh, but I heard that October Rain has been chasing after you relentlessly all this while…”

“Get lost!”



Once we secured the rear, my party returned to the frontlines along with Beiming Xue and her archers. Even though I had taken a core part of our fighting force with me to deal with the assassins, we still had people like Gui Guzi, He Yi, and Chaos Moon leading the charge. Warsky Alliance couldn’t hold on, losing more than half of their forces during the frantic retreat!

On the other side of the battle, the forces of Snowy Cathaya were driving headfirst into the enemy lines. Dominating Heaven Blade was backpedaling furiously, and it almost looked as if he was fleeing the battle. However, his body suddenly shuddered and froze as a blade coated with frost gorily burst out of his chest! As Dominating Heaven Blade slumped to his knees, a beautiful female warrior appeared behind him.

Lin Yixin looked into the distance as she shouted, “Swiftly advance! We need to reach the guild hall first!”

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