Chapter 440: Unrestrained Aggression

The city gate had a lot of HP, but it could not hold up under our continuous assault. In less than two minutes, its HP and durability had dropped to nearly zero!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Li Chengfeng furiously attacked it with Dragonbone Flurry as I lifted up my foot and gave the city gate a fierce kick with my Barbarian War Boots of Heaven!


The nearly-three-meter-tall city gate swayed violently before collapsing and flattening a couple of Warsky Alliance archers who didn’t manage to run away in time.

“Charge! Everyone in the back, follow the frontline in!”

I immediately snapped a command, “Gui Guzi, you’ll lead the charge!”


Gui Guzi braced his spear against his body as he urged his land dragon forward. The Armored Swordback Dragon let out a bloodthirsty howl in its charge into the city. Gui Guzi was in He Yi’s party, so his HP, Defense, and Attack were boosted by 30%. This was in addition to the land dragon, an excellent mount, and his Undying Shield, which converted 50% of all damage he took into HP. This incredible durability and survivability was outstanding even when compared to the other top players of the China server.


As expected, Warsky met them with wild slashes of his longsword. He thundered, “Fortune favors the bold! Brothers, charge! For the glory of the Warsky Alliance! Mages and archers, focus your fire on their high-level players! Send them back to town one by one!”

A group of archers pointed their bows toward the sky as they unleashed a storm of arrows at Gui Guzi. However, they only saw their arrows bounce off Gui Guzi’s shield. They could barely even hurt him, let alone kill him.

Gui Guzi was absolutely ridiculous right now and he weathered attacks from a hundred archers as he dashed toward the enemy’s frontline. The long spear in his hand shot forward as he roared, “Go to hell!”


An extremely bright beam of light shot out from the tip of his spear and savagely tore through the enemies in front of him. Nearly an entire row of archers and mages collapsed to the ground. None of them were sturdy enough to survive an attack like that.

Li Chengfeng and I took advantage of their shock to charge forward as well. The keening cry of a dragon seemed to radiate from Li Chengfeng’s body as he unleashed his Reverse Scale Slash, slaughtering a bunch of enemies in front of him. He followed that up with a Cyan Dragon Horn that pierced the chest of a magic knight. The magic knight collapsed to the ground as Li Chengfeng’s sword completed its arc. He had been oneshot!

Flowers of ice bloomed around the Heaven-stealing sword as I used Thousand Ice Slash, freezing the group of warriors in front of me. Most of the mages and archers who had been caught in the radius of my blast were instantly killed. Even though there were some mages who survived due to their Magic Shield, the powerful splash effect of the Heaven-stealing Sword was more than enough to deal with them.


Ice Dragon Howls continued to fall to the ground and Gui Guzi’s health finally started to drop rapidly. Things became even more grim when October Rain raised her bow and a green light started glowing from her beautiful eyes. In the next instant, an arrow that blitzed forward like a howling gale struck Gui Guzi in the head.

Ambition Breaker, a Level 100 Archer skill that could only be learned via a skill book. It weakened its target’s Defense by 50% and this effect lasted for 3 seconds!

We’d only ever heard of this skill up till now, we’d never actually seen anyone use it before October Rain did.

Who would have thought that she would actually be able to get her hands on a skill book that even our Beiming Xue hadn’t been able to obtain!

The squad of archers behind October Rain started to attack even more furiously. One powerful attack after the other started to fall on Gui Guzi’s head. They had been waiting for this precise moment when Gui Guzi’s Defense was lowered to get rid of him in a single flurry!

My eyes widened into saucers as I yelled, “Little Gui, defend yourself!”


Gui Guzi thrust his shield up in the air as he turtled behind it. His defensive power shot up, but it still wasn’t enough to fend off the rain of attacks pouring down on him. His health instantly dropped to below 10% and he only had around 2000 HP left.

This is bad, he’s about to die!

But it was at this precise moment that a portly figure rushed out from the crowd. Shockingly enough it was the best priest of Bloody Mercenaries, Yamete!

“Hold on, Little Gui! Your brother is coming to save you…”

Yamete waved his staff in the air. His spells went off with a “swoosh” sound as an Intermediate Heal and Instant Heal landed on Gui Guzi.



But this hadn’t solved the danger that Gui Guzi was facing, so he was still extremely anxious. To make matters worse, October Rain had timed her Shock Arrow just right, stunning Gui Guzi at the worst possible moment for him!

However, the two healing fairies, Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew, finally appeared on the scene. They waved their staves in the air and four healing spells landed on Gui Guzi the very next second, instantly boosting his HP back to 90%!

Yamete’s jaw dropped open. “Damn, you really do live up to your titles as the best healers of our main guild. It looks like I need to keep working hard…”

Gui Guzi burst into laughter as he thrust his spear out yet again. After that, he grinned and said, “Thanks everyone! Let’s keep up our attack!”


October Rain gritted her teeth in rage, but there was nothing she could do about this situation. They simply weren’t able to kill that damned Gui Guzi and they had already wasted too much firepower trying.

On the other hand, I was very comforted by his resilience. The fact that our guild had a powerful expert like Gui Guzi was truly our fortune!

Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls started to launch an all-out assault. The frontline fighters had already assembled into a line that stretched a few kilometers as the archers, priests, mages, tacticians, and bards filled in behind them. Having assembled our formations, we’ve finally mounted a proper offense, signaling the beginning of a siege in earnest. The everpresent sound of weapons clashing and biting into flesh soon rang through the air!

High Fighting Spirits twirled his battle axe in the air as he tore through crowds of players like a chainsaw. After he let out a furious “Xiezhi Howl”, eddies of energy started swirling all around him. He swung his burning axe in a wide arc, massacring a bunch of Warsky Alliance players. But he remained a blur of motion as he leaped forward and split open an enemy magic knight’s chest with his battle axe.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun charged atop his Bald Wolf, his Ardent Thunder Blade dancing in the air. No Warsky Alliance player even dared to approach him. The attack power of the Ardent Thunder Blade was simply too overwhelming, and it even had an extremely large armor penetration effect. As it swung in a long arc, it terrorized the melee combatants of Warsky Alliance. Every now and then, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun would add a Rock Smash for good measure, which would send the ranged combatants fleeing for their lives.

Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, and Du Thirteen led a squad of priests, mages, and archers forward. They soon turned the areas they focused their fire on into scorched and barren land as they spread terror through the ranks of Warsky Alliance.

On the other hand, Laughing At The Heavens was standing at the very front of Warsky Alliance’s formation, but Li Chengfeng had intercepted him and locked him in place. The CGL Hall of Famer had no choice but to fight him, as any attempt to shake the dragon warrior off was met with even more resistance.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sparks flew everywhere as Li Chengfeng’s sharp sword struck Laughing At The Heavens’ shield repeatedly. Every time Warsky Alliance’s magic knight blocked an attack, he would quickly shift his shield to the side and stab his spear at Li Chengfeng.

This was how knights normally fought, but his movements were far more precise and smooth than Gui Guzi’s. Even the cadence of his attacks and his mechanical control was superior. This was the skills and experience of a player who had made it to the CGL Hall of Fame.

However, Li Chengfeng wasn’t some noob either. He gripped his sword in both hands and raised it high over his shoulder in the very same instant that Laughing At The Heavens thrust out his spear. His sword swiftly descended to meet the spear.


Li Chengfeng’s sword knocked aside the knight’s spear as he immediately took the opportunity to slash at his enemy again. The sword swept down and started to glow blue, with an image of a dragon’s horn protruding out from the sword. Li Chengfeng was going to use Cyan Dragon Horn!



Laughing At The Heavens certainly got the worse of that exchange. He had been caught unaware by Li Chengfeng’s fierce and ambitious charge. The attack had landed straight on his chest and his shield was knocked to the side by that powerful blow.

Li Chengfeng’s longsword continued to vibrate as he immediately unleashed Dragonbone Flurry.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

His flurry of quick thrusts riddled Laughing At The Heavens’ body with holes, dropping his HP to nearly critical levels!


Laughing At The Heavens slammed his shield against the ground as he activated Holy Shield. Meanwhile, the priests of Warsky Alliance were furiously healing him.

To think that Laughing At The Heavens, a member of the CGL Hall of Fame, would be so completely overwhelmed by his opponent’s attacks that he would have no choice but to activate Holy Shield and turtle behind it. What a shameful display this was!

Furthermore, it even looked like he was losing out to Li Chengfeng in equipment, skill, and mechanical control. This was the reality that had just played out in front of everyone’s eyes!

Li Chengfeng barked out a laugh before saying, “Dude, you actually managed to rank 22nd in the CGL Hall of Fame with those skills? Why don’t you go and tell those CGL officials to take your name off the list and to put my name in there instead? I’ll take the 28th spot, I’d be more than happy to close the ranking. How does that sound?”

Laughing At The Heavens’ face turned red with anger. He roared, “Damn you! Stop looking down on me, you dumbass!”

Li Chengfeng grinned when he heard those words. His leg shot out and slammed into his opponent’s shield as his sword swept down towards him. His Reverse Scale Slash slammed into the ground in front of him, causing a huge cloud of dust to billow in the air. It took out a huge chunk of Laughing At The Heavens’ HP, but more importantly, it also killed off most of the priests behind him!

“You’ve gone too far, too far…” Laughing At The Heavens grit his teeth together as he dashed forward. He slammed Li Chengfeng with his shield and followed his shield bash up with an Inferno Thrust. Li Chengfeng casually shifted his sword to block those attacks. He weaved in and out of the fight, his supreme skill on full display as he showed his opponent the stark difference between them.


At this time, the magic knight Alexander and the warrior Wolf Fang, who were both standing on the wings of our formation, let out low grunts. By the time I turned around, Alexander had already dropped to his knees and his shield lay limp and trembling at his side. A blood-red dagger had erupted from his chest. It was Farewell Song and he had announced his presence with a sneak attack!

“I’ll kill you!” Wolf Fang roared in anger. He swept his sword out as he tried to kick Farewell Song. Seeing his buddies die in battle had always triggered him.

Farewell Song’s lips curved up into a smile as his daggers danced in the air. The sound of two collisions clanged in the air as he blocked both attacks and he immediately stole to Wolf Fang’s side with an uncanny quickness and elegance.

His daggers flashed through the air twice as they cut into Wolf Fang’s body and stole away most of his health. He followed that up with a Blade Vortex that sliced Wolf Fang to shreds.

I ground my teeth in anger as I turned my head toward He Yi. “Eve, hold the line! I’m going to hunt down and kill Farewell Song!”


I slipped out of He Yi’s sight as I locked onto a daydreaming priest of Warsky Alliance and activated Thunderous Charge. When I was about halfway there, I suddenly slammed my foot on the ground and used War Crush, catching Farewell Song in the blast radius of my attack!

Bang! Bang! Bang!




Farewell Song had been caught by surprise and only his quick and immediate reaction saved his life. When he saw me, he immediately ground his teeth in frustration. He decided against attacking me and he turned around and entered stealth-mode instead!

I couldn’t sense Farewell Song’s presence, so I didn’t wander anywhere else. Instead, I moved toward where Wolf Fang and Alexander had been stationed before slashing forward with my sword. The bottomline was that we had to suppress Farewell Song. If we let him run amok and launch sneak attacks again and again, even melee combatants like High Fighting Spirits and Chaos Moon would not be safe from him.

After all, Farewell Song had extremely good equipment and he could instantaneously deal more than ten thousand points of damage, so he was a nightmare for any class to deal with!


Our parties slowly pushed forward as the three Famous General Skills—Martial God, Royal Road, and Bow God—showed their superiority on the battlefield. Even though Warsky’s Hegemon and October Rain’s Heartpiercer were also extremely devastating, they couldn’t do anything about He Yi’s Royal Road, which dropped their stats by 30%. Moreover, even if the players of Warsky Alliance could keep on dealing critical strikes and recovering their HP via lifesteal, it was all useless in the face of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ mighty healers.

I opened up the guild channel and spoke in a solemn voice, “Use this opportunity to advance as far as you can, but remember to preserve your strength. An even fiercer opponent awaits us after our victory over the Warsky Alliance!”

“Oh? Who do we still have to fight?” Gui Guzi asked in a puzzled voice.

I chuckled at his retort, but I gave no reply. In actuality, the thing I had been most worried about wasn’t the attack from Warsky Alliance. Rather, it had always been our competition with Lin Yixin. Because at the end of the day, our greatest ally and rival had always been Snowy Cathaya!

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