Chapter 439: Frontal Assault Begins

"Charge! Attack!"

At the south side of City of Death, thousands of archers and mages moved to the frontline as a Level 108 warrior with a blade shouted, "Heavenly Plan Palace may not be able to claim the first territory, but we will stop Warsky Alliance from getting it no matter what! Scum like them don’t deserve the right!"

There was obviously some enmity between Heavenly Plan Palace and Warsky Alliance. In fact, Warsky Alliance must’ve offended a lot of guilds to make it to the top of the Guild Ranking of China. One simply couldn’t avoid making enemies in the game for supremacy.


Swhoosh swhoosh swhooosh…

Arrows swarmed the sky like locusts, and ice magic was all over the place. The fence was only two meters tall, and it wasn’t nearly tall enough to stop most of the attacks. The battle between the players of Warsky Alliance and Heavenly Plan Palace was so fierce that someone was dying almost every second and dropping equipment, Magic Consumables, and Health Potions all over the place. Some players were calm enough to pick up the equipment, but most completely lost themselves in the bloodlust and attacked until they died.

Inside the territory, October Rain whispered something into Warsky’s ears and got a nod in response. The guild leader raised his blade and shouted, "Column 1, follow me! The time to attack is now!"

A group of elite fourth-promotion players immediately joined Warsky. After Warsky ordered the NPC guards to open the gate, he charged into the open and fired a horizontal slash at a couple of enemies some distance away from him. Three Heavenly Plan Palace fighters immediately suffered a fatal amount of damage—





They were all critical hits. Critical damage was twice the amount of normal damage, so the three fighters were one-shot instantly. Warsky had dealt massive damage to Heavenly Plan Palace’s frontliners the moment he showed up!

The Level 108 warrior and guild leader of Heavenly Plan Palace, "King of Qin" was enraged when he saw this. He swung his halberd and shouted, "Follow me to kill Warsky! Knights at the front, tighten your defense so that their warriors can’t penetrate our battle line!"

A bunch of warriors answered his call and locked onto Warsky. The second they got into range, they immediately activated Charge!

Warsky smiled and zigzagged repeatedly across the ground, shaking off the target locks on him and dodging all the incoming Charges. I had to admit that Warsky was an exceptionally good player for a guild leader. Although he wasn’t as good as Farewell Song, he was no weaker than a CGL Hall of Famer like Laughing At The Heavens.

King of Qin clenched his teeth and blocked in front of Warsky. Without bothering to say anything, he thrust his halberd straight toward Warsky’s chest.


Warsky’s Defense was pretty good, so King of Qin completely failed to pierce it. Warsky retaliated by grabbing the handle of the halberd and spinning into a multi-slash, hitting King of Qin’s shoulder!



That one crit scared King of Qin so much that all the blood on his face drained away. He pulled back after realizing that he was no match for Warsky one-on-one, but Wasky smiled all of a sudden and declared, "You’re dead, King of Qin."


King of Qin exclaimed in confusion before looking behind him. His people were being attacked by a sea of players with blood-red IDs! More accurately, three guilds had allied with Warsky without warning and ambushed Heavenly Plan Palace from behind!

It was a landslide victory for Warsky Alliance. Heavenly Plan Palace had shown up with nearly 5000 players, but they were routed in less than half an hour due to the brilliant strategy concocted by none other than October Rain. Blood and strategy; this was how war spun its gears.


Meanwhile, I received a battle report from the western gate. Snowy Cathaya had launched a second assault and dealt heavy damage to Warsky Alliance, but they hadn’t invaded the territory because it wasn’t time yet.

I glanced at the NPC archers on the watchtowers. They had to be dealt with before we could invade the territory safely, so I decided that we might as well take action sooner than later!


I pulled out the Heaven-stealing Sword and smiled at the elites behind me. "It’s time to head out again, everyone. Frontliners, make sure to protect yourselves and make as much dust as possible while you’re marching. Beiming Xue, you and your archer squad will follow behind us and conceal yourselves as much as you can. Once we’ve reached the edge of the territory, I want you to snipe all the NPC archers on the arrow towers. Does everyone understand what I’m saying?"

"Yessir!" Morale was high, and everyone was eager to get started.

Not wanting to waste such good morale on dilly-dallying, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf and I led the way after everyone was done buffing themselves with Encourage and so on. He Yi and Gui Guzi actually reached the edge of the territory before me and ravaged the enemies with their Green Wave Slash and Aurora Thrust. He Yi’s Firelight Mouse even cast Sea of Flames three times in a row and created quite a gaping hole in the defending forces inside the fort for a time.

Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, and Du Thirteen approached the edge of the guild territory at the same time. Everyone here was a famous player in Sky City, and today, they were all gathered in one place. It didn’t take much imagination to wonder how much havoc they could wreak. The enemy mages and archers were so scared that they stayed far, far away from the walls because they knew that getting close was like asking to be one-shot!

This was our chance, however!

Beiming Xue dashed toward the front and drew her Milky Way Bow. Bow God activated, she cried, "Everyone, loose at the shadow-rank archers in accordance to your group!"

The NPC archers were shooting at us from the watchtowers, but they were all caught or knocked away by the magic knights’ shields. They might be Level 125 shadow-rank mobs, but He Yi and Gui Guzi were so tanky that their attacks might as well be nothing!

The archers launched their Volleys and Multi Arrows. The shadow-rank archers on the towers were immediately treated to an arrow bath!


Groaning their unearthly groans, the undead archers kept dying and falling to the ground. They might have a lot of HP, but Beiming Xue’s Bow God was so ridiculous that almost every hit dealt over 7k damage. There was practically nothing that could survive the assault.


A furious barrage later, nearly all the NPC archers on the eastern watch towers were killed. Some of them were still alive, but there weren’t enough of them to constitute a threat anymore.

Stunned by the sight, Warsky slapped his thighs and groaned in frustration, "Fuck, I shouldn’t have withdrawn our men! Lu Chen wasn’t mounting an assault, he was just trying to reduce our strength as much as possible! Fuck! Get your asses up there, all of you! We’re not withdrawing like cowards if Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls comes at us again! All fighters are to use Guard and reduce the amount of damage they take! The enemy can’t use Crushing Blow since the fence is in the way! Archers and mages, coordinate your Shock Arrows and Ice Dragon Howls to one-shot their melee fighters! Their elite melees aren’t infinite, so every kill is a victory for us!"

October Rain was dumbfounded by Warsky’s reaction, but she remained in front of the guild hall instead of taking the front lines. As the military strategist of Warsky Alliance, it was her duty to stay calm and outthink the enemy. If she allowed her blood rush to her head like Warsky, then Warsky Alliance would really be done for.


We repeated this probing attack again and again; our top-tier fighters throwing out their AoE skills before pulling back to safety, and we took out almost a thousand players while suffering no losses whatsoever. Our fighters—especially those who had AoE skills—were just too powerful. It was to the point where Warsky wanted to run out of his territory and fight us to the death himself!

In comparison, the battles at the northern and southern gates were a lot bloodier. October Rain continued to prove her worth as a master strategist by turning a vice leader and a thousand or so players of Snow Of Frozen River against their own guild, and persuading a corps commander of Zero Pitch Sonata and their army to turn away and leave. October Rain had to give her all to protect this territory, but she also showed that Warsky Alliance’s string of successes up till this day hadn’t been a fluke.

I checked the interface. There were currently a total of 570k players inside and outside the territory, and practically every part of the plains had been washed with blood. A sea of low-rank Health Potions and Magic Consumables quietly waited for their time to despawn since nobody wanted to pick them up.


"It’s almost time…" Some time later, Lin Yixin sent me a message. "We’ve depleted Warsky Alliance’s strength quite a bit, and they should only have 50k people in the territory at most. Let’s begin a frontal assault!"

"Yes, let’s go!"

I turned off the communicator and strode forward. Raising my sword to the air, I shouted, "Brothers and sisters, the time to retake our former glory and signal the second coming of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is now, so run with me! Let us fight to the last drop of blood for the companions behind our backs and our dreams!"

Everyone pulled out their weapons and echoed my shout. "To the last drop of blood!"


Li Chengfeng shouted on top of his lungs. The next moment, all thirteen thousand players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls ran toward the City of Death at the same time!

Inside the territory, Warsky Alliance waited for us to come. Warsky, Laughing at the Heavens and October Rain were all at the eastern gates. They clearly saw us as a bigger threat than Snowy Cathaya!

"Loose your arrows! Show me your firepower!"

The players inside the territory responded to the order and concentrated all their firepower on the edge of the territory. We would have to go through a literal sea of flames and a rain of arrows to get to the gate!


"Lu Chen, Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, the four of you should attack the gates!" He Yi shouted. "The rest of you, provide cover fire for them! Gui Guzi, take some men with you and tear down those fences!"

We immediately made a break for the gate. It had over 3500 Defense, but the best way to invade the city was still to break it down.

Pardon + Desperate Gambit!



A huge damage number rolled off the gate. As usual, my incredible Attack was a terror to all things that had a health bar above it. The gate’s 3500 Defense was still nothing before my Pardon.

Inside the city, Warsky shouted, "Archers! Lock onto Lu Chen and one-shot that fucker!"

A group of archers immediately raised their longbows and loosed their arrows. I hit the gate one last time before assuming a Guard stance!

Ting ting ting ting...

All the arrows hit my sword and fell off, and none of them managed to deal over 100 damage. However, even ants can kill an elephant if there are enough of them, and that insane volley took more than half of my health away. Beiming Xue was so scared she cried out, "Wah! Sister Mingyue, save big bro quickly!"

Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew had already hit me with their healing spells before she was even done speaking!



I regained full health in an instant. Both priests were truly impressive!

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