Chapter 430: Gui Guzi Showing Off

Gui Guzi’s appearance sent waves of shock through the hearts of the players from Gods of Destruction. An assassin hefted his dagger, his complexion a sickly-green as he muttered under his breath, “Dammit, we already can’t handle one Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, and now we also have to deal with the Undying Knight Gui Guzi? How the fuck are we supposed to win? Boss, let’s cut our losses…”

Dominating Heaven Blade was already thinking of retreating, but he still wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. He raised his sharp blade in the air and yelled, “Men, follow me and block Gui Guzi and Lu Chen. We only need thirty seconds! Knight God, don’t let anything distract you, just focus on taming that Armored Swordback Dragon! Dammit, even if our guild can’t get their hands on this mount, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls can forget about getting their grubby hands on it!”

My eyes were still as cold as chips of ice as I yelled, “Little Gui, go steal that mount, I’ll hold off everyone else!”



Gui Guzi and I ran past each other. He rushed toward the Armored Swordback Dragon while I raised my blade and lunged for Dominating Knight God. As long as we killed him, Gods of Destruction would be out of magic knights and wanderers and Gui Guzi monopolizing that land dragon would be a foregone conclusion!

“Knight God, watch out!”

Dominating Heaven Blade shouted out a warning as he shot forward. Pebbles sprayed from under his feet as he zigzagged and cut in front of me. Violent flames burst out of his longsword before he swung it at me!


I did not choose to parry the blow and allowed him to strike my chest. However, my Heaven-stealing Sword was already in motion as it fiercely struck his chest the same moment his sword touched mine. I activated Desperate Gambit!


An explosion rang in the air as Dominating Heaven Blade was sent staggering back from the blast. Blood spurted out from his chest and his health bar dramatically dropped, though the priests behind him swiftly healed the damage. It looked like it would no longer be possible for me to kill him off instantly, but I had already achieved my goal.

There were two players on the enemy’s side who posed a huge threat to me. The first, Dominating Mage God, had been killed off by Gui Guzi while I had warded off the second, Dominating Heaven Blade. This also meant that there was no longer anyone who could stop me from killing Dominating Knight God!

Dominating Heaven Blade immediately realized that he couldn’t move to assist Dominating Knight God in time, so he yelled in a loud voice, “Attention, all priests! Focus all of your healing on Knight God! As for you two archers, I want you to focus Gui Guzi with Shock Arrows. It’s imperative that we don’t allow them to get away with this. All of your pets are to attack Gui Guzi too!”

A huge swarm of Wasps, Mantises, Purple Butterflies, and Greedy Wolves appeared in the next instant, all charging toward Gui Guzi in unison. However, I had full faith in Gui Guzi’s Defense, so this new development didn’t worry me in the slightest.


I charged Dominating Knight God, the Heaven-stealing Sword glowing with an ominous light. My intentions were all too obvious and Dominating Knight God’s face went pale when he saw me come for him. He had already been far inferior to me even when we were back at Floating Ice City, and now that I was fully decked out in good gear and had three Outstanding Spirit-grade items to boot, the difference between us was like heaven and earth!


He began scrambling backward as he raised his shield up in front of him. He was actually preparing to use the Magic Knight skill, Holy Shield. This would greatly increase his Defense and Magic Resist, but a pure boost in Defense was not more important than its status as a true defensive skill.

I abruptly switched my grip on the Heaven-stealing sword as I lashed out with a Crushing Blow!


Crushing Blow X really caused Dominating Knight God’s entire body to tremble and I swiftly followed it up with a Pardon + basic attack combo!



As his character let out a cry of misery, Dominating Knight God fell to his knees. His eyes were burning with rage as he stared at me, and it was clear that their plan to steal a Rare mount had completely backfired on them.

Dominating Heaven Blade was overcome with rage. He’d never dreamed that Gui Guzi and I would still be able to foil his plans despite his overwhelming number advantage.

When I turned around, I saw that the magic formation was still glowing underneath the Armored Swordback Dragon. He had already failed four times in a row, and the constant attacks that were raining down on his head had definitely contributed to these consecutive failures.


A magic formation shaped like a hexagram appeared beneath the feet of the Armored Swordback Dragon. The dragon raised his head into the air and let out a miserable wail as it desperately sought to break free of Gui Guzi’s Taming skill. However, Gui Guzi was a Level 110 undead knight; his level was high and his stats were stronger than most knights’ of the same level, so how could it be easy for any critter to break free from his Taming skill. The Armored Swordback Dragon was only a Rare monster, not a rare Boss that could be tamed, so it wasn’t that hard to subdue.

By the time he had started his seventh consecutive try, Gui Guzi’s HP had already dropped to about 25%. It was at this exact moment that the Armored Swordback Dragon suddenly disappeared and transformed into a beam of ebon light that flew into the pet space on Gui Guzi’s shoulder.

Okay, he had finally succeeded in sealing and taming it!

I was overjoyed as I positioned myself in front of Gui Guzi to block the arrows that were pouring down on him like rain. After that, I used Thousand Ice Slash to kill the countless Mantises and Wasps that were swarming around us.

I let out a big laugh as I said, “Little Gui, find a chance to retreat and return to town. It’s meaningless for us to continue this petty fight.”

Gui Guzi chuckled as he said, “Boss Broken Halberd, why do we need to undersell ourselves and bolster their reputation? Take a look at this…”

As he said those words, that punk took out a large health potion and drank it. After that, he waved a hand, causing a magic formation to appear. In the next instant, an enormous Armored Swordback Dragon appeared and Gui Guzi hefted a spear as he leapt onto its back. His HP bar immediately grew a lot longer once he did that! That was one of the effects of riding a mount!

“Punks of the Gods of Destruction, here’s your daddy!”

He launched his attack from a steep angle and a tyrannically powerful beam of spear energy erupted outwards as he swept his spear at the players from Gods of Destruction. The beam skewered three of their archers where they stood.




Damn it, he was actually able to instagib three people at the same time!

My mouth had dropped open in stunned silence as I witnessed his incredible display of skill. According to my previous understanding, when players mounted up, it was possible for single-target skills to become AoE skills. These transformed skills could hit anywhere from three to five targets at most, but as long as the enemies were clumped together, it would be much easier to kill them. At the same time, the effects and damage of AoE skills would be strengthened; the attack radius of the skills would be widened at bare minimum.

“Little Gui, don’t go and get yourself instantly killed…” I warned Gui Guzi as I killed the warrior who was leading the line against us with a single stroke of my sword.

Gui Guzi guffawed loudly as he said, “Don’t worry boss! Right now, my HP has risen past 20000 and my Defense exceeds 4000. The likes of these players won’t be able to kill me instantly!”

After he said those words, he proved them with his actions. He advanced forward, his spear ducking and weaving in the air and it seemed as if he and his mount had entered a realm that no one could reach.

Fuck, he looks far cooler than a lowly foot soldier like me!

Even Dominating Heaven Blade couldn’t deal with Gui Guzi. Gui Guzi dodged two Charges and the attacks of archers were practically a joke to him. Those arrows made a tinkling sound as they rained down on Gui Guzi’s shield and they couldn’t even deal 100 damage. In fact, Gui Guzi was even able to ignore the attacks of mages now!

Nice! Just how many stat points had this Armored Swordback Dragon added to Gui Guzi? His power had jumped through the roof and he could even ignore the attacks of the core elites of Gods of Destruction as he charged towards them. The sharp claws of the Armored Swordback Dragon pounded against the ground, making it seem as if the whole world was trembling. Gui Guzi had seemingly entered a realm of prowess above everyone else as his spear tore through the crowd of players.

Gods of Destruction were scattered in the next instant!

Dominating Heaven Blade raised his sharp sword in the air, his eyes burning with jealousy and rage. He was probably thinking that Dominating Knight God wouldn’t be that much inferior to Gui Guzi if he had managed to obtain the Armored Swordback Dragon.

Too bad for him, history was always written by the victors and now that their plan to steal this Rare mount had fallen through, they had no choice but to reap the whirlwind!

“Brothers, retreat! We’ll get revenge another day!”

Dominating Heaven Blade retreated into the woods in shame, seven or eight stragglers running after him.

Actually, there was a simple reason for their miserable defeat this time around and that was my Martial God skill and my Tactics stat. Gui Guzi’s attack had been bolstered by 87%, so how in the heavens were these players supposed to defend themselves against him?

Gui Guzi asked in the party channel, “Boss, what should we do? Do we go after them or not?”

I laughed before replying, “Little Gui, show me the speed of your Armored Swordback Dragon. We’re not letting a single one of them go! Let’s kill them all!”



Gui Guzi urged his mount forward as he rushed to chase after them, swift as the wind.

Darn it, magic knights and wanderers who possessed mounts were really too damn powerful!


Gui Guzi’s spear penetrated Dominating Heaven Blade’s back as he lifted the body of the guild leader of Gods of Destruction into the air. Light exploded from his weapon as he fired off Death Combo, instantly killing off Dominating Heaven Blade. A pair of armored boots dropped from his corpse but Gui Guzi had already moved onto his next victim. He swiftly slew them one after the other, and all of the survivors died underneath his spear before they could even make any evasive maneuvers.

In less than three minutes, Gui Guzi caused the entire area to be littered by the bodies of the players from Gods of Destruction. They had no choice but to accept the bitter reality of their defeat. Once Gui Guzi obtained that mount, the power that he displayed on the battlefield wasn’t something that they could hope to contend against.


After Gui Guzi made his victorious return, he leapt off the Armored Swordback Dragon and laughed. “Boss, this mount is really useful. Damn, this feels way too good! The additional stats it gives me are only slightly less than He Yi’s Snow Domain Windchaser. Thank you so much! If you hadn’t given me these coordinates, I might not have been able to find a mount as good as this even a month later.”

A smile curved up on my face and I took out the Knight’s Lava Legguards from my inventory and passed them to him.

I chuckled as I replied, “Heh. Wear this piece of equipment. You need to prepare yourself. Eve’s equipment and mount are both extremely outstanding and she is swiftly improving in terms of strategy and mechanics. You’re the best magic knight of the Bloody Mercenaries, so you definitely can’t lose to our guild leader. Do your best!”

“Okay, I’ll definitely fight for the glory of the Bloody Mercenaries!”

A grin split across Gui Guzi’s face as he said, “Speaking of which boss, how goes your progress with our guild leader? The beautiful Lin Yixin of Snowy Cathaya also seems to be interested in you. What are you going to do? Have you thought of how you’re going to proceed from here on out? Who is going to be the official wife and who is going to be the concubine? Both women are peerless beauties so it’d be quite a pity if one of them really did become the concubine…”

I glared at him and said, “When did you become so gossipy? Has Mamate corrupted both your eyes and ears? What the hell has this got to do with you?”

“Haha, I’m just asking on Mamate’s behalf. He’s super anxious about this…”

“Fuck, just as expected. Okay, that's enough, stop gossiping. Even I’m not quite sure about what’s going on between Eve and I. All I can say is that I’m having a good time right now, and that’s good enough, isn’t it?”

“Aye!” Gui Guzi gave a sharp nod of his head.

After that, he smiled and said, “I have to heartily second the point you just made. Ever since I left Wuxi for Suzhou, I’ve had a ball of a time with both the Bloody Mercenaries and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. This is really what you call living the life, am I right?”

“You know too much. I’m going to return to town, what are you going to do? Are you going to level here or?”

“I’m going back to town too. I’m gonna show Brother B and Xu Yang just how powerful the ultimate knight can be…”

“WTF, how is someone of your standard considered an ultimate knight…”


I took out a return scroll and teleported back to the city!

I gathered my cooking materials together so I could start making the Rank 10 Dragon Soup. My heart was pounding with excitement and admiration as I thought about the brilliance that both Gui Guzi and He Yi had shown in battle. These two high-level magic knights had truly put on a shocking display of skill. New areas would be added into the game pretty soon but with these two elite knights acting as the vanguard of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, we would sweep everything before us!


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