Chapter 429: Battle For The Rare Mob

How dare they!


I jumped off the tree without any hesitation whatsoever and staggered for a moment before I ran at them. The Skydusk Cloak flapped behind me as I charged over with the Heaven-stealing Sword.

These nine players were all core members of Gods of Destruction. It was obvious that Dominating Heaven Blade brought his party to grind some high-level mobs. Most of the mobs here were Level 137 shadow-rank Hellhounds. This party’s MT might not even be able to block a One-horned Dragon. Dominating Heaven Blade’s Defense definitely didn’t surpass 2000, so meeting one would be a one way ticket to hell.

A few of them also discovered me and turned around. Dominating Archer God’s gaze turned gold. "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand?! Fuck, why are you here?"

I took a step forward and swept my gaze over them. Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Knight God, Dominating Archer God, Dominating Mage God, and Dominating Warrior God were all there. There were also two additional priests and mages that had good magic and healing power. No wonder they were able to grind here.

I pointed at the Armored Swordback Dragon and stated, "I found this Rare first and I’ve been watching over it for more than an hour. Friends from Gods of Destruction, please go look for a new mount to avoid unnecessary conflict."

Gui Guzi was about to arrive and I didn’t want any accidents to happen. Though I fearlessly challenged nine players alone, I wasn’t completely certain of my victory. My chances of dying were still pretty great if I were to get continuously stunned by Shock Arrow.

Hatred filled Dominating Warrior God’s eyes as he raised his sword and gave me an angry reply, "On what basis? You think you were here first just because you said so? Did you write your name on it?"


I stabbed the Heaven-stealing Sword onto the ground and stood in front of the Armored Swordback Dragon. "You guys are well aware of who came here first. I’m not going to argue with you. I’m going to just stand right here and if you want to tame this Armored Swordback Dragon, you’ll have it do it over my dead body! Of course, I do hope that you’ll all reconsider your actions!"

Dominating Warrior God was enraged. "You’re being too overbearing, Lu Chen! Aren’t you being too condescending?!"

I silently looked at him with frosty eyes.

Dominating Heaven Blade chided, "Warrior God, forget it. Let’s leave. Since Lu Chen found it first, we can find another one. This isn’t even a boss so there must be more than one of these."

"But boss…"

Dominating Warrior God wanted to say something but was glared mute by Dominating Heaven Blade. He had no choice but to turn around and quietly disappear into the depths of the forest.


I let go of my breath and opened the world map, only to notice that the blue dots hadn’t gone too far. They were moving in an area close by. Fuck, these guys didn’t abandon their thoughts of getting the mount. Are they waiting for reinforcements?

Dammit. I was alone but it was clear that their guild’s top players were probably having a grind party here. If they had more than 9 people here, I couldn’t hold them off alone. After going through their fourth promotion when they hit Level 100, class signature skills had already been revealed. Archer’s Shock Arrow could stun, Magic Knight’s Charge had double the accuracy, while mage’s Ice Arrow Spell’s slow effect dramatically increased.

I whispered in the party channel, "Little Gui, hurry it up. Don’t bother killing any random mobs on your way here!"

"What’s wrong?"

"Gods of Destruction's main party is here. Dominating Knight God looks like he wants to tame this land dragon too. I can only guard it for a little while. They’re probably going to send in more people soon."

"Mn, I’ll be there in ten minutes!"

"Alright, be careful and ready for a fight to break out anytime once you get here!"



Dominating Heaven Blade and his crew appeared yet again just as I closed the chat window. As expected, a dense pack of blue dots were within 100 yards from me. There were at least 30 Gods of Destruction players and they were all fourth-promotion players. Trouble’s here!

"What, have you finally made up your mind?"

I shot a casual smile at Dominating Heaven Blade. I needed to keep calm because panicking would just mean a quicker defeat!

Dominating Heaven Blade lifted his blade and grinned. "After talking about it with my people, we still decided to take back this dragon. Majority rules, you know, and it seems like we want this mount more than ever!

"Oh? Really?" I said with an indifferent smile.



A few footprints appeared on the dead leaves of the forest. There was no doubt that they had a few assassins on their side. Unless they came within 5 yards of me, I couldn’t see them. I could only rely on sensing the environment around me. I couldn’t allow an assassin to get near me. They had Ambush and Gouge, two skills that could inflict a stun status. No matter how good my equipment was, I’d still be in danger since stun chance was more than 10%!

I buffed myself with Martial God and began to move. I raised the Heaven-stealing Sword, aimed it at an angle, and released a vast Thousand Ice Slash!


Sword aura fell from the sky and ice fragments danced in the air. The four assassins were knocked out of stealth and torn to shreds. With my current attack power, I’d bet that there were no less than 10 assassins in this server who could take a full-power blow from me!

Dominating Heaven Blade got angry when he saw this. He charged me with his blade and yelled, "Attack together! Don’t give him any breathing room, kill him!"



I quickly retreated and was fast enough to make his Charge miss. At the same time, I swung my sword horizontally to block Dominating Warrior God’s Blaze, and then turned to kick at Dominating Knight God’s shield. He hadn’t been attacked by a weapon, but I still sent him reeling backward. This only meant one thing. My unarmed Strength alone far surpassed his!

Their melee fighters had come at me all at once. Then, the wind shifted and Dominating Archer God led a group of archers to shoot a barrage of Shock Arrows at me. This wave of attacks was more deadlier than the last!


I lowered my body to dodge Dominating Heaven Blade’s blade. At the same time, I fiercely grabbed at his chain armor and kneed his stomach. Dominating Heaven Blade was no slouch either. Since his weapon couldn’t reach me, he slammed his arm on my shoulder. Ow!

But this made me smile. I used Dominating Heaven Blade’s body as a cover and successfully caused the arrows of their archer team to miss. Once Dominating Heaven Blade realized what I was doing, he was angrier than ever. He ruthlessly slashed at my armor with Blaze, sending me several steps back.


Mn, not bad. Dominating Heaven Blade’s attack power was still pretty good. As the guild leader of Gods of Destruction, his equipment couldn’t be weak!

A bunch of Ice Dragon Howls were descending from the sky and I ran to dodge them. Even though more than 50% of them missed me, some of them did get me. A string of damage numbers appeared above my head—






I saw the numbers and almost laughed out loud. Aside from Dominating Mage God’s comparatively fierce attack, the other mages couldn’t break through my Magic Resist. I was wearing top-tier equipment and 3 of them were Outstanding Spirit-grade items. In fact, my God Suppressing Necklace alone gave me 50% resistance against magic attacks. Ice Dragon Howls are nothing to me!

I stomped and activated War Crush. Dominating Heaven Blade instantly ran away in fright but the other four melee fighters from Gods of Destruction didn’t fare so well. They all sank to the ground and since their HP was around the 6000–7000 range, they didn’t survive after three hits from War Crush!

Even so, my HP was still dropping too quickly. In the blink of an eye, I was already at less than 50% HP. They had too many archers and mages on their side. I wouldn’t be able to deal with them all if a bunch of long-range mages continued to dish out several Ice Dragon Howls together!

The Heaven-stealing Sword shone and stabbed at Dominating Warrior God’s chest. I then used a devastating Ice Ray right after, causing two damage numbers to appear above his head—



Dominating Warrior God groaned and fell to the ground. He had decent HP and Defense but they still weren’t able to resist my consecutive blows.

Since I’d forced Dominating Heaven Blade into retreating, I locked onto a nearby Wild Deer and used Thunderous Charge!


I instantly created some distance between us and used Earth Escape after running a few steps.

Several streaks of bloody light dove into the ground and that’s when Gods of Destruction immediately lost their target. Dominating Heaven Blade was beyond angry by now. He walked up and shouted, "Mages, cover this entire area with Arctic Rain. Force him out!"

Their ten or so mages immediately began to chant the spell. A moment later, an icy rainstorm came into existence. This skill’s magic attack wasn’t that high but it had a huge range. My Earth Escape had a rather embarrassing 10% movement speed. Thanks to that, I’d get revealed in at most three minutes!

I couldn’t just sit around waiting for death. I should go in for the kill since my HP could regen to full after 70 seconds. I suddenly came out of the ground and gave them a Thousand Ice Slash. Five or six of their mages’ Magic Shields were torn apart and my Heaven-stealing Sword drew beautiful arcs across three of them.

Psh psh psh...

I instantly killed three people in a row and the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf had also pounced out from the edges of the forest to combo-kill their archers. It was complete mayhem.

I didn’t bother to directly confront their main force but instead cruised around the edges and waited for a chance to kill them. They weren’t unified at all so the mages fell one after another. With the 87% attack power boost from Martial God, I could pretty much kill any mage in two strikes!

Dominating Heaven Blade seemed to have lost some of his strength. Open world PvP was all about positioning and seizing opportunities. Even though the main force of Gods of Destruction were gaming veterans, there was still a huge chasm between them and peak experts. I had completely messed up their entire formation and there was no threat left in it.

With my Defense and HP, there was no way I would die unless they attacked together. While Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Mage God, and the others had the attack power to do that, there was no way they could approach me together.


Dominating Mage God waved his staff and yelled, "Archers, cover the area with Shock Arrow! I don’t believe that he can dodge them all. Mages, get ready to unleash Explosion. Lu Chen’s God Suppressing Necklace gives him 50% resistance to ice magic attacks. He’ll die faster if we use fire spells!"

I shuddered when I heard that. Fuck, they got me. I was caught off-guard by Dominating Archer God’s Shock Arrow and got stunned!

Dominating Mage God raised his staff. He had surprisingly cast Dragon Roar, a high-rank magic spell with a terrifying attack power!

Pah pah!

Dominating Mage God was hit by the glow of two close-range attacks and was pierced through the chest by the cold tip of a spear immediately after.



Dominating Mage God looked down at his chest before slowly crumpling to the ground. Gui Guzi stood behind him, clad in heroic battle armor. He raised his spear and coldly uttered, "So many people ganging up on just one. How shameful!"

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