Chapter 425: Cretaceous Plains

Stunned, Wang Rong fell silent for a very long time.

The moment she set eyes on He Yi, she finally realized how big the mistake she had committed.

Murong Mingyue put a hand on the office table before continuing, "I know you’re struggling with your family situation lately. I understand why you acted the way you did. But that is still no excuse for you to bring your emotions into your workplace. Therefore, on behalf of GGS, I would like to inform you that we are no longer able to continue our contract with you. Take this time to calm yourself and sort out your thoughts. You may come back to me once you are back to your normal self."

Wang Rong still couldn’t utter a single word. Everything had happened so quickly and so completely beyond her expectations that there was nothing she could do at all. It was bad enough that my true backer was the general manager of the Suzhou Branch Murong Mingyue, but even she was nothing compared to the woman standing next to her.

He Yi picked up the crumpled report form on the table and grabbed my arm, smiling. "Feeling a bit calmer now? Then let’s head down and grab some lunch. I’ll help check your report form tonight, so you can finish it tomorrow."

"Okay. What took you so long though…"

"I was just too busy. A total of seven business partners showed up today, and I can’t just blow them all off, you know."

With He Yi still clinging to my arm, we walked out of the room. When I looked back, I caught a glimpse of Wang Rong slumping in her chair like a deflated balloon and looking like it was the end of the world. I couldn’t deny that I felt very good at that moment. She must’ve recognized He Yi, and anyone who recognized He Yi would know that she was practically God in this GGS Suzhou branch. She must’ve felt like killing herself the moment she saw He Yi acting lovey dovey with me.

A deep sense of satisfaction spread inside me. The domineering woman had finally paid for her actions. Next time, I would be the one who bullied the newcomers, not her! Seriously though, what a miserable morning this had been...


We exited the company and ate at a restaurant downstairs.

At the dining table, Xu Yang spoke to Murong Mingyue cheerfully. "Everyone in the Administration department is really nice! I can positively feel my confidence growing after just a morning’s work. Eh? Why is it only you? Where’s boss?"

Murong Mingyue curled her lips. "She’s in the back with sadface Lu Chen. Don’t worry, they should be showing up any moment now…"

"What happened to Lu Chen?"

"Oh, you should’ve seen his face. Our Protoss Genius nearly got turned into a butt slave by the HR head…"

Xu Yang: "..."

Xu Yang immediately grinned at me when I came through the door. "Hey, Lu Chen! How did your morning work go?"

Me: "Must we talk about this? Alright, see you all never…"

Both He Yi and Murong Mingyue giggled uncontrollably at my reaction.

While we were eating lunch, He Yi said, "Lu Chen, you’ve already heard about it just now, but Lin Jiayu will be the new Head of Human Resources. She is a smart girl who’s even more capable than she looks, so you have nothing to worry about. Since the HR assistant position is now empty, you can fill that position instead. Keep learning under Lin Jiayu and meeting new people. It’s always good to make some connections."


On the inside, I thanked the heavens that I got promoted to a better position. I didn’t really care how much money I made from this work, but I absolutely didn’t want to deal with a disgusting old woman like Wang Rong ever again. Seriously.

We went back to the workshop during the afternoon and caught Beiming Xue putting away her packed lunch, the kind that cost only 8 RMB. Poor girl, she couldn’t even be bothered to eat lunch if it wasn’t with us.


"What’re you going to do today, big bro?" Beiming Xue asked.

"I’m gonna become a dragon slayer!"

"Er, you sure you won’t turn into dragon shit?"


My dear sister nearly made me choke to death with that jab. I rushed into my room and logged into the game. I needed to find a map where I could get Dragon Meat and begin grinding again as soon as possible. I might be Level 115 and ahead of my competitors, but it was only a matter of time before they caught up to me, and that period was very short in fact. Leveling had slowed to a crawl, but even if it was just one level every two days, it was a level nonetheless.

I checked the General Ranking after entering the game. As expected, there were now 9 Famous Generals in the entire China. Tempest Shadow of Candle Dragon had become a Famous General and learned the Famous General Skill, Resolute. It increased Attack by 25%, and it was basically a lousier version of Martial God. It was only slightly better than Encourage VII!

Encourage was split into 7 ranks, and a Encourage VII could increase all allies’ Attack by 18%. It was a skill any tactician would want to get. If a Level 100+ tactician could boost their Tactics to 200 or so and be lucky enough to obtain an Encourage VII skillbook, then they could boost their party’s Attack by 54% or so, which was more or less at the same level as my Martial God.

Of course, tactician was useless without their stratagem, but I could still do many things without Martial God. Theoretically speaking, a genius tactician player could be useful outside their given role, but so far, someone like that hadn’t appeared yet.


I logged into the forums and searched for information about dragons. There was a lot, to say the least—

Dragon Domain: The former dwelling of the Dragon Race. During the war between gods and devils it was destroyed and turned into a wasteland.

Dark Dragon Abyss: A high-level grinding zone at Sky City’s borders. Monster levels range between 180 and 200. A deadly map.

Blaze Dragon Abyss: High-level quest map. Not unlocked yet.

Cretaceous Plains: Plains located directly north of Sky City. Legend says that it used to be the dwelling of low-rank dragons. Billions of years later, low-rank dragons appeared in the Cretaceous Plains once more. The lizards roaming this land have gradually evolved into low-level dragons after devouring the dragon bones they found on the ground. This is a dangerous map, and all living beings are advised to stay away.


Alright, I decided that Cretaceous Plains would be my destination. It was stated that the mobs of this map ranged between 140 and 170, and most of them were shadow-rank. I might not be able to kill a Level 170 shadow-rank mob, but a Level 140 shadow-rank mob shouldn’t be a problem. I wasn’t carrying around half a set of Spirit-grade equipment for nothing after all!

Brimming with confidence, I left to repair my equipment and stock up on pots. However, I quickly discovered that I had almost run out of Rank 8 Health Potions. It was time to contact my health potion supplier. "Yiyi?"

"Mn? What is it?"

"I miss you…"

"Wait, really???"

"Of course not!"

"Fuck you!"

I smiled a little before revealing my true intent. "I’m almost out of Rank 8 Health Potions, so I want to know if you have anything new for me. I’m thinking about exploring a new map."

"Okay. Meet me in the city."

"I’m here already!"

A few minutes later, Beauty Wind Fantasy appeared at the teleportation formation and walked toward me. The way her skirt danced to her movement was absolutely mesmerizing. As soon as she reached me, the beauty immediately brought up the trade window and selected 20 stacks of health potions. "Here’s some new stuff, fresh out of the pot. In fact, I’m giving them to you for free this time~~"

I was quite surprised by what I saw—

Health Potion IX: Instantly restores 3500 HP. Level Requirement: 100


An enhanced Rank 9 Health Potion that heals 3500 HP in one go? That’s amazing!

I said, "Tsk tsk, Rank 9 Health Potions? Sun Qingqing’s Alchemy skill must be close to Rank 10 now, right?"


Lin Yixin nodded. "In fact, it’s already at Rank 10. Unfortunately, I’m currently stuck finding a place that grows Rank 10 herbs, or we would be making Rank 10 Health Potions already, the kind of stuff that heals 5000 HP in one go. With pots like these you can’t die unless you’re actively trying to kill yourself…"

"Hehe, well, keep up the good work. I’m searching for Rank 10 food ingredients myself."

"Oh? What kind of food ingredient is it?"

"Dragon Meat. I’m going to slay a dragon and become a dragon slayer!" I raised the Heaven-stealing Sword to the air and declared heroically.

But Lin Yixin only shot me a ridiculing look. It was almost as if she was staring at a pile of dragon dung, not me. She said, "I see. Well, good luck…"

"Yep, see you later, and thanks for the pots! Also, if either one of us strikes it rich, remember to call and treat the other to a meal!"

"Actually, I’m free tonight…"

"I’m not though. Well, maybe. If everything goes well in this new map I’ll call you, but if you don’t hear from me after 5 then don’t wait for me."

"Okay. Byeee~"


I turned around and walked past the gates. When I looked back, I was surprised to see Lin Yixin still standing there and looking at me, so I sent her a message asking, "What’s wrong? You don’t want me to leave?"

"What are you talking about? I’m reading the forums."

Fuck, I definitely read too much into things there...

I stewed in embarrassment, but before I turned around, I saw Lin Yixin waving me goodbye and smiling at me. Then, she vanished into a corner of the city.

Finally embarking on my journey, I summoned the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf and started running toward my destination. One of my goals was to Level it to 115 as soon as possible. Although pets were banned in the Who Will Rise tournament, the same couldn’t be said for guild wars or city battles. A pet’s strength was part of its master’s strength, so I needed to strengthen the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf as soon as possible.

As I passed through Sky Forest, countless random players sent me party invites in hopes of the slim chance that I would join them. They might not be able to see my level, but they could definitely see my equipment and my pet. There were a lot of players who were staring at me with fear, respect, and even greed. They were probably too afraid to attack me though.

It was at this moment Li Chengfeng sent me a message: "Lu Chen, did you check the rankings yet? There’s a new ‘Player Power Ranking’ now!"

"Oh? Player Power Ranking? What does that mean?"

"It’s a ranking that adds up a player’s current equipment, skills, pet, mechanical finesse, PvP records and so on, basically everything except levels, to calculate one’s overall power. It’s a pretty fair ranking all things considered, and you are the number one player on the list!"

"Fuck, I was hoping to keep a low profile…"

"It’ll definitely be harder for you to keep a low profile now."


I went through the rankings and found a new tab as Li Chengfeng said. As expected, I was ranked first on China’s power ranking—

Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand
Undead SwordsmanAncient Sword Dreaming Souls
Candlelight Shadow
WarriorCandle Dragon
Wind Fantasy
Light WandererSnowy Cathaya
Luo River God of the Capital
MagePurple Lily
Farewell Song
AssassinWarsky Alliance
Legendary Brave
Dragon WarriorAncient Sword Dreaming Souls
Purple Marquis
WarriorSnowy Cathaya
Little Piglet
Cold Wind SwordsmanHegemon Palace
AssassinPurple Lily
Beiming Xue
Dark ArcherAncient Sword Dreaming Souls


I had to admit that this ranking was more reliable than the actual CGL Hall of Fame ranking. All ten players listed in this ranking were top-tier, if not the current Top 10 best players of the entire China. Maybe it was because Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls beat Candle Dragon in Who Will Rise, but I was surprised to find myself ranked above Candlelight Shadow.

The Fruit Knife Goddess was ranked third, and the super mage of Wind City, Luo River God of the Capital, was ranked fourth. As it turned out, the unpredictable and invisible assassin Farewell Song was ranked higher than Li Chengfeng, Little Piglet, and Purple Marquis. It was an incredible achievement because they were all metal-armor melee fighters, so technically, they should be the bane of the Assassin class. This praise also extended to Moonkiss who was also an assassin. Finally, Beiming Xue was the only archer to make it into the power ranking.

Clearly, the guild with the most players in this power ranking technically had the biggest advantage in the battle between elites. This advantage would be especially obvious in a tournament like Who Will Rise.


I continued running toward the horizon while checking out the ranking. One and a half an hour later, I realized that I had actually crossed to the other side of Dragonbone Mountain Range. When I reached the foot of the mountain, my war boots rapped against a barren ground. I had officially arrived at Cretaceous Plains!

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