Chapter 424: I Love Campus Recruitment

The next morning, while I was in the middle of a good time with the God of Dream’s daughter, something exploded outside my room door and jolted me awake. Murong Mingyue’s voice then came from outside, “Lu Chen, did you forget that Eve is taking you to the company today? Get up now, or I’m stripping your blanket and taking photos of you!”


My brain went from zero to a hundred in an instant. Murong Mingyue’s wake-up calls were always super effective.

I washed myself and got out. From this day onward, I wouldn’t be able to play Heavenblessed in the morning anymore because I promised He Yi was to work in the morning and play games in the afternoon. That being said, it was just 2 or 3 hours of time lost, so it wouldn’t affect me too much.

I got into He Yi’s four-seater Lamborghini since she was driving today. Before we even arrived at the guild base, we could already see a man in a suit waiting for us in the distance. It was none other than Xu Yang himself!

He Yi slowed to a stop beside Xu Yang before glancing back and forth between me and Xu Yang. She couldn’t help but laugh. “The difference in seriousness here is so huge! Xu Yang is dressed like a professional, but you are dressed like a hoodlum…”

I smiled. “Really? He looks just like a salesman to me…”


Xu Yang nearly spat on his own suit when he heard my comment.


Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had countless core players, but He Yi only took me and Xu Yang into her company. Of course, we always knew that us Four Elders were far more important to He Yi than anyone else could ever be, and she showed it by giving Murong Mingyue, Xu Yang, and I jobs in GGS. Lian Xu would have had a job as well if she wasn’t currently overseas.

He Yi glanced at the rear-view mirror while driving. “What happened to you, Xu Yang? Why are your eyes as red as a rabbit’s?”

Xu Yang smiled. “I grinded until 3 am or so before I slept. I leveled up, but didn’t learn a Famous General Skill…”

I curled my lips. “Dude, you’re not even among the Top 15 highest-leveled players in Sky City. Of course you wouldn’t learn a Famous General Skill…”

“Fuck, why didn’t you tell me earlier…”

“I didn’t know you were this stupid…”

Xu Yang groaned to show how upset he was. “At any rate, it’s too late for anyone to learn a Famous General Skill now. It was such a crazy day yesterday. Five players had ascended and become Famous Generals in Sky City alone…”

“Five?” I was a bit surprised. “I remember Eve, Beiming, Purple Marquis, and Little Piglet becoming a Famous General. Who’s the fifth person?”

“It’s Warsky Alliance’s military counsellor, Beauty October Rain!”

“What Famous General Skill did she learn?”

“It’s called Heartpiercer, a skill that gives everyone 5% melee life steal, or 10% if you take Tactics into consideration…”

I shivered. “Holy shit, that’s a powerful Famous General Skill alright. I guess Warsky Alliance is still going to be our strongest opponent by far. Right now October Rain is like a tiger that has grown wings…”

Xu Yang nodded in agreement. “Yeah, Gui Guzi said October Rain’s intelligence and Famous General Skill are both better than ours. She won't be easy to deal with…”

I immediately stared at him. “Bro, it’s true that October Rain is smarter than you and Gui Guzi, but please leave Eve and I out of this, thank you…”

Xu Yang: “...”


Well, Xu Yang had a point. October Rain’s intelligence and tactics were definitely among the best of the best in Sky City. However, that didn’t mean that He Yi and I were that far behind. Back then, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was absolutely inferior to Candle Dragon, and the gap between our strengths was as big as heaven and earth. Naturally, no amount of tactics was ever going to turn things around and somehow enable us to beat Candle Dragon. But Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls wasn’t the same guild it used to be. Now was the time to plot for world conquest, and I was very confident in He Yi and my intelligence to do so. Hmph hmph, the future conflicts wouldn’t be boring for sure!

“Oh right, which department are you putting us in, Eve?”

“Hehe. We have two open positions right now. One of them is HR, and the other Administration. You get to choose which one you want to enter.”

That delighted me. “That’s nice! Xu Yang, which department would you like to enter?”

Xu Yang replied honestly, “You can have the first pick. I’ll choose whatever’s left.”

I pondered for a moment before smiling. “In that case, I choose HR. It shouldn’t be too tiring, and I get to attend campus recruitment drives and do—er, I mean meet some uni-girls…”

He Yi rolled her eyes at me before asking, “You sure you want to go to HR?”

“Yep. That’s my final decision!”

“Very well!” He Yi was smiling wickedly, and I quickly learned why. “For your knowledge, Administration is missing a department head, and HR is missing an archivist…”



I spat blood, but I wasn’t a sore loser, so I said, “Fine, if it is my fate to be an archivist, then an archivist I shall be…”

“Good boy. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you…” He Yi giggled.

We entered the technology park and arrived at the bottom of GGS headquarters building. I looked up. The structure was tall enough to pierce the clouds, and its appearance alone made it worthy of the international company it represented. He Yi passed Xu Yang and me a set of files each. Everything had already been prepared, and all we needed to do was head to our respective departments and perform our duties.

I sucked in a deep breath as I held my file. He Yi was right. I couldn’t spend my whole life gaming, and He Yi definitely couldn’t stick around a gaming genius forever. If I wished to continue staying by her side, I must establish myself in GGS one way or another. It was about time I learned to conduct myself as a working adult.

“Okay, I’m going to go away to deal with some things. I’ll see you all again during lunch time!”

He Yi walked inside the elevator and bid me goodbye with a smile. After spending an embarrassingly long amount of time to locate the HR department—10th floor, B area—I went into the elevator as well. Beside me, Xu Yang took out his head of department work badge, hung it over his neck and went away to the Administration department. I felt so small compared to him right now...

Upon arriving at the HR department, I placed the file on the reception desk and spoke to the receptionist, “I’m a new employee on my first day at work.”

“Oh, I see. Please give me a moment!”

The beautiful woman accepted the file and gave it a look. Then, she smiled at me and said, “I’ll pass this to the head now. She’ll call you into her office in a moment.”


I stood there and waited to be called in. Countless people shot me weird looks while I was standing at the corridor, and I knew exactly why. Everyone was wearing G2000 brand work uniforms, while I was wearing a Jack & Jones casuals. It’s no wonder I stand out like a sore thumb, sigh...

About 15 minutes later, I was starting to grow a little impatient. What was taking this HR head so long? It was just one file. Was she doing this on purpose because I was a new employee?

It was at this moment the front desk receptionist returned and smiled at me. “You can go in now. You’ll want to go to the last room in the left corridor!”


I nodded and strode toward the left corridor as instructed. When I arrived at the head’s office, I knocked on the door once before cautiously opening the door and making my way in. I shivered immediately when I saw the woman who was supposed to be my boss.

Inside the huge, square-shaped office, a 35-year old woman was sitting at the office table, holding a pen and watching me. I supposed she barely qualified as an attractive woman, but I really didn’t like the robotic look in her eyes one bit. It reminded of old ladies who hadn’t been watered by love for a long time. A person’s appearance was usually reflective of their personality, so I wondered if she was as sharp and unkind as she appeared to be.

At least one half of my prediction came true when she spoke in a most unpleasant voice. “Lu Chen, is it? I understand that you got in here because someone recommended you. However, know that I don’t care who you answer to, or what kind of work experience you had. All I care about is your work capabilities now. There are only two rules in this HR department: one, work diligently. Two, obey the management. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “Yes, head.”

I answered evenly without being overly servile or overbearing. Sure, He Yi promised to take good care of me, but that was no reason for me to act like an arrogant bastard. That would make me no different from trust fund babies like Lu Chao and Li Le.


The HR head nodded. “Oh right, my name is Wang Rong. You may call me Head Wang.”

“Got it, Head Wang.”

Wang Rong pressed a button on her phone and called, “Yujia, come in for a moment!”

Very soon, an exceptionally beautiful woman in black uniform entered the room. The work badge hanging in front of her chest said, “HR Assistant, Lin Yujia”.

Wang Rong said, “Lu Chen, this is Lin Yujia, our HR Assistant. You’ll answer to her and perform any task she asks you to do.”

“Yes, Head Wang.”


I followed Lin Yujia out of the door. The moment we left the office, Lin Yujia looked back at me with a smile and said, “New guy, you got into Archives only because one of our employees applied for maternity leave, you know that?”

I smiled back but kept silent. I had no idea what to say to that anyway.

We arrived at the Archives office where both the physical files and electronic files were stored. In fact, all of the employee files and documents of Suzhou GGS Headquarters could be found here. My job was to receive, send, register, update these files. I don’t have to say how boring and monotonous this job was...

It took no time to complete the onboarding process. Very soon, I was sitting in front of a computer with a work badge around my neck. One problem. I had no idea how I should perform my work. Thankfully, Lin Yujia stayed with me for almost an hour and gave me just enough instructions to figure out what to do. Speaking of which, I already had an urgent report form to do and submit to the head. It was a headache to say the least.

An hour later, I brought the report to the HR head, but to my surprise she slammed it on the table after one glance and stared at me sternly. “What are you doing? This is a complete mess! Get back and redo it right now!”

I hadn’t worked in a HR department before, but I wasn’t so illiterate that I couldn’t read a report form. If this thing was simple enough that even I could understand, could you really call it a “complete mess”? Clearly, this Wang Rong was just nitpicking for no apparent reason.

I suppressed my anger and picked up the report form. “Alright, I’ll redo it right away.”

Another half an hour later, I entered the office again and submitted the revised report form. This time, it was a lot more detailed and clearer than before.

However, Wang Rong slapped the report on her table again and glared at me. “There’s barely any difference between this and the last report form! Are you actually serious about this job?”

I looked at her in confusion before pointing at the report form. “Boss, I’ve verified all the data here twice before turning it in to you. There’s no way you can find anything wrong with it at a glance.”

“Oh, and you think that justifies you for the shit work you’re doing?” The HR head glared at me. “Take this back and redo it again. And this time, I want you to join it with last month’s report form!”

Again, I suppressed my anger and walked out. The moment I arrived at the Archives office, Lin Yujia shot me a helpless look before smiling sympathetically. “Try not to get angry, okay? Head Wang’s like this because she went through a divorce just a while ago… so don’t take it to heart. You’re just the new guy, and she’s a veteran with good connections in the Shanghai branch and Beijing branch, so…”

I nodded again. You work under someone, you live by their rules. It was just common sense. Plus, this was hardly the worst injustice I had to endure since I came to this world.


It was already 11:30 am by the time I finished the third report form. Once again, I went to the HR head office and passed the document to her carefully and respectfully. “It’s done, Head Wang.”

But Wang Rong only took a single glance at my work before smiling cruelly at me. “I have no idea how an utterly useless person like you managed to get recommended into the HR department. Now I can responsibly inform you that you are incapable of working here at all.”

I shuddered. You’ve gone too far, you fucking bitch!

This Wang Rong was clearly looking down on me, and I could almost guess why. My employment had come with a recommendation, but I was almost certain that this recommender was a low-tier employee at most. This was just a lowly archivist position in the HR department after all. That was why Wang Rong was acting like this, and why she wasn’t afraid of my supposed backer at all.



Suddenly, the office door opened, and two beautiful women wearing GGS uniforms and work badges walked in. It was none other than He Yi and Murong Mingyue!

When Murong Mingyue walked over and saw the crushed report form on the table, she understood everything immediately. She looked at the HR head and declared in an indifferent voice, “Wang Rong, you are no longer capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a HR head. Your job will be passed onto the HR assistant Lin Yujia starting this afternoon, and you may claim three months’ salary worth of compensation. You may leave now.”


I was stunned. That had to be one of the most impressive declarations I had ever heard in my life!

I then glanced at Murong Mingyue’s work badge, and there it was written “General Manager of GGS Suzhou Branch”!

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