Chapter 39: Soul Turmoil Armor

Roaming Dragon saw me kill Iron Pardon with one blow, and his eyes turned red. He shouted, his expression venomous, "Quick, kill him! We can’t allow this kid to take advantage of our great undertaking...”

Before I could react, a shadow suddenly appeared behind me with a spear thrust!

"Flame Thrust!"


The black armor hummed. The Ghost Deity Armor provided an additional 5% Defense, and managed to deflect a lot of damage for me.

Burning pain came from my shoulder. The ambusher's attack power was higher than Gui Guzi’s, dealing so much damage despite the Ghost Deity Armor.

I turned and struck a blow like lightning. The attacker shouted, "Eh, so quick!"


Blood spilled. The enemy retreated seeing 317 damage dealt to him. He was the trump card of Mad Dragon, their Level 30 magic knight, Inconstant!

"Archers, shoot together!"

Inconstant knew that my Weeping Fire Blade was powerful and did not try to face me head-on. He turned around and ordered the surrounding archers to rain arrows on me!





Three damage numbers flew up in succession. My defense far surpassed the expectations of these archers. Their attack power was good against cloth armor, but had a hard time against metal armor like mine.

I flashed out, crushing countless leaves and blades of grass to fly into the air, as I masterfully executed two beautiful Z dodges to avoid their arrows. My Weeping Fire Blade was shrouded in green light as it swung toward Inconstant’s head. If he didn’t die, Lin Yixin and I would have a hard time winning this battle!

Inconstant suddenly smiled and shouted confidently, "Holy Shield!"


A golden shield rose, shining with light, right in front of Inconstant. My Slayer Slash skill was coming down, Slayer Slash III, with additional 15% damage!



W-what? It only dealt such low damage?

I was slightly shocked. I found this line in my combat log—

Combat Log: Your skill “Slayer Slash” hit “Holy Shield” of player "Inconstant". Damage reduced by 50%. Damage dealt: 178!


The Holy Shield suddenly cracked. Clearly, Inconstant had not thought that my attack would be so strong it would immediately shatter his Holy Shield technique.


Inconstant swallowed a health potion, and hurriedly retreated, using himself as a lure to draw me into a chase. Then the dozen archers and mages of the Mad Dragon guild could easily kill me in the open.

But at this time, a beautiful silver figure suddenly flew out of the forest. The silver streak was as fast as lightning. It was Lin Yixin. This girl, she finally came out!

At a hurried glance, I saw Lin Yixin's beautiful purple eyes were covered in a silver light. In that moment, a shining dagger appeared in Lin Yixin's hand. Moon Blade!

Was the girl crazy? Using a dagger she was not skilled in during PvP. Wasn't this seeking her own death?

But my predictions were completely wrong!

In an instant, the dagger in Lin Yixin's hand was covered in a silver layer of light. She gently raised her arm, and the dagger flashed below Inconstant's arm. An astounding damage number flew up—714!

So... so powerful!

I was stunned. Inconstant was a high-level magic knight, and had over 800 HP. Lin Yixin killed him instantly? This was incomprehensible!

Lin Yixin glared and she said in anger, "Dumb Lu Chen, what are you dozing off for? Kill the boss!"

I immediately gulped down a health potion to remain over 50% HP. There were at least 20 Mad Dragon players. Obviously, Lin Yixin and I could not fight them alone. The best plan at the time was to steal the boss and flee!


The Weeping Fire Blade flashed across the neck of an assassin, instantly killing him. My damage was too high for a Level 24 assassin to survive.

Lin Yixin gracefully made several dodges, changing her weapon to a longsword. She drew three curves, and crisply killed three archers, reducing my burden by a lot.

I clenched the Weeping Fire Blade and charged straight for the boss. My aim was clear. Kill the boss, steal the loot!

Roaming Dragon obviously understood my intentions and shouted, "They want to steal the boss. Quick... quick, stop him! The boss has at least 1000 HP. If we can kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand in two rounds, there will be no problems!"

I couldn't help but smile. I brushed past the stone giant boss and struck!



A big MISS message floated above the giant's head. Lin Yixin's mouth was wide. She said angrily, "Whoa, you suck so much. You missed? Watch me...”

As she spoke, Lin Yixin broke away from the two Mad Dragon warriors and came over.

In the next moment, I showed a confident smile. Hmph, Little Girl Lin, watch closely!


A ball of green light wrapped around the Weeping Fire Blade. Slayer Slash, my strongest skill. Let’s use the Pardon buff to kill this boss!

I leapt high, my sharp sword drawing a perfect arc in the air. The powerful blow struck the stone giant's shoulder. Stone flew, and I split the stone giant with one blow!


A giant damage number flew up. Almost everyone present was stunned. At the present time, people who could create 300 damage were first-class experts. But I almost managed to take 2000 HP with one blow. This was so astounding!

This was really simple. My Pardon had reached Rank 2 and could ignore 55% of the target’s Defense, as well as increase my Attack by 40%. Also, the huge damage and last sliver of the boss’s HP caused it to be a fatal blow. It was only natural that I dealt 2000 damage!


The stone giant was immediately killed, and dropped several pieces of equipment. There were also stones that flew through the air! This was a D Rank boss. The things it dropped would not be mundane!

The rules of Heavenblessed were very cruel. It did not care who the boss belonged to. Whoever gave the last blow would get the boss's experience. Also, the dropped equipment was not bound and anyone could take it. This meant that one had to be extremely careful and strategic when fighting bosses. Otherwise, they could lose everything.

Lin Yixin and I were almost below the boss's corpse at the same time. The two of us leapt in unison and grabbed. I managed to get two items. Lin Yixin also grabbed two rewards. Also, golden light came from both of us. We had both leveled up!


I immediately disappeared, turning into bolts of golden light and entering the ground. This was my unique fleeing skill!

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth. “You could take me along. This bastard, running away so quickly...”

As she spoke, Lin Yixin put the loot into her bag. She pushed away three Mad Dragon guild players with a sweep of her sword. Her white cape fluttered in the air as she fled. Nice, her escape skill isn’t any inferior to mine!

Seeing Lin Yixin flee into the forest with a sliver of HP left, I sighed in relief. I slowly moved toward the bushes in my escape state. I flew back to the surface. Coincidentally, Mad Dragon’s archer was searching the area.

The Weeping Fire Blade cut through the air. The archer fell to the ground in response. The Slayer Slash was too strong.

I also fled. When I sprinted out of the mouth of the valley, I saw Lin Yixin sitting on a green boulder. She looked angrily at me. "Hey, aren’t you too dishonorable? Leaving me, a weak girl, behind and fleeing on your own?"

"A weak girl? You?"

I glanced at her. Lin Yixin leaned against the boulder with one hand on her sword. She was panting, her chest moving up and down, her white and long legs swaying as they hung from the boulder. In this moment, she was so beautiful.

My heart jerked. I said, "You’ve killed and stolen. Don’t even call yourself weak, alright?"

"Hmph!" Lin Yixin disagreed but didn’t pursue the matter, asking me instead, "Hey, what did you get just now?"

"I haven’t looked yet...”

"Quick, look!"


I opened my bag. Two items had appeared in my inventory. One was a black armor, the other, a darkly-shining helmet. Not bad, both were armor pieces!

I pointed. The stats of the chest armor flew up in front of my face. I could see it, and so could Lin Yixin—


Soul Turmoil Armor (Dark Steel–grade)

Defense: 48

Stamina: +11

Passive: Increases physical attack power by 2%

Level Requirement: 32



Damn! Such a powerful armor!

My eyes went wide, and I couldn't close my mouth. This was Dark Steel–grade armor. The trip had not been in vain. Its Defense was super powerful, 48 points. The Iron-grade armor I currently wore had only 9 Defense. Compared to this armor, the difference was like heaven and earth. Also, it had a 11 Stamina bonus, which would give me 110 HP. There was also a 2% physical attack bonus. It could be said that this item was a sacred treasure of any melee player!

Lin Yixin's mouth was open wide as she expressed her amazement, "Not bad...”

I quickly put on the Soul Turmoil Armor. I had reached Level 32 after killing the boss and could use it!

Instantly, all my individual stats tangibly rose. My Max HP reached a terrifying 750 points. My Defense, a powerful 100 points. Archers under Level 30 most likely could not break through my defense.

I happily took out the other piece of equipment. It was a darkly-shining helmet shaped like a murderous beast—


Beast-faced Turmoil Helmet (Steel-grade)

Defense: 28

Strength: +7

Level Requirement: 30



Tsk tsk, Steel-grade, also very good. Defense of 28, bonus of 7 Strength. While it was much worse than Dark Steel–grade Soul Turmoil Armor, it was also very good. After all, my head slot was still empty! It was rare to have a helmet so early into the game. Equipping it on my naked head was practically adding 28 Defense!

I quickly put on the Beast-faced Turmoil Helmet. Immediately, a dark helmet appeared on my head, and I gave off a murderous air. This helmet also covered my face. As a skeleton, I cared about my appearance. I was very comforted by this item. I finally did not have to look at people with my black eye sockets.

I looked at my stats. Defense 128, Attack 258, so powerful!

I raised my eyebrows and looked at the girl on the stone, asking with a smile, "Beauty Lin, what about you? What about your equipment...”

Lin Yixin twisted her lips. "Why would you mention this...”

"What’d you get?" I pressed.

Lin Yixin looked at me grievously and said, "A Level 32 Steel-grade wristguard, a Level 28 Iron-grade staff...”


“You are courting death! You want a beating?”

Lin Yixin leapt over, holding her sword. I immediately turned and fled. The two of us moved through the forest, and searched to see if there was anything left.

On the other side of the mountain valley, Roaming Dragon held his spear, filled with anger. "Damn you Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand... Damn you Wind Fantasy, I’m not done with you!"

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