Chapter 381: Has to Be You

Warsky’s face was green. He must feel like he was sleeping atop a needle bed right now. When it was just the five core experts of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, the situation was still under Warsky Alliance’s control. But they clearly lost the moment the main bulk of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ forces—thousands of them—arrived. There was just no way they could turn the tides with less than 400 players.

"Fuck…" Warsky cursed under his breath. "God dammit! Why is it always like this? Why does Lady Luck never favor our side?"

October Rain advised her guild leader from the distance, "Warsky, there’s no need to hesitate. Tell everyone to teleport back to the city so we can cut our losses now!"

Warsky was a smart man, so he nodded immediately before giving the order, "Everyone, it’s time to withdraw. Move away from the boss and the PvP zone and teleport back to the city immediately after you’re out of combat state. I’ll stay behind and secure our retreat!"

He actually meant what he said. Warsky walked toward us alone with a stern look in his eyes.

I finally understood why Warsky was able to grow Warsky Alliance from a small guild to the extent it was. A lot of people said that Warsky was a candid, straightforward, affectionate, and true person, and so far he hadn’t betrayed his code. He might be the sworn foe of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, but he was also a respectable opponent.

At the very least, I would grant him an honorable death!


Gui Guzi emerged from our battle line and clashed weapons with Warsky. Warsky used an Explosion Slash to delete 3000 HP from Gui Guzi’s health bar, and Gui Guzi retaliated with a horizontal sweep that did around 2800 HP. However, Gui Guzi had the Undying Shield, his HP was over 12000, and all of his equipment had been upgraded to the Dark Gold grade. Two of them even were of the Outstanding category, so equipment-wise he was not one bit inferior to Warsky.

Gui Guzi, Xu Yang, Moonlight Stone, Moon Dew, and the rest of our core players had been grinding maps and bosses everyday, and Gui Guzi got the first pick on all metal armor equipment that increased HP. That was how the signature magic knight of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was born, and he made for a nice match with our guild leader. Our guild might not have a top-tier assassin, but we definitely had two top-tier magic knights!

Warsky continued fighting against Gui Guzi, but he wasn’t able to gain anything from his last stand. In the end, our players such as High Fighting Spirits and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun charged him and took most of his HP, leaving Chaos Moon to deal the last blow. However, Warsky didn’t lose any equipment probably because he had good karma. Though he did drop a ton of potions.


At the distance, October Rain bit her lips before crushing the return scroll in her hands. She and the long-range players of Warsky Alliance successfully teleported back to the city.

But Laughing At The Heavens and Farewell Song weren’t so lucky. After sacrificing a couple dozen of fighters to keep the boss busy while the rest of them retreated, Laughing At The Heavens withdrew to a corner together and exited combat state. But just as they tried to crush a return scroll and teleport back to Sky City, a cyan figure suddenly appeared and charged them!


After Laughing At The Heavens was stunned, the cyan figure then struck Farewell Song once with his sword and forced him to enter combat state once more. He sneered, "Not so fast, you two!"

The cyan figure was none other than our Legendary Brave. What was he doing? Was he trying to challenge two CGL Hall of Famers himself? This guy really was as fearless as his name.

It was exactly as I thought. After blocking Laughing At The Heavens’ counter attack, Legendary Brave bent his waist a little and kicked Farewell Song’s dagger. Then, he swiftly regained his balance and charged the assassin again. Furious by the interruption, Farewell Song shouted angrily, "It’s your funeral, motherfucker!"


He parried Legendary Brave’s sword with his left dagger and stabbed him in the chest with his right dagger. Then, he twisted his wrist and unleashed Blade Vortex!




The burst damage was great and deadly. That one skill left Li Chengfeng with only 30% HP or so.

But Li Chengfeng calmly retaliated with a straight punch to the chest that dealt 1654 damage. While the assassin was completely off-balance, he brought his sword to Farewell Song’s neck and smiled. "I guess I expected too much from the number one assassin of Warsky Alliance..."


Just like that, he cut a hole in Farewell Song’s body and killed him!

Li Chengfeng grew even calmer after killing Farewell Song. He jumped to the back at the same time he spun around just in time to parry a thrust from Laughing At The Heavens. Then, like a slippery loach he slipped behind the latter and used the Dragonrise skill. His longsword glowed brightly, and a draconic roar deafened the ear. A new skill exploded behind Laughing At The Heavens!

"Dragonbone Flurry!"

His cyan sword transformed into a sharp dragon bone, and he hit Laughing At The Heavens three times in a row. The damage he dealt was positively insane—





Laughing At The Heavens himself was completely dumbfounded by the damage he took. Utterly depressed, he collapsed to his knees right in front of the mighty dragon warrior. He never thought that he and Farewell Song would lose this horribly despite this being a 2 on 1 battle. There was basically nothing they could do at all.

"Fuck…" Xu Yang swore under his breath. "Brave is so strong! He’s probably at the same level as Lu Chen now, isn’t he?"

He Yi smiled but said nothing.

Chaos Moon shook her head before explaining, "Not exactly. You need to remember that outside factors matter as well. Warsky Alliance just suffered a terrible defeat, and Warsky was killed. How do you expect them to focus when even the heart of their guild is gone? Of course, Legendary Brave is undeniably powerful, but he definitely took advantage of his opponents’ moment of weakness as well."

Xu Yang nodded before breaking into a grin. "Regardless, Li Chengfeng definitely proved himself to be a match for Farewell Song at least. Also, did we just beat Warsky Alliance in a direct battle? Does that mean we’re overall stronger than Warsky Alliance?"

He Yi replied with a smile, "That’s right. Now focus! It’s time to take down the boss!"



Legendary Brave picked up the shield Laughing At The Heavens had dropped and threw it into Gui Guzi’s hands, saying, "Dragon warriors can’t use a shield, so this is yours…"

Gui Guzi stared at the shield in astonishment. "2-star Outstanding Dark Gold–grade…"

Li Chengfeng hadn’t even checked the shield’s stats before he passed it to Gui Guzi. He was a wealthy man, so he didn’t collect every penny he found on the ground.

Of course, Gui Guzi accepted the shield gladly and promised to treat Li Chengfeng when he was free. Li Chengfeng nodded before patting Gui Guzi’s shoulder. "Don’t forget your promise! The next time I’m in Suzhou, I expect you to treat me for a whole week!"

Gui Guzi laughed heartily at that.

I walked to the front and looked at the boss standing absentmindedly at the distance. After killing all the Warsky players it could kill and losing the aggro, the boss looked a bit lonely from here.

Therefore, I ordered, "Get ready, everyone. You should’ve all seen it already, but this boss has a close-range skill that deals damage over time to anything within a certain range. It’s actually a bad idea to swarm it, not to mention that our priests wouldn’t be able to heal our frontliners in time to save them. The best way to tank this boss is to send our best tanks to the front one by one."

"Yeah!" Legendary Brave nodded in agreement. "I’ve tested out the boss's Attack just now, and I can tell you that it can delete over 70% of my HP in one hit. Long story short, it can one-hit or two-hit kill almost anyone!"

He Yi asked, "Who should be the first tank then? Priests, please enter your respective positions and get ready to heal."

Du Thirteen said, "Little Gui has the highest Defense and HP out of all of us, so he should go first!"

I nodded. "Alright then. Little Gui, you first!"



Gui Guzi nodded and rushed the boss fearlessly. Then, he executed Flame Thrust and Blaze to draw its aggro on him. However, the boss was huge, and Gui Guzi was only tall enough to reach its knee cap. The damage he dealt to the boss was mind-bogglingly pathetic—



Gui Guzi’s eyes turned as wide as saucers. "Fuck, my… my skill is Rank 9, and Boss Broken Halberd’s Martial God is still active. How is my damage so low…"

Li Chengfeng smiled. "Eh, I think it’s fine. None of Warsky Alliance’s archers managed to hit it for over 100 damage, you know…"

Gui Guzi: "..."

Tickled by the ant that was Gui Guzi, the boss let out a roar and swung its fiery arms at him. To our surprise, it was the skill Desperate Gambit!


Gui Guzi’s shield shook like a leaf when the blow connected. He also lost an incredible amount of HP!


Everyone was stunned by the boss's power. If even Gui Guzi couldn’t tank the boss safely, then the rest of us would only fare worse.

Beiming Xue cried out, "All long-range players, get ready! Mages, I want you to hit the boss with Ice Dragon Howls! Don’t worry about OT and just hit it with everything you got!"

Murong Mingyue also brought Moon Dew and several other priests to the frontlines and focused all their healing on Gui Guzi while the latter was doing his best to keep the boss's aggro on him at all times.

Boom boom boom!

Our mages started unleashing their Ice Dragon Howls on the Desert Giant King. Although we didn’t have a super mage like Luo River God of the Capital, everyone was able to deal a sizable amount of magic damage. In Moonlight Stone’s case, every Ice Dragon Howl she fired at the boss dealt around 1500 damage or so because she had good level and equipment.

Beiming Xue also dealt a lot more damage to the boss than Gui Guzi. For example, a single Evil Spirit Volley from her deleted around 1000 HP from the boss's health bar. It was to be expected, however. Gui Guzi was a 3-Stamina 2-Strength defender, so it was only natural that he had less attack power than Beiming Xue.

The rest of us frontliners simply stood at the sidelines and waited for our turn. If Gui Guzi died, then one of us would replace him. If someone tried to take the boss from us, it was also our responsibility to stop them. We wouldn’t give up the boss's experience and equipment to anyone!

Suddenly, the Desert Giant King roared and charged toward the mages. It was an OT! With just one sweep of its arms, the boss had one-shot all the mages within its attack range except Moonlight Stone, who was saved by her powerful Magic Shield!

Xu Yang frowned. "This isn’t good. Gui Guzi can tank the boss without dying, but… he didn’t have enough offensive power to keep the boss's attention on him at all times. If this continues, we will suffer huge losses…"

I gripped my sword and stepped out. "I’ll go!"

He Yi and Li Chengfeng nodded at the same time. "Yeah, it has to be you!"

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