Chapter 380: Might of the Dragon Warrior

Everyone in Warsky Alliance was shocked by this sudden turn of events. October Rain shouted, “Get ready, everyone! The boss has finally appeared!”

Warsky stared at the guy grabbed by the boss closely before shouting, “Fuck, it’s that Legendary Brave from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! Get ready to kill him the second his feet hit the floor. He’s probably the first person to hit the boss, so he’ll steal our experience if we kill the boss without killing him!”

Laughing At The Heavens gripped his spear and assumed a Charge stance, ready to take off at any moment. Farewell Song also entered stealth again.

The pressure on Gods of Destruction was immediately lifted, but their numbers had dwindled to a couple hundred at most. After observing the battlefield and weighing his options for a moment, he lowered his voice and said, “Everyone, we will retreat to the right side for now!”

Dominating Heaven Blade was an intelligent man. He didn’t give up easily even though Warsky Alliance’s trap had cost him a lot. He was clearly biding his time and waiting for an opportunity to snatch the boss from under his enemies’ noses to present itself.



I pulled out the Heaven-stealing Sword and said, “Let’s go, we need to save Li Chengfeng!”

He Yi followed behind me with the Soul Stealing Spear while Murong Mingyue spoke in the guild channel, “Xu Yang, tell everyone to get into Burning Cave right now. Leave 4000 players outside the cave as guards and choose 1000 of the highest-leveled players to come inside. We must have the boss no matter what!”

Xu Yang replied simply, “Got it!”

I wasn’t trying to be stealthy, so Warsky Alliance and the others spotted me immediately. Laughing At The Heavens looked at us coldly as he sneered, “Motherfucker, I knew that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls wouldn’t give up this easily. Everyone, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, From Water, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue are here! Prepare for battle!”

Warsky ordered, “At The Heavens, Farewell Song, October Rain, take a hundred players with you and take out Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. Everyone else, follow me and kill Legendary Brave! We won’t surrender the boss experience to anyone!”

Warsky Alliance didn’t have many players left after the baptism that was the Fire Giants and the attack of the Gods of Destruction. With only 500 players or so, it was uncertain that they could kill the level 140 Spirit Rank boss even if we weren’t around to threaten their lives.

The situation was very serious. While drinking a health potion, Li Chengfeng pointed his sword at the Warsky Alliance players on the ground and shouted, "Fight me after the boss puts me on the ground if you dare!"


The ground cracked once more, and the boss's other arm and head burst out of the ground. The boss's ugly head was shaped like a scorpion’s and covered in fiery red barbs. It had a pair of eyes that looked like copper bells. When its fat torso finally emerged into full view, we discovered that it had eight legs, and that it skittered across the floor like a spider. It was also entirely surrounded by flames. Although its torso looked like that of a human’s, its head and bottom were undoubtedly that of a beast’s!


Desert Giant King (Spirit Rank Boss)

Level: 140

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

HP: ???

Skills: ???

Introduction: A king who lurks deep within the underground, the Desert Giant King used to be a human feudal prince. After he succumbed to darkness during the Dragon Domain War, and his body was warped into that of a monster’s, he became one of the many leaders of the dark. His fiery arms could split stone and mountains in half, and his hands were drenched in blood of countless humans.


Everyone gasped at the same time. We couldn’t see its stats because its level was way higher than ours. None of us was even close to the level we needed to challenge a boss like this!

"Let go of me, bastard!"

Legendary Brave shouted angrily and attacked the boss abruptly with Reverse Scale Slash. However, he was aiming at the boss's hand instead of its head!


The Desert Giant King was powerful, but not so powerful that it could withstand a powerful skill like that without flinching. Legendary Brave successfully slipped out of the boss's grasp. Right before he was about to hit the ground, he pushed the ground with his arm and changed his trajectory without warning. It was a beautiful maneuver that allowed him to dodge Laughing At The Heavens’ Charge perfectly!

That wasn’t all. The Desert Giant King was trying to hit Legendary Brave, and after that maneuver, Laughing At The Heavens was the one who took the hit instead. The CGL Hall of Famer raised his shield and shouted angrily as he blocked the attack!



Shit, his Defense is amazing. I had to admit that Laughing At The Heavens’ Defense and HP stats were truly amazing. If dozens of priests were to heal him and keep him healthy with everything they got, there was a chance Warsky Alliance could outlast the Level 140 boss!

Meanwhile, I had finally reached my first victim and swung my sword at the neck of a Warsky Alliance warrior. The Heaven-stealing Sword shone brightly as it one-shot the unfortunate bastard!


The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf had also jumped on top of an archer and tore into his body. That guy was probably dead as well.


Suddenly, my pet let out a wolfish howl and sent a Fire Cyclone at my direction. The area of 10x10 yards around me was instantly engulfed in a sea of flames. Pets with magic attack would always be useful!

A shadow emerged from the flames and backed away from me. It was none other than the top-class assassin, Farewell Song. The bastard was less than 10 yards away from me, but I still wasn’t able to see him. I would’ve been in trouble if I hadn’t picked up on his killing intent and used my pet to fire a Fire Cyclone at my direction!

Thud thud thud!

At the same time, three arrows hit my Obsidian Dragonscale Armor and sent waves of pain throughout my body. It was of course October Rain’s work. Her attack power was much too high for my liking!





Thankfully, my own archer, Beiming Xue was no herbivore. Empowered by Martial God, my little sister drew her Milky Way Bow and fired 12 purple-colored arrows in a row. This was precisely the Evil Spirit Volley. Most of the arrows were aimed at a crowd of enemy, but two of them had sailed toward October Rain’s direction. The beautiful archer failed to dodge out of the way, so the skill deleted most of her HP and forced her to withdraw in shock. Without a powerful Encourage buff of her own, there was no way in hell October Rain could fight Beiming Xue head-on. The girl looked so angry that her face was a grimly white color.

At the distance, Warsky launched an Explosion Slash at Legendary Brave.

However, the dragon warrior was superior to Warsky in terms of skill, equipment, and technique. Cutting toward Warsky’s sides from an unpredictable angle, he deleted a chunk of HP from Warsky’s health bar and pulled away immediately. He didn’t try to rush things and risk being counterattacked. After putting enough distance between himself and Warsky, he raised an arm and growled, "Dragonrise!"


A huge wave of draconic energy burst out of the ground and hit Warsky!


Warsky was forced to chug down a health potion to compensate for the HP loss before charging his opponent again. Meanwhile, Legendary Brave continued to dodge most of the archers and mages’ attacks with random zigzags and waited for the next opportunity to present itself. His goal was very simple. Once Warsky was dead, the guild would fall into shambles on its own!

Swhoosh swhoosh!

A pair of figures dashed toward Legendary Brave. Two Warsky Alliance warriors were charging him!


But Legendary Brave simply smiled and moved like lightning. After he dodged both charges with S-shaped running, he zigzagged back the way he came from and sliced both his attackers’ throats two times with his sword!

Puchi puchi!

Four damage numbers later, both warriors collapsed to the ground and died. Both the skill gap and stat gap were just too big!

Warsky was absolutely furious. He had no idea that Legendary Brave was this powerful. Despite being attacked from every direction, he was still able to kill two of his elite warriors with nary a sweat on his forehead! If possible, he never wanted to fight someone like Legendary Brave! That wasn’t a choice, however. Legendary Brave belonged to an enemy guild, and there was no way Warsky Alliance was giving up on the Level 140 Spirit Rank boss. Therefore, he had to kill Legendary Brave no matter what!

Just as angry, October Rain ordered the dozens of archers behind her. "If your hit rate is poor then don’t even bother to aim! Just fire your arrows at the general direction of Beiming Xue and Murong Mingyue!"

Twang twang twang twang!

When the bowstrings twanged, and a dense volley of arrows filled the air, I immediately understood what October Rain was planning. Unlike older games, an archer couldn’t just lock onto a target and hit their attacks 100% of the time. Since neither Beiming Xue nor Murong Mingyue were noobs, it was entirely possible for them to dodge at least 80% of the enemy’s aimed shots. But if the enemy peppered an entire area with arrows instead of targeting a specific person, then some attacks were bound to hit them eventually!

What an intelligent decision from October Rain!

Thud thud thud!

As expected, Murong Mingyue’s priest shield suffered huge damage and tethered at the edge of destruction in just the blink of an eye. Beiming Xue also suffered huge damage as both girls were forced to retreat to safety. There was no way they could tank the volley of arrows head-on.

Without our backline support, the pressure on He Yi and my shoulders increased instantly!


I fired a Thousand Ice Slash and one-shot dozens of Warsky Alliance players. Even the few who survived had been encased in ice and put into the Frozen status. They stared at me in astonishment while swearing, "Fuck, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s skills are so broken! Boss, save us…"

Unfortunately, Warsky couldn’t spare the effort to help them right now. On one hand, he had to command the majority of his army to attack the boss. The Desert Giant King was ridiculously powerful. Not only did it have amazing physical attack, it was surrounded by a storm of fire and sand that dealt continuous damage to all players who stood too close to it. A player was killed practically once every three seconds!

Around 300 Warsky Alliance players were surrounding the boss. The frontliners walked to their deaths while the mages and archers hit the boss with long-ranged attacks from the back. Unfortunately, their attack was absolutely pitiful to look at. The archers couldn’t pierce the boss's stony skin and tough armor at all, their arrows bouncing away and dealing only single-digit or double-digit numbers like 12, 8, 31, 9, 11, and so on. It was so terrible that the archers themselves looked like they wanted to vomit blood in frustration.

The good news was that the Desert Giant King’s defense type was “heavy armor”, so the mages were doing much better than the archers. The average mage dealt around 100 damage or so to the boss, and the elite mages, around 500 damage or so. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t seem like it would be enough. The boss had high HP and high HP regeneration, and it was regenerating at least half the damage it was receiving every second!

Warsky whispered to October Rain with an ugly expression, "Little Rain, kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand as quickly as you can! We need you!"


October Rain replied through gritted teeth, "I’ll… I’ll try!"

But reality was a cruel mistress. Countless players suddenly poured through the entrance of Burning Cave, and the leaders were none other than Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Rain, and more. Gui Guzi was the first to reach us with a smile. "Death to anyone who bullies my brothers!"

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