Chapter 379: Desert Giant King

Dominating Heaven Blade and his goons entered the cave excitedly. It was almost as if they were reliving their youth through the weapons in their hands again.

Dominating Knight God, Dominating Warrior God and the rest also chanted the guild’s catchphrase before rushing into the cave. Their goal was clear. Take out Warsky Alliance first and defeat the Spirit Rank boss in the lair later. 2000 players vanished into Burning Cave just like that.


I looked at the sky. The Gods of Destruction party was about two thousand strong, and even if it turned out to be a one-sided slaughter, it was going to take at least half an hour before they were done. Warsky Alliance was running out of players, and the Fire Giants were incredibly powerful. Even if their strategy was a resounding success, there was no way they could end the fight unscathed.

Outside the cave, the sun hung high in the air, and it was hot as hell.

After placing her scepter next to her leg, Murong Mingyue leaned her head against He Yi’s legs and closed her eyes. She looked like she was resting on the most comfortable pillow in the world. However, it wasn’t long before she climbed back to her feet again.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

She smiled. "This place is too hot. I feel like a piece of beef sizzling atop an iron plate…"


That wasn’t the end of Murong Mingyue’s invincible mode though. She fanned herself with her hand and sighed. "Ai, this burning weather is the only thing besides a man who can force me to disrobe myself…"

"I thought you said you were a virgin?"

"I did, still am…"


It was at this moment a figure in dark cyan armor and white cape ran past us down the hill. He was none other than Legendary Brave, and he looked like he wanted to kill something.

"What are you doing, Brave?" I asked.

He answered without turning around, "Nothing to worry about, just going to check what’s happening inside. If there’s anything I’ll make sure to inform everyone!"

"Okay, be careful!"



Legendary Brave really was brave. He disappeared into Burning Cave and fell completely silent.

Five minutes later, I lost my patience and rose to my feet. "You girls stay here. I’m heading in too!"

But He Yi shook her head and said, "If you’re going, then we’re coming as well. It’s safer that way. Legendary Brave hadn’t responded to our messages since he went inside, not even when we called out to him in the party channel. There must be a terrible battle going on in there."

"Mn. Come on then!"

I gripped my sword and took point, the three girls right behind me. A warrior, a magic knight, an archer, and a priest was a pretty standard party composition, and my Martial God gave us a 75% attack boost. We were a deadly force no matter where we went.

We arrived at the entrance to Burning Cave. The moment I entered the cave, I felt a searing wave of heat washing across my entire body. The air of this place was terribly dry, and the walls were red hot like the bricks in a kiln. I could hear people fighting just in front of us. The moment I walked past a stone wall, I was stunned by the sight in front of me—

The hall of the Burning Cave was littered with stacks upon stacks of player corpses. Some belonged to Gods of Destruction, and some belonged to Warsky Alliance. I saw a lot of dead Fire Giants as well. Only a short time had passed since Gods of Destruction arrived, but over 50% of the mobs had been killed by the two guilds! Everyone was giving their all!

At the corner of the hall, I saw Warsky shouting commands at his army while October Rain shot a high-level enemy warrior at the frontline to death right next to him. Dominating Heaven Blade was swinging his Purple Thunder Battle Axe and shouting, "Cyan Tiger Fury!"


The three Warsky Alliance warriors caught by the attack were incapable of withstanding the cyclone of energy at all, so all they could do was drop to their knees and die. Dominating Heaven Blade had first-rate skills to begin with, and his weapon was the powerful Purple Thunder Battle Axe. One on one, there was no one in Warsky Alliance who could stop him right now!

Unfortunately, Dominating Heaven Blade was alone in his superiority, and his generals were even lousier than Chaos Moon, let alone the CGL Hall of Famers of Warsky Alliance.

Warsky growled and hit Dominating Warrior God across the chest with a burning sword. "Explosion Slash!"


The fiery explosion instantly engulfed Dominating Warrior God’s body and dealt 3809 damage! Worse, the skill one-shot the mages and priests directly behind the warrior as well! Warsky’s attack power was just too much for them to handle!

Laughing At The Heavens launched an attack from the wing and fired a gigantic icicle from his spear. At the same time, countless tiny icicles rose from the ground and exploded right in the middle of a crowd of players. It was an AoE skill—Icicle Thrust!

Caught between two skills and with nowhere to run, Dominating Warrior God let out a groan and died just like that. On the other side, October Rain loosed arrow after arrow at Dominating Archer God, her attacks punching through his armor like homing snakes. Despite being healed by at least five priests at the back, the poor bastard still ate two critical hits in a row and died—




The gap was simply too huge. Warsky Alliance was so powerful that the so-called second greatest guild of China could barely mount a respectable resistance despite their number advantage. At the very least, no one except Dominating Heaven Blade could withstand the might of Laughing At the Heavens, Warsky and October Rain.

Dominating Mage God swore through gritted teeth, "Fuck! Are we really going to lose here? We would’ve won if those despicable bastards hadn’t aggroed the mobs into us!"

Dominating Knight God sneered. "Enough, Mage God. History is written by the victors. Let’s take as many people down with us before we die!"

Dominating Mage God nodded and gathered a ball of fire elements in the air. Once he completed the large fire spell, he threw it at Warsky Alliance and hit Warsky and October Rain. October Rain didn’t suffer too much damage because she was a leather armor class, but Warsky lost nearly 3000 HP. The pain was so terrible that he uttered angrily, "Kill Dominating Mage God now!"

"Hahaha! Come and kill me if you dare, Warsky, you coward! I’m not afraid of you!" Dominating Mage God laughed loudly.

Suddenly, a gleaming dagger and an expressionless face appeared behind Dominating Mage God. The masked man plunged his weapon into Dominating Mage God’s neck, also the weakest point of a player character! Naturally, Farewell Song was the only one who had the power and the ability to pull off a stunt like this.


The attack easily tore a hole in Dominating Mage God’s Magic Shield and deleted over two-thirds of its durability. Dominating Mage God hurriedly froze his surroundings to slow down Farewell Song and leaped to the back at the same time, but Farewell Song was already on the move as if he already knew exactly where the unfortunate mage would escape to. His prediction was perfect, and he used Blade Vortex!




The first hit tore apart the Magic Shield, and the next two hits one-shot Dominating Mage God with ease. Assassins were just that deadly to all cloth-armor classes!


Dominating Mage God dropped a shiny scepter, and Farewell Song grabbed it and threw it into his bag as quick as lightning. Then, he zigged out of the way Dominating Knight God’s Charge and stopped at his right flank, thrusting out his dagger! His attack rhythm was practically perfect at this moment!


Poisoned Weapon Kill stunned Dominating Knight God, and a smile of perfect confidence crossed Farewell Song’s lips. He cut open the poor bastard’s throat with Blooddrinker Slash and followed up immediately with another skill!



Assassin’s DPS was incredibly scary. Provided that the assassin had accumulated enough strength before the battle, they could execute between three to five offensive skills in a row. This was something a fighter class could never perform. After using two skills in a row, all fighters would have to wait 6 seconds before they could execute a combo again. If the skill wasn’t a part of a combo, then the interval was 3 seconds per skill. As a result, the damage potential of the fighter classes was drastically reduced. Otherwise, who in the world could stop me if I used all my skills—Pardon, Desperate Gambit, Ice Ray, Thousand Ice Slash and Purple Dragon Howl—in one go?

Farewell Song’s killer combo deleted over 6000 HP from Dominating Knight God’s health pool, but to everyone’s surprise, the latter still had half his health probably because he was a player who allocated all of his five stat points in Stamina, every single level-up. With a total HP of 12000 and an average Defense, it was no wonder that he was able to survive Farewell Song’s attack. The assassin muttered, "So much HP!"

But it didn’t matter. Two warriors—Laughing At The Heavens and Warsky—charged Dominating Knight God and unleashed their double-skill combo, and even October Rain joined in on the fun and peppered the poor bastard with two arrows, killing him instantly. When Farewell Song had failed to assassinate Dominating Knight God, the latter’s priests had healed him to almost 80% HP. However, even that wasn’t enough to withstand the perfect teamwork of Laughing At The Heavens, Warsky, and October Rain!

Frankly, their teamwork made me feel a bit apprehensive. Had Legendary Brave been in Dominating Knight God’s position, had he been stunned by Farewell Song, he still would be one-shot in an instant.

Speaking of which, where did Legendary Brave run off to?

Just when I was about to scan my surroundings, an animalistic roar suddenly broke out from deep within the cave. Then, the ground started shaking and surprising everyone.

"An earthquake? What’s going on?" He Yi exclaimed in surprise while clinging to my arm.

I put an arm around He Yi’s waist and grabbed Beiming Xue’s hand tightly with the other. Since the cave was shaking like it would collapse at any moment, even the two warring guilds had temporarily stopped fighting to catch their balance.

Suddenly, the ground surface at the center of the hall started cracking as if something was trying to push its way upward.


A jet of lava then burst through the cracks amidst a shower of dust and rocks. Don’t tell me it’s a volcanic eruption?!

But I quickly realized that that wasn’t the case. If it was a volcanic eruption, there would be lava popping all over the place already!

The next moment, a fiery red arm punched through the ground. Finally, the legendary Desert Giant King was about to show itself! Everyone’s faces looked astonished but hopeful. It was a Level 140 Spirit Rank boss with a high chance of dropping powerful Spirit-grade equipment!

Suddenly, I frowned a little and muttered, "Something isn’t right?"

"What do you mean?" He Yi asked in confusion.

"Look at his hand. What is it holding?"


At this point, everyone noticed that only the arm of the Desert Giant King had burst through the surface, and in its hands was a player with half health. The player’s face had turned red from the constriction, and he was swearing loudly, "Fuck your mother! Why are you touching me…"

Fuck! That player was none other than Legendary Brave! Somehow, he had triggered the boss ahead of schedule!

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