Chapter 372: Two Rivals Meet

I leaned against a sandy hill that was boiling hot from the sun and listened to the final screams of struggle of the hundred-man party behind me.

Beiming Xue was crouching atop the hill warily and looking out for any suspicious activity. The way she held her Milky Way Bow and her cyan cape fluttered in the wind and revealed her round bottom from time to time… My younger sister’s body really is as perfect as the Warsky Alliance players said it was.

He Yi had left her spear sticking out of the edge of the hill temporarily and knelt next to me on one knee. She was also watching the enemy like Beiming Xue until she decided it was enough and retreated to my side. Putting her right hand on my shoulder and letting out a sigh, she said, "Are we going to wait like this? Shouldn’t we do something?"

I shook my head. "Let’s wait. This is calm before the storm, and I highly doubt we’ll find any time to grind this whole day once the war begins. We can kill and loot after Xu Yang, Du Thirteen and the others have arrived. Warsky Alliance vastly outnumbers us, not to mention that they also have super experts like Farewell Song, Laughing at the Heavens, Warsky, and October Rain. We’re the ones who’ll get the short end of the stick if we try to fight them…"

He Yi smiled. "Alright, we’ll wait. One more thing. Should we fight the Desert Giant King after Warsky Alliance is destroyed?"


I nodded. "You need the experience anyway. You desperately need levels right now, and this Level 140 Spirit Rank boss is the perfect chance to gain them. It should be enough for you to reach Level 99 at least."

A beautiful smile crossed He Yi’s lips. "I don’t know, I feel like I’m taking too much from you all…"

"Don’t worry, we’ll pretend we didn’t notice. Just last hit the boss, and 50% of the experience is yours."

"If you say so…" My beautiful guild leader happily accepted the arrangement and sat next to me, giving me a perfect, unobstructed look of her legs propped against a half-weathered rock. Under the scorching sun, her thighs shone like white gems.


I was literally and metaphorically dazzled by her legs. I hastily turned to the other side before the temptation overcame me.

But I didn’t realize that Murong Mingyue was on the other side. She was pulling up the hem of her robe and imprinting yet another pair of gorgeous legs into my mind.

I sucked in several deep breaths before I finally calmed myself. I think it’s easier to look at He Yi than Murong Mingyue right now...

I turned my head again, but this time He Yi was watching me with a hopeful expression. "Hey… remember that Warsky said that he’ll claim me as the guild’s vase? What would you do if he did succeed?"

I smiled back. "Not a problem. I’d just venture into the tiger’s den alone and take you back with me…"

"Hehe, would you?"

He Yi giggled before hanging her arm on my neck. "By the way, I should be able to return to Suzhou one week after going to India, and this stay will be longer than the last one…"

"Oh, I see…"

I felt some ripple in my heart that I couldn’t quite understand. He Yi’s finally coming back? That’s wonderful.

He Yi stared at me again before asking in a soft voice, "Did you miss me outside the time you were fooling around with Beauty Lin?"

Caught off-guard, I replied a bit embarrassedly, "I… I guess?"

"Is that so? Hehe."

Eyes reddening without warning, He Yi pressed her cheek against my chest and said quietly, "Mingyue told me everything. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I never wanted to bring harm to you…"

I shuddered from head to toe. "You…"

Tears burst out of He Yi’s eyes. "Thank goodness… thank goodness it’s all in the past. I was so, so scared that I would lose you forever. I don’t know what our relationship is right now, but… I don’t think I can get used to a life without you any longer."

I could feel her yearning for me as clear as day. I gently put an arm around her delicate shoulders and replied, "Mn. Don’t cry, boss. It’s all in the past now…"


He Yi nodded and wiped away her tears. Suddenly, she turned bright red in the cheeks before climbing up my neck like a beauty snake, pressing her amazing breasts against my chest and planting a pair of hot, passionate lips against my forehead. Besides that, I could feel something wet dripping against my cheeks. It was her tears.

I felt like lightning was shooting inside my heart. Before I knew it, I was already hugging her waist and staring at her. She was staring at me as well. Both of us were frozen in indecision, however. Neither of us knew what we should do next.

It was at this moment a voice appeared from behind—



We turned around and saw Murong Mingyue glaring at us. "Fuck, can you two not ignore me please? I’m right here, and I’m not a light bulb…"

Both He Yi and I were incredibly embarrassed to say the least. He Yi jumped out of my embrace quickly before pulling at the chains of her armor. She looked as red as an apple in autumn.

Beiming Xue turned around and looked at us curiously. "What’s wrong?"

I answered, "Nothing. Continue keeping an eye on the enemy, please."


Murong Mingyue: "..."


He Yi shot me a disapproving look before sending me a message: "It’s all your fault…"

I felt very wrongly accused and replied, "You’re the one who initiated."

He Yi giggled and sent one final message: "Wait until I return, okay?"

The possible meanings behind her message were so huge that I was silent for an entire half a minute. In the end, I wasn’t able to confirm what she was trying to say, and when I looked at her she was busy talking about the rise and fall of GGS shares with Murong Mingyue already.


About twenty minutes later, Beiming Xue suddenly lowered her head and looked back at us with a cautious expression on her face, whispering, "Someone’s coming. I think it’s a hundred-man party. They’re trying to secure the area!"

"Who’s leading this party?" I asked.

"October Rain!"

"That girl, huh…"

I fell into thought for a moment. October Rain was a woman with both beauty and power. Right now, there were several god-tier archers in China, and they were Transient Smoke and Clouds of Candle Dragon, October Rain of Warsky Alliance, Beiming Xue of Ancient Swords Dreaming Souls and—just barely half a god-tier player, but still worth mentioning—Clear Perfume of Snowy Cathaya. October Rain and Transient Smoke and Clouds were CGL Hall of Famers, so they were more famous than most. In reality though, they were probably at the same skill level as Beiming Xue.

He Yi said, "Lu Chen, can you please head out and scout for a moment? You’re the only one out of us with a stealth skill!"


I nodded and used Earth Escape. Just before I entered the ground completely, I heard Murong Mingyue say behind me, "Be careful and don’t poke your head out carelessly, not even for looking at someone’s panties to jack off, you hear me?"


I barely stopped myself from throwing up blood and stumbled down the hill.

Not far away, I saw the elite hundred-man party Beiming Xue mentioned earlier. Nearly all of them were above Level 90, and their equipment looked very deadly. No wonder they were led by a CGL Hall of Famer herself.

October Rain was wearing a tight-fitting leather armor just like last time, and her enormous breasts looked like they would spill out of her collar at any moment. Similar to Murong Mingyue, she was one of those women who was destined to overflow with motherliness since birth.


"Corps leader, the hundred-man party responsible for this area was just annihilated by Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand via monster luring. We need to cover for them while they revive themselves!" a mage said.

October Rain nodded before looking at her surroundings. "This craggy terrain is easy to defend in but difficult to attack. Hmph, these idiots should’ve known better than to grind at a flat field where they could be ambushed from any direction! Who’s the idiot leading this party anyway? They absolutely deserved to be party-wiped for their foolishness, especially since their opponent was that cunning man who would even keep track of his own dick length!"

The little mage turned completely red. "Sister Yu, the party was led by Brother Shan…"

"Hmph, I knew it!"

October Rain scanned her surroundings for a moment before continuing, "Lu Chen might still be around here, so keep on your toes, people! Who knows, he might even be watching us right now! Lu Chen, are you there? Do you know that your dick will shrink by a centimeter every time you sneak a peek at beautiful girls?"

Shocked, I did a one-eighty and escaped back the way I came. No way I’m risking my manhood for eye candy! This October Rain truly was a character not many could handle!


He Yi rolled her eyes at me. "I can’t believe you actually fell for a scare like that…"

Beiming Xue gave me a smile before asking me innocently, "Big bro, did you actually measure... that?"

"Of course not!" I stared at her. "Don’t be influenced by her bad behavior, okay? Protect your innocence with everything you’ve got!"


Murong Mingyue didn’t say anything, but the eerie smile on her face was anything but neutral.


Suddenly, a shout exploded behind our backs. "Fuck, they’re hiding over here, Sister Rain! Please come over and eliminate them now!"

I immediately pounced on him and swung my sword.



The Heaven-stealing Sword easily one-shot the Level 91 assassin. It looked like he underestimated my reaction speed completely, because he didn’t even manage to use his fluorescent powder before he died.


Our cover was blown, and escaping seemed an unrealistic option because the hundred-man party October Rain brought were mostly made up of archers and mages. The Freezing Arrows and Ice Dragon Howls would kill us first before we got anywhere. The only way we could survive this was to fight back.

So I stood atop the highest point of the hill and brandished the Heaven-stealing Sword at Warsky Alliance. I said in a low tone, "Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re the ones who asked for this!"

The enemy guild members gritted their teeth in anger. A Level 93 magic knight at the forefront raised his broadsword and shouted, "Your arrogance will be your undoing, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! Do you think that our leveling zone is a cattle farm or something? Do you think you can challenge us with just four players? We won’t let you come and leave as you please!"

He Yi, Beiming Xue, and Murong Mingyue also appeared open atop the hill. There was no point hiding anymore, and we couldn’t retreat because there were a bunch of rockheads behind us. It would look really ugly if we retreated in panic and got one-shot by mobs. For a time, it looked like a battle was inevitable.


But October Rain suddenly let out an order nobody expected. "Everyone, halt! We will withdraw and meet up with the guild leader and his 200 men at the rear first. We can decide what to do with them later!"

The magic knight looked stunned. "But Sister Rain! There are a hundred of us and only four of them! Do we really need to withdraw?"

October Rain uttered coldly, "Don’t make me repeat myself twice. Withdraw now!"

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