Chapter 371: Prepare For Battle!

"Lu Chen is about to do something bad again…" Murong Mingyue declared with full certainty.

He Yi nodded. "Mn, just the way I like it~"

Beiming Xue smiled. "Warsky Alliance deserves it. They shouldn’t have been so arrogant as to think that they could claim an entire leveling zone to themselves, hmph hmph!"


I got close to seven Desert Giants and zigzagged right between them. It was no trouble at all since my Barbaric War Boots of Heaven gave me incredible movement speed. Once I had aggroed all the mobs, I took off toward Warsky Alliance’s hundred-man party!

There was a low rocky hill between me and the hundred-man party. Our paths would cross immediately after I circled around it. It was exactly what I was aiming to do.

Rumble rumble rumble...

Behind me, the seven Desert Giants continued to chase after me while growling and swinging their stony arms.


A corner later, I appeared at the field where Warsky Alliance’s hundred-man party was fighting. They were just 50 yards away from me. I ran toward them but slowed down a little so that I wouldn’t lose the mobs’ aggro.

The Warsky Alliance’s hundred-man party was completely caught off-guard by my sudden appearance. The Level 92 magic knight stared at me in shock. "What’s going on? Is-isn’t that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? Why is he here…"

The assassin next to him asked, "Squad leader, are we killing him or not? Didn’t the guild leader tell us to attack anyone from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls if we run into them outside the safe zones?"

The magic knight hesitated. "But… it’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. Can we even fight him?"

He regretted his hesitation immediately after the Desert Giants appeared. After circling to the back of Warsky Alliance’s hundred-man party, I activated Earth Escape and sank into the rocky ground!

The Desert Giants lost track of me immediately, especially because my level was pretty high. Twenty yards were more than enough distance to shake them off. On the other hand, the Warsky Alliance hundred-man party was quaking in their boots. A couple of pale-faced archers screamed on top of their lungs, "FUCK, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is trying to pull the Desert Giants to us!"

It was way too late. The seven Desert Giants couldn’t care less that the people in front of them weren’t the one who had angered them. Excluding the recently killed Desert Giant, the hundred-man party now had 11 Desert Giants to deal with. It absolutely wasn’t a fight these players with an average Level of 87 were prepared for.

"Roar roar!"

The Desert Giants roared and began their slaughter. The Warsky Alliance players at the front were squashed into meat pies, and the archers who attempted to escape were shot to death just as they reached the foot of the hill. It was already too late by the time they saw who their attacker was.

I checked the party channel and noted that it was Beiming Xue’s work as expected. With Martial God in effect, she could practically one-shot these low-level poorly-equipped excuses for archers.

An enemy mage growled, "Shit, there’s an ambush behind us! Whoever the archer is, they’re incredibly powerful! We cannot retreat!"

Another archer shouted just as angrily, "Fuck, our dead brothers just sent us a screenshot! It’s Beiming Xue! It’s Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

The Level 92 magic knight’s expression changed drastically. He uttered through gritted teeth, "Hold the line! We don’t know how many enemies there are, so we should take down these rockheads first and deal with them later! Little Four, tell the guild leader that we’ve been ambushed and that we need reinforcements now!"

The assassin called Little Four nodded. "Okay, I’ll send the message right away!"

The magic knight stared at his surroundings angrily. "This is really bad. I can guarantee you that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is still watching us from nearby. Everyone, hold your formation no matter what you do! We’ll be safe once our guild leader arrives! Hmph, so what if Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls has Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand? He’s just one CGL ranker! Warsky Alliance will be the kings of Sky City!"

Their spirits raised, the rest of the players raised their weapons and cried out, "We are the kings of the Center!"

Their cry deeply amused me. Sky City was located right at the center of Heavenblessed Continent, with Wind City to the left and Vanished God City to the right. Moreover, China’s servers were surrounded by servers of many other countries. That was why Sky City was called the Center. Still, I didn’t think Warsky Alliance would be so arrogant as to call themselves the kings of the Center. Did they really think that they were worthy?

Even with three CGL pros, Farewell Song, Laughing at the Heavens, and October Rain, it was highly doubtful that Warsky Alliance could best Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Of course, that didn’t mean that they were a guild we could afford to underestimate. If we looked at reputation, unity, and pure combat strength alone, then Warsky Alliance was undoubtedly the number one guild of Sky City. They were definitely stronger than rivals such as Hegemon Palace and Gods of Destruction!


Unfortunately, good morale wasn’t enough to fill the gap in power. This hundred-man party just wasn’t good enough to fight 11 rockheads at the same time, so more than half of them were dead after just a couple of exchanges. Even that Level 92 magic knight was in grave danger as he tried to hold off two Desert Giants on his own!

The assassin called Little Four finally said, "Squad leader, the guild leader agreed to send someone over. He has also called over 4000 brothers to gather at Sky Forest and make their way to Fire Desert right now. Warsky Alliance is going all out today! Today, we will wet the desert with the blood of Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Beiming Xue!"

The magic knight laughed heartily. "Good, good! That is the guild leader I chose to serve! If he was any different, Warsky wouldn’t be Warsky, and our guild wouldn’t be Warsky Alliance anymore!"

"Hahahahaha…" Surprisingly, every one of these players was laughing despite the terrible situation they were in. Even I had to admit that their spirits were deserving of respect.

A few seconds later, a ding resounded across the Sky City—


System Announcement (Player Warsky Shout): Brothers, sisters and friends of Warsky Alliance, please listen to me! There are countless heroes in Sky City, but there can only be one king, and we, Warsky Alliance, will not stand to have another equal! Seeing as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will not stop provoking us again and again, I now officially declare war on Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! Raise your weapons, form your hundred-man parties and march to Fire Desert right now! Today, I swear to slay Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, flatten Gui Guzi beneath my feet, claim From Water as our vase, and wipe out Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls from the surface of the Heavenblessed Continent! Dare you answer my call, heroes of Sky City? If you do, then come! The battle has already begun!


Warsky had finally decided to take action. On the surface, it looked like a most vulgar attempt to raise the spirits of his men, but it in fact was incredibly effective. This guy absolutely had the qualification to become an infamous hero like none other just based on the fact that he was able to describe the current situation of Sky City, deepen the hatred between our guilds, raise his men’s morale and even make a joke out of He Yi all in one system announcement! So scary!

Inside the party channel, He Yi was sneering frostily. "Warsky sure has a big mouth, doesn’t he?"

Beiming Xue was also angry. "How dare he insult Sister He Yi! What should we do, big bro? Frost Cloud workshop is the only one who’s allowed to bully others, never the other way around!"

I nodded and looked at He Yi seriously. "Give the order, Eve. Let us settle this once and for all right here at Fire Desert!"


He Yi nodded with a smile and sent a system announcement of her own soon after—


System Announcement (Player From Water Shout): Friends of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, someone just challenged our honor. I don’t need to say anything else, do I? Mn, raise your weapons and prepare for battle! Our destination: Fire Desert!


Her words were brief, but powerful enough. The saying "two people meet, and only one will emerge victorious" fit our situation perfectly. There was no turning back, and the only way out was kicking Warsky Alliance’s ass and fully establishing our power at Sky City. We were no Candle Dragon; our guild couldn’t even squeeze our way into the Top 50 of the Guild Ranking. On the other hand, Warsky Alliance was ranked fourth. Therefore, the only way we could make our names appear was to fight for it with everything we had!

After He Yi gave me the signal, I started giving out orders in the guild channel—

"Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Chaos Moon, I want you to rally everyone who’s online! If Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls does not fight today, then we won’t be able to show our faces in Sky City any longer! All 4000, right now!"

"High Fighting Spirits, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, the two of you will lead a 500-warrior party each and open the way for everyone!"

"Du Thirteen, rally everyone who’s online in Bloody Mercenaries and prepare for battle!"

"Also, don’t forget to enter Fire Desert from the south! That area has the least amount of mobs, and you can enter the heart of the Fire Desert directly from there! You will also find Warsky Alliance men there!"

"Brothers and sisters! Don’t forget to stock up on Health Potions and Magic Consumables! It is time to abandon your fear and prepare for battle!"


The moment everyone was anticipating was soon to arrive. The guild channel was absolutely bursting with activity—

High Fighting Spirits: "Haha, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Finally, we’re going to fight to our heart’s content!"

Chaos Moon: "I would like to fight against Beauty October Rain…"

Xu Yang: "Get to the eastern gate immediately after you’ve bought your pots! I can already see Warsky Alliance guild members gathering at that spot. I want a couple hundred of us to take up all the possible regroup points they might have before they can gather up!"

Pure Love: "Where are you, vice leader? I’m coming for you…"

Beiming Xue: "Is this how the story ‘travel a thousand miles to find your hubby’ came to be…?"

Me: "..."

Legendary Brave: "It looks like I can’t lurk and not contribute anymore…"

Xu Yang: "Haha, you’ve finally shown yourself! Where are you right now?"

Legendary Brave: "I’m buying pots inside the city!"

Xu Yang: "Come outside and join my party. You’ll be one of the core members of the group!"

Legendary Brave: "Okay. By the way, we should pull a high-level Tactician into our guild for Encourage."

Xu Yang chuckled. "It’s fine, Lu Chen can be our party leader after we reach the Fire Desert. His Martial God isn’t just for show, you know!"


Everyone laughed in high spirits.

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