Chapter 364: Bloodboil

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

As it turned out, one Ziyu was worth 5 levels, bringing me to an incredible Level 105. If my top spot on China’s level ranking wasn’t secured before, it was now!

I looked at Ziyu’s corpse. I’d killed a Level 140 Spirit Rank boss that was 40 levels above me, and I had 15 points of Luck. I could only imagine how amazing the loot was going to be. My excitement grew so huge that I almost slipped off the totem!

Rustle rustle...

Braving the snowstorm and crawling back into the ice cave, I stared at Ziyu and the pile of loot next to him. I couldn’t even describe how I was feeling right now!

First, I should check out the equipment drop. The boss had dropped an actual ton of magic stones, 4 equipment drops, two blue-colored skill books, and a couple of gemstones of varying colors. The four items were a pair of fiery metal armor warboots, a pair of green-colored leather armor wristguards, a scepter sparkling with holy light and a sword surrounded by a dark glow. The sword was the most eye-catching equipment of them all because the blade was glowing with an intimidating light, and light blue magic runes were floating above the surface. It had to be a high-grade sword!

I picked up the war boots first and checked their stats—


Barbaric War Boots of Heaven (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★★)

Defense: 370

Magic Resist: 290

Strength: +75

Stamina: +70

Passive: Increases user’s movement speed by 15%

Slots: 1

Outstanding Property: Increases user’s physical critical rate by 18%

Class Requirement: Warrior

Level Requirement: 125


Fuck, Level 125, 2-star Outstanding, Purple Gold–grade war boots!? They were as powerful as they were stunning. They were way better than the Death Shade War Boots I was wearing right now!

Unfortunately, I was only Level 105 even after the miraculous level-ups, meaning that I was 20 levels away from equipping these Barbaric War Boots of Heaven!

I decided to toss the war boots into my bag and worry about it after I had reached Level 120!

I moved on to the green leather armor wristguards. They were a bit of a disappointment though. Good karma couldn’t last forever, and the Silver-grade bracers in my hands were the best proof of it. Fuck!


Ironskin Wristguards (Silver-grade)

Defense: 185

Magic Resist: 120

Agility: +58

Strength: +50

Passive: Increases user’s Agility by 10

Level Requirement: 125


Mn, this is the kind of shit you sell to the NPC shops. In fact, I wasn’t even going to bother with that. I tossed it to the floor and moved on to the next item.

The third drop I checked was the scepter covered in holy light. It was unquestionably a priest’s staff, and it was as powerful as I expected it to be—


Scepter of the Snow Region’s Heart (Purple Gradegrade, Outstanding★)

Magic Attack: 300~550

Intelligence: +80

Stamina: +75

Passive: Increases user’s Magic Attack by 20%

Passive: Increases user’s healing power by 55%

Slots: 2

Outstanding Property: When healing a target, 15% chance to apply Ice Shield with no cost

Level Requirement: 125


My eyes turned as wide as saucers. It was an amazing scepter even considering that it was a 1-star Outstanding Purple Gold–grade weapon. +20% Magic Attack was brutal enough, but this +55% healing power and a 15% chance to apply a shield onto your target was absolutely insane. It was easily the weapon you want to give to the best priest of your guild!

That being said, the level requirement was still too high for it to be of any use right now. Murong Mingyue was a hard worker, but even now she was only at Level 96. It would probably take months before she could equip it.

I tossed the scepter into my bag as well. Finally, it was time for the main dish. The moment I set my eyes on the dark sword, I had a feeling that a divine weapon was about to say its first hello to the world. A powerful energy surged into my body when I grabbed the hilt of the sword, invigorating me instantly. Then, I waved its stats screen into existence and felt my brain, no, my whole body, turning into stone—


Heaven-stealing Sword (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Attack: 640~875

Strength: +100

Stamina: +95

Passive: Increases user’s attack power by 40%

Passive: 30% of the damage will be dealt as splash damage

Property: Level Requirement reduced by 20

Slots: 4

Outstanding Property: User gains the “Heaven Stealing” effect. When damaging a target, 14% of the damage is converted into health.

Introduction: During the ancient times, the Heaven-stealing Beast secretly ate the Essence of Heaven and angered the gods. Absolutely furious, the Ice Soul War God tore it in half, froze its spine and used his spirit energy to turn it into a divine weapon like nothing the world had ever seen. And thus, Heaven-stealing Sword was born.

Level Requirement: 125


I actually started crying as I hugged the Heaven-stealing Sword and dropped to my butt. Bless the heavens, my ten-hour suffering wasn’t all for nothing after all. The Heaven-stealing Sword was the most OP weapon I had seen thus far, especially its special effect "Heaven-stealing”. Do I even need health potions after this? This is 14% lifesteal we’re talking about!

I continued to examine its stats one by one as I basked in the glow of happiness. The Heaven-stealing Sword had a max Attack of 875, and it boosted one’s Strength by a whopping 100. Again, I must emphasize that a weapon like this had never been sighted since the beginning of Heavenblessed, not to mention that that wasn’t even the only stat it boosted. It also gave its user 95 Stamina, 40% increase in attack power, 30% splash damage, and a 20-level reduction to the level requirement. I could actually equip this ridiculous sword right now!

My heart thumped like a drum as I replaced the Purgatory Sword with the Heaven-stealing Sword. An unimaginable power surged into my body as I checked my current stats—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Silver Swordsman)

Level: 105

HP: 7900

Attack: 1545~1920

Defense: 1350

Magic Resist: 1180

Reputation: 80764

Tactics: 89 (+29)

Luck: 15


Right now my max Attack was 1920, but if the 40% attack boost from the weapon and the 70% attack boost from Martial God were counted in, my actual attack power was over 3000! Woohoo!

I tossed the Purgatory Sword into my bag as I struggled to contain my joy. This boss kill was absolutely worth it considering that it put me completely ahead of all other peak-level players such as Lin Yixin, Candlelight Shadow, and so on. Right now, I was almost certain that there was no one in all of China who could 1v1 me anymore. I said almost because the only way to be fully certain was for the other players to sit on their asses and leave all the powerful bosses alone, which was of course impossible. At the very least, I knew that Candlelight Shadow was also grinding like a motherfucker while I spent 10 whole hours murdering Ziyu little by little!

The equipment inspection done, I moved onto the gemstones, or gems, to be exact. These things were meant to be slotted into your equipment. I had thought that this might happen, but it looked like the gem system had finally appeared!

Ziyu had dropped 5 Gems in total, and their effects were quite varied—

1 Cyanfire Gem: Increases weapon’s attack power by 5%, weapon only

1 Dragonstone Gem: Increases item’s Defense by 5%, chest armor and legguards only

1 Berserk Gem: Increases user’s crit rate by 1%, ring and necklace only

2 Convenience Gems: Reduces Level Requirement by 20, only 1 per item


All five gems were Rank 1 Gems. Obviously, an item had to have a slot before a gem could be embedded into it, so most players would soon discard all low-level items with no slots in them. Luckily for me, all the good items I had gotten from the boss had slots in them. The Barbaric War Boots of Heaven had 1 slot in it, the Scepter of Snow Region’s Heart had 2 slots in it, and the 4-star Outstanding Heaven Stealing Sword had 4 slots in it. In a sense, players could rate an item purely from the number of slots it had!

I thought for a moment and decided to reduce the war boots’ level requirement with the first Convenience Gem, and the Scepter of Snow Region’s Heart with the second. The sooner Murong Mingyue could get her hands on this Purple Gold–grade weapon, the better.

I took out the two items, selected two Convenience Gems, and brought up the transfusion screen. There were two dings of success as the gems automatically embedded themselves into the items!

I immediately put on the Barbaric War Boots of Heaven after that. The boots themselves looked pretty fearsome with tiny flames shooting out of its sides, and it was perfect for a player who wanted to look both cool and powerful like me! And even if it wasn’t, it still gave me a ton of stats!

My HP shot up to over 8200, and my max Attack to 1950 in an instant. But the key here was the 15% increase to both my critical rate and movement speed. Until the mount system was officially open to all players, movement speed was absolutely critical to a foot soldier like me, be it in PvP or PvE. This was especially true to players who were good at killing targets who were stronger than they were. Speed is life in this scenario.


Honestly, the sheer amount of benefits I got from this one boss was starting to overwhelm me. I hadn’t even checked the two blue skill books yet! I tapped on both items and felt a familiar wave of astonishment flooding my senses—

Green Wave Slash: Fire a powerful energy beam that deals massive damage to targets within 40 yards in a line. Level Requirement: 95. Class Requirement: Magic Knight.

Bloodboil: Gather your qi to recover 20% of your HP instantly. Level Requirement: 95. Class Requirement: Magic Knight, Wanderer, Warrior.


Mn, Green Wave Slash was an AoE skill for melee classes, and since Gui Guzi already had Aurora Thrust I decided to keep this for He Yi. As for Bloodboil, it was a skill I could learn, but it seemed to be in conflict with Tenacity of the Dead, so I decided to give it to Lin Yixin. She was a participant in the boss fight, but she died and lost a level. It didn’t seem right to not compensate her for her efforts.

I scanned through my bag and was absolutely delighted by everything I had collected thus far. Finally, I picked up the dozen or so Purple Crystals scattered across the floor because they were worth several hundred RMB each. If I wasn’t rich before, I was now!

Surprisingly, a late but definitely welcomed system announcement resounded above the main cities—


System Announcement: Congratulations player "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand" for killing the first ever Spirit Rank boss, Ziyu the Silver Radiance. Reward: +5 Luck!


The reward looked simple, but it was one that made me overflow with happiness again because more Luck was always a good thing. Without a high Luck stat, the boss might not have dropped a 4-star Outstanding Spirit–grade weapon for me. It was all predestined from the start!

I admired the Heaven-stealing Sword again. Mn, this sword is sure to shine like the sun in all the battles I’m going to fight at Sky City!

It was at this moment I received a message from Lin Yixin. "W-w-woah, you actually managed to kill that boss? Out with it, I want to know all the loot you got…"

I screenshotted the Heaven-stealing Sword’s stats screen and sent it to her. A while later, Lin Yixin’s avatar popped in front of me, and she stared at me with her big beautiful eyes. "I… I’m not dreaming, am I?"

I said, "Yiyi, the boss also dropped a skill book that no one wants. Want it?"

"Oh? I’m in the city right now…"

"I’m coming over right now!"

I looked over the battlefield one last time and tried to use Death Plunder on the boss's body. Unfortunately, I got nothing this time. Whatever, time to crush my return scroll and teleport back to Sky City!



The moment I appeared in Sky City, I immediately spotted Lin Yixin in the distance. I walked up to her and passed Bloodboil to her with a smile. "I have Tenacity of the Dead already, so this is yours…"


Lin Yixin’s mouth fell open as she stared at the skill book. She knew just how critical it was for a melee fighter to have a skill that restored 20% of one’s health pool. After all, not everyone could carry a priest around at all times, especially when they were grinding alone. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a life-saving skill!


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