Chapter 356: Cyan Tiger Fury

My eyes turned steely as I thought to myself: Didn’t the Purple Thunder Battle Axe go to Pillar of the Nation? So why was it in Dominating Heaven Blade’s hands now? How could he gift a super weapon that cost him 2.5 million to obtain to another person just like that? Or maybe he dropped it after Dominating Heaven Blade killed him?


I pointed my sword at Pillar of the Nation. “How generous of you to gift the Purple Thunder Battle Axe to someone else.”

Pillar of the Nation laughed. “If I could buy a friend and an ally who will give their life to protect me for an axe, why wouldn’t I do that?”

I hid my gaze. Gods of Destruction had joined forces with Hegemon Palace!

Dominating Heaven Blade was an outstanding Chinese expert. Although he wasn’t able to enter the CGL Hall of Fame, he was still a noteworthy opponent with first-rate skills and the guild leader of Gods of Destruction. Now that the 2-star Outstanding Dark Gold–grade Purple Thunder Battle Axe had fallen into his hands, his Attack was probably not too far behind mine. A single weapon made him a lot scarier than before!

Right now, Dominating Heaven Blade and Pillar of the Nation were standing shoulder-to-shoulder like long lost brothers. Li Le’s stance was pretty clear as well; he would cooperate with Hegemon Palace and Gods of Destruction temporarily to eliminate me. As for Lin Yixin, well, he still hadn’t given up on her after all this time, so of course he wasn’t going to hurt her.


I slowly backed away as the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf crouched next to me and bared its teeth, growling. It looked rather sinister since every cyan hair on its body was standing at its end. When the little wolf was calm it looked cute and gentle, but when it was in battle mode it was a goddamn monster through and through!

Inside the party channel, Lin Yixin asked, “What should we do? There’s nowhere to escape to…”

I turned around. The cliff edge was just a few steps behind us, and it looked just as bottomless as before. So this is the legendary dead end, eh? I didn’t think Lin Yixin and I would ever have such a day.

Dominating Heaven Blade stared at me coldly while laughing. “Lu Chen, after everything we’ve been through at Venomous Wasp Forest, Ancient Thunder Temple, War Holy Temple, and so on, I wouldn’t be wrong to call us long-time acquaintances, would I? I must admit that your gaming skill and tactics are truly extraordinary, but that isn’t going to help you nor Beauty Wind Fantasy this time!”

I gritted my teeth, but there was nothing I could do. He was right. Not only were Lin Yixin and I completely outnumbered, they were all first-rate experts, not to mention that Little Piglet was still around. We were powerful, but there was almost no chance we were breaking out of this encirclement.

“Yiyi, I’m going to charge the left side later and distract them. You find an opportunity to break out from the right. If even one of us escapes, it’ll be worth it,” I said.

Lin Yixin nodded and replied, “Be careful.”


Not far away, Dominating Heaven Blade swung his war axe and growled, “It is time, men of Gods of Destruction! Seal all the exits and be ready to kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand where he stands! I refuse to believe he’s invincible, hmph! If we cannot kill him today, then I, Dominating Heaven Blade, swear to withdraw from the power struggle for Sky City!”

Dominating Warrior God, Dominating Knight God, Dominating Mage God, Dominating Arrow God, and the rest of Gods of Destruction stepped out in unison. From the looks on their faces, you would think that they were planning to eat us alive.

Pillar of the Nation smiled before looking at Li Le. “Young Master Le? Didn’t Lu Chen beat up your brother, Life of Luxury, and gave him hemiplegia? I’ll leave the first charge to you then, hehe. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your brother, would you?”

Li Le’s eyes turned apprehensive. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he ultimately turned around to face his players before ordering, “Spring Mud, Moon Shadow, Night Sorrow, lead our brothers and kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! We will take revenge for Life of Luxury and get back the face you lost all in one go!”


Flower Room players started charging us as well with Spring Mud—now a Level 92 player—at the lead. These people must’ve spent a ton of time and effort grinding their levels because every one of them was at least 3 to 7 levels higher than the last time I saw them. It wasn’t surprising though. The resources and mobs of Sky City were a lot richer than Floating Ice City’s.

It was at this moment Lin Yixin gave me a sweet smile and said, “This guy’s a traitor of your guild, right Lu Chen? Should I stay out of this and leave him to you?”

“Yeah, no problem!”

I pulled out my sword and charged. I was fairly confident that I could solo the experts of Flower Room at least!

The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf also let out a mad howl and buffed itself with Greedy Wolf Howl before charging toward Moon Shadow with insane speed. One exchange was all it took to tear him apart Moon Shadow and kill him instantly!

Meanwhile, I was clashing against Spring Mud. I swung my Purgatory Sword at his broadsword with everything I got!


The powerful blow knocked Spring Mud several steps back, and before he could recover I closed the distance between us and slashed him across the chest three times in a row! Pardon + basic attack + Desperate Gambit!




There was less than 0.2 seconds of interval between the second and third strike, so there was no chance his priest could heal him in time. Spring Mud himself looked shocked, angry and in disbelief because he never thought that he would die before he could even hit me once. In fact, the three heads of Ego Workshop had become weaker after they joined Flower Room.

My wolf was on a rampage itself. Like a bolt of cyan lightning, it zigzagged amid the crowd and ravaged the bodies, tearing apart enemy’s armor with its sharp claws and shredded their throat with poisonous fangs like a literal god of murder. My pet was Level 99 right now, not to mention that it had almost 20k HP and an insane Defense!

Li Le couldn’t hide his shock. “Archers, delete that wolf from my sight now!”

Countless arrows hit the Greedy Wolf in an instant, but its thick hair gave it a lot of protection and even knocked some of the arrows off course. Each shot dealt between 50 to 300 point of damage, but what did it matter to a level 99 Epic Rank boss pet with 1782 Defense?

Li Le’s face turned green when he discovered that the Volley had taken less than 20% HP from the greedy wolf’s health bar. Before he could do anything else, I was already swinging my sword at Night Sorrow’s head and critting the poor bastard for 10844 damage. The surrounding Flower Room players looked so frightened that it wouldn’t be a surprise if they shat themselves on the spot!

Thud thud thud!

I felt a bit of pain transmitting through my senses as Flower Room’s warriors hit me with all kinds of attacks such as Ice Ray or Blaze, but that was all. The Ghost Deity Armor was shaking a little, but none of the attackers were able to pierce my Defense decisively. Even their Ice Rays could only slow my movement speed for a pathetic 5%, which was practically nothing against foes as weak as them. It was because the skill’s effectiveness was largely reduced by the gigantic level and equipment gap between us.

I raised my arm and fired a Thousand Mirage Slash toward Li Le!


Snow flew all over the place as Li Le was knocked back by the attack. The priests and mages around him were all dead, and a War Crush later, the warriors around me were killed as well. Li Le was the only one who managed to escape with low health. If he didn’t have good equipment, Thousand Mirage Slash probably could’ve one-shot him.


I stood alone at the end of the battle. Besides Li Le, all 20 or so Flower Room players lay dead before my feet.

Pillar of the Nation looked both stunned and angered by my success.

Little Piglet smiled and sighed in admiration. “It’s like he’s cutting vegetables. Well, there are no noteworthy players in Flower Room. They’re just too bad…”

Dominating Heaven Blade smiled. “Brother Dongliang, it’s our turn now, isn’t it?’

Pillar of the Nation nodded. “Everyone, it is time to coordinate with our allies and enter the battlefield! If we kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Wind Fantasy today, I’ll invite everyone to a three-day feast at Shanghai! I’ll even arrange a private plane to fetch you all over, my dear allies! Hahaha!”

While Pillar of the Nation was busy boasting his wealth, Dominating Heaven Blade, Dominating Knight God, and everyone else started surrounding us from every direction. They scattered in every direction so that Lin Yixin and I couldn’t catch them all with Thousand Mirage Slash and Lin Yixin, and each mini party was accompanied by a couple of priests and mages, ready to lay down suppressive fire or heal their people at first notice.


Walking back toward me and standing right next to me, Lin Yixin whispered, “Careful now, the fun’s over. We could lose our lives at any moment…”

“I know…”

I was well aware that we were not going to survive this battle, especially with Little Piglet hiding behind the crowd like a snake poised to strike at any moment. It was impossible to tell when he would attack us, but I knew that the moment he chose to strike could very well be the moment we die.

It was at this moment Dominating Warrior God let out a growl and activated Charge!

I hurriedly dodged out of the way. This idiot had liked Beauty Lin for almost as long as I knew her, so his hatred for me was almost as deep as the heavens!

Rustle rustle…

I was planning to retaliate after dodging the first charge, but Dominating Knight God immediately followed up with a Charge of his own. They were giving me no time to react as all!

I dodged right again to avoid the second Charge. At this point, I was being led around by the nose.


When Dominating Heaven Blade joined in on the fun and activated his Charge, I gritted my teeth and waited for him to hit me. I put my sword in front of me and used Guard!


I managed to avoid being stunned, but I couldn’t avoid the triple hit from Dominating Heaven Blade: Blaze, Heavy Slash, and basic attack!

Clang clang clang!

I was knocked back repeatedly by the Purple Thunder War Axe, and I lost almost 2000 HP. It was impossible to defend myself from such a fierce combo completely!

Dominating Heaven Blade smiled disdainfully at me. “Is this all you got without the attack advantage?”

Waving his axe again, cyan energy swirled around him before condensing into the image of a cyan tiger. He then swung his axe at me!

Cyan Tiger Fury!


Again, I was knocked back repeatedly. I wasn’t expecting him to hit me with a magic attack, and the blow deleted another 2874 HP from my health bar! If I didn’t have high Magic Resist, I would’ve lost over 4000 HP at least!

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