Chapter 347: Dance

Lin Yixin didn’t reply. She was a woman of action. A few seconds later, a beautiful figure appeared at the teleportation formation, scanned her surroundings and quickly ran toward me. The way her excellent attire swayed to her movement made her look incredibly beautiful in that moment.

I couldn’t help but look at her long, beautiful legs. As it turned out, the Fruit Knife Goddess’s body was even more gorgeous than the sculpted Karinshan’s. Gifts from heaven like her were incredibly rare and couldn’t be replicated through artificial means.


“Are you sure you want to gift me the High-grade Army Pouch?” Lin Yixin asked with a smile.

I nodded. “Mn. I’m a man of my word after all. But before that, give me a kiss, will you?”

“Go to hell. Give me the item first!”

The moment I traded the High-grade Army Pouch to her, she immediately started acting dumb as expected. “Sigh, it was such a busy day today. I’m logging out to have dinner now. Don’t wait too long to have yours! Goodbye Little Cheat~~”

“Fuck!” I ran up to her and caught her cape before she could escape. “Not so fast!”


“Let’s have dinner together. Your treat.”


When Lin Yixin realized that I wasn’t trying to force her to kiss me, she nodded and smiled at me. “Fine, I’ll treat you to dry pot today. Who’s going to fetch who this time?”

I thought for a moment. “I will. Wait for me at the eastern gate of the university.”

“Mn, okay. When will you arrive?”

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes!”


After that, Lin Yixin went to the city’s inn and logged out of the game. I followed her, but decided to check my friend list first before logging off. It looked like Murong Mingyue and Beiming Xue had both gone offline to eat dinner, and now that I think about it, didn’t I ask Murong Mingyue to buy me Pickled Hot and Sour Fish earlier? Would she be angry when she learned that I had gone on a dinner date with Lin Yixin instead?

Oh well. Worst case scenario, she would puff up her chest and show me and Beiming Xue a good time, so why not?

I logged off and put on a nice-looking shirt and a beige-colored jacket. Then, I left the apartment and grabbed my X12 downstairs. Lin Yixin hadn’t seen my new car yet, so this was my chance to show off a little!


I vroomed past N traffic lights and arrived at the east gate of the university. Even from a considerable distance, I was able to spot Lin Yixin immediately. The girl wearing a sky blue sheath dress that showed off her round, long legs. She was already extraordinarily beautiful and refined in the first place, and the countless men stopping whatever they were doing to look at her were the proof of that. Tsk tsk, the little vixen truly was a calamity-level beauty. I bet that the number of traffic accidents on this street would become ten times higher just with her standing on the sidewalk!


I pressed my car horn and rolled down my car window, but Beauty Lin was still gazing toward the distance without a care in the world. Clearly, the possibility that the driver of the X12 could be me never even crossed her mind. Shit!

I gritted my teeth, rounded a corner, and stopped the car less than 1 meter away from Lin Yixin. Then, I opened the front passenger seat door and gave her a wide smile. “Hey beautiful, may I have the honor of taking you to dinner?”

For a while, all Lin Yixin could do was look down and stare at me in astonishment. Then, her gaze turned playful. “An X12? Fuck, so this is how you’re planning to woo the girls in our university. Hmph!”

I rolled my eyes. Why do I feel like I’ve heard this from Murong Mingyue before?

“Well, get in already. I still need to rush to Level 100, you know…”

“Mn. I also need to work on a main quest after this dinner’s over!”

After Lin Yixin got into the car, she rolled down all the windows so that wind could blow in from outside. She couldn’t stand the air from the car’s air-conditioner, apparently.

However, her action drew the attention of a nearby group of male and female students, and they all stared at her as if they were seeing something unbelievable.

“Fuck! Isn’t that the campus belle?”

“It is! It’s Lin Yixin inside that X12! Who is the driver?”

“This makes no sense though. Last time, there was a trust fund baby who tried to woo her with a limited edition Porsche, but she didn’t even give him a glance! There’s no way she would fall for a mere X12!”

“Let’s go smash that car. We can’t let an outsider get away with our campus belle…”

“Oh no, Lin Yixin has become someone else’s mistress…”


Both Lin Yixin and I could hear their comments as clear as day. I stared at her, and she shot me a glance before pouting. “What the fuck are you looking at? Let’s go already…”

I didn’t. Instead, I poked my head out of the window and pointed at the two male students talking shit about me. “Hey you two, cut the bullshit, you hear me? Lin Yixin and I are just normal friends!”

Their gaping mouths grew even wider. “Fuck! I-isn’t this Falling Dust!”

It was only then I stepped on the gas and left them in dust. I drove us toward the dry pot shop I had my lunch just this afternoon because that was what Lin Yixin wanted.

Unfortunately, nighttime was also when the shop was at its fullest. After taking a look and finding no free tables anywhere, I asked, “Should we go to a different shop?”

“No way, I’m not going anywhere…”

Lin Yixin let out a giggle before pointing at a nearby table. “These people look like they’re about to finish. Let’s wait for a bit until they’re done, okay?”


I groaned internally. To say that I was feeling pressured by the vixen would be an understatement. The occupants of the table—two middle-aged men—were drinking beer, and Lin Yixin just stood behind them and stared at them like she was drilling lasers into their bodies. It wasn’t long before they turned beet red from the attention, and they quickly left after gulping down the last drop of their alcohol.

“See? I told you it wouldn’t take long!” Lin Yixin gave me a V-sign.

I resisted the urge to vomit blood and praised her, “You’re really quite something!”

“Hehe. Now let’s make our order quickly!”


We ordered a bullfrog dry pot, a couple of small dishes, and two cold drinks. The food was served surprisingly quick despite the sheer number of customers in the shop.

We were full and satisfied in less than an hour.

While Lin Yixin was playing with her drink with a spoon, she asked, “Lu Chen, did you give me that High-grade Army Pouch because you got something better?”

“Yep.” I nodded with a smile. “I just finished a main quest and got something called the Universe Bag. It’s a Spirit-grade bag with 500 slots in it…”


Lin Yixin’s mouth fell open in astonishment. “You’re kidding me, right? 500 slots? That’s insane. So many people are still stuck with 20 slots to this day…”

I smiled at her reaction. “I’m serious. From here on, I no longer need to nitpick the loot I get from elite mobs, hehe. I won’t let even a yuan go to waste~~”

“Hmph, despicable!”

“Well, shall we go?”



We stepped out of the dry pot shop. I shivered immediately when an autumn wind brushed past us, and I noticed that Lin Yixin had put on a black wind jacket. She looked even better than before.

“Are you cold?” I asked in concern.

Lin Yixin stared at me with loving eyes and beet red cheeks before shaking her head. “No, I’m fine…”

“In that case, can you give me your jacket? I’m cold!”

“You!” Lin Yixin punched me once before replying, “Don’t make me laugh, you bastard. Don’t you know that girls who laugh too much get wrinkles?”

I smiled back. “But you look so beautiful when you smile!”

“Hmph!” Lin Yixin glanced at the street lights before saying, “I suddenly don’t feel like going back too soon, and it’s going to take me a while to hit Level 100 anyway. Do you want to go for a walk?”

“To where?”

“There’s a Qianbaidu Bar nearby. Wanna go there and experience the nightlife?”

“Why not. Come on!”

We opted to walk to the bar instead of taking the car. The bartender first shot Lin Yixin a look of wonder when we walked through the entrance. That look immediately turned into disdain when his gaze fell on me. Shit, I guess my Baleno brand shirt really isn’t that impressive if even a bartender has the gall to look down on me!

It was a riot inside the bar because a birthday party was ongoing, it seemed. After picking an edge corner to sit down, I chickened out and ordered two glasses of fruit juice instead of alcohol. But Lin Yixin pushed the fruit juice away and ordered herself a bottle of red wine. Then, she started drinking without a word.

“What’s wrong? Is there something troubling you?” I asked.

“It’s okay.” Lin Yixin drained a small half of her glass of red wine before smiling. “I’m just feeling a bit pressured, that’s all. Online, I have to deal with the guild’s mess, my own character, and my income. Offline, my mother is still in a coma to this day. Sometimes I just feel so tired about everything…”

I gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t be sad, you have me by your side, don’t you? You can always count on me if you need to kill a boss or something. I’m pretty powerful these days, you know…”

“Oh you…” Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me, but it wasn’t long before her eyes turned cloudy again. She suddenly looked down and murmured, “Fine, maybe you’re right, you have always been here for me. But I… I…”

“But, what?” I pressed her.


Lin Yixin downed another glass of alcohol before staring at the merry crowd with reddened cheeks and a trace of helplessness. In fact, I caught her tearing up a little before she looked away quickly and wiped it from her eyes. She was afraid that I would notice her reaction.

I felt a twinge of pain inside my heart. Maybe she wasn’t as tough as I thought. Maybe she had forced herself to stay strong for too long and collected too many grievances.

“Thank you for covering that 150k bill for me, Lu Chen,” Lin Yixin said suddenly.

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s not that much…” I answered.

“Mn, but still, thank you.”

Lin Yixin broke into a sudden smile, but she didn’t say anything.

It was at this moment the music in the bar was changed into a dancing tune. The people celebrating the birthday party actually rose to their feet and started dancing in the empty spaces of the bar. It looked like their party had reached its climax, and they were treating the bar like a dance floor.

“Would you like to dance with me?” Lin Yixin suddenly asked me.

I shook my head. “No, I don’t know how to dance.”

“It’s fine, I don’t care even if you do the samdambi dance…”


Lin Yixin stood up and extended a hand to me. After spotting the reluctance on my face, she said unhappily, “Hey, what’s with that face? Did you know that people have offered up to 100k just invite me to a dance, and not once have I accepted their offer? I’m inviting you to a dance right now, and you’re hemming and hawing in front of me? Do you want me to kick your ass?!”

I shuddered and rose to my feet hurriedly. Not entirely knowing what I was doing, I followed Lin Yixin to an empty space where we could dance.

I didn’t know what Lin Yixin was dancing. I didn’t even know what I was dancing. Although the crowd was going wild not far away from us, all I knew was that I was holding onto her gently, and she was holding onto me. It was as if time had frozen in that instant, and we were the only two people still moving in the world. Quietly, we danced a slow dance that didn’t match the DJ’s music at all.

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